Saturday, October 13, 2007

Star Wars Trumpet Stacy Hedger

i could play better than that!!!

Star Wars Trumpet Stacy Hedger. I work in TV Sports, this tape has circulated amongst our tape rooms for years, I figured it was only natural to be on YouTube. I'm of the understanding it was a statewide beauty pagaent, and Stacy is Miss Douglas County. I have no idea who she is, or if she even knew there was a talent portion of the contest. It's believed that the tape has origins in the Kansas City area, and I thought it was a Nebraska beauty pageant.

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still morning

i have lost my keys! SOB!
time to go look a technori... no not for keys!

Noelia: The New Queen of Porn

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New Information Points the Finger at Noelia?s Boyfriend

New information has surfaced as to the leaking and profiting of Noelia’s now infamous sex tape. Her stepfather Topy Mamery, whom she’s accused of selling the video, is now claiming that her boyfriend and manager Jorge Reynoso is responsible for all the chaos.

According to Topy, following a three month investigation with the help of a company that specializes in Internet networks, it has been discovered that Jorge benefits financially from a website selling her leaked sex tape.

“Las compañías de Noelia no sólo la han perjudicado a ella, sino que han hecho pasar a su familia por los cuatro meses más tormentosos de nuestra vida”, aseveró el esposo de Yolandita Monge.

“The companies [benefiting] from Noelia not only have damaged her name, but they have also caused her family to undergo through four of the most stormy months of our lives,” assured Yolandita Monge’s husband [Topy Mamery].

Damn, this girl can’t seem to catch a break! This is like an episode of “Law and Order: SVU”. Everyone’s a suspect!

read more here

now i am not saying that if you go here you'll get to see it...

ok i am out a here...

or if you prefer....

now go buy something....

hey Good morning....

i have been trapped by my wife... feels good to be out...even if it is for a Day.
(part of a day)

lets see if there is any thing worth noting over at technocrati...
nope wasn't shit!

oh well guess I'll have too make something up....

The sun did not come up at eleven.

johnny cash....good

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

a good video....

thats not bad...
i though i would not be online today but what do you know....

oh well... this is my life... whatcagondoaout it.

party on.....


fear dot com

It is a better movie than i had given it credit for.

check it out...

how about a penny for a use one...

thats not to bad.

i am watching it now on my computer... it is a dark and dreary day... makes it even better before you go be sure to bookmark my page.

wife is home...

it is going to be a light day, around here...

oh well....

so much for whiting some much overdue Duck Lacrosse...

oh well....

here is one you'll really like....
World Of Warcraft Expansion: Burning Crusade
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Platform: Windows 2000 / XP, Macintosh | ESRB Rating: Teen

rating 4.5

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

blog list!

Gregory Louis Fuller (aka Louis Gregory Fuller) last seen 1968 Grand Rapids Michigan
Karen Denee' Last seen Lake of the Ozarks MO. 1975
Joy George Last Seen Lake of the Ozarks 1975
Alejandro "Alex" Lastra Last seens 1983 Miami FL.
Javaier "Javie" Lastra Last seen 1981 Miami , FL.
Maria Delgato last seen Miami, FL. 1985
Ann Clexton last seen Miami 1986 FOUND! 11-14-05!!!
John Eby Last seene Miami 1985
Rick Eby Last seen Miami 1985 FOUND!
Lidia (or Lydia) Hernandez last seen Miami 1987
Tracy Hernandez last seen Miami 1986
Jane Nicholson last seen Miami 1985
Elmer McDowell last seen Miami 1990
John "ki-ki" Clopton Last seen Miami 1986
Ignacio Treviosa (or Trevioso) Last seen Miami 1989
Glenn Esterly last seen Miami 1989
Laura Wilson last seen Miami 1988
Mike Lyttle last seen Miami 1991
Katherine Wyatt (or Fuller or Turnbull) -Talahassee FL 1999
Kyra Wyatt - Tallahassee Florida 1999
Martha "Marti" Findley (or Finley?) - Grand Rapids Michigan 2000
Deborah "Debbie" Viggiani- Naples Florida 1990 FOUND!
Cheryl Viggiani - Naples Florida 1990 FOUND!
Mike Lyttle- Miami 1990
Danny Wu - Miami 1990
Mike Alverez - Miami 1984
Virginia Harris - Miami 1989
Kevin Connway - Grand Rapids MI 1992
Sue Spicer - Howard City Michigan 1991
Monica Behan (also Fuller and Smith)- Grand Rapids Mi 1997

not bad... I wonder if a stroke patient will do so good?

