Saturday, March 25, 2006

For Wally.. how ya like my Doggy Style!

This goes out to my mate Wally.. (aka Mal) he thinks he can up me in the video download competition with a little Tom Cruise in the Closet South Park viddy.. well my friend Touche' and take this !

While we're on the subject.. I think that Nix is a good one to send this out to.. he's living proof, that you can be male, sexy, smart, with nice breath and good spelling.. and still not get laid..
(I had twins last night biotch! okay sure they were just from the same litter, but that still makes them twins!)

later biotches!

Friday, March 24, 2006

before I say blow me.. a kiss, that is..

Okay before I say “blow me”

This is for all the bloggers out there that thought my cute little bottle cap tripod auction was stupid.. or spam, or something ugly and evil
Check out this auction?!?!?!?!

Look at the freekin bids! That’s thousands of dollars!! And you thought I was doing something unethical?? CHRISSAKE!

If you have forgotten my auction.. then look at this..Ebay First Ever Bottle Cap Tripod Auction..

It is cute and funny, and growing in audience..
So don’t be a wanker, and go watch .. watch.. watch.. and bid bid bid!!!

Special Notes, from the Crutch of Scientology, Tammy NYP, Pavlina, Charlie witht eh Sheen in his hair, the letter Q The enourmous boobs and peckers department of the Anti-Seal Boy Demation League.. I am adding, lots and lots of fun things, some may even be valuable to my auction.. so for every watcher, adn every bidder, and every common man, woman adn child on the street.. lets make this an auction to remember!

Now for my detractors.. Blow ME.
A kiss..

Charlie Sheen: The Government covered up the facts about 9/11"

I am not making this shit up!
Look at CNN he really did say it..

Maybe they did.. maybe they didnt, but at last look.. see the poll on teh left side of the screen, about 81% of respondants believe that there is/was a coverup.. that's a lot of people who do not believe in the US. Government..
Now if you look at the other polls, GW has a 34 to 38% job approval rating, that means that roughly 15% of the population believe that GW. Covered somthing up.. and they still like him.. WTF?!?!?
GODDAMN Public Schools I tell ya!

BlowWater: Bottle Cap Tripod, hottest item on the net now?

BlowWater: Bottle Cap Tripod, hottest item on the net now?

ah ha ha ha haaa.. some commenter thought this was a serious auction.. un-be-leav-a-ble!

Thoughts on Bush... (political rantings, from the publikly edumacated)

No not the kind you eat, the kind that you all whine so fucking much about!
So good news.. This is Bush’s second term.. that means it is also his last term!

Now America is in it’s off cycle elections this year, and we have all seen what the government can get done with a single party in control of the House, Senate and Whitehouse.. and now it appears the Supreme Court.. . Did you like what you saw?

Okay Rush, sit down and stop nodding your big drug addled head.

I mean really, unless you were an oil company, or Halliburton, or a Chinese manufacturer of cheap goods at low prices (due to your use of slave labor) you pretty much went backwards this year.. and probably last year too.

I won’t even get into the attacking Iraq as part of the “War on Terror” ‘cause that’s too stupid for even me to comment on!

What I am saying, is that the Bloggosphere is full to the brim with people who slam Bush.. why do you think his name has been a “hot tag” for so long?
But really there is just one message that says it like it is..
And this little video (educational of course) will tell you what that is.

YEa sure we all thought Having Dick adn Bush in the whitehouse would be cool.. but lets get real this cycle, and take some of the Imperial power away from the Republicals.. just a little that's all I am asking.. (And to think I voted for that asshole!!!)

South park says good bye to Chef.. and no gaddamit I am not spamming!

Cool scenes form the end of chef.. or is that the return of chef?

so Mal, you think you got a better vid than that?
Didn;t think so..
actually I was thinking, how can we get more world wide attention, that whole pavlina thing made me an ego maniac.. I was event hinking of chanign my name to bush.
Bush DeRex.. gotta ring.. of sorts.

Return of the seal boy! Yo Mal.. ain;t it past your bed time?

