Friday, January 20, 2006

Back from Europe.. I hope you missed me half as much as I missed you.

Okay I am back.. I am running around like the proverbial headless chicken trying to get caught up.. but hey I love you all, so I had to stop by and write.

This picture was a view across the street.. nice.. real nice..

St George patron saint of Stockholm, you gottal love the statue, it is life sized adn absolutly beautiful!

YEs, as a tourist I had to stop by the cathedrial, it is right next to the palace.
The King was home so we coudl not tour the palace, but it was interesting to see the massive size of the Swedish palace.. again.. simple amazing.

In the old city where the Castle and Cathedrial are the streets are only about as wide as 2 Meters in many placed, big streets are perhaps 4 meters!

There is no car traffic int eh old city just foot traffic. I am not sure if this applies everywhere int he old city but it sure did were I was.

The shops are wonderful, the Fika (A verb for drinking coffee roughly equivelent to the English "Taking Tea" ) was wonderful.

Sugar , sugar everywhere! The Swedes eat more sugar per-cap than any other nation, and it is evident in their homes and reasturants. (YUM YUM YUM!)

It was cold, but not much colder than "home" so getting aclimated was a no effort thing.

It did get dark early, about 3:30 or so in the evening it was getting dark and by 4:30 it was night.

I got one interesting photo, if given to the right person it shows a ghost.. take a look..

oooooh scary!

As an American it feels so strange to walk around amongst 800 year old buildings..

at night you can alooms feel the history around you, so I thought a picture of a ghost was an apropreate gesture from the supernatural to say. "hi how are ya"

I have another somwhere that shows several hundred "globes" between me and that house you can see in the photo above, if you believe int hat sort of thing.. it is kinda cool.

(I will have ot look for the globe photo)

Anyway, after a long flight home, I have had two nights now to try adn turn my clock around,a dn two whacko frickin days at work playing catch-up.. so I will go for now.. It was worth all the suffering in the paris airport.. and I woudl do it again as soon as the opertunity presented itself!

Once many years ago, a woman I dated told me of a fantasy she had, that fantasy was to make love in a sauna.. with the heat and sweat flowing, intertwined ineachothers arms.. feeling eachothers heat as well as the heat from the sauna..

Well I never did get a changce to live that fantasy out with her, but I always remembers it.
In Sweden the house i was staying at had a sauna.. and well it may not have been with her physicaly.. but with eyes closed, and imagination running wild.. I did it after all these years.
(And I woudl do that again too.. )

Pax.. I am outta here!