Friday, August 12, 2005

TELL George Bush Exactly what you think of him!

Alright kids and non-kids.. here is your big chance! TO tell George Bush what you really think about him, his policies and where you feel the country is going.

Post a letter, short of long as a comment here. Then when I think that there are enough comments here, I will print them off, and mail them to the White House!

GW is the first of many politicians I hope to be mailing, but for now lets stick to GW.
SO I will now go into comments adn post my letter to GW..
Happy trails, peace pass it on!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Movies that Suck Review: Alexander

Okay, I got a thing for Angelina Jolie.. I mean she is the one woman in the world that by her sheer beauty alone, could total ruin me.. I mean if she asked me to jump off of a bridge for her.. there would be a splashing sound before she finished the sentence.

So I rented Alexander on DVD from my local blockbuster.. ( I even like Oliver Stone movies as a rule, so I had high hopes)
It had some action, it had some Angelina Jolie.. it had me sleeping inside of the first hour. It literally took me three sittings before i made it through! And even then I cannot recall much of it.. it is all just a blur.. battle scenes shot by what looked like the cinematographers form Blair Witch Project.. Over acting that made many of Chuck Norris's early movies look like academy award winners.. I mean it really sucked.. front to back all the way through!

If you want to own this piece of tripe you can do it by clicking on the picture below.. and if you do.. I wish you well.. and hope you find that really talented Psychiatrist you’ve been looking for. On the bright side, at least it helped cure my insomnia.

Now on the other hand, if you want to see Angelina Jolie as nature intended.. naked and beautiful, and seductive.. try taking lives! An excellent sex scene makes this a 5 star showing.. Bravo Diva! Bravo Diva!

Should you be a libertarian?

I just took a small teast at and I come to find out that I am a libertarian! Take the test here

Look who else is?
Are you?
W H A T I S A L I B E R T A R I A N ?
Libertarian Celebrities
Libertarians can pop up in the most unexpected places: In Hollywood. On television. In your local newspaper. On your CD or MP3 player. In fact, here is a list of 12 notable Americans -- and every one of them is a self-declared libertarian. (Click on any photo or name for a complete profile.)

Clint EastwoodMovie legend Clint Eastwood is known for his tough, laconic characters. He projects the same image when he talks about politics, saying simply that he's a "libertarian... Everyone leaves everyone else alone."

Drew CareyTV funnyman Drew Carey isn't laughing when he talks about the government. "You should never depend on the government for your retirement, your financial security, for anything," he says. "If you do, you're screwed."

MelanieMelanie sings a different song than many of her Woodstock-era contemporaries when it comes to politics. "I'm a total Libertarian," she says. "I am not a Democrat, a Socialist, or a Republican. Vote Libertarian!"

Walter WilliamsAs a syndicated columnist, Walter Williams is known for speaking his mind. "Government is about coercion," he says. "Limiting government is the single most important instrument for guaranteeing liberty."

Dave Barry If big government is ever toppled by laughter, this Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist may be the cause. Dave Barry has no love for politicians. "For them, the question is always, What kind of government intervention should we impose?" he says. "They never think that maybe we shouldn't."

John StosselWhen it comes to big government, this ABC television broadcaster says, "Give me a break!" And why not? John Stossel says about himself: "I am a libertarian in that I believe in limited government and as much individual freedom as possible."

Russell MeansHis journey from Indian-rights activist to star of movies like Last of the Mohicans has given him a unique perspective on politics. "Freedom is for everyone, whatever lifestyle they choose, as long as it's peaceful and honest," Russell Means says.

Milton FriedmanHe won a Nobel Prize for economics in 1976 for his pioneering work in free-market theory. So people tend to pay attention when Milton Friedman says, "I am a limited-government libertarian."

Dwight YoakamThis guitar-slinging, honky-tonk outlaw and star of movies (including Sling Blade) usually doesn't talk about politics. But when he does, Dwight Yoakam says, "I believe in liberty. I'm a libertarian."

Congressman Ron PaulHe's run for office as a Republican and a Libertarian, but his agenda remains the same. "The purpose of all political action should be to promote liberty," says Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Esther Dyson She's been called one of the computer industry's greatest visionaries -- and her greatest vision is of liberty. Esther Dyson says, "I would much rather see responsibilities exercised by individuals than have them imposed by the government."

