Saturday, May 05, 2007


i still can't spell...

but i rember what it is that you like...

Badday - Watch a funny movie here

that's right... video...

Bus Stop - Benny Hill - Click here for more blooper videos
and more

and one move

i like tho...

so, that's all

oy vey!

today i am feeling veay dumb... oy vey!

i wish i could reameber ... see i forgog i can

i'll come back when i think i can spell...

pc vs Apple

you have got to see this...

Friday, May 04, 2007

rubber bullites

just want you to see.

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well this is today... no

i have bin sitting and thiking...
and my wole woo is me stuff has got to go...

so that is it... no more woo is me... i know alote of you are sayeing "big fucking deal"

and to you... i say big fucking deal as well...
now on with the show!
here i a little vid i pick up...

god thts boreing..
try this...

now that is a big deal...fuckers

and finaly


now that's some F****ed up SH**

Crazy - The top video clips of the week are here

funny tho!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

slim shady...

ohhh yeaaa!

wow music...

and of cours...

and then

and fianly

WOW video...

all i want to do is eat your brans...

rap music

i can't stand it... ha ha ha

india music..

i person that put this up said something i liked...
so i will post it.

dennis kucinich...

fist D K

america hum...

personly i don't see all the good.
hey, maybe i am just bitter... hrd to tell.

i think the resone i do not run one to

i think the resone i do not run one to post on the latest one to get the hack from American Idol is that i don't care...

idol just sucks the year.

Movie Review 84 Charlie Mopic (84C MoPic)

Movie Review 84 Charlie Mopic (84C MoPic)

Written and directed by Patrick Sheane Duncan 1989

Link to the screenplay text of 84 Charlie Mopic or 84C MoPic

Alright this is a low budget Vietnam war movie.
Don’t ask my why perhaps it was that I was such a young and impressionable mind during the conflict, but for whatever reason I have a fascination with the times and with that war.
Mostly I revel in the movies that portray it as I imagine it must have been.

84 Charlie Mopic is perhaps my favorite of all.. it was made on a shoestring budget and the effects were lacking (absent) but the story and feel of it make you think that it is from the reel of the Camera man or Motion Picture Operator (MoPic) that was there in the mud and the blood.

When I watch a movie, if I am allowed by my wife and other people that like to talk through a movie, I will watch it with great intensity, allowing all other things to fade away into the background.. and as a result I pick up nuances that others may miss. If you are not good at catching the small things that are said in between the major dialogue this movie may brush right past you. If that is the case there are other Vietnam movies that you will like better, a fine one is Full Metal Jacket, it is more in your face, where this one (84C MoPic) sneaks up on you, and grabs you in the end.

I used to rent it about twice a year from my local Blockbuster, they have since sold or lost their copy.. now I will buy one.. it really is that good., but it is also little known, as such you may have to buy a copy to view it.

So rent it if you can, buy it if like me you must, but if you like Vietnam war movies you must see. 84 Charlie MoPic (84 C Mopic)

good flick!

losing "it" how I lost my virginity..

losing "it" how I lost my virginity..

I have a "friend" here on blogger, that recently wrote his "losing it" story.
His story was kind of sweet realy.. I am almost ashamed of mine.. after reading his.. but not too ashamed to write it down and hope that a million people read it. (is that evil?)

My Loosing It Story:

I was young, in 7th or 8th grade ( that’s not young anymore, but it was then) there was this girl, Anita… she was a TOMBOY to the enth power.. and swore, smoked, and scratched her groin like a man..
One day, her and I were walking to class late, we had been outside smoking or drinking or something, when she said “hey you ever fuck a girl?” to which I said a timid.. “ahh no?”
She said, that she was playing in a basketball game the following night and asked if I wanted to hang out with her after the game.
Of course any port in a girl sounded better than spanking my monkey again to the Suzanne Somers issue of playboy again, so I said “sure.”

The next day, as school let out her and I stayed back, and all of the students went on their merry ways, to home or wherever they went.. she and I were in a back stairwell and as soon as the coast was clear, she turned and kissed me.. hard!

