Friday, June 02, 2006

SEX SEX SEX.. this is only a test

Sex, sex, sex.. okay now that I got your attention...
This is a test posting, I am trying to see if email
will post to my blog.. if it will I got a million
things to say. all of them about sex, porn and naughty
singapore video.. downloads.. I am such a horny old
goat.. ain't I?

Well it lookes like it worked, but when I view the blog it does not show? hummm.. gotta do some digging.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

better than youtube? new video place..

check it out.. here's a sample video.. lots of sexy stuff here..
cool.. sexy.. video..

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I love coffee.. and inyourfaceforbreakfast

Okay you all know mal he's the crazy aussie cunt that started he has resently started a new project called inyourfaceforbreakfast a sort of volg informational site.. I plan on participating.

Personally I think that the site's mascot should be the Palm Civet. (Cute little fuck ain;t he?... kinda like me.. )
Why? Oh you are a silly bunch o' fukcers ain;t ya?

There is a coffee.. (I love coffee) that sells for around $300 a pound.. yep I did not typo that I said "$300"!

What makes it so special.. well it passes through the digestive track of a palm civet! and is then picked out of the poo roasted to a delightful brown and brewed into an INYOURFACEFORBREAKFAST muthafuckin' blend! That's right.. Civet Poo!

Don;t belive me.. well you doubting thomases go take a read at
Civet Poo Coffee (100% Tammy NYP Free)

Now go buy some coffee related shit from so I can blog full time..

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood part seven. Lucky seven

Meanwhile across town in a not so nice hotel, Malcolm Biggs was feeling even more ill at ease.

He had received a call a night or so before, from someone he did not know, who said that they knew a buyer for his trinket, and if he would meet with them, they could discuss the details.

He waited an hour like he was told, and then headed across town to the meeting place. When he got there , the place was crawling with cops, it seemed that someone had jumped off of the building that he was supposed to go into.. he walked up to the scene, and asked a very old door man what had happened. To which the door man said, “Some poor bastard took a dive.”

“Poor chap, any idea who he is?” Malcolm asked.

“Yea, that’s Frankie Franchesi.” Said the doorman.

Malcolm turned white as a ghost. He knew that the chances of his contact for the meeting, coming to a sudden demise was no coincident, he had suspected the Countess was close on his trail since leaving Italy, now he was certain. In a blind panic he ran, nearly getting himself brought in for questioning in the process. The drive back to the hotel was a blur, Malcolm was crying with fear, he know that he must leave tonight, and he was half tempted to leave the Cup right where it sat. “Better to be alive and poor.” he thought, but as greed will do, it got the better of him and he headed on to the hotel to meet his destiny.

Almost as soon as he entered, the man behind the counter said "I think I have a message for you, you in room 226?"

"Yes." Malcolm said.

The man handed the note over.
It simply read, "I will meet you, here tomarow night, or somwhere else on some other night, but I will meet you soon."

The note was not signed, but he knew, he knew now he had been tracked down, and he knew he could run no more.

The Countess grabbed my hand, her’s was hot, and she drew me to my feet.

“Do you really want to know my secret?” she said a flare in here eyes looked like anger and it chilled me.

“Then come”. She pulled me toward the bedroom of her suite.

“You are dismissed!” She said in a strong and strangely cold tone to the butler.

He nodded, said “Yes, Countess” and left out the front door.

My heart raced, as she pulled me into the darkened room.. I was not truly sure if she was going to kill me, or fuck me.. and I guess a part of me did not care as long as I was with her.

With a waive of her hand the fire in the smaller fireplace in the bedroom came to life. With a waive of the other, the door to the room snapped shut as if pushed. My pulse really raced now, a part of my mind told me to run, that this was no magic act, no cold read, but the real deal, that she truly had “power”. But as much as a part of my mind cried out in what I can only now call “terror” another part demanded I stay, stay and be slave to her will.

My eyes were locked on her silhouette outlined in the fire’s light. Then before I could blink, she was standing behind me.. I know I am easily a foot taller than her, but still, I was standing, and I felt her breath on my ear, as she said “Will you surrender your body to me?”

A cold chill ran up my spine.. “yes.”

Next, I felt her pulling my coat back, her hands were strong and moved with purpose, my tie and buttons of my shirt were next to go.. I saw my hat, fly across the room, my under-shirt was pulled up over my head, then the hands went to my belt, button and fly.. (I worked at kicking my shoes off,.. no sense in makin’ a lady wait, I always say) She pulled my trousers and boxers down together, and I stepped free of them, then she stood in front of me, as fast as she had gotten behind me, there she was. Only now she wore nothing but a black velvet choker.

Her breasts were as perfect as I had imagined them, her curves inviting and also perfect. Her breast heaved with excitement, and there was that animal flash again in her eyes. Her hands came up to the sides of my face, and she pulled me down into a deep kiss. Her mouth was so soft, so sweet and so so hot. I felt the world melting away from me at this single kiss, my hands came up and I pulled her into me as hard as I dared. She gave way to my embrace, and we stood for a long, long time kissing this way.

Her body felt so hot pressed to mine, like a fire burned within, my body responded strongly to her feel, her heat, and her smell. She had a smell of flowers, and cool clean air, of spice and of a warm fire, I felt as if I would melt into her, that we would become one being..