Well you know me.. always up for a challange.. okay first fucker says "I challenge you to use spell check" walks the fuck home!
How many time can I tell you.. Spell chek if for people who care..

So with that aside.. Mal has challanged me to a littel dueling videos!
He put up some lameassed 2 fast 2 furious wanna be bullshit.. so I am trumping his Fast cars with you guessed it.. (no it is not southpark singing abotu tammy nyp shot with a bottle cap tripod camera, in singapore, by Eta Dick)

Film of old Wally when he was just a youngster!
Hey Wally how'd you get the sheila to scratch your ass like that?

Mal(icious) is up and at 'em again, in South Park?

Okay, I promise not to write another technospamrait post here, by mentioning, tammy nyp, video downloads, ETA, Pavlina, or any other derivitive of the top ten.

You have to see the little scrap that Mal dug up on this topic.. go to here.. the Anti Seal Boy Association of Europe or ASBAE (fuckers).

So it seems that we are not the only one waging war on unfair searchengine pratices.. you know i hate spam as much as the next guy, but lets face facts, if you can;t make fun of a term like Bottle Cap Tripod being #1 what's left to make fun of.. (well other than my complete lack of typing skills.. fuckin public school system!!!)

But if we are relagated to making fun of one or two bloggers here and there, how will we ever get the huge followings, that Daphne Teo , Xaxaiu, or Bruna Bianco once had?

Really what's left, that is not already being made fun of by someone somwhere better than any of us hhacks can. Issiac Hayes? For christ sake, hes got the entire writing staff of SOuth (oops.. I almost did it) making fun of him! Andthose fuckers are geniuses! or is that Guinneses?

I figure it comes down to this.. either I keep up the good fight, to make fun of us everywhere we may search or blog.. or I resort to writing errotica..

I think I could write a dirty stories blog.. so whatdo you think of this..
He was a seal boy. she a cowgirl.
He wore a Kilt to bed, and she a chearleader's outfit.. she woudl pull his kilt up, put him inside, and start to cheer.. because he had no arms, he would lay there and flop about.. it drove her mad! She would swing her hat wildly and shout gitty up! As he flopped about. The end.

Okay that sucks, but it's better than half of the "poetry" you read on blogs..

That reminds me, next Month, April, is National Poetry Month! Submit your poetry for review now!
Or I will coem find your blog, post your crap here and review it against your will.. the choice is yours.
All next month, I will be posting poetry, (good poetry) revieing poetry adn writing some of the worst poetry in the world! All to entertain you fucksticks. (okay actually everything I do here, is for my own entertainment.. so sue me)

Now I am off to find soem interesting pictures to upload here,a dn then I am off.. have a great day.

Quote of the day" The world just needs a blow job."

FUCK blogger is not uploading my photos again.. sunovabiotch!

Good to see South Park on Top Again! plus Douche of the Week.

Okay check out douche of the week.. this week Tom Cruise.. a sure fire contender every week!

and for tom, we offer this little song.. sing it Chef.

I really like SOuth PArk (no suprise to those that know me) I really thinkt hat Issac Hayes should have gotten an honorary mention in douche of the week.. so issiac.. this congs for you.
(Yes I know it;s the same fuckin song, but I workin with a budget here people!)
The real question still is what will be the next big.. I mean Tammy NYP big thing to hit Technorati.. I can;t wait to see Mal's daily commentary on the state of blog searchengines..
Last but not least is Nix.. yes fans it is soon to be another weekend.. and you all know what that means.. TOMB OF MUTHAFUCKIN ANUBIS Update!
This week that little Douche (not to be confused with the worlds largest Douche.. Bush) Nix, has not even given me a hint as to what Movie / Video he will be reviewing.. I wanted him to do Pavlina Does Paris, but he shot me down.. fine, see if I ever name a sexual position after you mr. smarty pants!
and on that nnote.. I offer you
Something completly different...

More later.. I watched another Star Trek Vidi last night.. and it was good.. but what do you expect from a geek like me?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Page Rank.. you mean this peice of tripe has a rank?

