Friday, February 24, 2006

I am addicted to Tammy.. NYP..

Okay.. I admit it..
(standing up in smike filled room)
Hi my Name is DeRex adn I am a Tammyholic!
(room) Hi Drex!

So in honor of Tammy NYP
I dug this little ditty out, to remind each and every one of us.. what the internet is really about..


this one..

okay .. this one.. it is the roadliner.. I was wrong..

Damn sho is nice..

HEY rememebr this movie.. no it ain't Tammy..

I think I will spend the rest of this weekend talkign abou somthing other than teh Tammy NYP movie from a cell phone download xxx singapore slut (and any other keywords I can think of that may drive an additional 600 hits this hour to my blog.. now who's the slut?)
and lets talk about another movie.. that had sex as a theme, that made the bloggosphere go all a blaze.. that I have even downloaded parodies of from youtube.. (thanks for the net 200 hits)
Yes "The most important move so far this year.. " (no not tammy NYP you perv!)

Yes you can pre-order your Brokeback mountian..
Or if you are like me watch this and skip the homos

this still kills me..

No Tammy NyP but I got Saw II

Saw II

Yes friends and neighbors, it is out and available.. no not the tammy NyP vid.. Saw II.. (perverts)

Okay , if NIxEclips was not under a strict gag order, he would speak out here and tell you that this movie sucked.. but try to remember He thought "All that Jazz" was good.. (yuck!)

I am going to run under the assumption that you have seen the first one (Saw) and are familure with it's twists and turns..

(if not get a copy and view it before you read on.. )

Okay Saw II, a sequil yes.. I liked it's twists and turns and found it to be a fun movie, with an interesting ending.. one of those last minute twists.. I have to admit I saw it comming, there were a numebr of hints throughout the movie.. that I thought were oversights by the writers and director.. I can remember thinking that I would announce the ending ahead of time, like i enjoy doing, to prove my superiority.. but I was as I sad not sure that what i was picking up on were oversights or insights.. so as long as you do not go looking too deeply into the actions of the players, you will be pleasantly suprised with the ending..

I would give it 3.5 stars on a 5 scale.
So NIxie, what did you think?
(oops sorry I forgot about that pesky gag.. biotch!)

The Great Swifty Speaketh!: Swifty Continues Scheming About His Upcoming Masterpiece While Preparing For Sony Tropfest, A Film Fest.

The Great Swifty Speaketh!: Swifty Continues Scheming About His Upcoming Masterpiece While Preparing For Sony Tropfest, A Film Fest.

Yep even swifty has jumped onto tammy.. well not really onto tammy, but onto the tammy NYP bandwagon.. and why not! He does stuff about film.. and well this is film in a way..
Personnaly I think swifty should release a film , a sex film.. (not a real sex film) but some mock up of a sex film shot so much out of focus, that you think you are seeing fucking when really it is somthing like a pair of cimps pickin lice out of eachothers cracks. Then say it is of some ficticious singapourian super rich slut (ala Paris Hilton) and blammo! Swifty stikes it rich.. by selling the DVD copies thought
Hey meybe we could get NIx in on it too.. he could review it.. over at or maybe he coudl help in writing.. we could call it "The Blair Slut Project" (rememebr out of focus is key) then in the end, in one brief reveal moment, show that wht you have been watching it toy monkeys going around in a dryer or some such shit.. genius! I am a fuckin genius!
Public school education and all!
DeRex has spoken!

Tammy NYP Youtube UPDATE!

Okay the Tammy NYP video was there.. it has been pulled.. sorry to give you the bad (?) news.
But you can find a video about the Communist party on youtube which has been nemmed Tammy NYP.. I am not sure if this is a sneaky way to get the anti-communist message out, or if it is just a social commentary.. "communism is like getting fucked badly in public"

Tammy (not- Nyu) NYP Cell Phone SEX Vieo on Your Tube???

I feel so dirty..
I have been wasting time looking for the Tammy NYP sex video on YouTube.. damnit! Why, why why?? It is not like there is not plenty o' porn out there, I think it is the draw of a car accident.. you don't wanna look.. but you can't help it..

I can remember when the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee video came out.. I could not rest until I had downloaded a copy.. now I see rumor that the Tammy NYP video is viral.. well better the video than the actress.. but still ain't that a bitch?!?!
But in the end it makes me wonder, how I could release a video (of myself) and get half the publicity of this Singapore Tammy! Can you imagine.. the shameless self-promotion that could be done, if only I was young, and from Singapore! I always wanted to be a porn star, and now it seems all you need is a bad video phone and be from Asia and BLAMMO! You're more famous than Jenna Jamison! (who by the way, has officially taken more shots to the face than 50Cent.)

