Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sex video phone download tammy NYP? Do it yourself abortion?

Only time will tell.
I am going to let you in on a secret..
It is going to be open tomarrow.. (sunday)
I cannot reveil too much right now, but let me tell you what I can and what I know..
There you will find "film" reviews.
They are hoping that it does not turn into some sort of do it yourself abortion.. but even if it does those sick bastards will enjoy watching / filming it.
Every indication is that these sickos will make origami out of your guts.
I have tried very hard to get them to admit to the whole Tammy (Tami, Tammi, Tamy, Tam) NYP (nyu) singapore sex video download scandle but so far all I get from any of them is a chuckle..
So on or after march 5th 2006 go to ToA
Be sure to tell them I sent you.. if you want nothing in return.
Remember at ToA you will get all thh USDA recomended daily allowence of video.
click here for technorati information, about the hottest new video / film site Tomb of Anubis..

Friday, March 03, 2006

All Tammy NYP All the time.. ALl the Tami, Tammi, download you will ever need..

Okay so I do not have the infamous Tammi Download here..
but I came across this blog.. hell this bloke has more Tammy than I do..
Including some great stills of our Singapore(a) super star!
Check him out
leve him a comment and tell him I sent you.
Because I know you can never get too much Tammy NYP Cell Phone Sex Video from Singapore.

"If I were not already in love.. I would love her.. long time.."

American Idol Stuff!!

Well as long as we are on the whole American Idol kick, lemme share with you some of the crap that is available through

and yes there are even more things..
just use the searchbox to find those..

YIKES WHodda thought?

American Idol..

Well I said durring the first few shows, that Kelly Pickler would be going all the way, they just spent way too much time on her back story.. it was as if it were preordained.
We will see if my prediction hold.. although I do not think she will win, I think it will be like last season, but reversed, in this case.. I think the winner will be (The bald guy) what's his name.
And Both will go on to recording carreers.

Why am I talkign about American Idol? Good question.. I (as a rule) HATE network television, and AI is not real exception, but it is on in my house, none-the-less, so I figure, I may as well sign on like hte rest of the mindless TV zombies out there, adn watch.. at least I have somthing in common with my workmates because of it.. it is hard to get somone talking about History's Mysteries around the water cooler when American Idol is in season..

I have only gottn in one movie this week.. it was The Seventh Seal (1957) orriginaly done in Swedish with MAx Von Seidow (sp) starring.. great flick, if you are good with subtitles. In English language, it was poorly done.. the voices all sounding alike with very little emotions.. So if you want to read while you view.. I know this drives some people nuts, I recomend this classic.

The Rocky Horror (bunny) Picture Show..

Warning, the link above will take you on a strange journey..
(How Strange was it? Is was so fuckin strange they made a movie about it!)

It will also show you bunnies in adult situations and viewer discresion is advised..

PS> after the show click on the bookshelf.. even more priceless!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bush.. drinking on the job??

This is a funny bit..


kissing a theme today?

See! the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower would be forgiven
If if disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea:--
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss me not me?

From "Love's Philosophy" by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Rumor was just a rumor.. Tammy NYP Suicide.. hoaxed.

Rumor of Tammy's suicide was just that a rumor.. see comments in my last Tammy post for a link to the source of the rumor..
Seems that a little phone sex porn video download has brought out the sicko in a lot of us..
Tammy we love ya!

From my earlier post..
There is a vicous roumor circulating that Tammy of Tammy NYP fame has tried or succeded in commiting suicide.. I hope that this is just a roumor.. Most of the People at NYP do not htink that she did anything wrong.. and I can say from what I have been hearing in posts and emails, that most of the world does not think she did a thing wrong.. bold perhpas, but not wrong. It may be time for hte people of Singapore to take another look at some of their morality laws (issues), and come into this century... If anyone reading this has any nfo on the Tammy Suicide please leave a comment.. otherwise as far as I have been able to tell it is all just roumor. Tammy we love ya!

your kiss.. (an E.E. Cummings moment)

i have found what you are like i have found what you are like
the rain,

(Who feathers frightened fields
with the superior dust-of-sleep. wields

easily the pale club of the wind
and swirled justly souls of flower strike

the air in utterable coolness
deeds of green thrilling light

with thinned

newfragile yellows
-in the woods
And the coolness of your smile is
stirringofbirds between my arms;but
i should rather than anything
have(almost when hugeness will shut
your kiss

Suicide? Tammy.. Tami, Tamy? Tammi?

There is a vicous roumor circulating that Tammy of Tammy NYP fame has tried or succeded in commiting suicide.. I hopethat this is just a roumor..

Most of the People at NYP do not htink that she did anything wrong.. and I can say from what I have been hearing in posts adn emails, that most of the world does not think she did a thing wrong.. bold perhpas, but not wrong.

It may be time for hte people of SIngapore to take another look at some of their morality laws (issues), and come into this century...

