Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rocketboom? How about Amanda Congdon in the nude video?

Okay so I got your attention.. see amanda Unboomed..
and please go visit her blog and insist that she move to Paris, to do RocketBum with my mate Mal
Peace, DeRex

AManda, we love ya babe..

Talking Heads Videos.. thanks Youtube.. still 100% Rocketboom / Amanda Cogdon FREE

The Talking heads were at the pincale of hip in my collage days.. (well what I rmeember of them anyway)
And here's a little Amanda Congdon / Rocketboom Free video action for you.. sorry no sex.


and let us not forget..


Psycho Killer from 1978??? WTF?!?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Get your Amanda congdon Rocketboom fix here!

its!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCKETBUM!

With Amanda Condom.
(Sorry Amanda, love ya' babe)

your youtube video moment for the day.. I miss you... Everything but the girl

a 100% Rocketboom free zone...
Why did I think the Erythmics did this song?

Have you ever missed somone from your past like this?
I have...
Fortunatly it was not a guy in a dress that I missed.. YIKES!
(Sorry Mal)

So my dear reader. Remember, sometimes dreams and wishes do come true.
Now a better somg for me is this...

keep on smiling...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

buy my Lotus Esprit on Ebay!
Yep it's official, i am selling my lolo!
Here's a sneek peek...
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Waterproof kama-sutra book assists couples with aqua sex. (From the news)

Waterproof kama-sutra book assists couples with aqua sex
By Joey Marburger
Summer Editor (The Exponent: Purdeu's Independant Student Newspaper)

It was a typical Friday in the newsroom until I went to check my mail. I noticed a yellow plastic duck sitting in my mailbox. At first, I thought somebody had captured my rubber ducky and was sending mysterious threats because, well, it was blindfolded. Then I investigated.

The people from Cosmopolitan magazine sent me something: a sex book, for the water. "Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra" is a delightful romp through multiple positions that can be administered in water-involved sex scenarios, such as a hot tub, "The Hot-Tub Hug," the shower, "The Slippery When Wet" or maybe the beach, "The Torrid Tidal Wave."

Each position comes with detailed instructions and why it is enjoyable. There are 25 sex positions in all for the bath tub, shower, pool, lake, hot tub, sprinkler and ocean. A handy guide at the beginning of the book provides icons that correspond to the aqua environment.

Also, the "Aqua Extra" provides quick tips for each position to make them extra steamy, such as this one from "The Bubbly Back Float." Aqua Extra: Situate yourself in front of a jet so the bubles circulate below you, creating a tickly carnal current that will amp up the pleasure.

Now who didn't want to know that? So, if you are looking to sauce up your love life and you and your partner enjoy the water, then give this book a try.

And best of all, yes, the book is waterproof. You can have the book on hand in case a position is forgotten, mid-coitas.

The book also provides "Water-Sex Wisdom," which provides information on practicing safe sex in the water. So remember, be safe and, if you can't swim, stick to shallow water and maybe even use a life preserver. Who knows, you could always do some captain, first mate or man overboard role playing.

"Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra" was released Saturday by Hearst Books and can be purchased through major book stores for $9.95.

(Or check it out at

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rocketboom, Tammy NYP, Sex, Video, and Youtube!

Well if you can;t tell from the title, this will be an eclectic bunch of horseshit!
First lets talk Rocketboom, a No.! right now!
Hey Mal, you see this shit?
Time to whip out a little Rocketbum on them!
Seems Amanda quit Rocketboom.. have you seen her?

See youtube for more Rocketboom parodies, by my mate Mal
And go to for more videos then you can shake your winky at.

In further Tammy NYP news..
Q: How many Tammy NYPs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Tamm NYPs dont screw in lightbulbs, they screw in dorm rooms!

ANd now for some sex video...

Here's teh bad news, for all you he-men that just stroked one off to that video.. those women.. are men!
Yes, they are transexuals.. you just touched your tra la la, to a dude... dude!

and for those of you, who have a dial up.. and just crashed good and proper, sorry about your luck.. get broadband.


and now the technorati tags..

Sex, video, orgasm, youtube.. Questions?

Well me little druggie woogs and malchicks..
peep your glazzy balls at this..

anyone up for a bit of the ol' in out, in out? Real horror show...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye, St's Blood, Lucky No. 13

Have you ever talked while you made love?

