Friday, July 21, 2006

just because.. video, youtube, link to blogger

First your video of the day.. listen while you read.. or workout..

Then link to fellow blogger, just becazuse he said.. "will you link to me?"
Music and stuff...
and damn it! I wish I had the link to the girl in austrailia that said 'Ugly blog" talking about mine.. (actually the comment was mostly nice.. and I do have an ugly blog.. "Ugly as life itself" my new motto.
Anyway look for an australian named Lisa.. she has a pretty blog.. and I think I hate that.
Okay lets do one more video.. if you don;t have broadband and you just locked up.. sorry bro..

Now a bit of further commentary..
Mal over at wallyworld and inyourfaceforbreakfast, is still looking for reporters for his parody of Rocketboom.. Rocketbum. Let's all face facts.. Amanda Congdon is'nt coming back... so lets all move forward.. go to amanda's blog and insist she move to paris, and join the rocketbum team.. (of one)

Good news here at my blog.. we are about to suffer an infusion of cash.. so perhpas I can get a PC that will actually alow me to upload a video direct without a crash?? NAH! who am I kiddin.. I am planning on spending the money of Ganga.
Actually I was kiding.. don;t smoke da' ganga no more mon.. makes me fall down you know.
But who knows.. perhpas my cheap azz will cough up enough cash to get a digital video camera? Then with my sense of tasts, who knows what kinda videos you may get?

I am also wanting to say.. that I am pissed! Nobody so far has gotten naked for peace. Well besides me.. I suppose that this is a resounding approval of the war.. so how about we all get naked for nukes?
Do you have any idea how pissed the Ayetolla will be if we all get naked? So ladies.. last call.. shed your burka for war!

Okay on second thought.. nevermind. I have seen a few naked Iranians.. and I think that was enough.

Finally does anyone remember whay the Arabs and Isralies are fighting? One would think that in a thousand plus years, that they could have setteled this all. (Yes they were fighting before 1948) Dosen;t it sounds like time to make peace? Or annihilate eachother so the rest of us can get on with life?

Well gotta go, I have a car to load onto a trailer.
:( or :) I ain't sure which yet.
DeRex (Ugly as Life itself)
Thank god for women with poor eyesight.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lebanon, Israel, Youtube Video..

I tried to put into words what I felt about this.. but John Stewart did it so much better...

then to try and find the words as to how I felt about the news coverage of the whole fucked up mess..
I offer you this.

yep.. that about says it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

sexy video youtube Jenna Jameson Orgasm Howard Stern!

Well that ought to bring the hits.. not the video

Evanesance Youtube Video

Your video for the day..

cool tune..
okay one more..

"Bring Me to Life" Acustic.
Music to dance naked in the forrest to..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Bush says "Shit" video... and commentary on the middle east.

Okay wankers.. how long did you think I would stay mute on the middle east?

No time now.. just remember I am all for peace.. but I am also all for getting the dirt bag terrorists too.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random music videos and 80's moments galore.. thanks youtube video!







talk dirty to me...
Remember get naked for peace.. photos coming soon!

Austin Powers Youtube music videos..

I just watched an Austin Powers movie and thought I would share..



and that about sums it up.. aprently nobody told Michigan that it is not August yet, and it is hot as all hell.. so I am going back into the AC.. later biotches!