Saturday, January 24, 2009

One more time...

picture of me..

alright, I will bend to the pressures of my enormous fan base (both of you).
Here is a picture of me.. at work. working hard.. and trying to git-er done.

So now that I have shown you mine.. all I ask in return is that you show me yours.. send me an email with you picture.. the more outrageous the better.

Hell if it is really good and might even get my account banned.. I may just post it here with your permission of course.. so send me your pic today.. send it to make the subject nude photos for your blog.. that ought to get my attention.

This is a repost...
It worked last time...
Okay be nice this time... i'm afraid this time.

(Mayby) Like maby I can spell...


It also is not a current pic... it is about 3 years old...maybe 4 years old.
But hey, it is one of my most current ones... (yikes)
gotta go... see you later.

Some fake stuff.... Milli Vanilli...

Milli Vanilli - Blame It On The Rain

Milli Vanilli- Girl, I'm gonna Miss You

Milli Vanilli- Baby, Don't Forget My Number

MILLI VANILLI (Grammy Awards 1990)

and finally.... The Downfall.

Milli Vanilli press conference (1990)

It was really a shock to me...MV no longer cool... damn. Well life did go on... unhappily as it could... okay I'm makin' a big thing out of a little thing.... but man Milli Vanilli is fake!!

Okay enough of this crap... check the other post... and have a good day.

Go ahead you know you want to....

Hudson River Plane Crash... Got it... From the Cockpit

Hudson River Plane Crash - From The Cockpit

Wow! Thanks Mal.
(I stole it from him.)
Go see his latest blog...

It's cool.

Today.. we have news!

Not me...

Shock for Jean on visit to the doctor

When Jean Silverthorne went to the doctor's suffering from headaches and dizziness, she did not expect it would lead to her being diagnosed with a rare brain condition.
The pensioner from Red House was told she has an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which can lead to a stroke.

Now she is determined to raise awareness of the condition and is searching for other Wearsiders who have had it or are suffering from it.

Jean, 62, of Red House, said: "Other people could be in my position and not know anything about it.

"I keep thinking if this is caught early on it can benefit people.

"My symptoms were not bad at all. I was very tempted to think I won't bother going to the doctor's, but I'm glad I did."

Jean started suffering weakness down her right arm around March last year, which she originally put down to a bad fall she had suffered.

Other symptoms included a headache on the left side of her forehead and dizziness.

After an appointment at the headache clinic at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Jean underwent a scan which revealed she was suffering from an AVM.

An AVM is a tangle of blood vessels (arteries and veins) and can cause damage when they bleed in the brain.

Treatment is recommended to protect against bleeding, which can damage the surrounding brain tissue and lead to stroke, permanent disability or even death.

Jean faces three procedures at Newcastle General Hospital over the coming months.

She will have a brain angiogram in February, followed by embolisation – a technique which involves injecting liquid glue or coils into the AVM, using a catheter.

Jean will finally undergo surgery to remove the AVM.

Jean, who has two children and three grandchildren, said: "If anyone diagnosed wants to get in touch I would really appreciate it.

"If I had cancer I could join a support group and things like that, but I can't with this so I just want to find out if someone has been diagnosed with it and we can help each other."

If you have been affected by a brain AVM, email to have your details passed on to Jean.

Well it's better than yesterday.
I gotta go... but I will try to come back.
Good day!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nothing in AVMs not evan any hot tub News!

You know it is slow out there when I bring up my other blog. I am stuck in my house... so it ain't that I get a feeling for whats going on in outdoor life.

Next week I may be absent as I put in my first 40 hr. work week, I will try to keep this up... but there are no promises. It aught to be funny, as I try to stay awake for those hours. I cannot due it here...

Have some youtube...

Thats it... good by.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mmmmhh Think I may start this with "Not Mine" in the Title...

I think I've got my readers confused...There are a number of posts that are not mine. They are merely posts that I have a "feeling about". Or that have a theme that I enjoy.
Up till this point, I put a link to the original post at the end of it, thinking that my readers will figure out that I am not the original poster.