Google PageRank Checker Tool
Yep.. sure it is only a 3 but I know som people wth real websies that are havingabitch of a time gettign ranked at all.. so thank you to all the people who bothered linkinghere.. I really do apreciate it.. and for those of you who "for obvous reasons" did not post a link..
Kindly go pound sand up your ass!

BLOWJOB video! AH ha ha ha ha hahahahaaaa!

Okay, for you prudes that are thinkign I am so stupid that I would actually post a video of a pblow job here, so you could go screaming to the fine folks at blogger to ban my ass.. chill for a second..

THis is funnier than the hand job video I posted a few weeks ago..
ah ahahahaha!

HOT VIDEO! This one is for Swifty.. thanks for the inspiration bro.

as some of you may know Swifty has taken to putting the faces of some of Malaysia / Singapore,and asia in genneral on his blog.. while it has nto made his content any better, it has made it even more fun to visit..
So swifty this one's for you!

Swifty is Malasya's HOTTEST up adn coming Film maker.. be sure to look for him at a weblog, vblog, or general blog in your area soon!
Party on dude.

Bottle cap tripod.. I can't give it up.. well not yet..

I gotta give props to this dude..
He's got perhaps the most detaield explanation of why "Bottle Cap Tripod" went to the top.. nobody yet has offered an explanation as to why it disapeared.. I have my theories, and you will have to read on for those.. (see below, or go to the index and scroll down baby!)
I am not sure i by the why "bottle cap tripod" went balistic, I mean come on a 2 month old popular science magazine article goes pop one morning!?! It sounds a little too fairy tale for me.

It calls into question technorati's accuracy (see below some more) and also the sanity of all those who kept searchign for it.. although I will admit, I was on the top of the list a lot for that little item and did not see that many hits..

I recived more hits on good old tammy and singapore than I did the top item.. WTF?

Now I know that good blogging is all about good writing, adn lets face facts, unless I take the tiem to use a speel chucking device my typing is so shitty most people won;t read for long.. those that do love me.. so if you have laready stopped reading this because of my typing, fuck you.. for hte rest of you.. party on dude.. okay back on track..
I liken this to an old addage I have about reatil stores,a dn websites, you can build the most beautiful store in the world, but if you get no traffic you go out of business in a fuckin rush. So I try to mix it up here, a littel comedy, a little humor, a little bad typing and some pure click whoring.. I really wonder what brings hts to some other blos? What search terms really do it for you?
Also now that hits blog is a few months old I wonder how it stacks up against the average, for readership, hits, and re-visits? (given similar content that is.. sure i ain;t gonna get the kind of hits that a blog like will.. but in the area of "generaly silly buggery" I wonder how I stack up.

If I was truly interested in spamming the searchengines, I woudl publich lists of searchterms, adn not bother trying to entertain myself with each writing.. so I think that a lot of the energy put into getting my funny little keyword rich writings of ffrom the top searches is a waste of time, when there is so much spam out there, that is just crap for crap's sake.. don;tyou think?

So my friends I will keep watchign the trends, I will keep promoting myself and others like me.. and I will wish you all Goodnight and goodluck..

now that you are through with that batch of soap box bullshit, go do somthing worth while, go look at the movie reviews at all the sex and twice the violence.

Speaking about sex and violence, I watched a couple nights ago, A History of Violence.
My youngest step son (22) really liked the movie, and I did too , for the first hour. Then in the end, it started to go down that long spiral road to suckdom and never recovered.

The guy who played the main character’s brother, is usually a good character actor.. well he SUCKED!!!! And the person in charge of continuity must have had that last week of shooting off, there were just too may stupid things going on that made no sense but made for better shots that happened in the last 15 minutes.. example: It is Dark.. black ass dark outside, the hero (?) kills his brother and all is well.. next shot it is morning and he is walking up onto a pond in the back of the house to freshen himself up after a long night of killing.. either the fucking sun comes up quick there, or the director just wanted that shot bad.. and the house he had waked form was perhaps a 30 roomer.. you man to tell me there ain’t a fuckin bathroom in that big fuckin house?

