Saturday, October 29, 2005

8:00 and time for a redo..

okay, one thing that is nice about blogging, is that when you have written somthing that really just does not feel right.. you can go back and delete it.. I have done this tonight.. with two posts.. and I feel better for it.

You see I have been depressed the last few days.. or at least I think it is depression. I am not that sure what the fuk is wrong with me.

Problem is I don;t have ANY energy.. I feel sick in the body, but not really sick? (Does that make any sense?)

oh oh.. 11:00 and I am redong again.. biy did I go on a tirade (sp?) okay I feel better now, I just needed a little time to clear my head.. happy Haloween.. if I dont; see you before then.

Friday, October 28, 2005

web hosting and other web things.. for cheap..

Okay so I was just looking for a way to promote a few new ideas.. and I came across this.

Have you ever thought about getting your won website? Or do you currently have a websie and are thinking of starting another?

I have several, and a few actually make me money.. yes it is still possible for someone without the greatest of intelligence to make money with a simple website..

I have sites hosts at and GoDaddy, but this one

seems to give you a whole lot of bang for the buck.
I say give them a try.. go ahead you know you want to..

At least go register that killer website name you have been thinking about.. or start that webpage dedicated to your bad poetry for all I care.. but do it. The internet is perhaps the one area where we as people are most free, free to say what we think, free to exchange ideas and concepts, with people across the street or across 12 time zones.. it does not matter.. so you have something to say don’t you? Well go and say it! Be free be a netnic!

I am and it makes all the difference in the world..

Peace pass it on.

a Haloween treat for all you good boys and girls..

The link above is my treat from me to you.. :)

How much is my blog worth? (about as much as the paper it's written on)

I keep seeing this little icon as I surf the bloggosphere.. and I have to say that what it says is worth thousands I woudl not pay squat for.. so I "took the test" how much is my blog worth?

Yep that's right.. it ain;t worth squat! and I like it that way.
Go ahead, you have a blog.. find out what it's worth adn then, come back adn make fun of me.. go ahead,, you know you want to..

Help a brother out.. buy a picture or two of his cheating ex-wife...

this one is too funny!
By pictures of my cheating ex-wife Ebay Auction
Help a brother out and bid big.. hehehhehe

anyone who names their blog " I kant Spell" Kant be all bad...

Go see it for yoruself.
I may have found my soulmate?
Butt i Kant Tel fore shure.

Amazing animal tricks.. anyone seen my pet bird? (Probobly in Amsterdam Again!)

Well worth repeting..
Bill owns a company that manufactures and installs car wash systems. (Magic Wand Car Wash Systems, just in case you want to buy one.)
Bill's company installed a car wash system in Frederick, Md.
These are complete systems including the money changer and money taking machines.
The problem started when a new owner complained to Bill that he was losing significant amounts of money from his coin machines each week.
He went as far as to accuse Bill's employees of having a key to the boxes and ripping him off.

Bill just couldn't believe that his people would do that, so they setup a camera to catch the thief in action.

Well, they did catch him on film!

That's a bird sitting on the change slot of the machine.The bird had to go down into the machine, and back up inside to get to the money!

That's three quarters he has in his beak!
Another amazing thing is that it was not just one bird -- there were several working together.

Once they identified the thieves, they found over $4000 in quarters on the roof of the car wash and more under a nearby tree.

And you thought you had heard of everything!!!

(I bet they own a BB gun now)

my most successful experience making money on line.

Alright, I have teased a little about making money with your computer online.
I have done this, so I really do know that ist can be done y anyone with a little time, and effort.

Oddly enough, the most "profitable" experience I had was no big secret.. it was eBay.. yep, the old standby.. the online auction.

Okay here is how it goes.. pay close attantion cause it gets tricky here..

I was and am a book collector.. I needed some cash.. I sold some of my books on ebay, mostly old and antique stuff.. but not all were antique or rare or anything else.. they were just books.

