Monday, January 09, 2006

The Tax Man Commeth.. and other random stuff too..

First things first.. taxes..
we all gotta pay 'em.. so why fuss about it?
Prepare and E-File Online. Fast Refunds. TaxBrain.Com
Last year I used Turbotax and did okay, I found it relativly easy adn I had no other ideas on where to go.
This year I plan to shop around a bit and one service I will be checking out is Prepare and E-File Online. Fast Refunds. TaxBrain.Com

I have a friend that does tax prep.. and if she were closer, I woudl use her company.. just because I think she is wonderful adn I woudl want to see her...

In the last couple of years, I have gone from using a private accountant, to a bookkeeper, to H&R and now on to doing my taxes myself. It is mostly because I kept getting this erie feeling that my tax prep person knew less than I did abot my taxes. (That is after things got so normal that I no longer needed an accountant to do them.. )

So go give these guys a chance. Prepare and E-File Online. Fast Refunds. TaxBrain.Com
other stuff
Well what else is there.. taxes and death..

actually there is a lot, some of you know I will be gone for the next week, I hope to have many pictures of where I am going, when I get back. Some with clothing on even!

I would do a review of my digital camera here, but I am borrowing one, cause mine is 10 years old and crap.

Anyone need a 10 year old sony mavica! This thing should be in the Smithsonian!
(mega pixles??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh I kill me)

My travel tiem tomarrow is nearly 18 hours.. and I can;t sleep on planes.. so I kind of wish I had a way to blog while i was gone.. no sleep makes me rather strange, adn I always enjoy reading my stranger stuff, when I have had enough sleep.


Technorati ratings.. is it just me, or have you noticed that nearly "overnight" two Japanees blogs have shot to the top of Technoratis popular list? How do you get 200,0000 links in little or no time? I wish I coudl read Japanees it would be an interesting study in how to get links.

I have to remember to tag this post with the words tax and taxes.. tiz the season you know.

hve any of you seen Nix's latest movie review?

I really think that he and swifty should get together and make some film!


Alright, many kisses to you who deserve them.. many kicks in the groin to those who do not.. I gotta scoot.. so no time ot spell / type check, you're on your own there.