Saturday, September 13, 2008

Discussing AVM Recovery

Discussing AVM Recovery
A film...

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and then there is this...

Andrea's AVM story!
Andrea has posted her story and her BEAUTIFUL picture up on my website! Please take a moment to visit my AVM Sisters page, and read about her experience and the battle she is facing to get approval for alcohol treatments.

She has been dealing with complications from her AVM, all the while preparing for and fighting her denial through an appeal. What a strong and determined woman! I'm so glad to have her as my "AVM Sister!"


Well here I am.... wife is home... she wrecked the car.... she is fine... car is BAD!
oh well... another day same ol shit.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Well my my my!!!

I got an email today... it was nice! I looked for AVM news...There was 0

So that leaves me with nothing to say.... oh darn it!

I'll just you tube you a55

A Flock of Seagulls - Transfer Affection (Music Video 1983)

Men At Work - Overkill (1983)

Scrubs - Overkill
I kinda like the Scrubs version.

Yello - Lost Again

Well that's it... ya'll have a night!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No AVM news to report!!! Got some interesting comment stuff

It has been forever!!! I don't know what to say... but Howdah!!!
I have so many questions for you... where do I start!

Well we will have to see if you drop me a line....

too cool!

For the rest of you... i offer a bit of youtube!

Hoodoo Gurus - My Girl (1983)

ZZ Top - 'Gimme All Your Lovin'' (1983 Music Video)

A Flock of Seagulls - Nightmares - 1983 Music Video


Now for some amazon....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strange stuff....

Welcome to Wallyworld

go here to read the rest...
i like my Wally....

Really go check it out!



The Cars.

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Heres the speach...

Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin (AK) Full Speech at the RNC

Don't have much to say on this can talk about this at Yendor's Place

as for me... have a little youtube to cheer you up.

Sarah Palin is a VPILF!!!! (A quick Summary of the clusterf*ck)

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck

The Ballad of Sarah Palin

oh well... that's about it....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I hate days like this

I hate days like this...

I am happy to report that we managed to surprise everyone and meet our families for lunch on Sunday. It was Grandparents Day and our families were meeting for lunch at my sisters restuarant. Everyone was sitting down and getting ready to place their orders when Matt and I walked arounf the corner. Needless to say there were some happy and confused people. We had talked to the doctor and he said that Matt could leave the hospital on Sunday instead of on Tuesday. He is doing so well!!! We had a home health care nurse come in today and she was also amazed at how well Matt was doing. She did not think that he needed the services of a nurse, but instead would push for there to be more OT/PT for him since that is what he needs most right now. I have also placed a call to the Dr. in San Antonio and I am expecting a call from them on Tuesday to set up the appointment to discuss treatment of the AVM. We are also going to see a doctor that specializes in eye care and should be able to help with the double vision. Things are going so well and it is so nice to be at home and in our own house. It was very nice to have Matt and both of the boys at home and under one roof last night. Please continue to pray for Matt in the upcoming days. He has made the transition to home pretty easily and we are praying that this continues. Please also continue to pray for the doctors that are going to treat the AVM that they will have Gods wisdom in how and what to do to make this thing in his head go away. Thank you all so much for your continued pray through this time in our lives. I always felt that you all were praying and that God was hearing everyone of the prayers that were going up. What an awesome God we serve and what an awesome miracle he has given us. Please share Matt's incredible story and I do believe that there are many lives out there that will be blessed by what he has gone through. I know for me I will always give God the glory for this blessing that he has given me. We love you all and please feel free to give us a call at home. I will be home with Matt over the next week and we would love to hear from you. Thanks again for all your prayer and all of your support. We love you all!!!!!


And Two...
and two from...

Please Pray...
We have some very special friends, Kevin & Shanna Sherman, who live in Abilene, TX. They are the adoptive parents of Mary Grace. What is so special about this little girl is that she is the biological 1st cousin to our adopted daughters, Brenna and Bethany. So, you can understand why we will always have a close connection with this great family. I'm writing this post so that all who read it will pray for Mary Grace's dad, Kevin. He is about to undergo a series of procedures that will lead to brain surgery. He found out back in February, after having a seizure, that he has an Arterio-Venous Malformation, or an AVM, on the left side of his brain. With this AVM being on the left side, there are some risks/side effects of removing.

The main risks are partial vision loss, short term memory concerns, and problems with speech. The risk of not having the surgery to remove the AVM, is it could bleed which could be fatal. So, after much prayer and talking with his wife Shanna, and other family members, Kevin has decided to have the surgery even though there are risks involved.