I would spend about 4 hours every saturday going to yard sales or thrift stores collecting books.. some I kept some I sold.. and it made money..
I have friends that go looking for just plain old bizare stuff.. junk to most people, adn sell it on ebay.. and they make money!
I know one person who buys designer clothing from Goodwill and sells it on ebay.. she makes MONEY!
I know one person that sells swimming pool acccesories in a retail store, that also keeps a store on Ebay.. adn he makes money!

I know another person that collects precious moments.. and sells the duplicates on ebay.. she makes money!

I know one person that buys lots of whatever, at business auctions, for retail places that are forced to liquidate.. and guess what.. he makes a LOAD OF MONEY!

Here's the one that gets me.. one friend in California, spends all day looking on ebay, for items that are mispelled or placed in the wrong catogory.. he buys them, then relists them on ebay and makes money! (For him it is a full time gig!)

SO here is my challange to you.. click the ebay banner above, sign up.. then go grab something you were going to throw out, or sell at your next yard sale.. and list it. You may be very suprised at how much you make from it..
I spend one full year of my life, not working for anyone, but rather selling my books on ebay.. I worked about 4 hours an evening, I spendt the rest of my time fishing or hanging out with friends or family! Why did I stop and go to work for the man? Well, for me it was a geographic problem.. but I tell you this.. if the man ever fires me.. I promise you, I will go back to where it is warm and sell crap on ebay for a living.

Here are a few tips for best results:
make sure that your spelling is correct! People will find your item using a search feature most of the time. (Throwing a few mispellings in for fun is not a bad idea, but not exactly approved by ebay)
Post a picture of the item. If you can;t take a picture, go find a picture of a similar item online and post it (but be damn sure you say, item is like, or similar, or exactly like, the one pictured) DO NOT TRY TO FOOL ANYONE! with a bogus picture! Not only is it rude, it is against ebay rules.
Do not break the rules.. there is no need to, and for long term profits, it is an exceedingly poor idea.. you can't make profits if nobody will play with you.. or if you are banned, so don;t do it!

Use paypal to take payments.. most shoppers on ebay are famliure adn comfortabel with paypal, sure it costs you a bit, but so does taking a credit card if you were a store on a street somwhere.

Write sappy and short discriptions.. yout title may bring them in, and needs to be keyword rich, but your discription will make them bid.. keep it short whever possible and as enthusiastic as is reasonable.
Now go give it a try.. it is cheap and you have very little to loose..

As a book seller, their new system makes it easy to list so many books you will have a hard tiem finding time to package them all, once they are sold..

If you can find a bunch of the same item.. list one, and then use hte relist feature.. Multiple item auctions don;t seem to do as well for me.. so one at a time.. unless you have say 12,000 of one thing that will sell for a nickle a piece individualy.. it is worth the extra time to do them one at a time.

No go. click that banner.. make some money.. and write back here to tell your story!

It's Friday...

Friday is here..
Grandma in hospital again
dad's worried about looters
sister's house damaged in hurricane hole in roof
generator's running out of gas
not FEMA's fault.. Jeb Bush takes blame

yabos yabos here's to your Fuck.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

shameless promotion of a fellow blogger...

todays shamless promotion is for the blog at
go take a look and read a bit.. and if your real nice they will stop by your spot in return.. gotta love that.. it's like feeding eachother Kosher Bacon in the Red and White Tent at Woodstock.. only with better hygene.

Okay, now I know my ULR for site feed what do I do with it?

absinth and impressionist art.. wow what a trip.. :)

Absinth by Edgar Degas
(click the picture to see how you can own it)

Have I mentioned that I love absinth?
Really I do.. I love the ritual, I love the taste, and the smell, I love the mystique as much as anything in life.

Life is so much better when you have a little ritual in it.. it is one of the reasons I believe that people cling to the church so hard.. we need a little order.

The painting above is a repro of Edgar Degas Absinth.. you can own a copy for yourself.. if you dare.. it is a little pricey, so if you’re not a real fan of impressionist art or of absinth.. (I’m both) you probably don’t want to click it..