Kurt RussellWhat does the star of dozens of movies -- from Escape from New York to Miracle -- believe in? "Being a libertarian, I do believe that limited government is good," says Kurt Russell. "I believe in that. Freedom, freedom, freedom."
What Is A Libertarian?
E A S Y W A Y S T OHelp Support This Project!


Actually as an aging adult I like the LP.. I know that it is seen as a little extreme in some areas, but lets face it, if you are going to have a political leaning, this ain’t a bad way to tilt. They seem to truly stand for independence and freedom, and I think we all need a little more of both, thrown in with a good dose of accountability!

Do me a favor, read the stuff on Even if find that you do not agree at ALL with the LP at least you will be better informed in the next election cycle. The two party system that we currently have, is not working for me? Does it work for you? If not, why? Why not give the LP a look over?
Peace, Pass it on.

(for the record, I do not use any illicit drugs, no pot, no coke no nothin’ but I see where non-victim crimes need not be criminal, and where our current drug policy is causing more harm than good. Remember Prohibition? Remember armed gangs, machine gun drive-bys and g-men?? Look around you, look at the news.. it just has a different face, where once you saw Al Capone, you now see Snoop Dogg)
Well at least you can still do nothing about it.. it is a free country right? (If you do nothing , you my friend are an idiot.)


Okay.. I did not need to do that all in caps.. but I hope it got your attention.

Can anyone tell me how to promote a blog? I mean, if this were a regular website, I would do some tweaking in the head adn between the body tags a submit it to search engines. But this whole blog thang is new to me.. I have searched and searched.. and found some stuff that may or may not be helpful.. you just never can tell when someone is scamming you these days.. So if anyone knows how to promote a blog, and feels like this one has anything of value.. please promote it for me.. or write a comment here and tell me what you know.. or email me and tell me that way.. or just say.. "to hell with you dude" and do nothing. It is a free country.. more or less. SO I guess you can do whatever pleases you..

Peace, pass it on..

Taxes.. uh.. what are the good for???

Taxes.. uh.. what are the good for???

Okay I pay taxes.. I pay what I think are a lot of taxes..
Taxes I pay:
Federal Income
Social Security
State Income Tax
Local Income Tax
Fees for licensing
Sales Tax
Property Taxes
Hidden taxes (like those on gas, cigarettes, liquor , beer, and fees paid to the state for all sorts of things)

All total I estimate my tax burden to me nearing 60% of my gross income!

I have talked with people about taxes, and the European system of taxation, and they all say.. YES but you know how much the Europeans pay in Tax? The answer is yes, somewhere between 45% and 55%. This still does not come up to my tax burden, and if you think about it, it probably does not come up to yours either.

I have heard some rumblings that we need tax reform, from a flat tax of 5% to 11% for the fed, to a federal sales tax of 27%

I agree that the tax code needs to be made simpler. And that if we are really going to have tax reform it needs to encompass all levels of taxation!
We need reforms in local, state, and federal taxes! And we need them now!

