Monday, December 26, 2005

Online dating, a few thoughts.

Online dating, a few thoughts.

Online dating, yep, you know all about it.. don’t try to say you don’t.
You meet someone online, you chat, swap pictures, chat a little more, maybe an email or two.. then you go meet that person. You fall deeply in love, and you have a herd of kids and live happily ever after.

Well maybe not.
We have all heard about the cases where sexual predators stalk the unaware online, and then abuse them upon meeting.
This has been going on since the dawn of time, but the internet makes it just that much easier.

This article is not about the perverts and child abusers out there, but is about the people who are “lonely of heart”.

There are TONS of hook up online dating sites.
An incomplete list looks something like this.

Yahoo personals
Adult Friend Finder
Wild Thing
Etc. etc..

Have I ever tried to meet someone online using one of these services?? Maybe??

I think that the best in the bunch are because it is FREE, and you can look for anything form a one night stand to a soul mate, and if you have been surfing for long you have seen the ads for Adult Friend Finder.

The thing I find most interesting about online dating is that you can stop taling with a person you do not like, adn never have to worry about the face to face rejection of a typical dating experience. You can just say, I don;t think this will work, and move on.

Surfing the profiles will give you some degree of feel for the person, you will still have to invest a littel time in getting to know thm. Sure ther eare people out there with completely inaccurate profiles, but I have seen a lot of people lie in face to face dating situations too, so you take your chances either way.

I feel that you have a little more control over things with online dating that in a bar or other typical pick up scene. You can take the time needed to see if the person you are thinking of going out with is a nut or not. (Well better than at a bar anyway)

So I say, YES! Online dating big plus to the internet.
(And you can always cyber a little if things get too boring.)

Below are links to all sorts of dating sites, go ahead give them all a try! Whatta ya got to loose?

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