If anyone reading this has any nfo on the Tammy Suicide please leave a comment.. otherwise as far as I have been able to tell it is all just roumor.

Tammy we love ya!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

okay one more tammy NYP sexy cell phone amature porn download post..

I had to do it.. I could not stop myself..
To recap, for those of you who do not know about Tammy NYP.. 17 year old cheerleader from NYP (nyang Polytechnic sp) (Singapore) .. had made, or made, a sex video of her and her boyfriend .. (who happens to be very well hung for a guy with the last name of Hung.. )on her video phone.. A "friend" steals poor Tammy's cell phone and emailes the sexy video to classmates, adn instructers at NYP (not NYU) then everyone in the world turns pervert and tries to find out where they can download a copy of this amature porno.. Her boy friend is roumored to be in his early 20's and is said to be now wanted by the police for corrupting this poor young maden.. (remembing quote from a reader here" That ain't the first time she has had one of those in her mouth".. :)

Now there are all sorts of roumors and conspiricy theories about this.. was it a publicity stunt? Was there a third person shooting the video? (Were they in the grassy nole when they shot it?)
Has Tammy been offered a multi millon dollar contract from a Hollywood film studio to "do it again".
Has Hustler magazine tried ot sign her up to an exclusive deal, on a movie, and full spread (no pun intended) in the magazine the minute she turns 18?
Where is the missing Money shot?
Can tammy be heard to say "Me so Horney?" and giggle in frame 1478 through 1496?

And last but not least.. I give props de'jur...

If you have a Tammy NYP fixation you gotta go here..

This person has some of the best (and strangest) insight to the whole tammy nyp , singapore, sex video, download thing out there.. go give him some props!

Apple, UofM SC Index, Ipod and more..

The University of Michigan has an American Consumer Satisfaction Index.
You can parts of the report, or order a copy from them at
See here for the UofM page that refers to it

I think it is a great strike of luck, that I was planning on writing a little ditty about the Index today, and how Apple has very high rankings mostly due to the success of the iPod I am sure... when I see that Apple is also a top search today as well..

I wish the Index would take suggestions for industries to monitor, that could include smaller business like the one I am in.. I think it would be interesting to see how I stack up against my competition in the customer satisfaction area.
Being in Customer service (more or less) , I always here when something goes wrong, rarely do I hear when somthign goes right.
I would suggest to you, if you are a consumer, that has a positive experience, that you share this with the company that gave you the pleasant experience.. it really mans a lot to people, like my employees, to hear that they have done a good job, and it helps keep the good people, in what can be a tough position.
(Example: can you imagine having to talk to 100 people a day, that are having a problem with your product? Sure you may have a million products out there, as a manufacturer that are operating perfectly, but a percentage will always fail, if your product is at all complex.. now imagine 100 people a day calling you to complain.. day after day.. it gets tiresome, even if you can keep the small percentage in perspective.. then one nice customer calls back, or emails or writes, to say that you did an excellent job, or that you have an excellent product.. it really goes a long way.

So my challenge to you, is the next time you have something that does not break.. that you are perfectly satisfied with, that you contact the company and tell them that they are doing a great job! (Go ahead do something nice, it won’t hurt a bit)

sshamless act of self promotion, better than tammy NYP

Help a brother out..
I have been looking for a few choice blogs to swap links with.. if you have a blog and would like to do a little swappin, post a little ditty here in the comments..

If you put my blog link in your permanent links (like the ones down the right hand side of this page) I will put yours in a similar place on this blog.
If you just want to write it into a post on your blog, I will do the same here.. I may even review your blog.. (I even promise to be relatively nice)

So no matter what your blog is about, be it poetry, Singapore, Tammy, nyp, nyu or nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.. drop me a line and lets swap a little link.

Monday, February 27, 2006

a few final words on the NYP Tammy download sex movie..

Okay.. I hope that hits will be my final word on the subject..
I have been thinking about this , and have come to a few conclusions.
If Tammy NYU and her Beau were making money from this, or wanted the fortune and fame it would be okay in my book.
They are after all just kids doing what, in this country is seen as natural for people of there age.. sure most of us do not film our sexual escapades when we are 17 but more than a few of us have filmed the act of love making.. so what's the big deal?
The tragedy in this is that they did not want the "exposure" and as suck I feel compelled to NOT post links to the Tammy nyu download, nor point you my readers to where you can see this accidental amateur porn. (sorry)
Have i seen it? Perhaps.. and if i had I would tell you, it is a very amateur film shot with a friggin camera phone! (how good do you think it could be?) Sure the two in the film are not all that bad looking, but come on there are a lot more beautiful people making adult film, and some have descent production values!
So if you have not seen the Tammy NYP video, let me suggest that you stop looking for it.. it just is not that good. (The Paris Hilton vid was better, and Paris was an adult when it was shot.. Tammy in many areas is not at the age of "consent" so that opens the whole pedophilia question.
One has to wonder, if there are not some distributing child-porn charges in a few futures, simply because a link was posted.
I believe that at the age of 17 one cannot give consent to be filmed having intercourse, even if one can consent to have sex.. so the thin line of possession of child pornography comes into question for those who have downloaded it.. are you willing to spend a life time on a "sexual predators database" because curiosity drove you to download this poor example of a armature porn? And remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse?
SO is it worth it? Is it worth the time in clicking to see bad porn? Is it worth the potential consequences if you are caught in possession of or distributing this bad movie? I don’t think so.

