Friday, June 06, 2008

why do i get these???

I understand why i get some... but love nicotine logo???

Last 20 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors
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03 Jun, Tue, 02:43:01 Google Images: wanda nara
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05 Jun, Thu, 12:16:26 Google: daphne teo photo

oh well...
such is life....

Hello!!! nothing much going on!!!

so i give you ...
Tim Curry!

I just Saw that... not bad!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

whats Wallie Doing!!!

i hope this does not offended him....

DIY Frontal Lobotomy

Tuesday 3rd June

Hello campers, welcome to Wallyworld, come on in and kick the cat. If this is your first time here, after reading this intro you might like to go across to the Front Page for the main event. (There again you might go WTF and scarpa.) You can learn about Marcus Frind and PlentyofDosh...I mean Fish from there too.

The photo is me wearing a blond wig. Here's another one where I've morphed into an Apeman -231239-1616452-thumbnail.jpg
"I'm an apeman"

You can Go Ape here.

If you're into optimizing your site or getting more traffic - more people reading your blog or buying your stuff - then check this out. Yeah I know I've enthused about SEO experts like Brad Callen, Aaron Wall, Mind Valley Labs and others before. But now I have a new guru - Stompernet (yeah, cheesy name isn't it?). Online marketing genius (and fellow surfer) Frank Kern told me about this. But he tells me about a lot of stuff. He's one of those guys who tends to get excited about things so I didn't take too much notice at first. But then I went and checked out the videos these guys are making and...Wow - pretty slick. And then...they kept saying they were launching something last Friday and I had to be part of it yada yada yada. So I thought, what the hell, they already have my email address so I gave it to them again and signed up for them to do a report on my site - this site. Unreal. About ten minutes later back comes this quite comprehensive report on all sorts of shit - how many pages you have indexed on Google, what Google thinks your site is about, your links, your Title and Meta Tags, on-page SEO factors, off-page factors, keyword analysis. You can get all this stuff by visiting all the trackers like Alexa, Yahoo, Technorati etc. But these guys do it all for you. FREE. Really. FREE. And they tell you what to fix (I just completely rewrote my Title and Meta descriptions). Have a look. It'll cost you nothing. Give them a bodgey email address if you're worried about being spammed.

El Greco Mal
Go here to StomperNet. Then click through to their latest series of videos GoingNatural3 (where do they get these names?) and what you're looking for is StompernetSiteSeer - they call it SSS but that freaks me out a bit - reminds me of the Nazis.

Aaron Wall is another impressive SEO guy with an honest no-bullshit style. You wanna Learn Search Engine Optimization Today at a reasonable price? This is your man. You may have read about him when a SEO mob by the name of Traffic Power tried to sue him. That business is since defunct and its CEO in jail.

Google screenshot
Wow...look at this. Months ago I wrote a piece about "Getting Videos to Top of Google" And look at this screen shot from today. Look who's at #2 out of 34.2 Million Results. And #1 out of 16.8 Million Results for the keywords variation "Getting Your Videos on Top of Google" (results will differ depending what country's Google Search you're using. One result showed me #1 out of 92 Million). It's even better on Yahoo - #1 out of 76 Million results. How did I achieve that? With this new program called...another cheesy name coming up...Traffic Geyser. So far I've uploaded 4 videos and they've all gone straight to Number One Spot on Google and been highly placed on Yahoo and the others. Very impressive. Normally I would call Bullshit to people claiming to guarantee Top Google Search Engine results. Not this time. It builds strong links as well. Costs a buck for a two week trial.

Hitwise, the leading online competitive intelligence service, announced last month that Google accounted for 63.98 percent of all US searches in the four weeks ending September 1, 2007. Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and each received 22.87, 7.98 and 3.41 percent respectively. The remaining 48 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.68 percent of U.S. searches.

BTW I use the web host Squarespace out of New York and I've been with them for two years. Google Search loves Squarespace. If you click on the "Powered by Squarespace" button on the navigation Column on the left it'll take you to their site where you can get a month's Free Trial and get to play with their different templates. You don't even need to give them a credit card number and can be up and running in minutes. And if you pay for the Advanced service like I'm on you get all the bells & whistles for $17 a month (well worth it). It comes with a powerful tracker so you can see where your traffic's coming from and what people are reading. I refer to it every day.

If you're interested in Video Compressions for YouTube you'll find it here where I talk about DIVX - I've been compressing using H264 Codec Using these parameters - .mov file set to "high" quality, 480 × 360 dimensions, keyframes every 210, limit data rate to 1500k, use the "streaming" option with AAC sound at 96kb.

I've discovered I can compress the crap out of videos using DivX Converter - handy when you need to bring your YouTube or other videos in under 100Mb. You can preselect how big you want the file to be.

The best way to have a look at what I've written is to go to the Archive Section. For instance this is the Front Page Archive - the biggest one. If you want to quickly discover the latest stuff I've thrown up then go to Fresh Shit.

If you have a blog or a site you'll probably be interested in this Another Great Article on Search Engine Optimization or getting your site to the top of Google and the others. This is fantastic advice on Getting Your Site Well Positioned on Search Engines.

Find it on this page or covered in more depth here at Mind Valley Labs. Those guys are ex Microsoft and Ebay and know their stuff. They give a lot of free advice there. I've picked them clean.

I've also found some really helpful Free Keyword and Adsense Tools. Have a look at this section

Google Custom Search

Oh yeah...check out the 23 Primes for Arithmetic Progression from Markus Frind of the free dating site - this is the guy who's making $10,000 a day from Adsense alone. Complete genius.

p.s. I've just seen a Google Adsense spot above where the copy reads "No Pages Indexed in Gogle?" - yeah you'd really trust your Search Engine Optimization to these clowns wouldn't you? Then they further compound the error by asking us We Give it Life and Page Rank? There again...maybe it's a deliberate ploy to attract your eye. It's from a mob called OMG-1 - meaning Oh my God - You're one! perhaps.

go ahead,,, click know you want to.... do it!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

hi yall!

the person noted below... is not a friend of mine... but I get the feeling that we would get along.

lets take a look at Youtube shall we.

punk!!!Alice Cooper!!

punk ohhh boy!


more DEVO!!!

ok one more!!!

and thats it!!!

My friend, Katherine Wolf


I can’t believe that I have not posted this before, so please forgive me. A friend of mine and my wife’s, Katherine Wolf, is currently recovering from a severe brain bleed caused by an atrioventricular malformation, or AVM. From my limited knowledge of AVM’s, they are present long before they actually present themselves medically. Katherine is married to Jay Wolf, a friend of ours from Samford University. Jay’s father is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Montgomery in Alabama, a church that has done some great, great things in the city and in the state. They also have a seven month old son, James. You can imagine how hard it is for your wife of three years to be in ICU for now six weeks. You can also imagine the thoughts going through Katherine’s head. She can’t feed or take care of her baby. She can’t take care of her husband, who just finished law school and is looking for a job.

Please remember Katherine, Jay, and baby James in your prayers.