Then the ending was suitable for a Lifetime movie.. I don’t; want to give it away, mostly because I want you to suffer the same way I did) but lets just say it left me with that, kissed but not fucked after a date feeling.

So “A History of Violence” 2 stars one for each of the cool sex sense no stars, for anything else in that piece of shit!

But if you like hard R sex.. it does have a great 69 scene and another power fuck on the stairs.. you gotta love a good power fuckin on the stairs.

IN further couch potato news:
I just finished watching Vol 2 of the Star Trek Original Series DVD set. This one was “Mudd’s Women” a true classic, showing the beauty within all of us, and “The Evil Within” showing the evil within and the value of that evil in each one of us.. interesting that these were released back to back in 1966 (on the tele) an interesting contrast in story lines, and both of these were really well done.. I always liked mudd’s women, but thought that they could have hired slightly more attractive women for the rolls.. The Evil within was the one where Kirk after a transporter mishap, is split into good Kirk and Bad Kirk.. I loved bad Kirk.. but I kept getting the feeling that Spok shoulda kicked his ass a little more than he did..

I'll be unfucked if I can find the VOl 2 disc so you will have to put up with these two links in its place.

I am not sure which episode it was but the green alien sex is soon to be a commin.. I can’t wait!

"When people say to me, Live long and prosper, and I say Get a life. I mean it"
William Shatner.

ETA, AMerican Idol, South Park or Tammy NYP, Pavlina, and Bottle Cap Tripods.. you be the judge!

What’s the truth.. what are people looking for really>? American Idol? South Park? ETA?
Or Tammy, NYP, Video, Download, sex?

I have talked about American Idol. (By the way sorry to see Kevin go, every time I saw him I wanted to punch him in the head and stuff him into a locker, but I liked him) Bucky clearly sucked more than anything has ever sucked before, and he should have gone.. but sa la vie.

And I have written about South Park, in fact I have been watching a lot of the older episodes lately and even posts a link to download a whole “scientology” episode. As far as ETA goes, well I have not written about ETA, but I bet if I did, say I wrote something about the latest internet porn star Eta Dick (Pronounced Eat-a Dick) Technorati would ban that term too. Better they ban a term than my site though, so I won’t go bitching to loudly..
But lets take a look at what people are searching for, and in what percentages to get to this site.. shall we?
Here’s the list as of this writing.

534 13.14% tammy
491 12.08% nyp
307 7.55% video
239 5.88% download
210 5.17% sex
160 3.94% singapore
69 1.70% porn
54 1.33% tammi
45 1.11% movie
45 1.11% vasquez
45 1.11% clip
42 1.03% reena
41 1.01% tamy
34 0.84% phone
31 0.76% tammys
30 0.74% nude
28 0.69% free
26 0.64% kara
23 0.57% tammynyp
22 0.54% and
20 0.49% you
20 0.49% daphne
19 0.47% the
16 0.39% suicide
16 0.39% borden
15 0.37% tami
15 0.37% cell
14 0.34% bukit
14 0.34% batok
13 0.32% girl
13 0.32% teo
12 0.30% part
12 0.30% spellings
12 0.30% nyu
12 0.30% photos
12 0.30% picture
11 0.27% wwwtammy
11 0.27% blog
10 0.25% fuck
10 0.25% from
10 0.25% for
9 0.22% matisyahn
9 0.22% pictures
9 0.22% yeo
9 0.22% bordon
9 0.22% thoughs
9 0.22% pics
8 0.20% videophone
8 0.20% with
8 0.20% inteleflix
8 0.20% beth

That’s right kids.. mostly perverts and voyeurs looking for a good time!
So technorati where is ETA? Where is South Park or American Idol? Somewhere behind Bottle Cap Tripod I guarangaddamntee you!

Perhaps it is time for a group of up start wankers like me, and Mal to get together and form our own little blog searchengine? Maybe just maybe we would even publish honest results in the what’s hot box.