My hardness pressed against her stomach, I could feel there, her breath coming in slow and deep rushes adding pressure to my manhood. She pressed into me there, with her stomach, so hot, heat upon heat.. upon heat.

The next thing I knew, I was laying on my back on the bed. Her body over me, lying on top of me, she felt light as a feather and smooth as silk, she looked into my eyes, her eyes, had what I could only think to call sorrow, they seemed moist as though she may cry.

She kissed me again, deep and sweet, and softer than soft, as she did, I felt her adjust her hips, and slowly she took me “inside”. She moaned at my entrance, a satisfied sound.

I was amazed at the heat insider her.. the moisture coming from her felt nearly molten. I could not help but throw my head back and give a moan myself.. as I did I started to pump in and out of her.

“Slowly”.. she said.. “go slowly…” She then set a pace, so slow, and steady.. she leanded down and kissed my mouth again, my eyes were closed, and I felt her hot soft mouth go form one closed eyelid, to the other, kissing each gently.. then she kissed my right ear, I turned to give her easy access to it, and her kissed went down from my ear to my neck.. I felt her teeth there, lips , tongue and teeth, she bit me ever so slightly.. I let out another moan as she did.

‘Do you surrender to me?” she said so soft and sweet..

“yes…” I said nearly without breath..

Her mouth then went down to one of my nipples.. here she stopped, and sucked a little. It felt good.. I could feel electricity coursing through my body as she did this.. I moaned loudly, and her bite was a bit harder here.. it hurt, just a little.. but it felt better than any other body kiss I have ever had at the same time..

I flinched and gasped.. she giggled a little at this. It was the first time I remembered hearing her laugh..

I could feel her pulling me over onto my side, she was wanting me to roll over so that I would be on top now.. and I obliged.

Deep I drove into her, a gasp coming from her with each push. She was so tight, and so wet.. I cannot ever remember feeling a woman that felt this good before.

Now it was my turn to go kissing.. I kissed her mouth, tongues met, she was sweet as nectar. Then I kissed her eyes, one then the other, then an ear, she made small satisfied sounds at this and she drove her hips into me harder now.. then down the neck, I nibbled and kissed and licked, then to her breast, her nipple so erect a perfect fit into my mouth,, I sucked soft at first then hard, biting a little, one then the other.. from her vocalizations I guessed she was feeling the same electricity that I had only moments earlier.. she had perfect breasts, and they were the breasts I had dreamed of in the last two night’s sleep.. her mouth was the mouth I had dreamt of, and the feeling of her inside was just as I had dreamed, only hotter.

I had the feeling that she was allowing me to have control now, so I slid out of her, and rolled her over gently, she backed up and into me as I was on my knees behind her, I slid in again easily as though we were two pieces of the same puzzle.. I reached down and grabbed a hold of a fist full of her red-brown hair, it’s curls fitting nicely between my fingers.. I pulled it, as I pushed my hips into her, hard now.. she responded by backing into me hard! She was not moaning softly now, but crying out in ecstasy.. again and again our bodies collided.. driving me deep inside, her, again and again, she called out..

“Oh yes, oh yes.. Oh Duke..YES! YES! YES!" She called as she came, gushes of hot fluid poured form her, and I could feel the strong contractions of her muscles as she did.. !

I could feel that I was getting close to ejaculating, and she called, “no, not yet.. go slow.. slow.. slow..” she said as breathlessly as I had ever heard and I slowed.. relaxing first my legs, then allowing the little fists my toes had become to loosen.

She rose up, with me still inside, and brought her back to my chest.. I held her, a breast in one hand my other hand going up to her neck.. and she moved against me.

(Have you ever made love and felt that there was no world around you? That it had all somehow just melted away, and the only thing in the universe was your body and the body of your lover? I was having that type of experience here, only there were not two bodies, we had become one, one organism, our breath coming at the same pace, and I am sure somehow that our hearts beat at the same rate as well)

She moved against me slowly and with great purpose, applying a pressure like I had never felt before, a pressure that seemed to drive me even deeper into her. She moaned now, satisfied, I could hear her smile, in that moan.

“Are you really willing to know my secret?” “Are you willing to take it to the grave with you?” she whispered out towards the room..

“yes” I replied a whisper as well.

She turned to look at my face.. and she guided me once again onto my back.. her mouth going onto me.. a hand coming up to stroke my meat, her tongue darting over my head and shaft, she slid her mouth along the bottom of my erect member, sucking it as she did , then up over the top taking the head and then shaft into her mouth.. so soft her mouth and still so very, very hot..

It was not long with her pace that I was close again.. her eyes looked up to me.. so beautiful and deep, and I started to cum.. great gushes.. great shocks of electricity running through my body form head to toe and back again, and as I started to expect my climax to subside, I learned her secret.

A glint of tooth, sharp and pointed, flashed, she stuck it into the hole, and I felt a stinging puncture to the side. Inside!

Blood started to run form the end, and her mouth went back down.. now she was drawing a different fluid from me.. milking me with hand and mouth, and all while I was still feeling aftershocks.. it took on the feeling of another climax, strong and full.. it was a full minute that she drew my life’s blood form me this way.. and it was ecstasy.

When she was finished, my world was spinning, I am not sure if from loss of blood of length of climax? A small rivulet of my blood ran from the corner of her mouth, she wiped it with a finger and then sucked it off of that finger.. then the world turned gray.. then black.. and I remembered no more..

(To be continued)

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