Friday, December 02, 2005

How much is this blog worth... and a bunch of other random stuff.

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

Go ahead click the link and see how much better you are.. 8-P

Funny if you break this down into $/hr I am (given that I could actually sell my blog) worth about $0.09 an hour! HOT DIGGITY DAMN!

And momma always said that the internet would lead me down the road to destruction..
or was that Guns and Roses? I get the two mixed up you know.

(I think it is all the Tattoos that confuse me so)

Actually Mom had all of her tattoos removed surgically a few years back.. she says that the battle ship on her tits was the worst.. and that the endless names of all the cowboys that had ridden it across her ass, was not so bad.

I have tattoos now too.. nothing to drastic.. I like tattoos on women.. especially the low back pieces.. the tribal stuff that goes right between the the ass dimples.. ohh la laa..
I also like a pierced nose on a woman.. you know the little diamond on the side of the nose.. I think it's sexy.

I used to have a real fetish for Goth girls.. call me weird, but the whole black clothing/vampire thing.. it’s just hot.

Lately, I have found that my fetishes have tamed.. or broadened.. perhaps it is because I am becoming an out of shape middle-aged man? I find that my perception of beauty is broader than ever before. I love the shape of a woman.. no not a 1000 pound woman, but I mean from thin to thick, I find them all attractive in their own way.

Sure there are still "preferences" but really I see beauty in most women.
There is just something magical about the softness of a woman breast, the curve of her hips..
I don’t know maybe all hetero males feel this way, but I do not think that as a society we say it enough.. that women are beautiful just for being women.

Well it is Friday, "got any big plans for the weekend"? I hear co workers asking each other.. I do not get asked that much anymore, as I never have plans. (Well almost never) This weekend, I will watch some more Monty Python stuff, with luck catch a horror flick in there somewhere, and drink a fifth of Capt. Morgan.

Sunday i will spend a portion of the afternoon with my grandmother. She is getting up there you know, and I feel like these are the last years I will have with her.. of course they are.. everyone dies.

Life: "Nobody gets out alive!"

Perhaps death is proof that there is no god.. if we were perfect we would never die.. (I know all the arguments against this though, so don’t bother) But we, humans are flawed, in design as well as societaly. If we were not flawed, explain tooth decay. Why do we only grow two sets of teeth? Elephants grow 7 or 9 sets of molars.. why don’t we.. hell look at sharks, they replace teeth daily.. no cavities then!

Then look at us as social animals.. you think we aren’t flawed.. explain holy war to me.. devil's work.. yea well then god created the devil? God knew the outcome.. what's the point?
Okay lets say that there is a god.. a big creator in the sky.. if there is and he is "good" then he must not have the power of precognition.

Either that or he's bad.. and likes to see his creations in pain.

I prefer to think of us as a series of electro-chemical occurrences.. and then nothing.
I hope that one day medicine sees us this way, and with technology can permanently cure disturbances in any of our electro-chemical processes. Then we will have no illness.. or at least very little.

Morals question: If you could stop the appearance of aging at any one point in your life, but would in turn die in half the time, would you do it?
What age would you pick?

How would you be sure that , that age is when you "look" or "function" your best.
My best looking years were in my 30's.
At this point, I do not think I would bother.. but if you had asked me 10 years ago, I may have said "YES".

Then I would have sacrificed how many years? It would have been a poor decision for me.. you see.

(ask me again in 10 years, and I may say differently)
Today’s biggest news seemed to be about capitol punishment.
I think it odd, that after reading Singaporean blogs that paint Americans as Neanderthals, that Singapore today hung someone for drug running. Sure we can but guns, at 18 and many of us do. But our government at least reserves capitol punishment for more appropriate circumstances.. and don’t you still cane people for minor infractions? Lets face it society everywhere is screwed.

Also since the re-instatement of the death penalty, the good old US of A has killed 1000 death row inmates.