(of course we would spam the index with our own sites, but fuck you there is a price to be paid for everything!)

anyone want to throw a ton of start up capitol my way, along with a programmer, we can kick technoass! or "arse" as Wally likes to say.

wally! and other crap

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.
You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.
People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused.
But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.
Sometimes fluff like this can be entertaining.
Sometimes it is all crap.
Go see what Mal had to say about technorati manipulating the hot results. Sometimes it scares me that Mal and I can think so much alike, (but he spells a lot better) ( I still smell nicer, and hell for a seal boy who has to use his feet to type, I think I do okay.)

Okay I kinda smell like a seal too..

So in response to an email I received, which requested that I “take a typing class,” “learn how to spell”, and “stop writing no substance posts”.. here is my reply.

Dear Fuckstick,
Please do not take me the wrong way when I say, “go pound sand up your ass”.
If you think you can do a better job typing with your feet, then I encourage you to. I know it is easy to pick on the “seal boy”, but really don’t you have some puppies to kick or something. Come on I can’t help that I was born with flippers instead of powerful arms and hands like your fuckedness apparently was.
It is not easy being a seal boy to begin with. Can you imagine trying to wipe your ass, with your feet? How about masturbation? Goddamnit! I wore holes in half of the walls in the house I grew up in just trying to “scratch that itch!”

Now Mr. Smarty with his arms and fingers in tact, I challenge you to type using nothing but your feet, or a pencil in your mouth ala Christopher Reeves Academy of Clerical Skills and then come back and criticize the seal boy!

Andy by the way I have been to your blog, you do not spell the place “Here” as “Hear”, and it is Their not there you fuckin idiot!

Sure I am a seal boy, and sure I am a victim of public education, but at least I am nice to my fellow human beings! And no the fact that you suffer from Chronic Balls on Chin does not make you an expert!
Go fuck yourself ever so kindly,

nevermind.. found them! Debra LaFarve photos.. semi HOT!

Debra LaFave pics are here
Here is a sample.. not as hot as I had hopped, but what the hell?

That's a class arse 'eh Wally? (eighth grade class that is)

Debra Lafave racy modeling photos?

Hey I get it! I see the double standard , but really folks.. I was a sexualy actuve 14 year old.. (not real active, and usually not for more than 30 seconds at a time) but I was active.
I woudl have enjoyed a romp with a hottie like Deb Lafave... and then she's a teacher! HOT DAMN!
So do I think she should have gone to jail.. no not really. Is she guilty of a crim? Yes, I suppose so.

But lets get to the marrow of this shall we? I hear that there are some rather racy photos of her out there somwhere.. do anyof you wankers have em? If you do email them to me! WOuld ya please..
(I know I should go do a google image search, and later I will.. but for now.. common give a brotha a break! send me them goodies!)

NixEclips, goes DOOM... and in further news...

Well Nixie, has writin a review of a movie that he actually liked!
and it was of all things DOOM!
See it at the :"new reviews" over at
Yes, I am still pitching for that wanker even thought he has not sent any bidders to my auction.. you know which one so I won't say it..

In further news, Technorati has taken an interesting stand in how it gets it's top ten, hot searches.
They let the chips fall where they may and then ban selected words.. not a bad plan all in all.

Some keywords that htey have banned fromt he top 10 in resent memory are
and combinations of tammy, tami, tamy, and video, download, sex, cell phone, and scandal.
It also looks like hte lovely Pavlina has goen into the cyber dumper as well.
Some that may be on the list that are perhaps more interesting, because it shows a want to level the public perception of "what's hot" are
Bottle Cap Tripod
or Bottle Top Tripod (which in my opinion was about the strangest #1 in history)
and other less "targeted" terms.

I am really starting to wonder what the "real" technorati top 10 is.
I think it woudl be interesting for technorati to have an unedited list. Just to see how different it is from what they have on the frontpage

Now I have this friend, who is nutier than I am, you can read his (really good content site, unlike this one) at his name is Mal.. not Wally.
Well Mal has the Pres, & CEO of technorati's personal contact info.. maybe if we all ask nice, he will put a workd in for us?
Afterall Technorait has it's useless "What's my blog worth" thing, the least they can do is offer some real insight into what is truly hot, for those of us that do not want to spam, but want to write about what is on the public mind.. both here and abroad.. and yes a broad is another thing that will probobly never make the top 10 even if havl the wankers using technorati at any given tiem are looking for pictures of naked broads.
Oh yea, naked,a dn nude and fuck adn fucking are also on the no-no list for top 10.
How about it technorati, how about a "members" area that shows the real stats? Have some balls would ya?

