Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hinder, Lips of an Angel .. encore

I just really dig this tune.. and yes, you do make me weak..

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood Part 14

Duke Lacrosse St’s. Blood part 14.

Across town in a beautiful hotel, a phone rang.
Malcolm Biggs sat up in bed, and reached clumsily for the light on the night stand next to his bed.

With a click and a rub to his eyes, the room filled with the yellow light of the lamp. He looked at the clock as he reached for the telephone receiver. It was 6:15.

“Hello” he said in a groggy and gravely voice.

The voice on the other end was not sleepy.

Malcolm listened for a few long moments at the voice on the line, and said “Yes, but I heard that he was free?”
… again the voice spoke…

“okay I understand.” he said now feeling fully shaken from his sleep. “both of them?”
“I will do as you command.” he said now shaking a bit as he eased the hand set down onto the cradle.

“This was never supposed to go this far,” Malcolm though, “it was never to have gone past London, and now here I am , about to risk my life for what?” As he said this, his eyes drifted to the ornate wooden box, that sat on the room’s desk. He knew what he was risking his life for, but he still had no idea of how he had gotten into this predicament.

It was very early in the morning, and if Malcolm knew his “family” he knew that he had nearly 12 hours in which to make his plans.. 12 hours to change all of eternity.

He picked the receiver up again, and dialed “0”.
The hotel operator picked up almost immediately and said ‘Yes, Sir?”

“International call please.. Country code 44 number 678...”

This time the voice on the other end of the line was more friendly. “Hello Mal, What brings you calling at this hour? “
“I have a problem, Sir” Malcolm said sounding dejected. “ I need another infusion of money. Another twenty-thousand should do.”
“My goodness by, you must be in some trouble. You know I said that the last bit would be all I would contribute, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, I remember. But we are so close, and the benefits will far outweigh any amount you have put up. I need to just clean up a pair of loose ends here, and then move on to Los Angeles, to conclude business.”

“Expensive pair of “loose ends” you must have there boy” the voice said, not sounding nearly as jovial as it had at first.

“Yes, Sir, but these should be the last I have to deal with, give me 24 hours after you have wired the money, and I will repay you with all you have coming and then some.”

“Very well, Mal, I will make arraignments, tell me where do you need it wired?”

Malcolm went on to give details, and then hung up the receiver. It was never his intention to come this far but in for an inch in for 10,000 miles seemed to apply here.

At 9:00 the phone rang again, it was the front desk, saying that there was a courier in the lobby wanting to come up. Malcolm knew that this was the money he had requested and told the deskman to send him up.

The courier was in his twenties, young and athletic looking, Malcolm had a pension for young men, and this one would suit his needs well. The package he held was a single envelope.
“Sign here” the courier said pointing at a line on a paper attached to a clipboard, Malcolm did sign and as he handed the pen back he brushed the hand of the courier with his fingertips.

The courier’s eyes came up to meet Malcolm’s “thank you sir“. He said quite curtly. He extended his now empty right hand for a tip. Malcolm reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of rumpled cash. Peeling off a 20 he said to the courier. “Do you do other things for money?”

The look on the couriers face said all Malcolm needed to know, there was nothing this young man would not do for money.
“That all depends on what you have in mind” the courier said dropping his clipboard on the floor and taking one step closer to Malcolm his eyes softening as he stepped in.

“Sorry lad, not that, not now.” Malcolm said. “I need a real favor, a real task done, as for that, well there will be time and money “ he said opening up the envelope seeing the cheque for 20,000 pounds sterling converted into us dollars (nearly $40,000) . “for that later.” “I need you to find me someone, and deliver a very personal message.”

The courier took a step back looking disappointed with the menial task and said “How much does it pay?”

Malcolm looked at the wad of bills he had pulled form his pocket. And said “All of this”. To which the couriers eyes light,
“There must be $100 dollars there?”

“One hundred thirty seven to be exact.” Malcolm said an air of superiority taking him over.

“You got it!” the courier exclaimed. “That’s nearly a months salary!”

“I know” Malcolm said looking down his nose at the young man.

Malcolm continued” I want you to find me a killer. I man by the name of Von Nixincyhe . I believe you will find he is speaking at the local university today, I want you to bring him to me before noon.”

“Do you have any other information? The courier asked.

“That should be enough, if you are to earn your money.” Malcolm said now truly looking down upon the young man. “here is $20 to get you started, the rest will be here when you return with Nixincyhe.. Before noon!”

On that the courier left, nearly running towards the elevator across and down the hall. Malcolm closed the door, a knowing smile on his face. This would all soon be over.

Malcolm spent the rest of the morning, dirking tea and making telephone calls, to the west coast primarily.
“The Hollywood types do love a good artifact don’t they.” He thought as he started to add up the amounts of the private offers he had already received.
The Cup was to be sold at auction a very private auction, and only a very few of the country’s wealthiest were to be invited.
(Surprising to most, the nature of the cup, it’s powers and legend is well known to the elite. And there was no end of willing participants to the auction.. )
Malcolm smiled thinking of all the riches he would soon be holding, after all who would not pay a single life’s earning for an uncountable number of lives? Surely nobody in the Hollywood elite would pass this once in a life time opportunity up.