I have very mixed emotions about capitol punishment.. some criminals I do not care if they live or die.. I do not care if they could be rehabilitated.. I think we wait too long to kill many of them..
Let's say you are caught beating, raping and killing a child.. caught red handed.. right after your trial.. if you are found guilty.. then you should be brought out of the courtroom and shot dead. No appeal.. no living in solitary for years, waiting to die.. just BANG! DEAD! Next.
But then there are cases that are less clear.. where you may in fact be innocent, despite a jury or 12 people who were too dumb to get out of jury duty found you guilty.. so is that what judges are for? To decide if capitol punishment should be considered? Not as long as Judge is an elected position, they should not be.. too many opportunities in a worst case scenario to make a political decision due to voter pressure..

So I have to come down on the side of no capitol punishment.. and it sucks! It is not because I do not believe in it, it is that I do not believe in the system that has to carry it out.
Talk radio:

I listen to talk radio, both right wing and left wing talk show hosts.. I like a balance.
But I have to say, that I think I have found out why the cons get the ratings.. they are more optimistic! I hear dems bitching about this and that , that the administration is doing or has done, and how they will block this or that, or boycott this or that, but no plan to replace the current situation is put forward.. just a bunch of bumper sticker slogans.. like "America can do better". Well sure, but now tell me how you plan to do it!

The cons, sure they are in power now and that makes it easy to be optimistic, but I started listening to talk radio in the 80's! With either party in power, the cons have kept a positive message. and with all the bad news you hear today, people get damned tired of hearing more from political talking heads.

So if Air America , Thom Hartman, or big Eddy ever want to have Rush-like ratings, they had better start having a positive point of view! Have a plan have a vision and be happy to be alive in such a wonderful time in history... otherwise you will go the way of the do-do. (JMHO)
(This is why con Michael savage does not have Hannity/Limbaugh like ratings.. to negative)
And that is that for this evening, I plan to do a little surfing this weekend, so if you care to post a message i will more than likely see it.

Remember this site is free to copy and pass around to friends or talk show hosts.. we only ask that they give credit where credit is due.


Monty Python Song stuck in Head!

Monty Python Sit on my Face Lyrics
go ahead click the chicklet.. you know you want to!

Try walking around all day with this song stuck in your head!


I watched Monty Python Live a set last night.. too friggin funny!
I love the pythons.. what can I say?

I think that one of the compatability questions on any online dating site, is Monty Python: Do you get it?
I am 100% sure that a couple that has one Python fan and one that just turns their head sideways and stares like when you talk to your dog, whenever the LumberJack song is on, cannot make a good couple and should go seperate ways, before one of then smacks the other upside the head with a herring.

Firefox.. it's about time!

I have been advocating the use of Firefox for a couple of years now.
I use it to surf about 90% of the time when I am at home.
You should defiantly try it. I find that my older system runs faster and surfs smoother using Firefox.

Quoting from the official firefox website

A Better Web Experience
Firefox 1.5 has an intuitive interface and blocks viruses, spyware, and popup ads. It delivers web pages faster than ever. And it’s easy to install and import your favorites. Packed with useful features like tabbed browsing, Live Bookmarks, and an integrated Search bar, Firefox will change the way you experience the Web, for the better.
Faster Browsing
Enjoy quick page loading as you navigate back and forward in a browsing session. Improvements to the engine that powers Firefox deliver more accurate display of complex web sites, support for new Web standards, and better overall performance.
Automatic Updates
The new Software Update feature makes it easy to get the latest security and feature updates to Firefox. Firefox automatically downloads these small updates in the background and prompts you when they are ready to be installed.
Tabbed Browsing
Use tabbed browsing to open multiple web pages in a single browser window, and quickly flip back and forth. Drag and drop open tabs to keep related pages together.
Improved Pop-up Blocking
Firefox’s built-in pop-up blocker has been enhanced to block more unwanted pop-up and pop-under ads.
Integrated Search
Tap into the power of the Web’s most popular search engines with the built-in Search bar, and easily add new engines.
Stronger Security
Firefox keeps you secure when you’re browsing the Web, closing the door on spyware, worms, and viruses. The Firefox community of developers and security experts works around the clock to monitor security issues and release updates to better protect you.
Clear Private Data
Protect your privacy with the new Clear Private Data tool. With a single click, you can delete all personal data, including browsing history, cookies, web form entries and passwords.
Live Bookmarks
Stay up to date with your favorite Web sites and blogs. Use Live Bookmarks that update themselves automatically with the latest content from the Web.
Firefox 1.5 delivers easier navigation for everyone, including those who are visually or motor-impaired. Firefox is the first browser to support DHTML accessibility, which, when enabled by Web authors, allows rich Web applications to be read aloud. Users may navigate with keystrokes rather than mouse clicks, reducing the tabbing required to navigate documents such as spreadsheets. Firefox 1.5 (Windows version) is also the first browser to meet US federal government requirements that software be easily accessible to users with physical impairments.
Customize Firefox
Select new button controls for your toolbars, install extensions to add new features, or change the look of your browser with themes - the way Firefox looks and works is under your control.
Next Generation Web Support
Innovative new Web applications and services deliver a richer Web experience. Support for open Web standards in Firefox ensures you can get the most out of this emerging class of Web-based tools.

