Saturday, July 30, 2005

Music Review: Hooray for Boobies by The Bloodhound Gang

Well friends and neighbors..

Let me take you on a musical journey.. ( A musical Journey without the damn mullet hair cut that is)
We’ve all heard the song but none of us know the title.. Discovery Channel? "Come on baby we ain’t nuthin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel… "
But few of us have heard the rest of the album.. well you should! Hooray for Boobies is one of the funniest things to come out on CD in a long time.. and it’s been a while since it has come out, so now you know the world sucks!
This CD has classics like "The lap Dance is so Much Better When the Stripper is Crying" ! Now come on people, of humor.. that’s gotta be good!
The best part of all of this is that the band really has talent to go along with the funnies..
I highly recommend this CD to either offend your mommy or to make you smile and dance in the streets.. (okay the dancing in the streets was a bit over the top.. but you get the idea)
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Friday, July 29, 2005

Make money on the web!!! WTF HOW?!?!

Ebay: I sold books on ebay for nearly 4 years. Most of what I sold were rare and antique books, right out of my own collection. (What can I say I was between jobs, and needed some cash flow)
How did ebay treat me? Well first year gross income from ebay was about $40,000
Here is exactly what I did.
I took books from my collection, listed them with a photo, and brief description of their condition this process took only about 5 minutes per book!
Also while shopping for antique books, at Yard Sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army and other Thrift Stores, for my own collection, would pick up little gems and put them on Ebay.. sometimes the results were incredible!
You do have to know a little bit about Books, book condition and describing its condition, but in general if you knew a list of popular authors, you could not go wrong and learning how to list was easy due to eBay's FAQs and by doing a little research by reading other successful listings of similar products.
(here is where reality kicks in)
Supply and demand… you have to have a good supply of books, or like me you will run out of desirable inventory. Once inventory is low, so will your potential earnings be (To sound a bit like Yoda) .

Then the ebay craze has taken place in the last few years. This has brought a lot more sellers to ebay, with more sellers comes more competition, and more of a chance that you will be listing one of several copies available, and this drives prices down. By the time I quit ebaying, I was loosing money at a good pace, once expenses were taken into consideration.
Now this is not to say that you cannot make money on ebay, heck I think everyone should have an account and sell stuff there. It is like having a garage sale whenever you need one, without the hassle of posting all of those ridiculous signs in your neighborhood.
I have one friend that goes to yard sales, asks the people if there is anything free he can have, and then sells whatever it is on ebay.. he’s making $200 a week using this technique and his wife can now drag him to yard sales.. he’s happy , she’s happy.
My challenge to you, is to take something that you KNOW is of no value.. write a great description of it and put it on ebay! You might be very surprised with how much people will buy JUNK for, and even if it does not sell you get to have some fun for about 35 cents! Now that’s cheap entertainment!
So I say give ebay a try! Click this to go take a look..
Click here for your favorite eBay items

more later..
okay it's later...
I also have webmastered a number of websites, some were actually very popular.
Websites in some semblance of the order I created them..
A personal webpage, I set up a type of page about me, as my first test.
I used angelfire for the free web space.

I then went on to do a website about a friend’s band. This one was fun, I had a lot of pictures and even made some sound clips of them in concert. My Friend has a warped sense of humor, and says some really off the wall things when he is on stage.
At the time I had lost track of him and this was as much an attempt to get his attention as anything else.. it worked. Through the web we got back in contact with each other, and still email on occasion.
Ways I tried to make money on these, was through affiliate programs.
I joined as they, at the time, had the widest array of programs. You literally can find nearly anything (legal) there to sell, and apply to programs to place ads on your sites. Funny enough my best program was one with ebay! But I also had some luck with other programs.. but even with that, and even when had something like a dozen sites running I was only making $200 to $300 a year! Not a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination, if you took what I spent on computers, internet connections, office space at home, I lost a significant amount of money every year.
Look here for cj .com info if you want to give them a try.

I have also tried Paid-to-surf programs, of which I do not think that there are any , any more. These would put a banner on your screen that would change about every 5 seconds, the thought being that as you surfed you were shown banners, that the program got paid for (per exposure) and you made a few cents per hour.
They uses a Multi Level Marketing approach to getting new recruits.. top earnings for me as about $20 per month.. less than my AOL account cost at the time. (I am glad to see them go)

My next great attempt and potential the best was to join Google’s AdSense program, and place google banners on my sites.
This is a long story that I will save for another day, but let me tell you this! “DO NOT VIOLATE ANY OF THE TREMS!” I accidentally violated and was terminated. I may now not EVER get another account. I say "yes" give them a try, but do not violate any of the terms nor allow your friends to click your banners , thinking that they are helping you. Google does not care if you knew about invalid click activity or not, they can’t. go to and click on the advertisers link to get info. (by the way, I was making $12.00 a day with them, I am not sure how much of that came from invalid clicks, so good luck)

