Saturday, June 02, 2007

just had a though...

i wonder how many will remeber this in a few years...

how many?

how many will rember last year?

how many will rember this year?

oh well...

how many will rember my glooing reviews of absihe
or my stroke...

it is a strane wolrd in whice we live....

have a good nigte...


wow check this out!

tornado damard
arrrggg i cant type...
but it is cool none the less

just a litte creap...
and then you have this...

and this'''


it is so hard to write for me,,, but i try,
here tek a look at what is avalable from amazon

there you go... have a great day.

first go see this

first go see this
then check thes out...

it is my own homepage

kida cool.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

just sinnen in one more time...

it was an ok day,,,i could not speak... not juus mt wifl,, it stete to my grandma, and my mom... i hate this!!

oh well...
have a video

women in art

and some monkeys

and a deleted scaen from a cartoon the family guy

that soud do it

whats new?

still can't spell.

selling house

we'll see how fast it goes
other houses in the arer a selling in abeou 6 weeks.

i am getting a head cold

have a video

this looks cool

yep, cool.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

alanis morissette



hand in my pocket


i dont know why i am have a AM moment but enjoy it...
spok to my ex-emploer... he said call him when i speek better...
what a let down... no not him, me.

heres my humps

okay you asked for it...
Alanis Nudity Skit

and why not..
Alanis Censorship Sketch

And Hair
ok enogeh ,< wow can not spell

look and some music

Cecilia Bolocco Topless Video; bfd

here it is... bfd!

ive seen bigger
hell ive seen smaller to... who cares.

lets be real...


now i say some of the stuf you will see is horse shit... but enough is true.

now dont they look good.

coke; the taste you never get tired of!

see what coke can do for you.


Monday, May 28, 2007

ahhh fuck-it

i hate it when that happens!

(when the machine looses you password)
i mean if you cant reamebr how the fuck am I

here have a video

now here is me...

very funny!!


i will be in florida soon... that's great

i wont miss this place, that for soor...
have another video...

thats funny... i dont care who you are

one more??

ok ...


okay one more...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

this is me...

borod, mis-speller, friend, horney, strok, bla bla bla.

i still use this to work on my spelling.

i hate when i loos a thout...

oh well...

have a video...

it makes me smile...


okay got to go...
c-ya later