Friday, July 27, 2007

Noelia... in love and some thing on Iraq

yae babby...

she really seems to like it ....


thers a ghost story....
i love them.

i know i am a dork.

here buy some ghort things.

some thing on Iraq
Why is Iraq in Chaos? NO END IN SIGHT Learn the Truth! 7/27

iraq yep... that about sums it up.

oh this is good... FOX ATTACKS BLOGGERS

FOX ATTACKS BLOGGERS FOX has declared war on the blogosphere and it's time to fight back!

fox, news, foxnews, bloggers, blogs, blog, robert, greenwald, bill, o'reilly, sean, hannity, rupert, murdoch

oh boy! got one in rehab...

yep, took one to rehab... i think he maybe getting smart... up till this point he has been real dumb!

have a video...

CBS, Dave, Letterman, Lindsay Lohan, rehab, star, transit

what? You want a nothir!

ok thats it... buy somthing...

oh look at this...

you ask for it...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

two messages from Mal...// George S Patton's New Speech-Iraq & modern world

both from
Is this another CANONHV20 Fodder for YouTube? No! It's Blonde Pickup! - a trailer for a Fifties grindhouse B-Grade flick that I've overdubbed.

Scalli is a gangster who manages women wrestlers as a front for his bookmaking, drug, and prostitution rackets. He trusts the wrong people and ends up trying to run away from both the police and mysterious mob boss Mr. Big, to whom he owes $35,000. This film features real-life wrestlers Peaches Page, Clara Mortensen (world champion wrestler), and Rita Martinez (champion of Mexico).

Hmmm...pity its not mud-wrestling or jelly-wrestling. BTW poor old Rita Martinez had her voice dubbed as it was deemed too Mexican-sounding. Personally I'd date Peaches Page just to be able to introduce her - "Hi everybody...this is Peaches Page."

and second...

veay secrous...

Tragedy Strikes My Family
Just when you think things are hunky-dorey...some bastard comes along to spoil the party. I'm so upset about this I've even started a Social Network for fellow sufferers - check the description to the right of the video and join us.

this is veary serous!
damn it!

thats it...
Awe-inspiring performance! General George S. Patton out of retirement, rants about Iraq and the modern world situation!!

NASCAR Jeff Gordon / Speed Racer Tribute

NASCAR Jeff Gordon / Speed Racer Tribute

Jeff Gordon's Gay

dear Penis
and while we're on teh subject of Rodney.. here's another one..

80s moment....

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
see what tec is saying...

Noelia, Como, Duele, Barrera de, Amor, Music, Video, Latin, Pop

she is HOT!

or music,,,

my favorit mag...

its a bird...

Bat, Boy, Weekly, World News, Halloween

suits me... dont it.

okgo, ok, go, oh no, ohno, damian, kulash, tim, nordwind, dan, konopka, andy, duncan, malmo, thewilltorock, sweden

oh my god!

good bye.

wow look at whos still out there!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

hell yes!
has music that plays... it is cool.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

look at Mal...

he has found a place for vacation


good on ya'

WWI Aussie Diggers Found at Fromelles, France
that is the caption that is above the vacion doo-hicey

worth the read.
thanks pal.

here is some one that makes me feel ok!

got it from
ok enoug for now...

Monday, July 23, 2007

hears Noelia!

ummm humm!


thats cute!

Jessica the Hippo has made herself a member of this South African family.

Tags:Hippo, Jessica, Funny, Animals

oh my god! look at her toung!

My Tongue - Click here for more home videos

Stupid American - Funny video clips are a click away

Stupid American, America, Fool, Video, White, Black

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

it's a big ad...

My mate mal.. and his magical video machine..

100% tammy NYP proof.. and 15.4 proof too..
See Mals viddis I like em.

Formel, Formula, 1, Fernando, Alonso, Lewis, Hamilton, Mika, Häkkinen, TV, commercial, Mercedes-Benz

the stroke...

i have had one...

no not that kind...

hum maby that kind...

yep it is that kind...
fuckn sucks!
oh well

big boobs on J. S.

i do not get it... but i am looking for some Boobs!

boobs, tits
they dont have to be Enormos...

they don't have to speek english...

Norwegian Music Video

mellied, mellie, busty, big boobs, tits, cleavage

oh my God!

i just have a thing...

ha ha ha!

oops... i think we stepped on our ding dong

ohh oo!

there ya go...

buy something;

Cat Blogs?

i'm serious... Cat Blogs!

i think its nice to think of your pets in a more "human way", but come on!

ok lets try it... shall we.

gsr rthhjk kiug ety htyh k dgttru 678 erg jk ,ffhrtya grt jthdfg hhj .

there thats my cat... prety bad.

have a free video...

Online, Community, Friends, IRC, My, Cat, Sick

that was terriable! so what!
here have another...

sugar hill!

and Rap!

and there you go.