After being dropped from AdSense I joined another similar program, AdBrite.. so far I have not made a cent.. but I keep hoping. With AdBrite, you have to sell the ad space on your site. Granted they do run a “network” ad bar, but these ads generally will not have anything to do with the content of the page you display them on, so your click through percentage will be low! One tip I can give, is that if you have a site or an affiliate site link, you can buy clicks there and place them on web sites that are of the same theme, for about 5 cents a click. Not a bad deal.
This brings me to my next… I have an affiliate program, that I load a URL as a link. If a reader clicks that link, it takes them to the parent companies page, they are tracked as coming from me with a small piece of code on the tail of the ULR that I post as a link. My Average sale there is $25.00. I find that about 1% of all the people who click this link, will buy. So I am buying clicks at adbrite that point to this page, using my identifying URL. If teach click costs me 5 cents a hundred clicks will cost $5.00 if 1% buy I make $25 for every $5 I spend.. here to I have not made a cent yet, but I have only been doing this for a couple of days now.. too early to tell. I figure I will buy $100 worth of clicks, and see what the results are.
If you got the ballz to try it look here.. Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!
Alright it don;t take ballz.. just imagination or desperation..

And that’s about it. I have tried a lot of things to make a little extra money, some were semi-successful some were crap.. I hope that if you have a program that is making you money on line, you will add it as a comment here. If you are looking for affiliate programs or other ways to make a little money on line, I hope that this post helps you..
Next posting will be about who know.. but thanks for stopping.
Peace , pass it on.

Book Review.. DUNE by Frank Herbert

Dune will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first "serious" sci-fi book I ever read. I have now read it several times, and each time I still find some small nuance that I have missed in the past. (Or with my memory these days, forgot that I caught at some time in the past)
There are a lot of reviews out there on this book, so I am probably wasting my time talking about it here, but just incase you have been stranded on a desert island for the last 40 years, here’s a quick run down.
Duke.. good guy…
Duke ..bad guy…
Good guy killed.. son comes of age.. all sorts of wild shit happens..
Reader.. left breathless…
Frank Herbert wrote a number of Dune books that followed this one, none were as good, a few were good, don’t get me wrong, but this first book was astonishing.! It won nearly all the major sci-fi awards, and deservedly so.
If you have never read this book and you like sci-fi even a little, I recommend you got a copy NOW! If you have not read it in a while, come back to Arrakis and play in the mind fields once again.
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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Short Book reviews part one... Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

If you want to read all of my book reviews.. well today at least they will all be right here. In the future, you might find them scattered like so much tumbleweed throughout this blog. But the plan for right now, is that each short and sweet book review will be added here as a comment.. so here goes nothing... (Okay upon further reflection.. and a couple of beers.. I decided to make each review it's own post rather than a comment, and I decided to expand into Movies and Music as well.. so let the games begin...)

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
Great book, when you’re a 20 something Conservative Republican.
SUCKS when you’re a 38 year old Libertarian!
It has been 4 years since I last read this book, I remember the first time through as an eye opening experience, I remember that last time through an a reason to roll my eyes.. and think about my poor uncle who is a Randian.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that has no appreciation for money… as long as they are still in there teens or twenties when there mind is nice and malleable. After that.. well lets just say that the long azz monologue in the middle of the book will put a speed freak to sleep.
You can see other Reviews at amazon .com by clicking the picture.. if that damn thing shows up.. below.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Places to go and people to see...

Here is a list of places I hang out on the web see if any of these are in your favorites.. if not take a look and see if you like hwat i like, or hate what I like, or don't give a rats-ass what I like.
Monty Pthon stuff

Universal Currency Converter.
Gotta' know what euro is worth.. they take 'em in amsterdam.

Gizzogle! This is some funny shiznit!

learn how to measure in inches...
For us Public school gradudates.

ebaumsworld! full metal jacket sounding board.. again FUNNY!

a great place for consumer hot tub information.

the United States Postal Service..
for when you need to go postal

Symantic anti virus info..
cause viri suck!

the universal life Church.. become an ordained minister today..
and it's free!

Le Fee Vert the Green Fairy:
absinth information.. wheeeee... look at me ma' no hands..

search NASA..
cause space is far out!

see all about trademarks..
is that idea you had already patented? DAMN I thought I invented the frozen flag pole tounge scraper!

Latin to English translation..
when you need to tell someone to go F themselves and don't want them to know it.. use latin! Carpe Cannid!

Quotes from Einstine..
he was one funny somebitch!'

And that's it for now.. go look learn and laugh.. peace..

Testing the waters.. when good yoga goes bad

Okay so now I am here for post number two. And seeing if I read the “how to” properly.. there is a possibility that I have head-in-ass disease, or as we like to call it around here.. a case of BAD YOGA.

