Thursday, March 29, 2007


Crazy Accident Compilation - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

the name of the Rose...

good movie...
Shaun is a mouk
the movie i rented fome netficks you can to if you cilke the little falg..

or you can buy it,,,

just watch it...

Madhouse... 4 outta 5

it is very ceepey!
go read the review, it is worth the time.


two veions...


ohhh yeeee!

talk about love!

A Dolphin In Love - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!



this is wild!

Idol Not Eliminated

Idol Not Eliminated

Sanjaya, I'm sorry dude, but your ride home should have arrived. Maybe it was the hair, or maybe the teeny boppers jumped all over the phones after your performance last night, whatever the case you have not been eliminated. I know for most of the folks, they'll say you should have gone, but I got to tell ya kid, you got talent that needs grooming, you have been courageous each week, enduring the criticism from the judges and the bashing from the media. Don't give up, you're already an Idol, but dude, you gotta go bro!

Sanjaya, your chariot HAS NOT yet arrived.........

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

who went?

it is on right now... we all know who should go''' well see.

well sanjian, wasn't eaven in it bottom 3
we are doing something really dumn here...

good bye Chis...

what the kcls27things

you who are useing "kcls27things"
should be ashamed of your self

my wish list... Sanjaya

one well done Sanjaya...

unfortunely we may have to this dork... oh well

i'll will pray

oh well???

scrubs... why

it seems like most nights i wath scrubs... i watch is on com central.
here have a little...

Scrubs "My Fault" - For more of the funniest videos, click here

intrerstinsit... can spell

Transformation of a Model - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!
it is ineresting...

funny... well kinda

i can't spell.... it is drivg me looney.

why do this like this show up...

seems like ...




and this too???


oooooh yaaaaaaaaa

ohhhh yeaaaaaaa!

and video...

creation scienc

what can i say...

JUST STUFF: NEW Rebublican Gallup Poll

JUST STUFF: NEW Rebublican Gallup Poll
read it!

driving Enzo... bad

you go get them...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

well my my my!

i as many of you know... am a stoke patiate
i do this stane blog to better my typeing.

do a favor post a link here....

and if you want enjoy this video...

Funny Moments In Football Part II - More free videos are here

what is a ninja...

now thas a ninja..

Calling poets and poetry lovers everywhere!

Calling poets everywhere! E.E. Cummings was (in my opinion) the greatest poet of modern time.

This is poetry to make love to.. if you have never experience E.E. Cummings works, or if you have, I offer to you the complete poetical works.. I like the fact that Amazon has it discounted now too. It is not cheap, but what in life that is truly worth buying is?

heres one for ya

Devil !

is Devil Went Down To Ga.