Some suggestions, are:
Make government more accountable for expenditures! There should be a panel that reviews all government expenditures, and if the government cannot do a similar job, for what it could be done for in the private sector, someone needs to be held accountable. (This is already being done to some degree with oversight committees, but not very well in my opinion)
Cost cutting! In private enterprise, if you cannot support yourself using your current methods, you do not magically raise more funds, you cut costs, by being more efficient or dropping projects that are not profitable. Government in all too many cases just raises taxes of fine and fees.
Stop calling Fines and fees, “Fines and Fees” call them Taxes! That is what they are, stop trying to be so cunning, by calling a tax a fine, or a fee.. it is a disgusting practice that if tried in the private sector would end in the demise of the “shady” business.
Easy taxes for the masses! Why should someone who makes less than $100,000 or any one person for that matter, have to hire someone to do their taxes? It should be simple and straight forward. One year I made less than $20,000 but because I have a few “deductions” that I was unsure of how to take, I had to pay someone nearly a weeks take home pay, to do my taxes for me! If you could deduct the cost of tax preparation directly from your tax bill, government would find a way to make it simple. (and in a hurry)
Taxes should be paid to one location for disbursement to the federal , local and State levels. This way you write one check, and then the state, local and federal governments have to fight over how to divvy it up. It makes no since for a family like mine to have make out and file 9 separate tax forms, especially when those 9 forms are so damn confusing!
Stop the cycle of paying more to the government that they are due! This is something I see in the poorer population than anywhere else, and that is the thought that a refund is like free money! It is not, and a government that allows this thinking to go on is only taking advantage of a disadvantaged portion of the population. My step-son (22 years old and poor) Thinks that his refund each year is a great windfall! I try to explain to him that all he has accomplished is to give the government a free loan, but he has been brought up by and is surrounded by poor people that think it is something more than that, that it is in effect a great present from uncle Sam!
Make the theft or unethical deferment of government funds by government employees punishable by death. (okay that one is a little over the top, but I bet it would curb some of the outright thievery by politicians, the first time one got dragged to the guillotine)
Set a fare standard for the states to follow when levying taxes, based on costs, and given resources. The Federal Government should not enforce this, as it is a state’s right to levy taxes on it’s citizens (Constitutionality of this has been tested, so like it or not, the Courts say they do) but if the Feds want to be involved in out day-to-day lives like they seem to be, they should issue a guideline to the states for “Fair Taxation”. The Feds love to see what effects the poor, and tout how they are doing everything they can for the little guy. I got news for you, the tax applied to cigarettes, is one example of the poor having a disproportionate tax burden. There are many others, and many of them are “sin taxes”., but not all, licensing is another. (Why should someone who makes $12,000 a year pay the same for a drivers license that a person making 10x that amount does?) Then on a .gov site each state could be rated on their compliance.

I do not propose to have all of the answers, I am sure that there are persons who are smarter and better educated than me, that could come up with an equitable solution for our tax problems.
As long as we , as American Citizens stand still letting the government do to us and our money as the will , you can be that they will take very advantage that they can. We need to stand up, and tell our officials, that we hired them to do a job for us! And that we think that making the playing field level and equitable for everyone is a TOP PRIORITY!
STOP STEALING FROM US! (the little guy)

Here are a few websites that you should visit, I cannot say that I believe that any one of them have the right answer, but it’s a start. suggests a federal sales tax in place of income tax. points out pitfalls of flat tax systems / proposals Flat Tax idea central. Why all tax payers deserve a break. From Feb. 1999 To write the House of Reps. To Write the Senate To Write the President.

Do something, and do it right now! Ask your friends to do something, ask strangers you meet to do something, together we can change the system!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What am I..

I am in someone's pants..
I am longer then I am wide
I am round
I am a little stiff right now..
I will get soft after I been hot hot hot...

What am I?

Answer to come in some following post..
Peace, Pass it on.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Warning lables and devolution...

Warning lables and devolution...

Devolution and the warning label.
Alright, I admit, this is mostly , just silly.
<-- You can tell by the hair .. no helmet used here!

I have to wonder at the speed that humans have evolved over the last several thousand years, and the rate at which they seem to be devolving now. ( I submit to you, the popularity of gangsta rap as my proof) I fear that at the current rate we will be a mouse like mammal in only a few hundred years.

Okay it is only part the fault of warning labels the rest of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the governments that are so dedicated to protecting us from ourselves.
I don’t like Government control over my day to day life, and I don’t feel that there is a need for many of the warning labels you see on day to day devises. Example: My 500 pound snow blower has a label that says “Do not use on roof”. My wife’s hair DRYER says “Do not use in Shower or Bath”.

I say, remove all warning labels, repeal seatbelt and helmet laws! Let’s get evolution back on the road! If you are dumb enough to use a hair DRYER in the shower or to haul my 500 pound two-stage snow blower up onto your roof, lets hope you do it before you are of child bearing years!

I say as long as your not endangering other people you should be able to do whatever you want! I say , if you decide to remove the outer case of your computer screen and test for electricity using two wet finger, go for it! If you want to drag a 500 pound piece of equipment up onto your snow covered-icy roof, go for it! If you want to drive with no seatbelt and see if your car can withstand a 45 mile and hour crash into your elm tree, JUST DO IT!

Sure this is the result of an out of control legal system. When you can be awarded money for driving with hot coffee between your legs, and scalding your privates, there has to be something lacking in the common sense department of the court system that allows the case to go to trial and the jurors who decide that it is the responsibility of the restaurant to warn someone not to put hot coffee in their crotch and not the responsibility of the driver, to think gee, “Perhaps near my tender bits is not a good place for hot coffee!”