So what to write about that you the reader may enjoy.. better question, do I care if you enjoy it.. well not really.. but here goes anyway.

Lets talk about stupid people.. I am not saying that I am not a stupid person, but it seems to me, if you can spot them easily, you probably aren’t one.

Here are a few examples:
A man in a southern town, had to have his penis removed from a soda can, when after he placed it into the opening, it started to “swell”. He suffered circumferential lacerations and required stitches. We can only hope that it does not work any longer, so he may not proliferate! (With any of his cousins or other fine folk)
I am sure someone asked him “Why did you do a dern fool thing like that fer” and I am willing to bet, his response was , “To see if I could get it to fit in there.”

I heard about a young fella who to check to see if the power was connected to his spa, wet the tip of one of his fingers and touched the incoming hot wire.. I bet that left a mark! What I want to know is Did he really think he had to wet his finger to feel 50 amps of 240 volt current?

Have you ever done anything realllllly stupid? (Sure you have, we all have.. hell I married the same woman twice!)
Care to comment on your act of stupidity, you can do it here and be completely anonymous.. I dare you to open up to nearly a billion potential reader.. I dare ya!

Dumb stuff I have done:

Married my high school sweetheart, while I was in high school.. during a lunch break.. of course consummating the marriage in the school parking lot when we got back was fun.. Then we divorced after 11 months.. (should have seen that one coming)
Forward the clock 12 years… I find here after a short search, have not talked with her in nearly 10 years.. we start to call each other regularly, as we are both going through a rough divorce from our subsequent spouses, we have lots to share.. mostly about how bad out choices of spouses had been, excepting present company. Then after a 3 month whirlwind 1500 mile phone relationship, my dumb ass hops a jet flys to where she is and PROPOSES! WTF WAS I THINKING???!!!???. We were wed 4 days after my arrival in her home town… we separated 11 days later, the divorce took another 60 days to be finalized.. we were nuts.. I think she was nuts she swears I was… Moral: Two people in dire emotional distress, should avoid each other like the plague, outside of perhaps group therapy.

Okay, I have been married a few times.. I am real good at courtship and shit as a spouse. I know it, I warned my current wife.. she didn’t listen and begged me to marry her for 7 years! Any bets on how long the marriage lasts.. I am banking on 2 years tops.. It’s been 7 months of hell now.. I think I can take another 17?

Maybe I have a problem with commitment? I am not sure, but it seems like you need to be committed (to an institution) if you want to marry me..
I should know never to sink so low as to marry anyone that would sink so low as to date me.

OOH OOH! I forgot about this one.. I was in High school, I was dating affine young lady, and I went to meet her parents. The meeting went well, I was nervous, cause I wanted to be able to see her at least long enough to get in her drawers. (what can I say, I’m a dude!) SO we meet, we have dinner, (her mom’s cooking sucks) after the meal we watch some television, her dad gives me the third degree, and I lie and pass the questioning.
The evening draws to a close, she walks me to the door, we kiss goodnight. I hope into my car .. put it in reverse.. and back SMACK into her dad’s new car! Panicking, I hit the gas rather than the break and push the little Toyota’s bumper full up into the grill! I panic further, put the car into Drive rather than park, hop out and my car rolls forward into their house! (pushing my bumper full up into my grill) This by the way takes some force to do in a 1969 Chevy Malibu! The crash(es) bring the family a running… needless to say after my ass chewing from her, her mother and her father, I left with my tail between my legs.. and I really mean that literally. She was forbidden to see me… (well that’s what she said the next day we were in school together) I never did get to get her naked… and I met my first wife a few months later..
See now if I had only had a few drinks during dinner I would not have been so nervous, and would be telling a different story of divorce today… of if she would have just boinked me before hand, we could have avoided the whole meet the parents thing.. talk about a life changing event.. funny how one little thing causes so many other little things isn’t it? Well I guess that is a topic for another entry.. now it is time to post this and see if I did read the “how to” section correctly.

Why am I here?

Okay why? I have no idea, I guess like so many others I think I have somthing to say that people might want to hear. oR maybe I just want to try spelling things in new and more creative ways?
Actually I have been meaning to start a blog.. I was just a lazy bastard adn never got around to it, well until now that is.. so I feel sorry for all of you that missed out on all the shit I wanted to say until now.. that's why.

I have been thinking alot about what i would put in my blog, adn even went looking at a couple of "How to Blog" websites.. load of crap if you ask me.
But I did hear good things about blogger, so here i am.. that's the where.
I guess we cover the when with the date stamp..
now All I have to figure out is how?

I invite your comments, and may even tell you to go f yourself if they are good enough.
So I guess this concludes my first entry.. now I guess I will just have to see if I can find somone else's stuff to plagerize adn see how this things rolls..