Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Office is Closed

this could be good.
Video: Thumbnail of The Office is Closed

Steve Carell walks off "The Office," shutting down the show...

* "Steve,
* Carell",
* "The,
* Office",
* WGA,
* writers,
* strike,
* "Rain,
* Wilson"

i can not belive i have a pr of 3!

i have a pr of 3! thats right 3!

oh well 3 it is...

if you wanted to post a link here i think it would help..
sure I know it stinks since i have had my stroke...

here you go...


i can never remember the link i want to put here...
oh well....
i was never given the devises you see...


ahhh tooie!

today i feel alright...
i am letting the party poker kick my ass...
lets see what is up with youtube...

and this too...


thats good!

lets see if they have anything else...

ah aha ahhha ahh!

ok enough for now.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Foo Fighters

thanks My Buddies

BOO scary!

that will do it....

that will scare you huh?
if it dont ... well you need help.

Ireland - The Voice Of The Nation: Wanda Nara Fucking Great!!

Ireland - The Voice Of The Nation: Wanda Nara Fucking Great!!

it is a link that you should look at...

be Irish

Lakshmi Stable After Surgery

To followup the story from Monday, The Hindustan Times reports that surgeons have completed the surgery to remove two-year-old Lakshmi Tatma’s parasitic twin, and she is in stable condition.

“Lakshmi is doing fine and her condition is stable,” Chief Coordinator of Sparsh Hospital, Dr Mamata Patil told PTI.

The next 48 to 72 hours are critical and a team of doctors will monitor Lakshmi, who is put on ventilators in the Intensive Care Unit, she said.

The surgery lasted 27 hours and involved 36 doctors. Link


this is a weird one...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

dick in a box..

just felt like givin a one...

why o why...

maybe you can tell me... why dose my html have a pr of 5?

that sucks donkeys!
go take a look... maybe you can tell me...CLICK HERE

lets see what is up at tecnorati

Chinese toys'R'us
good job , take a good look.
Welcome to Wallyworld


some crap about the nekid woman,,,

whats up at youtube.


and this...

bad day ah...

see ya'

Monday, November 05, 2007

i drugs i need....

boy does that sound familure.
my spelling still sucks....
Progenitorivox (The Drugs I Need)
The prescribed medicinal debate boiled down to funny animation accompanied by music of the infamous Austin Lounge Lizards.


* animation,
* drugs,
* comedy,
* Austin,
* Lounge,
* Lizards,
* Progentivorivox

Car insurance from eCar

LendingTree Home Equity

Experion Credit Score

well there you go....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

what you do matters....

and smile...

if any of you wish... i will take a book

Seinfeld Rips Larry King

go Jerry go!

he rips on Larry King...
Larry King is "ripped a new one" courtesy of his own bufoonery, while interviewing Jerry Seinfeld.

* Jerry,
* Seinfeld,
* Larry,
* King,
* rips,
* bee,
* movie,
* interview,
* cnn,
* ben,
* larson,
* comedian,
* comic