The process begins on Wednesday with blood work. And then he will have 3 seperate embolization procedures which will help reduce the blood flow to the AVM before the actual surgery which will be on the 19th.

Please pray for this special family. They have 3 biological sons, and two adopted daughters (pre-K, and Kindergarten age). They are blessed to have grandparents who will be helping with their children while they are in Dallas. Kevin will be in ICU most of the time and I do not know at this time when he will be able to go home. It's hard enough raising 5 children when you are home with them everyday, so it is even harder when you have to be away and depend on others to care for them.

Please also pray for Kevin's parents, Shanna's parents, and their 5 children as they walk through this difficult time. They are a Christian family and know that all of this is in God's hands. Kevin stated in an email that he expects nothing less than a full recovery. Let's join him and ask God to heal him completely.

Thanks for praying! I'll update as I know more.

Life sucks on days like this...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

AVM News...

3D models take the guesswork out of brain surgery

OK, let’s do it,” says a tall man in pale green surgical scrubs. “Lights please.” As the lights fade, Stefan Brew stands silhouetted by the glow from a bank of X-ray monitors. In front of him a child’s hair peeps from under a blue drape that gently rises and falls as the young patient breathes. …

James, the 8-year-old patient, suffered a stroke in February and required emergency surgery to drain a brain haemorrhage. Then last month, at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Brew’s team found the cause: James had a dangerous arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal cluster of potentially leaky connections between veins and arteries. During the procedure described above – called an embolisation – Brew sealed off the AVM by injecting a hard-setting plastic liquid through a catheter. …

Around 1 in 10 patients suffer haemorrhages as a result of embolisation procedures.

“At the moment we do AVMs more or less blind,” says Brew, an interventional neuroradiologist at the [UCL Partners hospital] National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. “We eliminate as much of it as we can, but it’s basically a blunderbuss approach.”

Now that promises to change. A new imaging system aims to give surgeons a detailed, near real-time picture of the vasculature – and its abnormalities – and so remove much of the guesswork.

Called “Grid-enabled neurosurgical imaging simulation”, or Genius, the system fires off brain scans to a network of supercomputers. These then use their collective processing might to generate an accurate 3D model of the unique blood flow patterns in a patient’s brain, showing the surgeon visual representations of critical parameters such as blood pressure and flow rate. …

The imaging side of Genius is being made possible by a brain scanning technique called rotational 3D angiography. This builds up a 3D image of the vasculature from large numbers of 2D X-ray slices shot from different angles around a 180-degree arc. …

However, the shape of the blood vessels does not reveal the key pressures and flow velocities that may indicate where ruptures are likely. So Marco Mazzeo and Peter Coveney [UCL Chemistry] have written software that calculates these critical parameters, as well as stresses on artery and vein walls, based on a handful of pressure measurements made by the surgeon using a special catheter. …

Surgeons working on a patient also need such images to be bang up to date. …

That means processing vast amounts of data to constantly update the model – around a trillion calculations per second.

To do this, Genius will access 20 supercomputers across the US’s TeraGrid and the UK’s National Grid Service, which offer a dedicated processing infrastructure for scientists. …

“These procedures involve life and death decision-making,” says Coveney. “The goal is to enhance the ability of clinicians to make these decisions through information technology and high-performance computing.” …

It’s part of a wider effort to model organs or body systems under the umbrella of the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) project. …

Oh no! Not again!

Hi Family & Friends!

Let me begin w/something fun! I've been taking Saba in to work w/me all this week! Well, I had taken some time off, so it was really only Wed.-Friday! She makes me feel better (my therapy bear) so I like taking her to work! Anyway, Grace, one of my co-workers, has a monkey from the Build a Bear collection and she had been telling me she would bring him in for a play date w/Saba! So, Friday, Ryan the monkey came in, so he and Saba spent the day together! (see photo) Grace would tell me that if Ryan didn't behave to let her know! Her fiance Raul is one of the courts baliffs, so when I saw him in the hall, he asked how Ryan was doing? I told him Ryan was in love! Right before the end of the day, I picked Ryan up and hugged him and she asked if I would like to take him for the weekend! "Oh yes"! I was so excited that she trusted me to take care of her furry kid for the weekend! Grace and her fiance Raul had put Ryan together and dressed him so cute in some khaki shorts and polo shirt! He's wearing an Astros baseball cap, but no shoes! That's ok - Saba lent him a pair of her brown sandals!