In other words it is just palinly better than IE in most all cases.
I still do visit a couple of pages that are not viewed well using Firefox.. and when I know I am going to them, I still click IE.
But all in all Firefox makes for a much smoother internet for me, and my old dinosaur of a PC that I still have at home.


What's a Delorumrex?

Delorum Rex, a misspelling of the Latin for (roughly) King of Pain.

Why Delorumrex?
Well back a little more than a decade ago, my wife left me for a "friend" of mine. This asshole actually had "King of Retail" tattooed on his chest under a loin.
Why, because he could fuck anyone out of money in a retail environment.

So at first, because I wanted to give him great pain, and later because I grew to understand that I could master my own emotional pain.. I took the moniker Delorumrex. "The King of Pain".

These days, it has lost much of it's original meaning, but is still a reminder to me, that all adversity can be overcome, by sheer will alone, if that is your only available tool.

A couple of years ago another friend, who knew me through my hard time going through divorce, and now sees me as a peaceful person, who loves quiet and order, said why not change it to Pax Rex (Peace King or King of Peace) While it is an interesting sign of the change that can happen in one life, I still have to hang my hat on DelorumRex.. it is now a reminder of why I am where I am, and why I want to be here.

So wishing you Pax, this is Delorumrex

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Church Sign

National Radio exposure for my Blog???

This is only a rumor.. But it is a good source.. So it may just be true.
A national conservative radio talk show host today before noon quoted my article Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): The de-Christmasification of America. One AtheistÂ’s Perspective.

but he did not give credit..

So to my dearconservativee talk show host with an audience of "millions" thanks for stealing (using) my writings, and not giving credit..Please come back again sometime when you can stay a little longer..Prick.

perhaps, it was passed on as an email without proper credit?Perhaps it was someone eelse's blog article, with a strikingly similar title, and substance?Perhaps I am just too outrageous at times to ever be promoted by the "main-stream" or perhaps, the Talk Show host in question is just a material stealing douche-bag?

This is DeRex, signing off from La La land..Good day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The de-Christmasification of America. One Atheist’s Perspective.

The de-Christmasification of America. One Atheist’s Perspective.

By DeRex

First things first, I was brought un in a basically Christian environment, went to church every weekend for years.. I did not mind it, but was never a big believer.

Later in my teens I experimented with spirituality, trying to find “truth”. I actually thought I had come close a few times, with this or that faith or sect, but in the end was left feeling empty.

Later in my twenties, I got to a point that I just did not have any faith in a divine being. I don’t think I have every answer, but trying to explain the unexplained by calling it divine, or magic, or whatever just seemed like ignorance to me.. so I took the scientific path. . and proclaimed my atheism, as much as you proclaim a thing like that.. usually atheists are just quiet observers of people of faith, we have no drive to save you from your beliefs, regardless of what they are.. and really don’t care what they are as long as you do not try to impose them on us.

