Saturday, July 14, 2007

ramble on the hobbit

ramble on the hobbit

and in a more modern sense Argorn and Arwen

and one more...

When the Levee Breaks....


i like it....

what the f!

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ya i'd say thats a conflict of intertes...

talk about a hit and run! ouch!

and finnaly a litte Rock and Roll


more rock and roll?

you asked for it...
one more Zepplin for you...

and on that note i bid you adu... or some thing like that....

Friday, July 13, 2007

what the frid!!!

Everything About Galilea Montijo
Galilea Montijo just cracked the Technorati popular searches. Never heard of her.

dont watch this video, it's naughty!

insted buy something...

he he he!

what th' fuck!

i am haveing a yard sale... weee hooo
it dose leave me tied up... i miss you.

have a video...

or wallys version

i prefer Wallies

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Avrie! SHAME!

you decide
i am just telling you....

A side by side comparison of the song "I Don't Have to Try" by Avril Lavigne and "I'm The Kinda" by Peaches. You can listen to clips from all her songs on amazon, can you find any more that she might have "ripped off"?

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

how to treat me...

thank you

thank you...

i wish i talked live her... oh well

The Simpsons making fun of MMORPG's Update #2: TWO MILLION? DAMN! Be sure to visit for E3 news. Update #1: THANKS FOR 1,000,000 VIEWS GUYS! I know that EQ is really similar to this clip, but I had to put WoW to increase the viewer demographic, as WoW is the most played video game of our day. A parody from The Simpsons making fun of MMORPG's, specifically World of Warcraft

more to your liking...

Madonna "Hey You"

Madonna "Hey You" (Official Live Earth Video) Visit: This video is part of's Videography-

great tune!

this one goes out to you know who!

rock on!

don't know what you got...

check t our...

motley crew!!!


talk dirty to me...

that's funny!


what about Ted

thats a rap....

some more..

ha ha ha


the best of Todd

good night!

jar jar!

watch the hole thing...

more Family Guy

this one stars Cris

let me oing boiing ...

this one shwos most all of a good one...

at the pool!

Monday, July 09, 2007


The Most Painful Moments - The funniest videos clips are here
that looks like hurts!

Probability=0.00000001% - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

Bonerol. Lol !!! - Click here for the most popular videos
and finaly a boner!
ho ho ho!

Alcoolul - Click here for more free videos
this one was too funny!

how do you get up in ranking!

how do you get up in ranking!
not that i will be capabul of it...
but i am course ...

it is my spelling!

got to go...


nothing to say today!
so i bring you a video!

red car BAD!

heres one for ya...

oooo scary!

here you go....

looks like were fucked!

oh NO!

yep we are donw for...

buy something!