Q&A not T&A questions about the HOT HOT HOT Auction.

The now world wide, famous auction that is brought to you by ebay, DeRex and the Letter Q is now even hotter than ever!!! Check it out!!!!

As we are getting more and more watchers, we are adding things to teh already in high demand, mystery product!
YEs, so far we have added a Certificate of Authenticity, (with the forged name Pavlina DeRex) and a supply of extra adhesive!

We are taking questions at a fevered pitch!
So let me see if I cannot answer some of the biggies here in FAQ format.
Q: What is the ETA of the product once the auction closes?
A: It is up to you pinhead.. you buy overnight freight, then it is overnioght, you pay for overseas container freight, then it is about a month.

A: Bseacus spell chuiscker is for people who give a fuck.

Q: Why dosen;'t ebay ban you or somthing for this crap?
A: because they get paid even if this is a completly stupid auction.

Q: What is the square root of 9
A: 3

Q: What's next, a southpark parkin pass.
A: Yes, we do have a parking ramp here in town that is called Park SOuth , but I have to ask, why do you think you woudl bid on it?

Q: What's that smell?
A: The Charles De Gaul airport.

Q: Are you my daddy?
A: Did I know your mother?

Q: why do you let people put their blog or website URL in their question and then post them?
A: Because I am a nice guy, and if they become watchers, then we all benifit if I make ebay's "Pulse".

Q: aren;t you affraid that somone will steal your idea and then sell the same item for less money.
A: Why do you ask so many fucking questions?

So get to the auction, ask a question, watch the item, email the item to friends who are as twisted adn sick as I am.. and have a nice day!

PS. at 100 watchers, I am planning on adding somthing of TRUE value! So it is all up to you.. we get famous together or we look silly together.. either way is fine with me!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pavlina clue in ebay auction?

hey if you know about my now world famous auction for the Bottle Cap Tripod.. tell a friend by clicking here

Here is the interesting news.. Pavlina has somhow managed to come up n the buyers questions on that auction! Yes, there are clues to the whereabouts of the now famous (even more famous than my auction) Pavlina!

No telling when Tammy NYP might show up?

one dozen pavlinas! and then some! (Who said this was not about sex?)

One Dozen Pavlinas.. 'cause you just can't have too many!

Someone resently said that Pavlina had nothing to do with sex.. well mr smarty pants, here are just a few Pavlinas... well my little friends feast your eyes on these.. one dozen Pavlinas..

Pavlina we love you.

Lets face facts mates.. Pavlina is all about sex.. (Sorry Steve Pavlina is not all about sex so not ALL pavlinas are about sex.. but these pavlinas sure do get the blood flowing don't they?)

But there are many faces of Pavlina, that need to be explored.. these here are only a few..

for a few more you should see my mate Mal's site he has the hottest Pavlina Video Downloads there..

Here is an interesting game.. can you pick "THE" Pavlina out of this bunch?

Yes, one of these girls, all Pavlinas, is "THE" pavlina.

Pick her and win a prize..

The writers and contributors of this website its affiliates adn sponsors woudl like to acknowlage all of the worlds Pavlinas, as well as all of the Tammy NYPs too.. there were no Pavlinas hurt in the making of this post.

This post is to be used purely for entertainment purposes. There are no warranties expressed or implied, should your pavlina break, you are on your own.

We would also like to state that there are a numebr of very sexy Pavlinas (Other than Steve) out there, adn while we woudl like to say thank you to each adn every one of them, time is limited. If you are a Pavlina and woudl like to be noted and given props by DeRex and all the perverts who know DeRex please submit your photo to

DeRex woudl like to thank you for visiting, stay tuned for the next Pavlina Update here or anywhere in the bloggosphere..

