Saturday, October 27, 2007

this is strange!

no modem downstairs...

Noelia and Tammy NYP are in the Tags again...

check here and here

lets see what is new?


it would seem that big boobs are eveywhere!

then there is this....

BORAT loves Pamela Anderson! Uncensored An EXCLUSIVE and UNCENSORED celebration of naughty, naughty "Borat." This episode of NO GOOD TV original series "Up Close" hosted by Carrie Keagan shows everyone's favorite Kazakhstani journalist the way he was meant to be seen (body thong not included). For more UNCENSORED episodes of UP CLOSE visit NO
* Borat,
* Pamela,
* Anderson,
* Sacha,
* Baron,
* Cohen,
* HBO,
* AliG,
* uncensored,
* Kazakhstan,
* Bruno,
* Sweeney,
* Todd,
* Madagascar,
* tits,
* ejaculate

and thats it.... now go away.

oh i almost forgot one...

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