It was 11:37 when a knock came at the door. It was the curious, and with him a dark man, named Von Nixincyhe.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Barron” Malcolm said in his most agreeable tone.

“Quite irregular”. Von Nixincyhe said as he took the extended hand of Malcolm .

“You may come back later for the balance of your pay” Malcolm said to the courier slipping another $50 into his hand.

“But you pro…”
Malcolm interrupted, “I have more business with you, but it will have to wait, come back at say $5.:00 and I will pay you the rest. “

This seemed to satisfy the young man, and he gave a small bow as he backed out the door and left the two men alone.

“So what have you brought me here for?” the elder Von Nixincyhe said.

“Please have a seat” Malcolm said pointing to the table . “I have a revelation for you, and I think you will be very pleased to hear what I have to say and offer”

Von Nixincyhe sat, and Malcolm offered tea, Von Nixincyhe refused politely and Malcolm sat down across from him at the smallish table tea service and all.

Looking at Von Nixincyhe from across his tea cup, Malcolm said ”I have something you want, I know something that you need to know..”

“Yes” Von Nixincyhe said looking less than entertained by the stranger.

“I know where there are two un-dead, in this city, right now! I know where they sleep.” Malcolm said now smiling.

“How do you know they are undead?” Nix said coolly.

“They have been following me, for weeks now, you see I have something that they want, and they have in their desperation given themselves away, I know what they are, and I know where they are.”

“Really, undead, are rare in “the new world” Nix said feigning uninterested, but raising an eyebrow at the possibility. “You cannot be serious, there has never been a case of it here in this country.”

“They followed me from Europe, and I fear that they will kill me” Malcolm was impressed with his acting, as he spread on the concern.
Von Nixincyhe seemed to be buying it as he sat forward on his chair; “and what would you have that they would travel so far for?”

“That is a matter for me only” Malcolm said. “Do you want to know where they are or not” he said flatly.

“Of course, but what proof do you have to offer.?”

Malcolm went to the desk and pulled from a drawer a news paper clipping. It described the killing of the two women a night before, he threw it down in front of Nix.
“Do you need more proof” Mal said sneering now at Nix.

“I had not seen this.” Nix said, his mouth falling open as he read the details.

“I will give you $5000 to helping your cause.” Malcolm said.

“I need no money for my cause” Nix replied, now his fingers clenching the paper hard enough that the knuckles went white.

“If you tell me where they are, I will need nothing else from you.” Nix said .

“Here I will write it down for you.” Malcolm said pulling a sheet of paper from the desk and writing the address on it…. Duke Lacrosse 1005 Lafayette Ave. Suite 304.

To be continued.

Read a little mystery stuff? Check this out?
Dick Francis, all the mystery only 2% of the sex.

Friday, August 11, 2006

video, OkGO from youtube..

perhpas the modern beatles?



no it's OkGo.. an million ways...

felin the need fo some of the smooth azz gangsta shit...

california love baby..
now how bout a little doggy style for my shortie?

and how bout a hit of that chronic fo yo azz..

hell yeah!
and one last one..

I know you love me AND my Doggie Style!

Absinthe Drinking 101.. the Un Emile 68, Vert

Hello Class, todays lesson is in drinking Absinthe.. no don't worry if you drink absinthe you will not type / spell like I do..

I think the Un Emil 68 (green) will be best to start you off. Not too strong in the licorice department, very strong alcohol. Best with sugar, but still tasty without.

The sugar ritual: Take your slotted spoon and place over glass. Put a sugar cube on the spoon. Pour 1 oz. of the Green Fairy (La Fee Vert) over sugar cube into glass. Light sugar cube on fire (This is the modern Chek way... I don;t flambe' my sugar, because it is just for show.. but hell it's fun, so your choice) after 15 or so seconds, quench the fire if not already out, by pouring ice water over the cube into the glass..
(I have a friend who insists on flambe'ing his sugar.. I call him a Philistine for it.. :)

Here's the other fun part: very slowly drip water onto the cube, to dissolve it. When the absinthe turns cloudy (Louche) it is time to drink. Take your spoon if it has any remaining sugar cube, and stir the absinthe with it, to further dissolve the sugar. The amount of water you prefer, is totally up to you. As I drink absinthe, I will take breaks between to drink just ice water, but I like the drink strong.. so I drip just to the point that it starts to louche, the more water the more louche you get.. and every brand is slightly different, if you have more anise (Where the liquorice flavor comes from) your absinthe will louche sooner, it is the oil from the anise that causes the louche. But we're talking about the Un Emil 68 here...

Sip absinthe with a friend. As the thujon starts to take hold, you will find that "higher thought" comes easily. So prepare for "heady" conversation.