(recomendation, go to and search for Pavlina, at least twice a day from now until the "big reveal")

If you have had enough Pavlina please try finding our auction, for hte worlds first ebay auction to offer the now famous Bottle Cap Tripod. go to and search for bottle cap tripod.. you really can't miss it.. the hottest item in the history of this blog to be offered on ebay!

Paying Pavlina the Ultimate honor! a sexual position named after her!

Due to the outstanding video download where Pavlina does it like a fucking bunny! What she claims to be her favorite sexual position has been re-named after her!
Formerly the backward cow-gilr, this position will now be forever known as "the Pavlina".. or "Pavlina Style", or just plain old "Pavy Style".
Of course the Cowboy Hat and Boots, or the even more interesting twist, the "fuckme" pumps, will still be optional, as well as assless chaps.

Giddy up! Cowgirl Giddy up!

a musical break from the boredom.. leggs.. yep she got 'em.

I have this thing about those damn fuckme pumps and the short socks with the frill on top..

I always want to have my victim.. I mean lover, leave them on.. and dig them sharp assed stilleto heels into my flanks as I pound her Pavlina Style!

Screamming the whole time.. pulling my fuckin hair, and telling me to fuck her harder! God I do love em timid don;t I?

getting attention with all this bottle cap nonsense...

First of all Pavlina For President (Let's finaly put a good looking bush inthe Whitehouse!)
Find Pavlina win a prize..

Okay the real reason for this post.. it seems that I may have gottent he attention of a few detractors.. with my once in a lifetime super duper brain buster of an auction.. (go to ebay search for "bottle cap tripod")
You can read the rumblings at
Truth and Traffic

I feel that even if I did not get proper credit (hurumfh) with a link, at least I got their attention.. and getting attention and making a few people smile is what this is all about.

So go visit this site and poke around, while he may have had his sense of humor surgicaly removed, ala Tom Cruise but hey he seems to have some brights, and deserves his props.

Okay on a completly different topic..
What is the Pavlina phrase that pays?
Yesterday it was, "Pavlina Gave me Herpes".. the day before "Put another Bush in the Whitehouse, Pavlina."
and the day before was "Pavlina.. I had her"

More nonesense..
Have you been to lately? If you havene't been since Sunday, you are not only a wanker, you are missing out on some of the best Movie Reviews in history.. (sure some of the movies reviewd are the Worst in History, but the reviews are great.. Nix has even posted a picture .. print that , put it in your closet, adn you will scare away any moths that might think about munching on your clothing.
(Nix, Works better than mothballs!.. and you don;t have ot hold his little legs apart either)

I dare him to do a review of All that JAzz on tomb.. come on nix, show your feminin side and do it!!!
I will be sure ot post in the coments section, or forum, or guestbook, or whatever..

Sure you do not have ot be a full on fag to like All that Jazz, but it don;t hurt.

Yabbos yabbos!

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William Shatner turns 75! Happy birthday Capt. Kirk!

Yep, Captian Kirk is 75! Wow..
I like Shatner, and nearly everythign he has done, shy of singing.. In interviews, he is always the first to laugh at himself, and his new roll on Boston Legal is great. (not that i watch much network tele these days)
Here is a little Shat humor

Funny in resent days I have picked up the DVD of the Orriginal Star Trek series.
I had forgotten just how good these were, (really pretty charming if you ask me), considering the budget constraints adn thestate of special effects in the late 60's.
I recomend that you pick them up.. either from or go look on Amazon, by clicking the link below.

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Pavlina, American Idol, and Bottle Cap Tripods ! OH MY!

This is very strange planet on which we live.
First of all can anyone explain the fasination with Pavlina to me?
I mean sure, she is hot, hot hot, and she is young young young.. but really, when you have tarts like tammy nyp to go flogg at, why bother with this world class pianist / amature porn star? (Sure the video downloads are hotter than anything to come out of singapore lately.. so maybe I do get it)

American Idol.. well here's proof that me and 34 million other americans need a friggin hobby! Who will go home.. WHO FRIGGIN CARES!>!>!>! well about 34 million dunces like me.
Why do we listen to a bunch of okay singers and two ringers? I mean come on, if you can;t see by now that this is going to coem down to Chris (The Bald guy) and Kelly Pickler with a suprise Kelly Pickler win, your as dumb as the people that voted for Katherene McFee's hooters last week! (Okay she does have some nice boobs, but we ain't voting on boobs are we?)
Did you vote? If so, you really need a hobby! I can't bring myself to do it.. it just seems so "trailer".