One day I will have to do an FAQ about absinth drinking.. anyone got any questions?
I have been looking for a new bottle to try adn I have to admit, I found a copllection of Swiss LaBlues for sale.. expencive, but from what I hear well worth the $$$.. we'll see.. about tiem I bought myself a present I think.

making money with your blog.. a continuing saga...

Okay it comes down to this.. if you are going to rant and rave or post your really bad poetry on the web for all to read why not try and make a little money doing it???

I have tried a bunch of things to make money on the web and some of them are surprisingly successful. Some of them I will share with you and some I will not, just because I don’t want any competition.. but here is one plan for you as a blogger that might just work..

First you have to get traffic to your blog, read my other posts on that.. lets just say it is not easy , but it ain;t impossible either.. plus you have the added bonus of throwing post out into cyberspace and the chance of someone stumbling into it days, weeks, months or years from now.. so keep posting.. and posting and posting..

But here is my suggestion de’jur for bloggers that wanna make a little money..

Join a program like

Click here for Commission Junction


Then when you have written a post, go find a program that jives with your theme.. if you look into my next couple of posts you will see me testing a banner for an auto loan company and for something else.. it is easy to get HTML code for a banner and post it into your blog..
Then keep posting ads into your blog posts.. and forget them.. that’s right forget them.. let them sit and soak in cyberspace.. with luck the right person will come along and click on your banner, or actually buy something from the company you are advertising for.. if you are like me, and post here regularly.. you will soon have hundreds of opportunities to make a little ka-ching..

And of course sign up for google ads ASAP! Google’s adsence is perhaps the best pay=per-click program on the net right now.. if you do not have it. You are loosing out big time!

(Trust me I have more than one pay-per-click program I use, Google RULEZ!

Politics as usual and I HATE THAT!

Politics as usual and I HATE THAT!
I had a nice little diatribe here about politics and how corrupt politicians appear to be.. and how I think that they may have always been corrupt, but that like natural disasters, they aren’t any worse we just hear about it faster now..
And then I went to post.. and got an error! And my post was gone forever.. dropped into cyber limbo…
It may have been a blogger problem, it may have been an error at my connection, hell it may have been a DEU (Deficient End User) Error.. or even a 1D-10-T5 but I think it was just the illuminati interfering with my signal again.. so now that I have my tin foil hat on again.. I feel better..


I think what we all need is a “redo” button on our computers.. one that jumps back in time, 10 or 20 or 30 seconds.. and lets you take another poke at it.

I just ran my spy ware hunter at home, and after deleting all of the little nasties it found I have no internet connection.. it could be the removals.. it could be any number of other things.. but if I had a time warp-redo button I could fix it easily.. so Microsoft if you can here this.. how about it? Time travel for your PC? Set the dial , push the button and zoom back to the past in a flash.. (but with no irritating flash animation please)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Auto loans for credit cockroaches..

are you a credit cockroach? Do you still have to get to work? or do you not have to work but can;t get laid driving a 1974 pinto.. give these fine folks a try..
I hear that they will even finance fords!

Apply Now---Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem!

go ahead click it.. even if you don't want a loan.. even if you are just looking for a way to get the hell out of here.. go on.. you know you want to..
I like the Mimi (cooper) in the picture.. it mearly inspires me to get a loan to buy my wife a new car.. I wonder if they will finance a new lotus for me? My old one is getting a littel long in the tooth.. okay not really.. it is still mind bogglingly fast.. and oh so sexy.. and has only 28,000 miles.. yep only 28.. you hate me now don't you?

Actually I am thnking about buying one of thenew pontiac's you know the convertable.. the what is it Solaris? Solarus? Sootwalrus? I have seen on at the dealership and I have to say that it is very very sexy.. too bad the douchbags at the dealership won;t let me test drive one.. if it were half as fast as the olotus, I woudl truly consider it.. well for my wife of course.. :)

Tired of getting screwed on ink? I am ..

okay I am tired of buying printers and then finding out that replacement ink costs damn near as much as the fucking printer did!