Tort reform is absolutely necessary, but I say lets take it one step further, no warning labels, no seatbelt or helmet laws and lets let Darwin decide who gets to create the next generation.

Let's look at how things really are.. wher eis the common sense that says, I have to wear a seatbelt in my car.. but I can drive a motorcycle.. I need air bags and suplimental restraints in my car.. not on my MOTORCYCLE.. I can not, drive faster then 55 on some of the worlds best highways.. but I can jump from an airplane.. (as long as I wear.. a HELMET!)
Sure.. I hear you.. "Don't you think that it is diferent driving fast which endangers others, verses jumping from an airplane?" and to you I say.. NO! You try and catch the next 200 pound mass to fall from 10,000 feet.. trust me you will be just as dead as you would be if I drove my Chevy into you at 120 mph. At least on the highway, you have a steel mesh called a car around you, to protect you from me if my chute don't open!

Life, it ain't just what you make of it anymore.. it's nutz!

Instructions - open packet, eat nuts.

Instructions - open packet, eat nuts.

It is a Monday (and how).. so here is a little stupidity to cheer you up...

(Remind me to post an article on the decreasing IQ of the American Populous and Warning Labels.. some time)

Silly warning labels thanks to

On a blanket from Taiwan:Not to be used as protection from a tornado.

Warning on fireplace log:Caution -- Risk of Fire.

A warning on a pair of shin guards manufactured for bicyclists:Shin pads cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover.

Warning on an electric router made for carpenters:This product not intended for use as a dental drill.

On a bottle of shampoo for dogs: Caution: The contents of this bottle should not be fed to fish.

On a hair dryer:Do not use in shower.

On Marks & Spencer bread puddingProduct will be hot after heating.

On a string of Chinese made Christmas lights:For indoor or outdoor use only.

On Sainsbury's peanuts:Warning: Contains nuts.

On an American Airlines packet of nuts:Instructions - open packet, eat nuts.

On some frozen dinners:Serving suggestion: defrost.

On a hotel provided shower cap:Fits one head.

On Nytol Nighttime Sleep-Aid:Warning: May cause drowsiness.

Warning on a cartridge for a laser printer:Do not eat toner.

A wheel 13" a wheelbarrow warns:Not for highway use.

Can of self-defense pepper spray warns:May irritate eyes.

Warning on a Conair Pro Style 1600 hair dryer:Do not use in shower. Never use while sleeping.

Silly Putty package warning: Not for use as earplugs.

On a bag of Fritos:You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.

Baby stroller warning:Remove child before folding.

Household iron warns:Never iron clothes while they are being worn.

A fireplace lighter cautions:Do not use near fire, flame or sparks.

A handheld massager warns consumers:Don't use while sleeping or unconscious.

Warning on underarm deodorant:Do not spray in eyes.

Cardboard car sun shield that keeps sun off the dashboards warnsDo not drive with sun shield in place

Warning on a sharpening stone:Knives are sharp.

Bottle water label warns:Twist top off with hands. Throw top away. Do not put top in mouth.

On a box or rat poisonWarning: Has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice.

On a Domino's Pizza boxCaution: Contents hot!

Toilet bowl cleaning brush warns:Do not use orally.

An electric cattle prods warns:For use on animals only

A can of air freshner warns:Keep out of reach of children and teenagers

Cheap rubber ball toy warning:Choking hazard: This toy is a small ball.

Caution on a package of dice:Not for human consumption.

In the manual of a chainsaw:Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand.

Stamped on the barrel of a .22 calibre rifle:Warning: Misuse may cause injury or death.

Instructions for an electric thermometer:Do not use orally after using rectally.

On the wrapper of a Fruit Roll-Up snack:Remove plastic before eating.

A TV remote controller warns:Not dishwasher safe.


On my 500 pound 8 horse power two stage snow thrower

WARNING! Do not use on roof.

(I say if you can get that sombitch up there, go on ahead and use 'er!)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Follow up, Make money online WTF How?

