Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alright... no hicups!

No hiccups for me!!! Yaha!
I still don't have an appointment for the MRI.
I don't care...

Really what will they tell me... I got half a brain. Whoopppeee!

Okay it is time to do some youtube...

David Bowie - Let's Dance

David Bowie- Starman

David Bowie- Space Oddity
That last video was from 1969!!! Oh my god... I'm getting old!

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

so old... so so old....

I could go in but I wont... It was for a friend... who is lost... I hope to see you... I hope you are well...

Well that was strange... AVM and Me.

I lost my computer yesterday... and I'm connecting on a neighbors network...
luckily there were no news about avm's yesterday.

Strange I got hiccups the day before yesterday... and they stayed all day long... I went to the Dr. and he gave me a prescription for a med that they give to psics. it is Thorazine. To help with hiccups.

He also sent me off to get a chest x-ray, for phenomena, and is scheduling a MRI. Seems that no quit hiccups is a sine of a bleed. The next few days should be interesting.

I was told something that I don't remember, I had hiccups when I had the bleed.

okay enough of me..
PS, have been thinking of signing a DNR order... what do you think?

Pop Musik ( or "Pop Music", if you prefer ) "M"

God it has been sometime sense I have thought of them... They were grate!
buy some "M"

iggy pop - i'm bored
That's for a friend of mine...

and that's that....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nothing but music... no AVM's

Well hell... I got nothing for you... so I will cut in a little youtube...

The Doors - Touch Me

Pink Floyd - Pigs

Immigrant Song - 1972

Well I can't talk openly... but these songs I like a lot... hopefully you will too...

buy them...

just left a piece of me... so you would know I still care about you.... Smile!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

got nothing... again!!!!

This is gotta sound a little made up... but again I got nothing!
Really... I got Nothing!
I suppose I could rant about my wife going on about my mom moving up here... but honestly it boars me...
So I think I will talk about the AVM group... it is at

It is great! If you have had an AVM in your life... or think that you may want on... you should check 'em out.

I got a question... I have been thinking of buying a digital camera... my got stolen while I was in Fl. last year...
here is a link to one I have been thinking about...
click here if you want to price it out

The problem is I would have to hold it upside down... I am left handed since having my AVM.

Hey you know what??? I have been typing and I am gonna stop... but first lets do this...

a medley of Pink Floyd songs....

And now some books... that I like...

okay I am going to go...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

got nothing... zero!

I got nothing... yes nothing!
So what to do.... ummmm what to do....
I got it... youtube!

Children Exposed To Porn May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable

Okay I admit it.... that's bad... just bad!

Alright how about one more?

Pink Floyd - Mother

oh why not a last one...

Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky

Okay now I have to find and play my "The Wall" movie.... damn it! I put it away when I thought I was moving....
Hey know anybody who's looking for a house built in 1921... I got one.... $109,000 is all that I am asking... 2 floors... could be a third... walk in attic... designer lived here before me... did a lot painting... it is cool.... the basement is a full basement. I have got the washer and dryer down there.
I use to have tools down there... since my stroke I have given them away... damn it.

Anyway I want to move to Fl. The house is gonna go up in May... wish me luck!

Yep that third one is the Movie... those of you who have not seen it yet... I know there are 2 of you out there... really should watch it!
I don't care if you have to rent it.
Okay I am going to go!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

oh youv'e got to be kidding me!

got get some....
and finally

Sound of Music Train Station


avm news... and me too...

Death of a Child

One of our patients died unexpectedly last week, something that emotionally devastated our team and many of the other residents who had taken care of her. She was a five year old previously healthy girl, going to school, playing with friends, enjoying childhood when she had a catastrophic seizure four months ago. A work-up revealed that she had a stroke from a giant arterio-venous malformation (AVM) in her brain. Unlike adults, strokes in children often present with seizures, altered mental status, or coma. Though they are rare, causes include structural defects like AVMs and problems with coagulation like sickle cell anemia.

This patient was brought into the operating room where neurosurgery did a craniotomy, removing part of her skull to evacuate the blood. Unfortunately, the AVM was in an inoperable location and they were unable to clip it. Interventional radiology was also unable to put coils in it. Thus, the AVM could not be repaired and there was a significant risk of rebleeding. The patient was stabilized in the pedatric intensive care unit over several weeks...

more at HERE!

Why the "=" instead of the regular "-" ?

Because I accidentally hit the "=" button.... I don't mind the look... so instead of changing it I decided to leave it...

My mother is coming up... yes she lived in Florida... she made the move for her mother.

Yes I do still have a Grandmother... she is almost 90! Danm good health too...

I gotta go... wife is up... I'll try to get back with you to recount the move...