I am waiting to hear about the playboy/hustler/throb/nat enquirer offer of cash for pics of Tammy's flesh.. there was a time , not that long ago, that you had to be smoking hot to get this much attention for doing the wild thing.. (or already famous) but that time is behind us, sadly.. now you only need a cell phone and a friend with no morals.. and instant fame and (with luck) fortune..
If I were Tammy, I would already be set up with a computer, and a cam.. I would be doing the wild thing 24/7 and charging 99 cents a minute.. to anyone that wanted to view..
Perhaps Tammy has not thought of it.. but dearly if you are reading this.. life sometimes is a shitsandwich.. but you have every opportunity to capitalize on this mishap.. but you better do it fast..
My estimates are your could pull down a million a day, if you could control the access to your vid.. and hey why not go for broke.. there are a million pay-per-view titty sites dying to talk to you right now.

By the by.. I could not find the Tammy NYU vid on yourtube.. I doubt it is there, but can see where there are a few attempts to capitalize on the whole Tammy. NYU Singapore, Cell Phone sex Video, phenomenon.

one crazy MO-FO!

Our shamlessly promoted blog of the day is MC Rebbe!

THis is one crazy jew boy!
I love a guy that calls himself Rebbe and talks about the Tammy Nyu video!
Your Reb on the Web! Your Rapping Rabi.. Check him out!

Kudos my Nizzle!

a little E.E. Cummings..

i carry your heart with me

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)


Because dispite being in an evil mood.. I am still in love.

Okay enough sappy stuff for now.. lets get back to the mayhem shall we?

Getting in Touch...

Getting in touch with my inner Chucky!
Ther ecomes a time in life when you just come to realize that you can't have every thing you want.
So your choices at that point are limited.. you can
a. cry like a baby
b. slash your wrists
c.Welcome the pain, become its master, subjegate it and make it kiss your azz, become the King of Pain!.. (the Delorum Rex)

How do you do this!?!!? some may ask.. the answer is simple.. embrace your inner Chucky!

Enjoy the evil within! Embrace it, allow the beautiful visions of burning hampsters to go running through your mind.. imagine kicking Lemmings off of the clif.. and grin a Chucky grin!

Do I enjy life when it is all roses.. sure.. I ain;t fuckin stupid here.. but the true master of life realizes that things will nto always go his way, and he welcomes life's little kicks in the nuts! Because he knows, that while life may take an occasional swat at you, only you can grab life, knock it down run up in it and make it not like girlies no more! (in a metaphorical way of course{what you really think I am that kind of whack job???})

SO today.. when life presents as a big shit sandwich.. do not turn up your nose? Take a big bite.. chwe it slowly savoring the aroma and taste, then spit the chewed up bread-poop paste you have just made into sombody deserving's eye!

Carpe' Delorum!
Concumbre de Mundi

... so tell us how you really feel...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rare form baby!

Alright so I been in rare form all day.. (but so far I have yet to kick a puppy.. note to self.. stop by shelter on way home)
So what have I been up to you may be asking.. none of your damn business..
But besides that.. I been looking at motorcycles!
YEp.. and Japaneese ones at that..
You see being a long haired anglo I am supposed to only want american steel between my legs.. well, after looking at the line up from HD adn comparing it to the others on the market.. I may have already decided to go with a rice burner..

No I ain;t talking about a crotch rocket.. as that would really be "not my style".. but rather this bike.. check out the RoadStar.. biotches! 113 Cubic inches of fun!
Sure for the money I could get a smaller HD.. but why??

Okay second option.. a Custom.. for the price of an HD off the showroom, I can buy a custom.. with a big old v twin and PIPES that wake the frickin dead.. there are some really good custom shops here in this little shithole city.. so it is not an option I am ruling out..
In March (I think.. ) there is the annual bike show here, and all of the custom shops as well as regual retailer show their wares.. last year, there was one bike the builder called almond joy.. I wish I had a picture.. the fuckin thing was long and low with a great rake, and had my name all over it.. for $22,000 (ape hangers included) I should'a done it then.. but who knows what this year will bring?

Only draw backs.. you gotta wear a helmet here.. (makes identfying hte body easier I guess) and I gotta get a motorcycle license.. like i got time to wait around at the sec of states office, and have a want to pay them assholes $150 to watch me ride in little circles.. but I suppose I gotta do it.. I just hate having to pay the state for the "privelidge" to ride a fuckin bike..

ALl in all the word De'jur is FTW!

And remember.. I don' wan' a pickle.. just wanna ride on my motor-cycle..

Yabbos, yabbos! Here's to your fuck!

stretching my evil.. looking for a video..

well whatta ya know.. I got one for you , my littel droogie woogs..

viddy well me brothers.. viddy well...
s long as we're on that subject..

angst located.. let the games begin..

Okay, so today , I am hunting Unicorns and butterflies.. with a flame thrower..

Have you ever wanted to grab life by the horns.. hold it down and beat it to death with a baseball bat?

Do not get me wrong, I am not having a bad day.. fuck no.. I am enjoying, getting in touch again with my evil side.
This could end up in being a really good week here at the blog.. I got the weekend off, a lone for a good part of it.. I plan to surf porn and write hate songs..

)(okay not really.. but I sure could kick a puppy in the head about now.. I wonder what my dog is doing later?)

More later.. if you're lucky.. fuckers!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The word of the day...

The word of the day (aka Word De'Jur, Vocabulum Diem) is "fuck".