Usually I find that I am just there for one purpose.. and one only.. that’s sexual satisfaction, for my lover and for me, or in some cases (I admit) for me alone.
This was different, she was different..

As we kissed, she eased me onto my back and straddled me with her perfect legs.
My hands went instinctively to her breasts, so perfect.
Her head went back and her eyes closed as she took me inside… she started to ride me slowly, so deliciously slow…. Her hips moving in small circles as she slid up and down me.

Her eyes came to meet mine.. they were dark, but in them I could see many colors, tonight they took on a greenish hue… she was breathing in and out to the rhythm she set with her body..
Her skin was hot as fire, and pale as a ghost..

“What are you?” I asked..
“I am yours tonight” she replied.. as she ran her hands down and back up my chest.

“Only tonight?” I said.. wishing for this and for her to never end..

“You ask too many questions.” She said a smile on her lips..

My hand went then to her lips.. I ran my thumb around them.. so perfect they were, so red, so perfectly moist and full… she started to suck on my thumb.. her mouth was so soft.. and so hot.

She started to speed her rhythm.. taking me in faster, and harder now.. she grasped my arm, and pulled my hand down toward her breast.. as she did, she gave a small moan of delight.. then she laid her head upon my chest.. I wrapped her in my arms, and thrust against her body as she came down onto me..

“Oh Duke!” she cried.. “I never want this to end.”

Her moaning grew louder, and her cries of ecstasy stronger and stronger.. then she came.. with great shudders that seemed to wrack her body for great long minutes.. her cries louder than ever at each shaking contraction.. her breath only coming in gasps.. her back arched as she released an animal sound, nearly like a growl, as she drove me into her as deeply as I could be, her hips again making small circles s she pushed down and back hard..

Her mouth came to meet mine.. sweet taste, hot tongue.. so, so soft that mouth.. we kissed like this for a long time, as she seemed to suffer the aftershocks, of her orgasm..

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too.” Was her reply..

We laid in each others arms for a long time afterward, I was still in her, and just the feeling of her heat, kept me hard. I thought she had fallen asleep on top of me, when after a long time she said nothing and did not move.. then I felt the smallish shudder.. and felt a hot tear drip onto my chest.

She was softly crying.

“What is the matter, my love?” I asked stroking her hair, softly.

“I cannot love you...” she said in a low whisper.

“You do love me though, don’t you?” Again stroking her soft curls.

“Yes… “ it was a breathless whisper.

“Is it our “difference” that makes you say this?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said while tucking her head under my chin, and snuggling against me almost cat like.

“I don’t care, about that, I only care about you. I know at first you did something to me, to charm me, but you don’t do that any more, do you?. But I am still charmed by you. You are everything a man could ask for and more than I deserve.” I was running my hands up and down her back, feeling the smooth skin there. “Why do you say you cannot love me.?”

“My soul belongs to another.” She was truly crying now. Great hot tears were dripping from her eyes onto my chest. So hot that the nearly stung.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling the breath leave my body, I was feeling like I was losing her, and I was not going to lose her without one hell of a fight.

“When I was made, made a Vampire, I did so willingly. To become, you must give yourself willingly to the master. It is a bond that lasts forever, and cannot be broken.” She was weeping now shudders running through her body, as she spoke.

“Rules are meant to be broken sweetheart. Tell me how you are made? There has to be a catch.” A feeling of desperation welling up inside me… how could I ever let her go?

She slid from on top of me, and down beside me. She looked at me, and my heart broke to see the stains of tears in her beautiful eyes. I brushed the tears aside with kisses to each eye. Her tears were salty and sweet, and she had a new smell about her, one that is indescribable, in its ability to stir my emotions. I wanted to “save” her, and keep her for myself, it was the sweet and exotic smell and taste of her tears that made me, feel this way.

“The master, came to me, as I came to you, those nights. I was young, it was a very long time ago, indeed.” Her eyes seemed to focus on something far away, or long ago. “I was to be married. To a terrible man, but he had land and possessions, and my parents were thrilled at the arraignment. I thought I would kill myself before I went to man like him as wife. And it was under these influences that the Master found me. HE came to me, in the night, at first I thought I was having bad dreams, but they were so erotic, and despite their theme, I found myself having erotic fantasies during the days, and I found that my days were turning more and more into nights. I could not sleep once the sun went down, and felt an incredible urge to sleep once it came up.

