Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday, March 09, 2007

FUNNY! advert

Toyota Competition - The funniest videos are a click away
oh that is funny

a little figet

Great Fighter - Click here for the most popular videos



Amazing Beat Box - Click here for another funny movie.
and finaly

Mr Bean-Death Of The Car - The funniest videos clips are here

for my friend

some cool video

and this



and why not

good day.

lunch ... ohh yum yum!

it is neary 50 d f. out side.. oh my oh my

okay i could not resist...
now lets see what some other stroke panet has push

yes thats cool!
and one more...

lunch was good, i had some soup, and a pop-tart.
soup was a cambells pop top lid a came off far enogh to pour the soup it to boul...
ummm ummm

is it the flu?

i was in bed yestday.. i was barfing.. i wonded if it was the flu that made my typeing so bad?

grard my typing has been bad

i thik i will look for sothing flu related
WOW that is bad!

i thike the bid flu thing has pomras...nothig like a bird flu cd to make you feel better.

my wife came down with it, abote a day before so i am blameing her!

oopss got to go...

Peter Pan

i rebemre Peter Pan. i am going to buy one for my grand childrne.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

how to meet girls

uhh huu!

HS on amputies

hs on amputies

fired weatherman


what do you...

what do you know
finish my exesim and fell to bad... :)
still can spell, but I'm tiying...
so you video??
i'm going to give you on any way...

this is my grand mother

go g-ma

well oh well

looks like i finshe my book...
so i will bomb you with video...

ha ha ha

Monday, March 05, 2007


this is good!
a litte long in the load, but well woth it.

dick in a box...

from SNL...

is my dick in a box...

tstm acoust cool!

a cool song

i found it at

whats the intenet for??

stnange, how you go to look at a video and get cauted up is this ad!
oh well

ha ha ha!

police dog???

wii vs. ps3

yeap, that about says it all

A littte AN Smith

how about A.N. Smith

Sunday, March 04, 2007

how about some x-factor...american idol

this is too funny...

X-Factor - Series 3 (full Audition) - Click here for more blooper videos
funny shit

The Bitch Judges - Watch more amazing videos here
second one is even funnyer...

The Next American idol! - For more amazing video clips, click hereand the last one is just good..

some american idol stuff

it is very funny...

American Idol Parody - Click here for this week’s top video clips
dont you think so?

and why not...

oops forgot one...

there it is :)

funny in football

Funny Moments In Football - The funniest videos are a click away
now that's football.. ha ha ha

i know that is american football , buy some stuff any way...

there that outh do ya'

looking for a winner... fund one

it is good for the eyes...

check the blog out

now i am geting tierd, so for now, i bid you adud'



wana get joost with me?

have a bit of joost
read about it here

"Joost is definitely worth checking out. It’s essentially a stand alone application that essentially turns your computer into an on-demand television.

I’m pretty sure Joost uses some sort of P2P technology to download video. But much of the innovation lies in how the technical workings are wisely kept behind the scenes. This is super important as it maintains a simple user experience. As a user, I really don’t care about the bandwidth used or download speed. I just want to watch video"

W.t.f. tech, shows youtube

i have long been a fan.
of star trek that too i feel i showed admit to...

there is a litte youtube... a litte more,,, okay

that shoud make you feel good

tell me... how dose that make you feel?

net neutrality...

here is kennedy talking on the subject..

found at..

an alternet use for your lap top...

sounds good!