Then this yo-yo in California goes after the school and the pledge and the money and wants to rub all signs of God from the town square… stating separation of church and state as his reasoning.. he my friends is an idiot!

Separation of Church and State has nothing to do with muttering God’s name (whichever one you prefer) in public, it has everything to do with the King of England forming the C of E (Church of England) , of which I have been a member, in order to supplant the Catholic church, and it’s bid for power in the courts or Europe. All the founders said was that they (the government) would not form it’s own church.. period.. pretty simple really.
Putting “In God We Trust” on money is not a formation of a church, saying “under God” in the pledge is not starting a church.. it is just stating a belief. In a creator, that they have chosen to name “God.

Who cares?!?! As a non-believer, with many non-believing friends, we really do not give a rats-rip if you believe in a higher power or not.. I do not care if you have a Christmas Tee , a Menorah or nothing at all in front of your house this “holiday season”. I do not care if you shout merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah at me in the morning. I am not offended at all.. don’t then try to convert me to your religion and do not be surprised when I say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, or Good Ramadan back at you, even though I do not believe in your tradition, I do feel you have a right to be happy with your holiday.. more power to you!

The fact that the Congressional Christmas Tree, has been re-named to “The Holiday Tree” upsets me, the same for Boston’s Tree, and every Christmas play that is now a Holiday Play because it is being done by a school.. people the songs are Christmas Carols, not Holiday Carols, an Evergreen with ornaments and lights is a Christmas tree! A menorah is a menorah! It is not a holiday candelabra!

If you people that believe are so spineless as to be afraid to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah, or Good Ramadan to someone because they may not believe and may be offended then you deserve to loos your traditions and history!

For my fellow atheists, and non-believers, if you get bent out of shape over a Christmas tree in the town square, then you should probably have your head examined, for being a zealot.. you know that nasty z word we save for people who try to save our souls.. and knock on our door handing out flyers on afternoons in the weekends.. you know kooks!

I suppose any belief even non-belief will have it’s kooks.. atheism is no exception. But believe me, when I say , the vast majority of those who do not believe , only want to live in peace with all those who do believe in something. We want you to be free to express your beliefs anyway you see fit, and only want you to respect our wishes to not express a belief.

You may now rip me apart for being a godless heathen, but I will say to you, that you are no better than the atheist that goes to a religious blog and says something asinine like “Merry Christmas, there is no god.”

You will not be serving any purpose other than verifying all faiths and non-faiths have a percentage of kooks.. it is only human nature.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Ramadan, Happy Kwanza , beneficial solstice, and a Prosperous Saturnalia to you all.. or nothing at all, it is all good.

Movie review in four minutes.. The Usual Suspects.

I liked doing a movie review in 4 minutes so much I think that it will become my new format.. type like hell for four minutes (with my typing speed of 20 words per minute with 27 errors, this should make for short and to the point reviews)

Today’s review: Movie, The Usual Suspects.
Starring, I. dunno and Whosis Name, the guy from K-Pax, and a few other goofy bastards, released in 1995 (I think) No time for research in only 4 minutes)

Movie plot.. group of bad guys brought together by a NYC PD line up on apparently trumped up charges, plan a big heist.. this leads to another that goes badly..
Underlying it all is a boogieman of a bad guy with a name like Keiser VilHelm..
Keiser is a genuine bad ass, and as stated in the movie, he is the type of mythical character, that parents who are bad guys tell their kids about to keep them in line..
“If you are naughty Keiser Whatever will get you.”

I usually see the end of a movie about 12 minutes past the opening credits.. this one had an interesting twist at the end, that I was not expecting almost up and until the moment of the reveal, and even up and until the reveal I was still guessing.. I had two theories.. one turned out correct.. my wife did not get it at all and I had to explain it to her.. so if you are one who scratches your head and looks quizzically at the screen at the end of most movies this one probably is not for you. But if like me you love a good story that keeps you guessing right up until the end, you will appreciate ‘The Usual Suspects”

I give it 3.5 stars outta 5.

