Saturday, August 19, 2006

Alan Parsons Project...

First watch no.1

then this one...


Got a problem with any of that???

Zip it...

Family revelation.. Sly and the Famiy Stone + Sam the Sham

I just found out that my father toured with Sly and the Family Stone.. he was the tokien white guy in the horn section.. still cool.

BTW.. Sly hated "whitie"
In an earlier brush with fame.. dad played for Sam the Sham and the Pharos.

according to Dad Sam was a dick..
and here's one for my peeps...

That Phil Collins felt so good I want to do another...

say baby.. looks like we're doin an 80's extrvaganza!
So one more.. it ain;t got shit to do with my dad.. but it has everything to do with you...
and then...

how about a little more.. just a little bit.. say the magic word....


okay one more 80's video moment..
Peter Gabriel..
Games without Frontiers

I'm outta here...

save the internet.. video

The Clash ROck The Casbah... a dream and a video.. thanks youtube

I had the strangest dream.. making love to this song..

Now I have this tune stuck in my head.. and a permabone..
I have no idea why my subconcious chose this song as the background sound to an epic sex session.. but it did.. and who am I to question the choices made by my subconcious?

So today, as I walk around I will be thinking of that wonderful dark haired girl.. and Rocking the Casbah.
Isn't the mind a wonderful thing.. such a furtile playground.
In other video news.. (yeah right , like I would put news here.. you all know how I feel about the news...)
Here's a tune, for epic love making...
Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries

and as long as we're givin' you some culture to go with your clash this morning.. here is the opening (Act 1) of "Le Nozze di Figaro" (The Marriage of Figaro)

Thank you Mozart... and what the heck.. have a little more..

Friday, August 18, 2006

Movie Review “Crash”

Movie Review “Crash”

Okay ‘Crash” a one word title.. Deserves a one word review.. “Crash”… sucked.

I was looking for an action film when I got crash.. And it had a little.. A very little.. Then once I started it, I realized what they were going for was the deeper story of human existence.. Filled with racial bigotry, ugliness, and strife..
(Okay I am ugly .. So perhaps this is a good movies for me?.. NOT)

The plot bounced around like a goddamn jumping bean.. Okay if you are directing Pulp Fiction.. Not okay for this piece of tripe.
In the end we learned.. Good people kill for the wrong reasons.. Good people don’t kill for the wrong reasons.. And that I wish I had my last two hours back.. That’s about it.

One good scene of titties.. The rest was crap.. Pure d crap.
If you wanna feel sorry for yourself, watch this piece of shit.. It is a lot like watching the evening news.. Life sucks for this reason.. Film at 11:00... Give me a fuckin break! If I want to see bad shit happen to people for no apparent reason I will watch the news.. Otherwise Hollywood, your job is to entertain me.. So goddamn it dance you fucking freaks dance!!!

Here.. Know someone you hate.. Buy them a copy.

Your youtube music videos for the day..

heaven by Bryan Adams.

Nirvana "Lake of Fire"

and that's it for today..
well for now anyway.. I hope you enjoy today's assignment.. now go get naked and twirl.. :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

American Idols Concert Review picture and a youtube video.

American Idols Concert Review.

Well that was actually the first “concert” I have been to in years. (Not counting a few views of string quartets, music festivals , etc.. but the first concert in a big venue..)
It was fun.
Ticket cost after tax and all about $58.00

Duration of show nearly 3 hours.

Each contestant (final 10) took turns singing 2-3 solo songs, and a duet with the next to come on stage.
They sang in the order of which they were voted off.

Highlights: Paris, showed how well she could shake the junk in her trunk.. Fun to watch. Elliot Yamin sang very well! Better than when on the show.
Chris Daughtry announced that he is working on his new album. And asked the audience if they would come see him solo.. Got a standing :o: to that. He was great. He did not sing Hemorrhage.

Kat McPhee only sang two songs, announced she was on vocal rest, and did not sing again until the finally.

This years winner, Taylor Hicks did all that you would expect him to "including many funny dances... ". He was fun to watch if not the best singer in the bunch.

Then a group thing with the guys less, Mr. Soul Patrol (Taylor Hicks) “Patience” by Guns and Roses, well done, even by Bucky.
The band walks off stage.. The lights stay low.. Rhythmic clapping is heard.. After 2 minutes, the band comes back.. And the encore tune.. Standing “O” throughout.. End of show.

Worth the $120 I spent.
Now a video from youtube...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tooth Fairy Movie Review.. Anchor Bay Does It Again!

Tooth Fairy Movie Review.. Anchor Bay Does It Again!

Last night I opened the package carefully so as not to damage the outer casing of the DVD... yes! it was Tooth Fairy the latest offering from Anchor Bay.