It would be like buying a car and finding out that you have to use the auto manufacturer's oil and it cost $1000 a quart!

How can ink for my epsom cost $95!!! or my HP cost $65.. the HP printer cost me $100 after rebates! And the Epsom cost $250.. at this rate I will but it every 6 months for as long as it runs!

My feeling is that they should give yo free ink if you sorted thorough all the options and bought their product.. but NO that would only make me happy.. and why oh why would the printer manufacturers want to do that!?!?!!

I may have found a solution..

SAVE up to 75% on Printer Ink, Toner & More!!

Click the link above and save some serious green on ink.. even on green ink..

I kinda wonder how much it costs to make a rpinter, and how much it really costs to make all that ink and tonner I keep having to buy.. when did we come to this point?? Can you imagine that paper is nearly free but pens and pencils will cost you a half a weeks pay?
There should be a law.. (okay not really.. there are too many stupid laws already.. but somone shoudl go smachk the hell out of the buying public for being so stupid.. like me)

song stuck in your head? Lemme help..

You're really gonna hate me for this.. cause after you read this YMCA will be stuck in your head.. arrggghhhh.. but hey look at the brite side.. at least it is a new tune..

to the tune of YMCA by the Village People
Young man, there's no need to feel down
I said, young man, don't smash your head into the ground
I said, young man, turn off the radio
There's no need to be unhappy
Young man, there's a place you can go
Young man when they're lyrics in your head that you don't know
You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find
Many ways to forget the rhyme
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day

Forgetting this song brings much joy
For then it ceases to annoy
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
You can get your mind clean
Do your report on seals
You can do whatever you feel.

Young man, Are you listening to me
Do you want to be free
Of that dreadful repetitious song
but you've got to know this one thing.
Hear the song on the radio
Late at night it won't fade-i-o
Because this song gets stuck in your head all day
Just like radiation from X-rays T
his song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day

Forgetting this song brings much joy
Because it ceases to annoy
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
You can get your mind clean
Or do your report on seals
You can do whatever you feel.

Young Man, I was once in your shoes,
It was a song about the New Orleans Blues
I heard it once and it wouldn't go away I
n my brain it would forever stay
I just couldn't stand it anymore,
because That song got stuck in your head all day
Then somebody said it's on 93 FMA
nd I remembered the song AGAIN!
That song got stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
Forgetting this song brings much joy
Because it ceases to annoy
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
Young man, Young man, there's no need to feel down
Young man, Young man, don't smash your head into the ground
Even though this song gets stuck in your head all day
Young Man, Young Man, I was once in your shoes,
Young Man, Young Man, It was a song about the New Orleans Blues
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day
This song gets stuck in your head all day

Trivia that just may save your life!

The Python Office, 34 Thistlewaite Road, London E5 0QQ, England

Okay perhpas the Official Office to Monty Python's Address will not actually save your life.. but I feel as an American that Every man woman and child shoudl have it posted on the refrigerator with a fridge magnet.

... American Beer.. it's like sex in a canoe...

why is it like sex in a canoe???

'cause it's fucking close to water..
nyuk nyuk!


Here is another website that is blog spamming..

so if you see the word spam or scam or piece of whale shit.. I will hyperlink it.. this way if somone searches good enough in googlse for spam scam or piece of whale shit.. they may just get this scam spam website.!
It is called google b0mbing and it only works if you join me..

I hate blog comment spam.. I apreciate shamless self promoting.. but lets call a spade a spade adn spam spam!


this website has shown up in blog comment spam.
or if you prefer.. Spammer to see spammer's website click here

On there there are g0ogel ads.. don;t clikc them in an effort to get the spammers account banned.. cause that's just not nice.. but there is also a form on this site.. and I say when not send them a littel spam on their form?
I dunno.. perhpas email them a viagra ad..
Do you know of a spammer? would you like a few hundred people to visit them?
Well then post em here..

recomended Blog De'Jur...