An enjoyable caper flick, with enough gratuitous violents for most gore fans to sink their teeth into .

Well that’s my four minutes.. read more reviews at

Sacking somone..

Today I have to sack on of my employees.
He is not a bad guy, but today he was late for the 3rd tiem in his first 90 days.

I feel bad that this close to christmas I am cutting off his pay, but I have to do it.

He came to me through a temporary service, I do not like hiring temps, as I have found that they are not as reliable as many of my non-temp hires.

I always think that ther eis a reason why this uy/gal is getting work through a temp service rather than a more traditional means.. perhpas I am just showing some sort of bigotry towards temps?

But after several hires, I find that they just do not seem to work out well over the long term.. I hate fireing people.. I really do.. but it is a part of my job that I must do from time to time.

But I may in a pinch hire another person through a temp service.. they are fast to get you a body if that is what you need.

I have already found my temps replacement, somone with 2 years in my industry, with all the right skills except computer, and I htink I can teach that.. so wish me well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What's in the top ten.. I don't care.. :-P

Well today did not suck nearly as much as yesterday.. although on only a couple of hours of sleep I could be just imagining it as okay..

Votes are still coming in on our hottest bloggertte contestants, adn I will publish an update soon.. maybe.. if I can stand to type Daphne Toa's name one more time..
Why is she in the top ten.. seems she is more popular in her absents than her being in the spotlight.. maybe I should stop bloging.. maybe then I could be number one..

I wonder what it really atakes to be a number one or top ten at technorati?
Wouldn't it be interesting, to pick a word say "delorumrex" and then a time, to start searching at technorati.. again and again.. until it makes a top 10?

Okay it wouldnt even have to be me.. lets say a Made up word like "Rafmizn".. you know the god of blogs.
(ask Nix he knows all about Rafmizn.)

Well ther eare more charges against J, he now will need well over $2000 to walk free, and if not, he will be parked until the 16th..
He was informed that if he fell behind in his child support while he was in Jail, another warrent would be issued against him.. poor fucker.. really.. at this rate even if he wanted to get straight, I can;t see how he can keep his head above water long enough, withough great luck, to keep his poor ass outta jail.

When asked if she would waive is back support so that he could keep his job, with the intention of catching up.. she said "fuck 'im" I can't say that I blame her really, he did fall behind over a year, before she went to the courts to have this wages garnished..

Seems that with the increasing fines, instated by this state, so that our governor could say that she did not raise taxes, poor kids once they get into trouble can;t dig their way out.

Example.. C. C was 15 years old when he wrecked his brother's truck. Brother S. was in prison for some felony or another, and C. borrowed his unued vehicle.. ran t into an anatmate object, nobody hurt but the truck. C did not have a license to operate a motor vehicle.. said non-license was suspended anyway.
C. has since been caught speeding a coupel of times, and has had his non-licence suspended some more, even did 6 months in jail for driving on a suspended.
Fines fro driving ona non-licence that has been suspended are $500 + court costs, + costs of incarceration.. C. needs to work to pay cout costs adn fines adn fees.. well C. drives to work, gets poped again, and gets suspended some more, and gets more ifnes and fees. (this repetes about 6 times.. so I will not bother you with all of the details.. , included in C.s driving misphaps, are also a DUI, and a Minor in possesion of alcohol.. the reason he had no license in the first place)
C. now works for little more than minumum wage.. C. has rent and bills to pay and a little over $12,000 in back fines and fees, to pay before he can pay an additional $500 to get his license instated.. and an additional $100 or so each year to keep his license.. ) C. sees no way to get his license, and has stopped trying.. but he has to drive to get to work.. the state says no to his aplication for a restricted license.. so he could take the bus.. but a bus to where he works now would take three transfers and a littel over an hour and he is unwilling.. so he drives.. (I don;t completely blame him.. )

Yes I have let C. live in my house for free.. and he blew his income on pot and alcohol.. so "fuck 'im!"

PS. C, has his first child due in about 6 weeks.. poor bastard.