Got up this morning w/every intention of running some errands and meeting mom for lunch. As I mentioned before, I have been hacking w/the crud that is going around. I was ironing the shorts and t-shirt I would wear on my outing, and I could just hear the wheezing in my chest. I told Mark I just had to cough that gross phlegm out and I wanted to do that while I was @ home - just in case I had a bleed. So, I hacked and was trying to get that darned crud out and I could barely breathe, so I really coughed to get it out and sure enough - I started gushing blood! In seconds the front of my tank top was covered in blood and it ran down my arm and down my body! It's as if someone threw a bucket of blood @ me - I headed to the kitchen sink w/Mark following close behind! I immediately grabbed a mirror and started taking the dressing off as Mark was grabbing a paper towel and wetting it so I would be able to put it over the area that was bleeding and apply pressure! We can't get this done fast enough it seems! Mark helped me take that wet tank top off as I kept holding pressure on the wound site. Mark tossed the tank top in the washer and soaked it. I checked my wound area a couple times, until we found it had finally stopped bleeding. Got myself cleaned up and we headed to the area where I sit and Mark redressed the wound area. So that took a chunk of time out of our morning.
Meanwhile, Mark gets a call from his supervisor @ work telling him there was an emergency and he needed to come in! Apparently the Memorial Colliseum had been broken into and since it's City property - Mark needed to go in and take care of the problem!

Mom called shortly afterward saying she was ready to run errands and go to lunch!
I met her @ JoAnns as she is buying yarn to crochet the boys each a throw! After that, we headed to Red Lobster and it was super crowded! Mom called Markie Poo Hoo to see if he wanted to join us, but got his voicemail and mom left a message. Before hanging up, she added, "if you join us for lunch, I'll buy you crab legs"! Is that a bribe or what? It worked! Markie called a few minutes later and asked whether he had time for a shower before joining us. We had a 25 minute wait, so no problemo! We were so glad Markie could join us - he is hilarious and wonderful company! He had us laughing - so quick w/the wit!

During our lunch, a couple of the wait staff came over to compliment the furry kids that were sitting on booster seats next to me! As we enjoyed our lunch, we started to hear singing coming from a nearby table full of ladies - it was the Sweet Adelines! It was so cool and they got a big round of applause from everyone in the restaurant! They were celebrating a birthday from someone in their group!

Went to moms house for a bit, Vicente was heading out to his daughter Margarets house, so mom and I had time to visit. I went over some computer stuff w/mom and not long after, Vicente was home again. I was missing Mark and decided to head home myself, so here I am!

When I write about the bleeds - it's mainly to give y'all a chance to know something about the life we are living right now. I feel bad that we don't always have time to visit w/friends, or always answer e-mails, but these bleeds take a lot out of us sometimes! We've learned how to handle these situations, but it also interrupts what might have been a typical day. I just live for the weekend when I can relax @ home w/my wonderful husband and feel "safe" knowing if anything comes up w/my avm, I can deal w/it so much easier than when something happens @ work! Ok, I know I'm selfish, because when I'm home, I love, love, love to read and that's what takes up time too! I think I mentioned that the other day I called Rhonda Sharp (PA in CO) and asked whether we could cut back on the Neurontin - the med. that was making me so drowsy! I was staggering 4 of those capsules a day, so Rhonda told me to go back to taking 2 a day for the next couple of weeks. I'm telling you this because now that I'm not so darned drowsy, I've had a chance to complete New Moon and just started reading Eclipse from the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Series! (see photo)! It's reading and relaxing that help me deal w/all the avm crap (excuse my french)! Of course I couldn't do any of this w/out the most amazing husband in the world! Mark patiently helps clean me up, cleans the wound area and redresses it better than any wound care therapist ever could! He never complains, just gives me lots of hugs and reassurance! He took the photos of Saba and Ryan and put it on the computer so I could include it in my blog! I am really blessed to have so many prayers and friends and family that care - Thank You so much!

Please include my new e-mail buddy Marijn from Holland. He is going through a lot w/his avm and will be having surgery soon. Don't want to disclose much since I don't have his permission, but prayers would be so much appreciated!



P.S. I want to thank my Aunts - Josie Sanchez and Sister J. (and my sister Celia) for all signing Shalons guestbook on her website! Thank you, it means a lot to her and to myself as well!
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