Go give Nix a visit.. and post a comment or twelve.. hell it's his birthday../ and if you read his stuff.. he deserves a nice post saying.. hope the hangover ain;'t too bad.
Help a brother..
or if you prefer.. Warn a Brother

Peace pass it on.

Shopping for a new hot tub! Wanna take a dip?

Shopping for a new Nordic Crown, but I am a little over 6’ tall, and it is a bit shallow for me.
So I am off to look-see.
I have had no problems with my tub, and I am leaning toward another Nordic now. They have a new model called the CROWN XL that looks good. The Crown XL is 4" deeper than my old Crown, adn according to the salesman it has a bigger motor and more jets!
I like the round shape and the whirlpool, is great when you don’t want jets right on your back all of the time. (Like durring those romantic moments...)

Then I see that there is also a new square tub called the escape premium, with two water pumps!, it is square but they tell me that it has a remarkable whirlpool action.. so I may take a close lootk adn a wet test of it too..

Last time I bought I went to a website at and talked with the webmaster, nice guy, he pointed me toward either a Sundance or a Nordic, and in the end with my budget the Nordic won out.
I see that Nordic is still on their recommended hot tubs list. And with that in mind, I feel that I will get a good tub for not a lot of money.
I will keep you attuned to how this turns out.

comment spam.. how do you stop it?

Well you can turn on confirmation.. I have it..
You can just not read your comments adn hope that the spammers enjoy writing to themselves.
you can.. cry.
or you can click their links... if they have g0ogle ads you can then click on them.. again and again and again, and every day you can go back and click some more.. eventually they will loose their google account for click fraud... but that's not nice.. so perhaps beter than that is to ask other people that visit your blog to do this..
I wont tell you which of the above I do.. but let me say that a marco set up to click ads is an easy program to write.

Now here is one other.. tactic.. I like to have an account name that I do not care about.. if you then go to a smpammers page, and they have anyway to leave a comment.. you do so.. but be sure to call them a spammer.. about 900 times in the post.. or just start talking about your gay experience with them.. that one works too.. or tell them that you know who thay are and what they did with your wife.. that's always exciting.. or ask them if they ever got therapy for their beastiality.. or if that rash ever cleared up.. of if they have gotten over being mad at you for the herpes.. the potential here is endless..

Now go out and cause a little havoc for some spammers.. it is a far greater then you do today.. *yada yada yada)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Funny and sexy videos and pictures...

I just had to pass this link along, not like they need it.. nearly 13 million hits a day!

I have become addicted to this site.. is has some funny funny stuff.. if you have a 'sophomoric" sense of humor like mine that is..

I hope you enjoy it.

Songs that get stuck in your head...

I used to think it was just me, that would get a song, usualy one i did not really like, stuck in my head.. and there it would play.. all day.. or worse while I was trying to get to sleep.. worse, I did not always know all the words, so then I woudl have to try and figure them out..

Then about a year ago a co-worker and I were talking, she said that she had this same problem.. then the games began.. humming songs to eachother over the intercom system.. trying to get the song stuck in the others head!
The best I found was one by the Bangles.. with lyrics like.. Dut do do do dut do do do.. but then she hit me with the theme to gilligans Island! Not the two of them will run together in my head... it's the bangles singing the theme to Gilligan's Island, with an occasional dut do do do thrown in where the words and the sound of the bangles song don't mesh..
and now if you suffer from this, and know what Bangles song I am talking about.. it is happening to you.. hehehhe..

Music.. it's a terrable thing.. and it must be stopped....

Do you have songs that stick in your head? What are they? I wanna know.. hopefully one will take the place of thiss twisted Gilligan Bangle thing I got going on.. arrrrrgggghhhhhh!

why is it???

Why is it, if you give somone a little bit of power, that they feel like they have to be a dick to everyone under them?
I'm not saying that this applies to everyone in power.. but i am so sick of people coming to me to complaine aboutthe poor judgment of middle managment.. I mean come on, to go and be rude to somone under you, because you took somthing that they said to somone els as rude.. it's just ..well rude.

