Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto, no longer a planet.. and a video and a picture..

Okay, best article on Pluto so far that I have read. (blog post, was here)
What is Pluto if not a planet?
Well it has long been said in scientific circles that Pluto was not really a planet, but more a dirty chunk of rock with a wierd orbit.. more like a lost super coment..
Here's a pic thanks to NASA.

view more pictures, and read the NASA article here.

So what does one say to a ball of icy debris, that was demoted from Planet Status?
Only one thing to say..

but not this bad..

"So you had a bad day..."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

NESARA the great untold story..

okay the headline was just to grab you attention.. ther eis nothign about NESARA that has not already been told 6 million times.
If you don't know NESARA wiki it here.

You see I love a good conspiricy theory.. I can't help it.. to me they are like good fiction, the more twists and turns the better.. to date I have not found a single one of the outlandish that I can believe.. from Chemtrails, to assasination conspiricies circiling the JFK assasination to NESARA..
But NESARA is different.. (read the wiki on it) it involves so many different hoaxes, cults, beliefs and just plain old crazyness.. that it is unique in it make up.

As I can see it, it was (is) a culmination of several people's imaginations, each takign the story one step further down the road of the incredible. Until in the end, you have Bush as an alien lizard, demonds, illumnati, masons, mormons, angels, devils, St Gremain, and a whole cast of other whacky personnas all vieing for the NESARA spot light..
I saw a sight called quatloos that had a good forum for NESARA discussion.. looks like an interesting place to spend a few hours.
So if youa re feelginint he mood for some really off the wall science fiction.. doa google on NESARA.. and be prepared to laugh long and hard at the crazyness.
(When I say way out, I mean Douglas Adams stuff reads rather coherently when compared.)
oh and why not a youtube NESARA video too... (okay it's not an official NESARA video.. but it sums up the NESARA players well...)

have I told you lately... song stuck in head..

Not a bad tune to have stuck in the head..


Why one should never mix acid and your PC..

Warning, what you are about to see my be disturbing to younger viewers.. those with pacemakers, those who just spent a fortune on a new PC and anyone with skin or eyes.
I recomend you just go and hit the next blog boutton and skip the whole damn mess.

Thanks to my pal Mal over at
Come to think of it.. has anyone seen my pal mal? (
I even looked for him at inyourfaceforbreakfast and found him curiously absent..
I wonder if he finnaly went on that Dan Brown DaVinci Code tour and got lost in the Louvre?

In further Technorati news.. Terrorists and bush still suck.. now back to our regulaly scheduled program..


And in other video news..

The blood hound gang.. bad touch.. aka The Discovery Channel Song..

Unn Tis Unn Tis Unn Tis

Devo-lution.... Q: Are we not men?? A: We Are Devo..

Where are they now moment...

Perhpas better then where are they.. is who cares where they are?

Looks like that video was shot by the same people who brought us Texas Chainsaw Masacre

I used to love Devo.. then they came out with that damn Flower Pot on the head look..
They were better when they were an underground punk band.. (Note to self: Never put flower pot on head, and expect to be "cool".

even with a whip...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Feeling Strange?.. the Doors, People Are Strange.. the Video

Guess I am just in a strange mood today. and feelin groovy..

MY friend Mal tells me to look at the Counting Crows Video on Youtube..

Sounds like across between Peter Gabriel, and something.. not sure what exactly.. but here it is for my Pal Mal.

Cause counting crows is kinda cool, in a funky sorta way..

SO anyone have any requests?
Okay fine. take this upside your head.. a little abba.. (how ya like me now?)
Hehehe.. (Abba is swedish for F'ing Evil! I am just sure of it.. )

take that Disco haters!

(Oh please make it stop.. make it stop!!! ) Oh Lord please deliver us from Abba and lead us not into Barry Manalow...

(OH YEA!!! Well Take this then!)

(Soon my evil plan to take over the world through Disco will be complete.. muhahahahaaaa!)

Diet Coke and Mentos.. the video


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tim Curry Paradise Garrage..

Look what I found.. damn it's been a long time since I have seen this..

Paradise Garage was on "The Best of Tim Curry"
Currently availbel in used to like new condition at amazon.. can you believe it sold originaly for $9 or so.. now $95 and up!

ah what the hell , have another Tim Curry Video....

and one more.. an interview with TIm..

But I thought he was....
Have a great whatever your in the middle of... and remember to "Do the Rock". :)