As the day of my marriage approached, he , The Master, came to me, and explained that I could leave with him that night, but if I did I could never come back, to my family or my village. I knew as you knew, what he was, and what I was becoming. I thought that I had already became a vampire, when he finally showed himself to my waking mind. And thought that I truly had no choice, for a vampire in a village like mine, would surly be burned alive. Still, I did not ask if it was too late,” as she said this, I could see a look of remorse cross her beautiful face, “ I had nothing to live for in that village anyway, other than to be the wife of a cruel land owner. So I went with him.

It was a few nights later, that I was made. The artifact that I asked you to help me find is the Chalice of the Blood of St. Cecelia, the virgin. It is a legend, which only the master knows the truth of. But it contains blood, blood that is perhaps a thousand years old, but stays fresh, and liquid. On the night I was turned, the master made violent love to me, I bled, and he drank of this blood. Then he cut his wrist, and poured some of this blood into the chalice he bade me drink, if I were to be his, forever. And I drank. What happened next is like a dream or a delusion. I grew cold, so very cold, my body shook like I had fever, sweat came first in great streams from my head, then body , then legs and arms.. then the sweat turned to blood. It was as if, my blood was leaving my body, and that of the master and the saint were taking its place, and my blood was escaping from my body through every pore. This went on for three days. As it did, I was shown all the faces of the Masters conquests. I saw them all, some living after a bite, some dying, men and women and children, small children.. “ At this she broke into great gasping sobs, that went on uncontrollably for a long time”.

When she started up again, the tears continued to flow as she spoke. “I saw so many people die, some willingly, some fighting, and some in sort of passive stupor. And as I saw each, I felt what the master had felt. He was a cruel man, far crueler than and fat land owner. He drew the most pleasure from the ones who fought. He enjoyed the acid taste of their scared blood. Many times after he had drained them he would tear the body to pieces and scatter it all the time howling like some beast! And he took such joy in the death.” Her skin had raised goose bumps at this.” And my visions ended with my own surrender. I awoke to find myself in a mansion. Surrounded by ageless years of collections, and I was only the latest addition to the master’s collections.

He treated me as a servant, except when we were hunting. Then I was wife or mistress, to whatever unsuspecting soul he chose to stalk.

I was not without hunger either. The hunger grows every day that it is not satisfied. It can only be put down by feeding, feeding on living blood. I was forced to feed from the Masters “kills” for a while, but eventually after trying to go without or as long as I could, I found that I could not fight the need , and that I had to feed, or the cravings become such as to throw me into delirium and under those influences, even I would kill for fun.

I learned quickly that I preferred the taste of freely given blood, and especially the blood, of a lover. When the surrender of it was erotic and fully of free will. The master thought me child like in this preference, but did not seem to mind, my unusual methods. He knows that he has possession of my body and soul, and he has other delights to pursue now, so he leaves me to my own devices. “

“He is not jealous?” I asked.

“He is, very jealous.” She said eyes opening in alarm.” But he is jealous of his possessions, and as long as I am his alone, he is tolerant of my methods. This is why I cannot love you, love is a surrender, and if I love you he will surely destroy you.” The sobbing started up again, and she collapsed onto my chest.

“I love you…” I said again stroking her hair, as she hid her face from me.

After a while her crying had stopped, and her hand began to run up and down the center of my chest and stomach.. it felt so good to be touched by her.. I held her close, and her hand slipped down , down to my manhood.. her gentle touch reawakened me instantly. She pivoted up and onto me again, but did not take me inside, instead she started kissing me, first on the forehead, then down across the bridge of my nose, then my lips, where she stayed for a while tasting my mouth.. then my chin.. then down the center of my neck.. here too she stayed.. I turned my head to offer he my vein, but she only kissed me there.. then down my chest.. and stomach, her hands gently caressing me where her kisses had been.. when she got to my hardness.. she stopped a moment.. her tongue licking down the left of me, then up the right.. then I felt that tongue starting at my navel, and traveling down the underside of my hard shaft, and between my balls, and then back up now her lips, made that same circuit.. and when she reached the head of my harness she took it into her hot mouth.. one hand cupping my balls, and the other wrapping around the bottom of my shaft.. she massaged and sucked me now.. I could feel her tongue running up the underside, to that sensitive spot at the base of the head, there it would lick quite quickly.. and it drove me insane with desire.. then she would slide her mouth along the bottom, and tongue my sack gently and with an open mouth.. only to go back up.. and take me into her mouth again.. I could not hold back, and longer, and I announced that I was going to cum.