Hello again, from out here where the buffalo roam.. and the deer and the antelopes play..
This is my follow up on my post, Make Money Online.. WTF HOW?
Since I have last written, I have stumbled across a way to actually make a little jingle for the pocket online. Sure I have a website or two, but really anyone can these days, even without any knowledge of HTML or any other programming knowledge.
I use angelfire, for a free site, and there, you could too.. trust me it’s easy.
But I ain’t here to talk to you about free websites.. I am here to talk about money…
In the last couple of months I have been promoting a book that ties nicely to one of my websites.. I make about one sale for every 100 clicks to the link , that from which you can buy the book. But what has that got to do with making money.. well for you anyway??
Lemme’ tell ya!
When you sign up for one of these programs, they will give you a link, that has your ID embedded into it. When someone clicks on that link, you get the credit for the click, and with luck they will buy the "book" and you will make a commission.
"So!" You say, "How do I get clicks if I do not have a website?"
(Even if you do have a site, pay attention to this next bit.. it makes all the difference)
Well remember when I told you that they give you a link? And remember when I told you that I sell about one in 100 that go to my link?
Well.. here is where it gets interesting.. (you may want to print this page for future viewing)
I average between $15 and $25 per sale
You can buy clicks.. cheap!
With programs like these, you can bid for keyword and non-keyword clicks for as low as 5 cents each!
Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!
Also see expoactive, I like AdBrite better, but diversity is the spice of life!
Remember you only pay for CLICKS not for impressions (or the number of times someone sees your ad).Only for the number of clicks that an add generates. So, and here is the IMPORTANT bit, if you write honest ads, like
Bankruptcy Secrets Reviled
Buy the book that shows them all
Click here now.
Only people that are interesting in actually buying the book will click, this makes you 1 in 100 go much higher! One day last week I had a 30% sale rate per click! I have just started buying ads like this, and it will take you some time to get the right ads in the right places, but as an experiment, at AdBrite, you can post a (bid per click) network ad for 5 cents each, and then see if your ad gets clicks and if it gets sales. At 5 cents per click, I can sell one $25 commissioned book for every 499 clicks and still make money!
I would advise that you keep the amount of money you make on a sale above $15, this way you stand a better chance of making money, because you can buy more clicks, to sell that one item. Figure it will take 100 or 200 clicks to sell any item even with a good ad, and you should have an excellent chance of making serious money!
Since starting this, I have learned that there are a large number of people and companies making very good money using this technique. It is so unknown as of yet that the market is not saturated, and bid prices per click for many keywords are still very reasonable!
Here is one place, that offers excellent commissions and an easy to follow program, you can see some of the items that they promote below, feel free to click them to get more information, just be sure that if you decide to give this little secret a try that you will click my link to get to there site. (see I told you to print this page.. heck I think you should save this blog to your favorites right now!)

Promote books and make money at Mind Like Water

Promote books and make money at Mind Like Water Find out how and Click here now!

Alright so books aren’t your thing?
Try or Commission Junction.
Click Here for Commission Junction
here you can actually sell all sorts of items and/or promote websites with banner advertising.. I still say stick to products, and use the system I outlined above! But do go to (Click Here for Commission Junction) and find out what sorts of products you can promote, and be sure to look at the commission structure for each too.. this is amazingly simple!
MAKE MONEY! Make lots, and then come back here and thank me.

(okay I know we are all afraid to loose money, but to you I say, what have you got to loose? Go to AdBrite, and set up an add for a product you get from or one of the books I talked about above, and buy 100 clicks at 5 cents each.. it is only $5.00 that you stand to loose.. less than large and fancy coffee at starbucks! )
If you have questions post them here as a comment, and I will do my best to answer them. Remember I am new at this too, but it is working for me, so together we will learn.

Alright, lets recap, and let me see if I can put this into simple seasy to follow steps.
Go to Click Here for Commission Junction
Go to mind like water Promote books and make money at Mind Like Water Find out how and Click here now!

Sign up for the affiliate programs. It is FREE and easy.. yes I said free. And pick a couple of high paying products. Remmber you want $15.00 + commissions with each sale.

Then go to AdBrite Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!
Sign up here, Wite a truthful and easy to understand ad for your new product. (Remember you will want text only links, and if you need help leave your concern or question here as a comment) bid for Network Advertising at 5 cents per click. I am running 3 ads right now, and watching results, you should run at least this many. I will be running more in the next week or so.

Make money.. with luck you will make lots of money!!!
Any Questions?