So I think I'll start the next of with that in the title.
what do you think???

Okay enough of that.
News today is Thar ain't No news!!!
This is good.
Unfortunately this forces me to give you Youtube!!!

Confessions of a Grey Part 1: Rectal Probing

Confessions of a Grey Part 2

and last but not least...

Anal Probe!

Okay... they weren't AVM related... but they were fun... kinda'

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AVM Walk in SF May 3rd
Save the Date!!! May 3rd, 2008
I don't have all of the details yet, but for all of my local supporters I would LOVE for you to join me in raising awareness for Brain AVM's with TAAF's Annual Awareness Walk. We are trying to organize for many of the members of AVM Survivors Network to join as well. With luck I will be meeting some of my AVM family in person! What a wonderful day that will be!I'll be updating here, on my website, and over at as new details become available. The event is to raise awareness as well as funds, and we are already working on Tshirts which will serve to raise money and also to unite us as one AVM family as we walk.Check back soon for more details!Shalon


AVM Walk in San Francisco - May 3
My friends Shalon and Kim (Jacyln's Mom) on AVM Survivors, a patient to patient support group for people with AVM, told me about the AVM Foundation's annual walk and fundraiser in San Francisco. It will be on May 3rd on Chrissy Field. Please put that on your calendar and join me there. Here is the discussion about the walk on AVM Survivors for more information.Shalon is working on t-shirts and organizing a get-together the day before, but at the very least, it would be great to have your participation!
Posted by Kenny Kellogg


I am actualy posting this my work!
It is slow... so you win!!!
One problem... I don't have spell checker on this computer.
So you might get anything.

The avm stories are real good, do me a favor give them a shout.
Here's to working! YEEEEHAAAAWWWW!
Got to go...
PS. I disided that music would be better than the three AVM related books.
I hope you agree.

Monday, January 19, 2009

News of the Day.

A stranger offers hope

Ronda Collier brings her own story of hope to people with arteriovenous malformation.

Nine years ago, Collier, 44, of Ann Arbor survived the same type of AVM that left Julie Legner Anderson in a coma, and she has recovered almost fully. Fortunately for Collier, her AVM was discovered -- in a part of her brain stem that controls thinking and the heartbeat -- before the tangle of veins ruptured.

Collier is well enough today to run a company that makes salvage yards more environmentally friendly. She also exercises regularly, goes sailing and travels. She has some residual weakness in her left hand and some vision issues that keep her from driving.

After hearing about Anderson's case from the friend of a friend, Collier signed on to Anderson's CarePage and left encouraging notes.

Anderson's sister, Kathy Sipple, saw Collier's messages and asked her to visit Anderson at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. She met her last fall.

"I told her to keep the faith; keeping hope is most important," Collier said last week. "I told her not to listen too much to what people say you won't be able to do. We know so little about the brain. I recovered much better than I expected.

"They also tell you there's no improvement after two years, but I feel I continue to improve."

Collier reads Anderson's CarePage daily.

"There are days I walk away saying, 'Yes!' pumping my fist, and there are days when there are setbacks and I cry and say, 'Why so much for this one family?'

"I have such respect for her family," she said. "I just feel I've lived with them. I didn't know this family before and now they are very dear to me."



What is AVM?

Arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is a defect of the circulatory system, often caused in utero, that creates a tangle of small arteries and veins that can rupture and bleed. These tangles in the brain and spinal cord are called neurological AVMs.

AVMs of the brain and spinal cord affect 300,000 Americans.

Symptoms include headache, blurred vision, slurred speech, vomiting, stiff neck, muscle weakness, loss of sensation in part of the body, fainting, drooping eyelids, altered vision, facility paralysis or change in mood.

Most people with neurological AVMs have few significant symptoms, though some can be fatal. Surgery is the typical treatment.

For details, go to

Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes




And that's that.
I know what your thinking... why put books that are Kindergarten and 1st grade... well as far as it gos when you first get home after an AVM... at least an avm of the left side of the brain they help.

Until recently I still had some very basic education CD's on my computer. They helped.

Okay now I'm going to go... yall take care.