“No, not yet” she looked up at me and said. Her hypnotic eyes, making my body and mind react to her will.

I thought I was truly at the point of no return when she said this, but rather I simply pulsed a few times, and it subsided..

“There that’s better”, she said stroking me with one smooth hand and smiling at me.

“I want you to fuck me.” She said through white sharp teeth. “I want you to fuck me like you own me.” The emphasis on the word fuck, the way she said it, so naughty, and so deeply sexual, made my heart race with expectation.

I took her in my arms and placed her onto her back , the cushioned arm rest of the couch behind her neck.. I placed my arm under her legs at the knees, and pushed her legs up so that they were nearly pinned to her chest.. she looked up at me with an burning desire, something animal in its basic nature.. I came down on her, with nearly my full weight, pushing into her as deeply as I could go.. I felt bottom, and she made a small sound of pain and delight, as I did…. I looked down to watch my hardness plunge into her again and again.. her hands came up and pulled at my hair.. and I thrust now with all my might.. she cried out loudly in pain and pleasure.. and as she did I felt her nails bite into the flesh at the sides of my neck, near the shoulder.. she was pulling me towards her.. and as she did I crashed down upon her with my hips again..
I was pumping her fast and deep now, the sound of our two bodies making a clapping sound.. her mouth open she bent her neck back exposing the soft flesh there, I could see the sharp teeth, then the mouth closed, down upon her bottom lip.. biting.. biting hard enough to draw blood.. I bent down and bit her neck.. she gave it to me by turning her head.. and pushing up towards my mouth.. I bit her heard enough for it to hurt.. and she let out a gasp as I did.. then her hands went to my shoulders, and she pulled me into her hard.. I kept thrusting into her so deep I felt the bottom with each thrust..

“Yes, DUKE! YES! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARRRRRRD!” She cried now a scream.. of joy and sex.

She then bit me.. her knees to her chest, her arms at the sides, she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to her mouth.. first in a kiss, I again tasted her blood there.. sweet and sexual and my head started to swim with visions of us together again… then she turned my head to the side, and bit my exposed. Neck.. it was hard enough that it hurt.. and at the same time it felt so good..

“I want you to love me like this forever” she whispered..

“I will love you, forever.” I said as I thrust into her again.. with each thrust her nails bit into my flesh.. pain and pleasure mingling seamlessly

Then without loosing a step, I slid out of her, and rolled her over onto her stomach.

She arched her back like a cat in heat to expose her wetness to me.. I again slid into her, so wet and so hot.. she was dripping, and her sweet sex ran in tiny hot streams down the inside of her legs…
I thrust into her again, hard as before, and grabbing a handful of her dark curls pulled he into me with each forward thrust of my hips.. her chest was flat against the leather cushion, her ass propped up high, and back arched.. She cried, “I’m cuming!” and she started to make the most delicious sounds, I have ever heard.. cries of unbridled sexual release.. she was now up onto all fours, and crashing into me, as hard as I had been pumping her.. together our bodies collided with great slaps of naked flesh.. I kept pulling on her beautiful curls as she crashed backwards into me.. and as I felt her start to contract, I released.. for what seemed an eternity we came together.. my head fell onto her back, and I cried out.. great gushes of me emptying into her.. great pulses of her contracting walls seemingly pulling every drop from me.. my sweat mingling with hers, in rivulets that ran down the full length of her back.. I licked at her sweat.. so sensual, so magical.. and slowly the crescendo came to a soothing quieted hush… I stayed inside her for as long as I could, and we moved together, her seemingly purring with delight, me panting, and feeling drained but at the same time energized..
As I slipped from her, we lain upon the couch, taking each other into a gentle lovers embrace, she said “I love you.” And we kissed and held and softly caressed each other for a long, long time..

As the sky started to grow light, through the closed window blinds we both drifted off to sleep.. there in each others arms, and with no thoughts of any troubles here or anywhere else in the world.

(To be continued)

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The Frenc Training Camp for the Tour!

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