Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I don;t know if I am pissed or not..

I just stumbled across a blog that had the same stat counter that I use. this blog had a few out of focus pornographic images, and a few not so well written errotic stories.. and the thing that gets me is that it was getting 10 to 20 times more traffic than any of mine..

Perhpas I am going about this the wrong way?
Maybe the trick to a heavily trafficed blog, is to have a few nude pictures, some good old fasioned cocksucking and a few stories that could have been come out of the reject pile for throb magazine? (Of yea and I would have to say that I am a chick)

There were a few links to a few other "sexy" blogs, adn a few pay sites.. (I looked at the blogs out of pure scientific vertue.. umm humm) and some of them were well written with pretty naked people throughout..

(I would settle for the clicks from the poorly written ugly womans site)

Now the question is.. do I have hte ballz to do it? (perhaps) Am I of the moral fiber one has to be to be in porn? (You betcha).
So whats stopping me??? I dunno it just seems so "smarmy".

Perhaps I will change my mind, and be the next Rupert Murdock of the Good Old In-out-in-out of the blogosphere?........ reports to ollow.

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