Well, that's enough bitching for one day.. back to the net.. anything happen while i was working??
Shit four more hostages.. vidoe played on Al Jazeri tele.. see news link

Named storm Epsilon forms in Atlantic.. shit what is that 26 named storms this year.. must be George Bush and his hurricane machine again..

From the BBC..

The Ludlow Midevil Fayre is underway.. now that's a cool fair.. shit, I wish I was there.. at least it is only raining.. if you are going to do a renissance festival kind of thing.. do it in England I always say.

and in Cricket
Test match series England Vs. Pakistan England First Innings 248 for 6 (77.0 overs)
I love cricket but don;t understand shit about it.. it just makes me smile to here the announces..

I remember the first tiem I was in England, I was in a small town north of London, and after a full day of flying, sat in teh pub downstairs in teh Hilton.. (too expencive.. not good quality.. but that is another story).. it was grey skies and raining slightly outside, I take my stout into the lounge area, light up a ciggy, and hear the announcer before the tele came into view, I know I was about to watch my first cricket match, in England.. it was brilliant!
You could not have asked for a more appropriate setting.. ther eI was a bunch of Kensington fans watching their team win.. and cheering at every opertunity.. sipping a stout.. feeling slightly chilled by the weater.. simply inspiring..

I still smile, at the thoughts of those happy drunken English faces.. and under all the crowds roars, and sounds of the Pub, the sound of the announcer.. somber, and low voiced, even in pitch and delivery.. truly priceless.

10 minute review of yesterday.. no wonder I'm Nutters.

Wake up.. wife tells me latest about M.. she went to jail last night for driving car with no plates.. and no insurance.. M is son's "baby-momma"... I am bad person for not wanting to go bail M out.. M & J (J is step-son) have no money becuase they breed like rabbits and have drug problems.

Go to work.. bad day.. always too damn busy after thanksgiving.. have 4 days of work to do.. yuck.. remember I have to go to a vendor.. 6 hour drive round trip.. shit! Ge tin car drive..
get to vendors.. project is going okay.. spend an hour making minor ajustments, that should already be made.. get in car drive back..
now it is 5 PM.. still have 4 days of work to do..
Mailing in from overseas.. this equates to another day of work.. in office.. another mailing.. shit now I ahave six days of work to do..
check voicemail.. loads of the crap! Write calls down.. call bac emergencies.. like COD package that went to customer that paid already with credit card.. make note.. fire shipping guy. (more than one mistake like this per day and you get canned.. sorry)

Put out fires.. friend in Seattle needs way too much stuff, should go through order department.. but he needs me.. (he likes me.. sucker) so take order, fire up computer, goddamned system has crashed.. call main ofice, IT guy has thrown in the towel, he has been working on system crash since 8:00 am.. good thing I was gone all day.. or I would be having a kiniption by now)
So no order taken for friend.. phone ringing off hook.. I answer (chump).. somone weants to track package.. that shipping guy probobly sent to Abu-Dabi instead of California.. (got to sack shipping guy) I can not track.. no system .. custoemr mad.. I say I will call tomarrow.. custoemr real mad.. I say computer down.. custoemr says go pull paperwork.. I say no paper to pull all in system.. customer berates me because I will nto go pull paperwork.. GODDAMN IT THERE IS NO STINKING PAPERWORK! (i thnik but say.. I am sorry I cannto look it up without the computer.. I promise to call you first thing tomarrow..)

now 6:30.. I am leaving.. I don;t car eif place burns down..

get home find out J is in jail now! Went to pick up car, had warrant for unpaid childsupport.. needs $1000 to get out.. I say don;t have.. wife says do have.. me bad man.. his kids starve.. go out into cold.. have no home.. yada yada yada.. I say if they did nto do drugs they would have money.. I am fed up with bailing sons out of jams that they get selvess into.. I am bad man.. wife does nto talk to bad man for rest of evening.. I go to bed alone, wife comes up an hour later.. gets under sheets.. pulls them off of me, without so much as a fuck you .. and goes to sleep.
4:00 am.. wake up.. dog making noise.. go have smoke.. go back to bed after a nice long pee..
In morning Wife asks why I got up.. says that M went home and was nto there.. (insinuating, I was going to go F , M in the night?)
M is damn cute, but for crissake..