So everyone within the sound of my voice, that has somone working under you , go say something nice to them.. it will make up for the masses who are asses, just because they can be.

Peace, 'Pass it on.

Monday, October 24, 2005


okay go there.. a song will play, I can tell that the blog / site is dedicated to a Tim Burton movie.. but what language is that song?

It's driving me nuts.. I actualy have it stuck in my head! ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!
Why is the rest of the site in english? And this song is in Japaneese?

okay nuff for now.. I have to go ponder the real important things in life, like weather or not to buy a 6 pack of absinthe from Gremany.. for myself for Christmas.. nothing says christmas like a nice warm absinth buzz....

please if anyone can tell me exactly what language the soneg at is post it here..

My list of must have scary (Horror) movies.. not for wimps! (Great for dates.. hehheeh)

Welcome to my list of MUST have scary movies! I love scary movies, I grew up on them. Saturday afternoon Creature Features, on channel 6.. Old B/W movies were great.. then my tastes for the macabre developed, but some of the old classics have stood the test of time with me.

Below are a list of movies that I think everyone, that loves scary movies should own.. it is Halloween time , and with the gifting season right around the corner, I hope you will click a few and buy a scary movie for a friend or lover.. after all nothing says “I love you” like a big old pool of blood!

Oddly enough Rose Red perhaps the least bloody of the bunch is my favorite.. go figure…

Movie Reviews, one surprisingly good, one surprisingly bad.

Well tiz the season to watch scary movies, and I rented a couple this weekend. One was suprisingly good, and the other was suprisingly bad.. well not bad really, just kind of boring.

The Movies were Dee Snyder's (Formerly of Twisted Sister Fame) StrangeLand

The other was Exorcist - The Beginning

Can you guess which was good and which was bland?
Yep.. Dee Snyders movie was actually pretty damn good. I was expecting somthing along the lines of Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses . (A real crap bag IMHO) But I was suprised, it was not all that poorly written, not all that gory, but was TWISTED AS ALL HELL! It was like Hanabal Lecter and you not so run of the mill carny had a child, and it was CapnHowdy!

Sure StrangeLand is twisted and sick adn not for the faint of heart, but what a great date movie! If you want to scare your date into getting close while the lights are on, this one is 4 stars!

First we watched Exorcist - The Beginning when I was a kid the orriginal (The Exorcist )was out, I saw it at home a few years later, as I was a bit young to see it in the theater at the tiem it was released.. the orriginal The Exorcist scared the hell outta me! I was hoping that after a few years to properly ferment, some warped mind would come to the plate with a movie to rival the orriginal.. I was let down. While not in total a bad movie it was boring by the standard set so high by the first. The plot moved along quick enough I guess, but you just never did care for any of the charictors, and in the end which I will not give away, you realy didn't care if any of them were left alive.. in fact at one point I was hoping that the "evil" would just wipe everyone out and be done with it. So my final review.. Exorcist - The Beginning not bad enough to make my Movies that Suck Reviews but not good enough to recomend.

StrangeLand A real suprise.. worth owning, will go nicly next to your Hanibal Lecter Collection, or even with your House of 1000 Corpses delux edition.

To all my Floridian friends.

Well , my family and friends, I hope you get a chance to see this before your power goes out.. I will be thinking about you in the coming days, if you need anything you know how to get a hlod of me.
What a wild hurricane season huh!?!?
It looks like the most of my friends in Florida will be well out of the full path, thank god, but for those of you that are going to feel the full impact of this storm, know that the rest of the country is holding thier breath with you, and praying for it's quick passing.

I see that TS Alpha is now dumping rain on Hati too.. we may have to change to a number system to name storms.. the year and.1, .2 etc.
So for all that will feel storms in '06, I hope you never have to feel more than Hurricane 2006.1

With wishes for low damage and no loss of life.