She said, follow me, and she took me to the upstairs girls bathroom, she poked her head in to make sure that the coast was clear.. then said come in here.. she striped my jeans from me deftly and then took hers off.. she laid on the floor legs spread apart, and said, “well?” inviting me to “f” her.. I climbed on top of her, and tried like hell to get “in” squirming and wiggling like a fool.. but not gaining access.. “This is a lot harder than I imagined it would be” I thought.. trying to act like I knew what I was doing.. she coaxed me “in” and inside of perhaps 30 seconds, it was all over..
“there you are a man now” she said, like she had just knighted me..

We then kicked around town together for a while.. holding hands and occasionally kissing.. later we went back to the school, she got ready for her game and I went to the stands to watch.. I have no idea what happened during the game, as I was all impressed with myself for “getting it”.

After the game we again hung around the school.. this time I was a little more comfortable with our bodies, so we had a go at it again.. and again.. and again.. we screwed all over the school that night.. on the basketball court.. in the girls locker-room, and even in the teacher’s lounge! She got me into every position we could think of.. we tried it all! On the couch in the teachers lounge was perhaps the best.

I remember that the janitor on duty that night whistled.. so we could hear him coming from across the big school building.. we would hide, he would pass and we would get back to the mission at hand.. it was GREAT!.

We did not see each other after that, which I thought was strange, but okay, we were still friends, and would hang out together on occasion.. but that was it.
Until about a year later, when we both had to serve a detention.. we got sent to this small office just outside of the principals office.. where we were to spend three hours.. the principal left to go do whatever high school principals do after hours.. her and I slipped into the bathroom that was adjacent the small detention room and had a go at it this time doggie style.. that was great too..

I wonder what ever happened to Anita? I wonder if she went dyke.. as she looked like she surely would. Or maybe she found some guy settled down and had a herd of kids? Either way I hope she is happy.. and I am glad that she was there to “teach” me. I often wonder how she became so experienced at such a young age, and I hope that however that happened that it did not leave any mental scars, she was a lot of fun and deep down a very kind person.

Review: Absinth Un Emile 68

Review: Absinth Un Emile 68

Un Emile 68
68% ****

Ohh yummy! This Absinth has a wonderful warm feel as it goes down, a very nice, pale green, opalescent louche and a very good amount of Thujone for that yip , yip, yippy effect.

Mildly bitter in character, a sugar cube brings it right to perfection.
The flavor is mildly anisette when compared to many other absinthes, and there is a nice herbal undertone that finishes clean to the palette.

Perfect for a summer aperitif or for a night of talking poetry, philosophy, or as I like to do, reading Jack Kerouac in turns with a group of friends.

This absinth will stand up to all but the most robust cigar as well.
A perfect way to spend time with friends.
If I used a star rating system this one wild be a 4 of 5 star drink!

photo thanks to

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

kurt who...

he's alrigth...

what to wrtie

i have been wathing the tele today.
it did not put ma in a very happy mooh.

i surfed the web.. again no happy.

even the videos... did not do much for me.

hmm got to think suicid is painess,,, but then i think has to get beter.
so as you can see... i am a veay confusd little boy.

he chewed a shotgun...


yep, that abot sum up my day.

American Idol Elimination Night

American Idol Elimination Night

Which two are going to get the boot tonight? My understanding is that American Idol will take the two lowest scores from two weeks in a row and boot the two tonight. Now if you think Jordan Sparks had the lowest last night, I say she had the highest last week, so she can't go! Can she? I was never good at math, all I know is that either her or Malinda Dolittle will most likley be # 1 & #2, but stay tuned, I'll post tonight after the results.....Y

thanks Y


do you belog to gang

don't watche... no dont

don't not do it!!!

The Office

almost maek me wank on
jesus i cat spell.
oh well

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I stole it...

cool if you like these thangs...
i do.

anybody watn more?

thare are so many this

i really can't spell...
i want to leave my wife... it just seems live we got nothing.

proble... she dose all the woke i can't do.

oh well... so muke for makeing sese..

be tomeeh


it is gennly a good idea...
always taue
wow still can't

i dont give a shit'''


hello! i'm back...

i have been on a sort of vactoon hooowooo
man do i have shit to cean uo at home
oh well...
have a move

Probability=0.00000001% - A funny movie is a click away
good day.