Produced by Stephen J. Cannell (Producer of Demon Hunter)

Story goes, Northern Cali, 1949, evil witch lures children to her crumbling hole.. oops I mean home, by offering them presents for their last baby tooth.. then all hell breaks loose...

I don’t want to give anything away, but let me say, that going into this movie I was expecting a rip off of Darkness Falls.. it was not.. at one point I thought this could easily make a children's movie .. ala Goonies.. well then the penis was cut off, and shown lying in the dirt.. so nope.. not that either.. (I guess he got his dick knocked in the dirt .. literally...)
There was a chipper-shredder killing.. and that alone should make this movie worth watching to my old pal Nix! Plenty of hatchet work, well done gore, and lots and lots of screaming... Only a few really dumb things happened to the plot.. and they are forgivable considering how much fun this movie is.

This movie was what horror movies so often try to be and miss.. it was fun. I really did not care so much about any of the characters.. but that was okay.. because it made me kinda cheer for the bad guy.. (witch)..
It could have used a few more cameos, by the actress’s hooters, but the two that did show up were quite nice, b cup specials, without the silicone that we have grown so accustom to seeing.

All total, 4 out of 5 on the fun-o-meter.. well worth the cost of admission.

so don;t just sit there.. go buy your own copy...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Southpark songs.. including Uncle Fucker!

and let me now forget.. the theme de jur...
Chocolate Salty Balls..
Take it away Chef!

If I had a phone that took ring tones.. I would want that to be the one that sounded when my boss called..

In other news..

Kyle's Mom is still a big fat bitch..

So anyone hear anything from Issac Whatshisname? He singing on Cruise ships yet?

here's one for him...

Tom Cruise is still in the closet.. damn.

and the coup de gras!

Yes.. how would you like to...

Okay gotta go.. enough fun for now kiddies..
stay tuned form more outragous stuff.. and random acts of grilling commited against salmon everywhere.

Pink Floyd, Youtube Video.. How I wish you were here...

How I wish.. how I wish you were here..

just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl...
and now something a litle more peppy...
ladies and gentelmen.. this is mombo no. 5


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aerosmith Angel Video (youtube) and Grilled Cipotle Salmon

Aerosmith .. Angel
Something about angels these days..

I was thinking that I would write something to grab a few hits from the technorati crowd here, but honestly, all that is in the top searches, doesn't interest me today.
I could write a scathing review of the Bush administration, but what good would that do? I could write about how terrorists are scumbags.. but that I like writing about the color blue, being blue.

So what to write about ... humm??
How about my top secret Salmon Recipe?
It is Salmon season after all.

First, know that Farm raised Salmon is crap.. so if you can;t get wild caught, don;t bother.
(Boy don't I feel like the snob?)

Okay here's the recipe..
First, you will be grilling your salmon.. so no grill.. go get one.
Then to prepare the fish.
Rub salmon with one chopped tbs of fresh garlic, (or just sprinkle garlic powder over the fish) then sprinkle with dill, a pinch of salt.

Salmon should be grilled skin down (yes, I prefer fillets to steaks, as I don’t like fish bones)
You should know how to remove the pin bones.. I use a pair of needle nose pliers, and there are plenty of sights that will show you where they are, and how to pull them)
You will only be grilling the salmon until it is flaky.. don’t over cook fish.. it makes it "yucky". :)

Because cooking time for the salmon is so short, you will want the top secret sauce prepared in advance.. so here's the good part.
The sauce.

Take an 8 ounce container of sour cream and place into a sauce pan (you don’t have to use the whole thing.. but I dig this stuff so much I always make too much)
Turn on a med-low heat.
Sprinkle in 1/8 tsp of dill.. more if you like. (but don’t over do it okay?)
Add 1/4 tsp salt.
Chop one chipotle pepper (canned in Adobo is just fine) Note here, Chipotle pepper can be kinda hot, so you may want to add less if you are not good with hot foods.
Finely chop 5 or 6 sun dried tomatoes. Stir it in.
(Lemmon juice, I prepare this both ways, with and without. if you like lemon on fish go ahead and add a TSP)
then lastly add 1 tbs of finely chopped / crushed fresh garlic.
Let simmer, stirring regularly for 10 minutes. (All the flavors mingle well in this time)
Take off of heat and set aside until fish is done, you will want to warm it again just before serving.

When I have guests I serve the sauce in a bowel and let them decide how much to put over the dish, when I am by myself I just ladle it all over everything on the plate.. it's that yummy.

Suggestions as to side dishes:
Baby red potatoes with butter and parsley
Asparagus (grilled)
(with rice, black beans)

I ladle the sauce over the starch dish and encourage you to do the same.

This sauce will also compliment pork, chicken and meat, but do not add the lemon juice except for chicken.
Also with beef, I will finely slice sweet onion and fry them in olive oil in the sauce pan that I then prepare the sauce. (leaving onion and liquor in pan)

Bon Appetite