Sorry for broken englihsh,, too much hury to type in full sentences..
I know I sound like Tonto.... bugger off.

I will more than likely delete this.. but hey I had to get it off my chest.. I feel better.

Monday, November 28, 2005

link to the trophy video

warning, it is a huge file (4.x MB) in either quicktime ot WMP.
This is a link to the video of mercinaries shooting iraqi drivers.
not for the squeemish.
Click here
sick fucks!

Trophy video and being a technorati click whore.

First the disgusting thought of a trophy video...
over at Ageis Iraq PSD Teams Website was posted a video of
Iraq security services supposedly shooting innocent civilians in Iraq.
Reading the commentary on the web about tthis you will get everything from ATTA BOY! To absolute disgust and the call for an immediate withdrawl of all troops from Iraq.
Well here is my 2 cents.. This is war, and in war bad things happen to good people.
Those responcible for any illegal killing need to be brought to justice as soon as possible.
Westerners have no stomach for war, this has not changed since the VietNam era, why because we think of ourselves above killing and carnage?? Perhpas.
But facts are facts, rapes and murder happen in war, it is the nature of the beast, always has been always will be.
Until mankind on a whole is ready to set war aside, it will continue to be a part of our future, as it has been our past.
Man is good and evil and everything in between, this is a demonstration of man's evil, just as the videos of the civilians being decapatated by the terrorists.

Ther eis good and ther eis evil in every man, and to think otherwise is sheer ignorance. It is civilization that alows one charictor trait to shine above another. The Islamic culture is as responcible on a whole for the decapitations, as the western civilizations are for the civilian shootings. It's the same here folks..
There are nuts , kooks, and sicko's in every civilization, we can only hope that laws and government sort them out before they shoot an innocent, or crash a plane into a building.
Basiclay, humans suck!
Until we can unite as a people, each and everyone, and agree that we will protect eachother as we would protect ourselves.. we will continue to see nut jobs do bad things to other people, and some of us will cheer them on.

I am about to admit somthing here, when I started this blog I did not care if anyone anywhere clicked it, read it, or even knew about it.. but tiem changes all things, and I have seen myself becoming a technorati click whore..
I see myself posting mroe and more about topics that are in teh top ten this hour than what I am actually thinking..
There are a lot of technorati click whhores out there.. just take a look at how many times som blogger posts the top ten .. like I do here..

Top Searches This Hour
1. “Bob Herbert”
2. “Web 2.0”
3. “Xbox 360”
4. “Pajamas Media”
5. “Age Of Anxiety”
6. Apple
7. “Black Friday”
8. “David Brooks”
9. “Trophy Video”
10. “Ramsey Clark”

My intentions are not evil, I simply want to get attention of readers that may otherwise never be introduced to my misspelled ramblings.. but click addiction is real.. I am a click addict.. I need your clicks to make me feel good.. (dramatized for your protection)

Can you see it now.. a bunch of us all in a smoky room, coffee perculating in the big pot somewhere in the back.. and I stand up and say "Hi, my name is Delorumrex, and I am a click whore"

Perhpas some blogger somwhere will start the 12 step program.. I might just sign up.. as long as my sponsor is on the bottest blogger list.

I am raising my right hand.. and thinking of my pegan god. when I say.. I will do my duity to be less of a click whore.. and more of a genuine sicko-pervert blogger.

If you.. you might be a technorati click whore..
Know what technorati is
know when the last time you pinged was
have written more than one blurb about, web 2.0, daphne Tao.
Know when she changed from Yao to Yang
have ever posted a link to all of the top ten in one article.
know what a tag is
know how to anticipate the next hot tag
tag using common mispellings so as not to miss one dumb-dumb
have quite talking about anything that interests you.
wonder why people around you don;t know the names of at least 6 singaporian bloggers.