So with luck this will be my last comment on this subject.. I do love the hits that the subject has brought to my blog, I hope that a few that visited enjoyed the read.. but now, lets all get onto the next big thing? (whatever that may be)

Here are a few roumors for the day.. Roumor: THe Tammy Vid is viral, adn will F your system up.
Roumor: The Tammy NYU Movie is being put onto webpages by some governments in order to see how widespread the child porn problem is within their country (your IP is recorded etc etc)
Roumor: The whole thing was put on by a team of hackers who only ever wnated to steal information (by virus, logger, worm, etc)
ROumor: If you watch the Tammy NYU video you have 7 days to make a copy and pass it on to somone, or you will have bad sex for the remainder of your life. (Or variation: Tammy will come through a television monitor, and suck the life out of you. a la The Ring)

Best Comment of the Day by TammyNYUIFedHer: "That ain't the first time she's had one of those in her mouth!"

Sunday, February 26, 2006



you touch my tra la la...

Tammy NYP download!

straight from youtube..

what did you expect really?
But from what I hear this is a damn good representation of what you woudl have seen if this were the actual Tammy NYP video download..
and the bears are cuter than either of the participants.

Tammy NYP turns us all into Hos! Someone download me pleasssssse!

It would seem that Tammy NYP is all the rage.. still.. this beats Breeeeport by a mile! (I need to figure out how to sneek into the popular thought, anyone wanna steal some naughty pics of me? I am fat bald and ugly.. and I think the world needs more of that!
I once thought of making porn for normal people.. but then though.. who in the world woudl want to watch middle aged slighly cubby people go at it???

But I will admit.. I just love all the Technortati Hoin that is goin' on...
(guilty.. but not really intentionaly)
Making money with Tammy nyp download?

(no tammy NYP there, but look what you can find!)

First a note for first time readers.. this blog is about making money online.. if this is something that interests you read on. If you are looking for the infamous Tammy NYP download, you will want to go back now.
Otherwise, I suggest that you read the archives. The suggestions in this blog are based on my experience in making money online with free websites and blogs. Good luck to you either way!

Also note, I am not here ot make moral judgements, if exploiting the NYP Tammy video is against something you stand for, worry not, there are plenty of these little dittys that come along. I use Tammy NYP as just the latest example.

Recently a new phenomenon has arisen, Tammy NYP.
Tammy NYP is a 17 year old girl from Singapore, that had the unfortunate luck of having her cell phone stolen and a "friend" then emailed copies of a sexually explicit video that was found on the phone to classmates, instructors, etc. The video has subsequently been uploaded to video sharing websites like and has become all the buzz at technorati and other places with people search blogs.

One blog that I run, which typically gets < 200 hits per-day, had nearly 2000 hits after I wrote a little commentary on Tammy NYP.

I must have been out of Making Money mode when I wrote my little ditty, because I failed to capitalize on it... :(

What lessons can be learned from this?
Well, let me tell you. You can follow the trends at technorati as I have suggested before, and get traffic. . but never forget the intention of getting that traffic.. to make money!
SO always implant a link to an affiliate program inside your posts! And preferably one that has a similar theme.. a good example, would have been to write the dirty on Tammy and then add a link to "Taking Lives" with Angelina Jolie.. all that would have needed to be done was to say something like..
Tammy NyP is a joke.. if you want to see a real good sexy video try

Taking lives, with Angelina Jolie!

Note the use of an link.
Another lesson: It is okay to chase trends using a free website, like the one you will get at, but keep in mind that it can takes weeks for an update to get indexed in the search engines.. so using blogger, to draw traffic for these little flash in the pan phenomenon's is perhaps a better plan.

One idea that comes to mind, is to start a website which outlines the technorati search anomalies "like breeeport" and "Tammy NYP" and cross link between the two.
If you were to place a few well though of affiliate links like the ones you will find at, on the webpage, you could capitalize for months to come, and only have to write a couple of articles to your blog, then cut and paste them onto you site.. this is something I may try in the future if time permits.

And always remember to add tags to the bottom of your posts..
you can get the tag code at then it is just a matter of cutting and pasting into the HTML editor of your blogger account.

Until later, make tons.. and don't forget to start at the beginning of this blog and follow the suggestions to start making money online!