Friday, June 08, 2007

feel the summer...

haveing a hard time foc my thougs
but am haveing a good not none the less.

have one more...

now buy something


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hi, i'm back...

miss me???
it apperes that i get angry when i try to speak and nothihg coes out...

thats what happens...

i have reading promelms
i am paarales on my right hand side

oh well...

today it is near 70 degrees
high clouds,,, just enough

time to go...

good afternoon

thats it...
have a movie

Police Action.... - Watch more funny videos here
he he he
tecnorati; movie,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

monty python

thir you go...

good nite

my mind rambles...

god i wish i were better..
i feel so bad... most of the time...
i suppose you have a reson for this...
i just wish i knwe what it was,,,
oh well,,, i'll see you soon
i may ask you then.

be well

and one more

here have a video

ohhh yey

ok i am back...
no thrill there..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

star trek bloopers

from the orrigal tv production

next gen

this is interesting

too good for tv

i like star trek, like to could not tell.


now thats comdy

brokeback... next generation

and one more..

how to treat a stoke patent

take a look...

what the world eats

what the world is a time mag actical worth looking at.

my generation...

go see it... i hope i die befro i git old.
here now by something or check yuor emial... your choice


stephen king... cool
it has been a lone time singe i have read a stephen king novel...
thin may chane it.

here have a few...

yep, that is it...

my my my

this was spposte to be a magic traik
let us make it a Rudy post..

we see if this one post...


Worst Parents In The World - The best free videos are right here
then i give you this...


like magic!
try thehs

ok maby you like to do macig

there that will do.

now thats more like it...

it is 70's today... thats more like it.

i am still having hard tyme typeing... fuckin' sucks

here have a vidio

Things That Scare You - Free videos are just a click away
its funney

USEFUL CONDOM - Click here for funny video clips
this one is smart

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

is it just me...

is it just me, or is my right colum not loading...
son of a bicth

ah well...
have a video..

it's G W fer god's sake,,,

have a nother...

oh boy...

thats just funny!

ok three times is a bit much...

ok i will leve you aloen... <--- damn i wish i could spell

ther you go...
damn i wils i cuole tpee... shit

gi 8...

who are you...
The Who

working class hero


amazing pregnant man gives birth...

thanks /mal

it is 59 degees here... i hate it here,,, did i menton that ???

ah well buy some thing so i can afford to leave....

okay, ta ta

Monday, June 04, 2007

one more...

Unbelievable Crashes!!! - The best home videos are here
alot of that looks painful.

do you like todays posts?
i am not sure...

it caused you to get here, so it cant be to bad....

funny prank...

Police Toilet - Click here for more blooper videos

thatl teach you...

Funny Sport Videos - The funniest bloopers are right here

Tattoo Remover - Free videos are just a click away
ok last one is not a prank...

hotties on myspace

i love them!
better go,,, i'll be back
ok i am back...
got no thing to say... but i am bake
back, i mean

oh well
here have another video...

do you really like them
well ok

rememer brest cancer...

then a shower... ahhhhh

and a fake...
too funny!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

do wap do wap

i am sitting here going insane....
today it is 69 degrees

have a movie

kennedy workers

stoopid people

and more

ok one more

and last

have a good day...

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): John Mayer , Body is a Wonderland , video.#links

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): John Mayer , Body is a Wonderland , video.#links

ohhh yea!

oh this is funny

verry funny!

well dang it!

there ain't any.

i have got to find somethige better to do with my day.

oh well.

watch this..

i plan to do somethig differt today..
i plan to find blog posting that i like..
and post tham haer..
that way you get some thig wort reading here...

we'll see

JUST STUFF: Shoe Bomber

JUST STUFF: Shoe Bomber
got to love it'''
just go
do it!