Saturday, September 08, 2007

happy saterday...

hi ya! today is about helpful post!
this is not one of tham... that is the link to the new slut... enjoy it.

it is funny that most of the hits here are for naked girls... take this on for example...

I guess that is why the internet is how it is... love it or hate it, it is what it is. there is another... I could go on and on.

and I pobayl will... he he he.

okay time for bussiness...
I will not be posting any porno, today... know that I am thiking it....

i will insead be posting some videos ...




Thursday, September 06, 2007

who said you could read porno hear?

actualy i have been working on a web site.
here gose a link...
here if you dare!
it is somethinge I have beed working on for a long long time...

the good news is that I don't have to type much there.

now i am going to give you a video...
i was going to put a copy of noelia movie ... but had a chang of heart...
here is the link... link photos

heres your video...

now go do something.....

or if you perfer watch this....

now realy go do something

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sleep X factor

His head was spinning... he layed on his back.. he lapped a what could one be called heaven... she had putt him there...
The quivering started... low gutterl sounds came from her... she was cumming.

Then came her thrill... she took his meat in to her mouth... nearly all....
his mind was full of delicious thoughts... he started to cum! With each of her thrus... deep and slow!

He could not hold back!


hey! i wan't to get hugged!

oh boy! That one is wierd!

Eighteen-year-old shop assistant wants to sing, but his mum's not too sure. Has he got what it takes?

X Factor, xfactor, Leon Simon, Cowell, Louis, Walsh, Dannii, Minogue, Sharon Osbourne

and on that note... good by
See you tomarrow

okay i lied... but only a little....

mc named stp...

okay it is a warm up....

ron paul
wanda nara
bunga citra foto lestari telanjang
david brooks
galilea montijo
can you bellve that is what i specile!
damn i get so essed up when i am writen....

i gotta go... more Duck Lacrros then.

Monday, September 03, 2007

i can feel it in the air tonight


yea baby....Phil Collins Gorilla Ad Cadburys Dairy Milk

Damn I was buesy... not with spell check and The Simpsons Star Wars

i was bussy with a garage Sael
((what the fuck is that!)
i want to get back with Duke Lacrosse storeys.
i think the next one wilt start with him eaten a carpet or something like that.

in the mean time have a video...
of something completely unrelated...

The intro to The Simpsons TV show with a Star Wars twist. An original cartoon parody by animator Rich Cando. More work can be seen at

It was midnight he knew that much... her juices ran down his chin... he knew his hart must surly burst. He had tasted allot of women... but none had tasted like this one,,,,
okay that's enough.
Shakira: Pure Intuition English video

after you get this, that is.