(the list goes on, but it don;t get funnier, so I will quit here..)
Blog on my little droogy woogs.. blog on..

Black Friday turns to Cyber Monday

Well all of my slacker friends, who should now be working diligently but are instead surfing the web doing your Christmas , Chanaka, Kwanza, or other holiday shopping...
I caught ya!

This year I did my cyber shopping at for the most part, they are offering free shipping, so the benefit of walking into a store to save shipping costs are moot.

Of course when you use the above banner to access I get a small commission, so if you are planning on cyber shopping instead of working help a brother and use my banner..

Black Friday, is the day when it is said that retailers go from operating in heard to operating in the black.
I have 15 years of retail management, and ownership experience, and to those retailers I say.. must be nice, to be able to opperate in the red at all.. Shit I had to turn a profit every week, or face closure.. Okay not every week, but most.

Or I suppose you could say, that in the last 10% of the year all sales were profit? Operating at a 10% margin (net profit) is about typical for retail, so perhaps it is just how you look at the numbers?
If you look at it in the tax liberation day mode, that model makes sense. But believe me, as a retailer I had to make profit every sale.. and so will all of the retailers you go to visit this holiday season. Don't get caught up in the hype.

Cyber Monday, a new theme for retailers, it is the day when online shopping is king. I wish I had had a cyber store back in my retail days. I have found it easier to turn a profit with a cyber store than a actual physical location, one thing for sure there is a lot less overhead, and per-sale man hour costs are much lower too.
It is no wonder that Amazon and other online retailers can sell for less.. There e's just a lot less cost involved, in getting your audience's attention and then the actual cost associated with making the transaction, are lower too, less people, no high retail rents, etc, etc. Even advertising costs can be considerably lower per person reached, as long as you keep a good SEO guy/gal on staff.

So to all of you cyber shoppers, I wish you well in your hunt(s), and if you get an itch to do a good thing for a complete stranger, shop using this banner...

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New entry in Hottest Bloggerette.. Daphne Tao move over.

Muriel Lily
From Toronto..
Somthing about Canadian women.. the're just hot.

She has smarts and wit.. so give her blog a hit..
(I made that up.)

Now let's take a look at the rest of the field.

as of this writing the contenders are as follows.
In first place Xaixue with 6 votes
Still with 5 votes and now in second Dawn Yang / Yeo
With Three votesReena Vasquez!
And the International Woman of Mystery.. Daphne Teo in last place with one vote.

Be sure to leave a comment to vote for (or nominate) your favorite or Hottest Bloggerette.


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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Movie Review: And Now For Something Completely Different (Monty Python)

At first I thought, I was having deja'Vu but no.. this was a theatrical release of some of the Python's finest sketches.. but with a slightly bigger budget than was allowed for the television series.

Released in 1971 when most of America had not heard of the Pythons, made on a skinny budget, but with better sets and clearer photography than was allowed for the tele.
This little DVD has nearly all the best sketches on it.. well most of my favorite anyway.. From "The Lumberjack Song" to "The Dead Parrot" to the Hungarian Translation Book debacle. they are all here.

This is an important piece of Monty Python history and a real piss-your-trousers funny DVD.
A must have for any Monty Python fan on your list!
5 out of 5 stars!

Movie Review.. The Devil's Rejects. Rob Zombie

This link takes you to and there you can read more reviews, or purchase the unrated widescreen version..

The Devil's Rejects!

A spin-off to Rob;s first "House of 1000 corpses"
This little bit of ultra-violence is real horror show! Filled up with the type of brain splatter that makes any real thrill kill movie a special treat for all the bad boys and girls on the block.

My favorite memory of this movie, is the look that was on my wife's face through nearly all of it.. You know that open mouthed stare of dis-belief?
A thin plotline does not get in the way of this being a instant cult classic. Who needs plot when you got this much blood!

I was not a huge fan of House but this movie definitely turns it up a notch in the violence, department, as well as in the brute sexuality department as well.
If you like this movie, you are probably in need of some psychological help..
I give it 4.2 stars!