Is today D-Day for the Recording Industry?

Is today D-Day for the Recording Industry?

October 10, 2007 at 4:32 pm · Filed under Internets, MP3, Music

Today marks the unprecedented release of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows,” which I mentioned ten days ago.

When I pre-ordered the download and was prompted to name a price, I opted to pay nothing. Now, I have been listening to Radiohead since I was in middle school and have owned store-bought copies of all of their albums at some point or another. Some have been lost, some have been “borrowed” and never returned, some are too scratched to play, having been spun around so many times. I’ve bought “The Bends” four times and I don’t even know where my current copy is right now (Thank goodness for iTunes). I want the discbox, but I was scared to spend $80 on something I had barely heard a note of. I think that’s fair. Plus I’ve wanted to see Radiohead live for ten years now, and intend to do so on the first opportunity that arises.

read more here

Stephen Colbert... hes got a book!

yes it is here!

now who will be the first to do a review?

just email me....

Joe Scarborough and Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) on Morning Joe

Joe Scarborough and Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) on Morning Joe, October 8, 2007

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* scarborough,
* morning,
* senator,
* jim,
* webb,
* blackwater,
* iraq,
* losers,
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* mercenaries

army doods should be doing it... right!

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See As I See... SAW IV

If it's Halloween, it must be SAW. Saw IV in theaters October 26

* saw,
* 4

i really want to see this.


me & jami at kennywood ah ha ha ha!

haha. we got so wet from this ride!


* funny,
* kennywood

and she can't get her kids.... hmmm kinda makes ya wanna barf... don't it.

lets talk about Wilhelm Scream Compilation...

thats cool....

Wilhelm Scream Compilation

Compilation of Wilhelm screams from various films and television programs. Created for the 2007 InConJunction Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, in Indianapolis, IN FAQ: Q: Are these for real? A: Yes. The Wilhelm Scream exists in EVERY ONE of these movies (as released on DVD) and at the spot they are shown in these clips. It was NOT "dropped in" to any of the clips. The volume on some of the clips has been "pumped up" to make them more obvious. Q: How did you find them all? A: and Q: Is this the complete Wilhelm Scream list? A: OH HELL NO! Way too many movies, and I don't own them all on DVD. Q: Why didn't you include more clips from the original Academy Awards Wilhelm Scream compilation? A: Two reasons, first I don't own some of those movies on DVD, and my intent was to include very few duplicates. Q: What's the song at the end? A: "That Calls For A Wilhelm Scream", by Possible Oscar... they rock by the way. Q: What's "The Wilhelm Game"? A: While sitting in the theater and you hear a Wilhelm Scream, you shout out "Wilhelm!". Hopefully you won't get kicked out. Q: What's the Clip at 1:10? A: Hell Boy Q: What's the Clip at 1:33 A: Sin City Q: What's the Clip at 1:52 A: Howard The Duck Q: What's the clip at 2:06? A: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Q: What's the clip at 2:15? A: The Star Wars Holiday Special. Q: What's the clip at 2:22? A: King Kong (AKA, King Kong vs Jack Black). Q: What's the clip at 2:43? A: Curse of the Were-Rabbit Q: What's the clip at yadda yadda yadda... A: Really? Come on, half the fun of a compilation is trying to figure out where the clips came from.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2008 Cady CTS....

First Drive: 2008 Cadillac CTS - Interior and Infotainment

While the exterior styling of the new CTS has garnered its fair share of praise, it's not until you step inside and realize that Cadillac's design renaissance is not an aberration. Swathed in acres of high-quality material, the textures, colors and layout is provocative enough to get your attention, but subdued in a way that doesn't distract from the task at hand.

see more here...

I saw this and thought you would enjoy it.

really go look....

I got to go...
peace out.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

well its monday...

and I don't have a job....
oh well...
have a vid...

ohhh yah....

thats enough...

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Everday Compact - Midnight Black

Everday Compact - Midnight Black

Everyday Compact - Midnight Black