Caution: Absinthe, first acts like a mild stimulant. If you continue to drink you will feel more awake, but there comes a point when the alcohol will take over, and you will hit "The Wall". (When alcohol level gets to the point that you will need to lay down.. where ever you are, whatever you are doing.. you will lay down and chances are you will be unconscious before you hit the ground.. this has happened to me.. so I know.. felt just fine, enough energy to run a marathon, then BLAMMO! On floor sleeping.)
a 68 degree liquor has 68% alcohol, or is 136 proof. So each ounce is roughly equivalent to 1.5 drinks. If you can easily drink 6 drinks, then at 4 you are there... because of the stimulant effect it is easy to think you can drink it all night long.. but the wall is there.. at whatever alcohol level usually causes you to pass out.. well absinthe will do the same in spades!

Okay that's my absinthe talk for today..
I love this stuff as you can probably tell.. damn expensive habit, but well worth it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

did you say disco sucked?? Oh now your fuckedddd

that's right the Bee Gees!
Let's see what else I can pull up for you Studio 69 hateers..

and why not one more..

now anybody got a problem with that.. or do I have to post Disco Duck for you muthas!
Pax or Death,

Hary Connik Jr- It Had to Be You.. youtube video...

sorry rock fans.. I always dug this song.. and well it really says it all..
"If your going to be pissy, you had better be naked!"

And as long as we're laying down the smooth tunes.. here's another..

here the orriginal here.. another youtube video (embedding disabled)

I really love that movie.. Casablanca..
I really dig "Key Largo" too.. and "The Malteese Falcon", what can I say I am just an old sentimental soul..
So if you read any of the Duke Lacross stories, remember it is Bogart's Sam Spade that I always see.. sick considering how often I have Duke Naked.. but hey we all need our points of reference.


peter gabriel .. youtube video.. in your eyes.

umm.. good..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

youtube video.. you had a bad day..

couldn't we all use a "Blue Sky Holliday"?

Here's to a good day....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Speaking of books.. Dragonlance.. and Duke Lacrosse

Hello reader(s) :)
I have been thinking a lot lately about the old Dragonlance stories.. I gave two of the first three to a friend a while back, and wonder if she is enjoyng them?
I still have it in the back of my head somwhere to write a story for the DragonLance world.. I think it is mostly all in there.. somewhere.. and who knows maybe someday I will write it here?

I once emailed somone on a dragonlance fan site.. (or so I thought) and got an email back from Margaret Weis! I was borderline star struck.. she was warm and friendly and encouraging to my writing.. who knows maybe someday I will write her again, and ask if it is possible to ask for her assistance in publishing? In the mean time I will keep looking back on all of the M. Weis adn T. Hickman DragonLance stories with great fondness..
If you have never bothered reading any of the Dragonlance stories let me send you now off to to get one or two or 200.

Duke Lacrosse: No I have not forgotten poor Duke.. it is just that what will happen to him next is mostly unpleasant.. and I like the idea of him sleeping in his lovers arms.. but we are getting close.. close to the time where I will wake poor Duke up and go off to fuck with him royaly... but for now.. he sleeps.. sleeps in the arms of the one he loves..

(do a search for "Duke Lacrosse" at the top of this page to read the story.. I have written two.. the first one mostly errotica and humor, the second, still in the works story.. errotic and vampyric.. The parts are numbered in the title.. so it should be asy to catch up.. if that's your thing.)

So for now, I bid you (some french word)
Pax (Latin word)
D (Derived from amisspelling of a latin phrase)

Speaking if French words? What;'s that steaming pile or Meirt (sp) doing? You know My Pal Mal.. the poor Aussie stuck in Paris? Let's go see shall we?

Da Vinci Code Audio Book Review..

I am not usually one to review a book in midstream.. but I am now about half way through "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown on audio CD and I had to say something.

I have read better, but I have read much worse.
I do not find any of the fiction found in the book to be offencive nor do I think anyone that gives it a good read, knowing full well it is fiction will.

Why Audio Books?
I spend about an hour each day in traffic for my commute to work. I find Audio books keep my brain working while music puts me to sleep mentaly. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)
And I enjoy eating lunch while sitting in my car listening to a good book.
As life has gotten busier and busier I find that the time to sit and read has nearly vanished.. and I love books.. (Those who know me, know this)

If you have never tried an audio book, Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" is probably a good start, who knows you may find that like me you becoem addicted to them.

Of course they wont help your spelling or typing skills one whit!
But that along with the ugliness that I exhude so well makes me unique... :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

it's got youtube video.. politics, sex and Monty Python.. how can you go wrong?

today's youtube video.. a strange little compilation..

and there you have it.

Me? Day three with a migraine.. I have to work.. that sucks.. but if I don;t work through these, I would get nothing done.. so today will be spent in my office, with the door closed and the lights out.. and I will have my clothes on.. go figure..

Imitrix (SP) is about the only migrain med I have found that works, and that stuff F's with my prostate.. so I don;t hurt in the mellon but I can;t pee either.. plus I have been taking a SSRI and that combo is a no no I hear. I am damn near off of the SSRI, but still do you wanna risk it?

SO for now just remember "Life will be fine if we both 69..."
Okay one more.. click play and read the rest of this page.. if you are on the font page that is.. otherwise just click play sit back and relax, and enjoy a little wild wild life..