Friday, February 01, 2008

mens gifts...

this is cool!

mens gifts

i do not make anything on this site...
so fell free to check it out...

Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
from Deirdre Uria,

We know how hard those guys are to shop for. But don't sweat it - we're here to help with a list of gifts for your husband, dad, brother, or significant other.

1. TheraSpa Massaging Seat Topper
Transform his office chair or car seat into a tension-relieving experience. The TheraSpa massaging seat topper features 10 massagers ready to work on five zones to relieve his sore muscles.

Details: He can chose from four intensity levels and three speed settings to further customize the massage. And it comes with a 12-volt adapter for use in the car.

2. Patagonia Pocketwire Pack
This pack will make his commute a dream.

Details: Made of double-woven ShiftLayer nylon, this pack features a padded laptop sleeve, shoulder straps with hidden tunnels for a hydration tube, and a sternum strap with a built-in safety whistle. An interior divider prevents lost keys, cards, and other small items.

etc etc!

looking for wrist watch

I don't know...
my watch died...
what do you think of these...

not like the last one I could afford...but oh it is nice.

perhaps one of these?

alright now i am being silly!

It would nice if one or more of you would be nice enoght to buy one...

ah well...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Head Injury Overview... is what i'v been doing

Head Injury Overview

Head injury is a general term used to describe any trauma to the head, and most specifically to the brain itself.

* Skull fracture: A skull fracture is a break in the bone surrounding the brain and other structures within the skull.

o Linear skull fracture: A common injury, especially in children. A linear skull fractures is a simple break in the skull that follows a relatively straight line. It can occur after seemingly minor head injuries (falls, blows such as being struck by a rock, stick, or other object; or from motor vehicle accidents). A linear skull fracture is not a serious injury unless there is an additional injury to the brain itself.

o Depressed skull fractures: These are common after forceful impact by blunt objects—most commonly, hammers, rocks, or other heavy but fairly small objects. These injuries cause "dents" in the skull bone. If the depth of a depressed fracture is at least equal to the thickness of the surrounding skull bone (about 1/4-1/2 inch), surgery is often required to elevate the bony pieces and to inspect the brain for evidence of injury. Minimally depressed fractures are less than the thickness of the bone. Other fractures are not depressed at all. They usually do not require surgical treatment unless other injuries are noted.

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Intracranial (inside the skull) hemorrhage (bleeding)

* Subdural hematoma: Bleeding between the brain tissue and the dura mater (a tough fibrous layer of tissue between the brain and skull) is called a subdural hematoma. The stretching and tearing of "bridging veins" between the brain and dura mater causes this type of bleeding. A subdural hematoma may be acute, developing suddenly after the injury, or chronic, slowly accumulating after injury. Chronic subdural hematoma is more common in the elderly whose bridging veins are often brittle and stretched and can more easily begin to slowly bleed after minor injuries. They are potentially serious and often require surgery.

* Epidural hematoma: Bleeding between the dura mater and the skull bone is an epidural hematoma. These occur when arteries are cut. Injury in the temple area is a common cause. Epidural hematoma is potentially serious and often requires surgery.

* Intraparenchymal hemorrhage/cerebral contusion: These terms describe bleeding into the brain tissue itself. A contusion is like a bruise to the brain tissue and usually requires no special intervention, much like a concussion. Most doctors admit people with cerebral (brain) contusion into the hospital for observation for rare complications such as brain swelling. An intraparenchymal hemorrhage is a pool of blood within the brain tissue. Minor bleeding may stop without any treatment and cause no serious problems. More serious or large bleeds usually require surgery.

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I keep reading hoping for a miracle...who knows? I could get lucky.
but any way give them a read...

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

today is pretty boring!

hope that you are having a better day...
oh well...

thats about it....

damn shure looks good...

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