Bottle cap tripods.. nope, I still don't get that one at all.. and I am part of the reason it is still in the forefront of the blogger imagination.. I even have an auction.. on ebay.. check it out.
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PS. somone tell Mal that his link got cut.. we can;t see his auction..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

bottle cap tripod, go beyond your regular click whoring!

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So before Neil Cabuta does an expose on DeRex and the power of the Bottle Cap Tripod, you better get over to my Bottle Cap Tripod Auction on Ebay and start asking stupid questions!

Any questions?

Yes, the hit counter on the auction is legit, yes, it is starting to be seen, yes, all the cheap fuckers that have come by have not bid on this piece of ebay and Technorati History, but maybe I just have not had the correct amount of psychopaths look at it yet.

(Where’s Wally when you need him?)
Probably off shagging that Pavlovia chick in the alps again..

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Bottle Cap Tripod on Ebay! and why you need one.

Bottle Cap Tripod on Ebay!
Why woudl you want a bottle cap tripod.. well lets say you are over at NYP and in the room of some girl named Tammy.. you decide that you are going to give her a bit of the old in-out in-out and video tape it with your cell phone.. when you suddenly discover, that the only way to get that all important shot, is to set the cell phone on it's side.. well you don;t want to give 12 million wankers a crick in there neck later when you make it famous all over the web.. so what do you do??!?!?!
You whip out your handy , dandy, Bottle Cap Triod! (Afterall , half of the girls you know call you tripod already!) You place your cellphone in its intended position, and get back to the mission at hand!

Or say you are cruzing the strrets of Belgrade, when up walks Pavlina, and her pet tiger.. she says "Hello , you man of man you.. want to go my plce and play pokie-pokie?"
You know your friends will never believe this!
Her eyou are with world class pianist and Russian space shullte / porn star Pavlina, and she wants to play "pokie-pokie!" You need a picture!
But pavlina's plac eis fully padded for maximum BDSM pleasure.. you can't just set your digital camera on a pillow and so snapping? WHAT DO YOU DO?
You take out your handy dandy bottle cap tripod! Give the adhesive a few chews, place your digicam on it and start snapping!
The adhesive has a pleasant flavor and stimulates saliva fproduction, shoudl you need a little quick lube for those tight spots.
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Monday, March 20, 2006

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Bottle Cap Tripod.. oh if you can't make a mint with this one.. here is a free-be for you..
Bottle cap Tripod .. WTF?
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Pavlina Geer! Get your Pavlina Gear now .. hotter than tammy ever was!

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Or if you are so stuck int he past try NYP or Tammy or Tammynyp
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Pavlina got it all over Tammy and then some.. a special field report!

I have been told of the new Tammy NYP, Pavlina, and had to do some field research this weekend.
Pavlina should not be confused with Pavlov's Dog. See Wiki.
However, now whenever I hear a bell ring, I get a bonner, so perhaps it is no small coincedents?

Who is Pavlina?
Just some Bitch?
A Russian Classical Pianist turned Porn star?
A youg girl from Belgrade, who accidentaly allowed herself to be filmed with a cell phone while eating a Bone?
An underaged Girl from Singapore with a hunger for "Scooby snacks"?

Some slut that has been getting the attention of all the bloggers lately since we have all spanked ourselves silly with the tammy vid?

Well in order to find the true answer to this new adn most imposing question.. you will just have to come back here.. later.. soon but later.
Seems I have to get ready for work, and if I start to write about this hot hot hot young temptress.. I will be late.. and sticky.. so stay tunned shoppers.. for the ultimate reveal..
DeRex Does Pavlina.. comming soon to a PC Screen near you!!!!