Have you ever done something, unwittingly that when you realized what it was you actually did.. all you could do is say "fuck!"?

Well I am having one of those days.. It seems that English has become my second language today.. (not like you could not already tell that from my typing) But today, I know what I want to say, I know what I think I said, and then when I hear back from the person I am talking with.. I realize that what I said was not what I meant.. FUCK!

It would not be bad, if for example I was trying to get somone to go to dinner with me to have Pie and Chips, and instead they thought I wanted a Geiko quote.. no we're not talking little Fopah (spelling is shit.. but fuck it I don;t want to take the time to look it up)
We're talking major miscomuncation.. like Cheney seeing bird and shooting friend in face kinda fuck up.. I imagine that all cheney said after shooting his pal int he face.. was "fuck!" I am having one of those days.. so whatever you do do not go quail hunting with me today..

But it could be worse.. at least some sniveling little snot did not steal my phone and upload sex films of me.. to the www .. Tammy NYU I feel for ya babe!

But with luck I will recover.. faster than Cheney's buddie.. and faster than that poor boy in the Tammy NYU video.. you know you can go to jial for that in Singapore?? I thought the states had all sorts of sexual represion going on.. at least here if you get laid (and both are consenting and over {in most states} 17).. nobody goes to Jail! I bet when he saw his face on that Video all he could say was.. "FUCK!"

DOn;t get me wrong (slim chance of that happening today huh?) Iain;t complaining.. I make good money, doing somthingI like,, I got a hell of a dog and a nice house.. and a car that will go 0-60 in 3.9! And tops out at a fuel pump regulated 168! (Yes I did have it going 160 once.. I just had to see if it woudl do it.. and it did easily!!! FUCK was a word I said that day too.. but in that realllllly good sort of way.. you know the deep one that comes from the bottom of your chest.. and sounds like.. ohhhhhh fuuuuuck! :)

Okay so enough about the F word for the day.. if you want to learn all about the F word and it;s many uses, try this.. Fuck

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Before there were lips..

Before there were lips.. before Love Stank, and even before Paradise Garage.. there was Bob!

I hope you enjoy this little clip from the past..
On a seperate note.. doe sany one know where I can get an upload of Tim Curry doing Paradise Garage? The song woudl be fine, better would be the video! (And no I do not have Kazza or Napster.. trying to avoid them.. for some reason???) ANd I woudl prefer to have an :"embed" code to post it here.. just a thought./..

Tammy NyP and other thoughts..

Seems that a 17 year old girl from SIngapore is all the rage in the bloggosphere for having an "very amature" sex video uploded and emaield by a jealous "friend" .. who "found" it on her cell phone (Tammy's not the friends)

I get the feeling that a lot of the hype, is self perpetuating, in that in order to get noticed at places like Technocrati, people are writing about it..
and sure there is the sex sells angle.. for once i can say that I am not hit trolling.. when I write about a Technorati #1.

I am writing, because I find it moderatly disturbing, that this is a numebr one.. lets face facts, she was only 17.. sure hte age of concent is a little lower thant hat here in this state, and maybe where you are it is too. But 17?!?! that's just a kid really.

And from what i have heard in talking with people who have seen it, it is very choppy and very poor quality..
Do not get me wrong, I can see where this could draw attention, but really it is just a tragic story of betrayal.. not much else.
Places you will not find the Tammy Video..
Google Videos

So lets all coem together and make somthign a little more important number one again? Shall we?
Why don't we all go back to Technorati and search for Bruna Bianco again?
Or Able Danger?
or Brokeback Mountain?
or the Lincoln Assasination?
or Xaixue?
or 9/11?
or Bush?
or Cheney?
or that poor guy Cheney shot in the face?
or the air speed velocity of a swallow?
or Nixeclips?
or Delorumrex?
Or Swifty?

one more.. Madness.. One Step Beyond

In the 80's MTv actually played MUSIC?!?!?! Can you believe it?
After 10:00 the nature of the music woudl change.. and it became tunes for stoners..

I have many fond memories of MTv after 10.. including this.. Madness.. "One Step Beyond"
And as long as we're paying tribute to Madness!
Here is there one hit..

Our House..
Yes it is the same band! Which song you liked most depended on how good the "crop" was that week. :)

today's Retro Video.. pick.. Talking Heads.. Burning Down the House

No Singapourian named tammy here.. just talking heads..

Burnin' Down the House!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

when I think about you...

No comment..


World of Warcraft WoW Ding Dong Song Video!

I have been fasinated with WoW since first hearing about it, I have not had a chance to play.. :(
Then nearly a year ago I saw a video, of a Nude plug-in set to Gunther's Ding Dong Song!
(Absolutly Hysterical Funny!)

I wanted to embed the video here, and had no way to do it from the sites I had seen it on.. until today.. some kind fellow blogger, left me a comment, saying that I could see it at Google Video.. and low-and-behold! The Code to embed the video is available!!!
So all me little droogie woogs! Enjoy, the WoW version of "The Ding Dong Song" aka.. "You Touch My Tra La La".
Google rocks!