Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Votes, and Kong is King! and other random acts of Lunacy and a transvestite for good measure.

On this , what has been called Iraq’s Birthday, we must ask ourselves, the one burning question that is on everybody’s mind.

How long will it take Nix to go see King Kong?

As Frankenfurter sang..
“What ever happened to Faye Ray?
That delicate satin draped frame…

…as it clung to her thighs,
how I started to cry…
‘cause I wanted to be dressed just the same.

Give yourself over, to absolute pleasure.
Swim the warm waters
Of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares,
Beyond any measure

And sensual daydreams to treasure forever…”

I for one can see it.. who ho hooooooo…..

(Hey waiter theirs a transvestite in my soup!)

I was thinking gof posting a want ad here..
Something like
Wanted: Woman to bear my children.
Must look okay in latex, and have no need to chase me for child support of be an emotion burden for the rest of my live.

But then I decided that I could afford a little child support.

Today, is really kinda crappy, it is about 33 degrees outside and the snow is melting, which is okay in my book, but it is dark and gray.. and is kinda putting me in the dumps.

Also my annual job review was done yesterday, and it was not overly pretty.
No not because I spend so much time talking to you fuckers, but rather because my boss, is too lazy to ask around about all the things I do here.

In the end I got a 4% C.O.L raise.

I wonder what he gave himself?

So it appears from his inaccurate assessment of my day to day tasks, that I need to do more blowing my(self) horn in front of him, and less actual work of substance.
I hate office politics more than Governmental Politics.

I just don’t see why it should be necessary. But then I remember that the world is occupied with two types of people, those that run around shitting on everyone, and those of us, that try to turn the other cheek.. so we get a nice even layer of shit on both sides.

I am getting sick and fucking tired of always turning the other cheek.

So yes, my boss is an out of touch, inconsiderate cock sucker. I need to go back to working for myself.. I wonder if that opportunity in short dicked porn is still available?

So if anyone out there wants to have my child.. email me at
Otherwise bugger off!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Politics as usual.. why do I do it to myself???

Here's a cool little libertarinan blog

Today I took an hour for lunch, I usually take only 30 minutes, but today I was pissed off, so I milked an extra half hour. (I got my annual review, and I think it was crap.. but that’s another story)

Anyway, back to lunch, I had a delicious Arby’s Chicken / Bacon thing.. very tasty.

My lunch ran from roughly 11:30 to 12:30
I spent the first half hour listening to conservative talk radio hose Glenn Beck.

The second half was dedicated to Thom Hartman (liberal) and Rush Limbaugh (channel surfing back and forth)

Both to a degree talked about similar news stories, and both had 180 degree opposed opinions on these stories.

It is like reading from the Republican and Democrat playbooks.. same talking points, different spin..
One or the other is lying.. and I find this the case on nearly every issue.
I do not have insider information, so it is up to me as the listening to decide who is being truthful and who is bullshitting me.

When I have had third party confirmation, to date neither have done real well.

Because both parrot the voices and sound bite from their respective political camps (Democrat or Republican) with only a few notable exceptions. One has to then extend the bullshitometer readings onto their parties.. in other words Dems and Reps are FULL OF SHIT!

Politics like news is all about the ratings, and drama sells..
Well in News I only want the truth and facts, not speculation and drama, and to an even greater degree I expect the same from elected officials.

Fox news was not the inventor of the ratings system for news, but has learned to master it, with drama and suspense, and full on fiction when it suits a story’s purpose., and the same can be most modern politicians.

Lets face facts, and fact are, that facts generally are pretty boring. Add a little build up, a little drama and some name calling, and viola’ you got any Washington insiders next sound bite, or the top of the hour lead over at Fox.

I know that as an American I feel like I have no choice, I like many of you, vote for the lesser of two evils , if I even bother to vote.

What we need, is a third party, one that actually respects out rights as individuals, and is not all about getting their buddies rich, so they can in turn provide funds for the next election, or that has an interest in keeping us poor and wanting, so as to insure a strong voter base in an upcoming election.. and if you do not think this describes the two parties we currently have, you need to go wash your head.

Sure trickle down works, so does trickle up, but for these fuckers it is all about the power base (and the heaps of cash a high profile political career guarantees these days with books and speaking engagements.. (above and beyond the out and out theft and corruption)

I went looking, looking for the alternative party that will be the least invasive, into my life and my freedoms.
And I came to the conclusion that the Libertarian party has the most promise right now.
Fast forward 200 years and they may be as corrupt and power/money hungry as the rest , but for now, I think that the LP has something to offer as an alternative.

The LP needs to work on it’s image. But in this time of no political party having a good image, the opportunity may never be better for a full court press.. by any alternative party.

If you are interested I recommend that you go to the Libertarian Parties official website

Read past what you have been told about the LP,, look at the whole picture, and into the real meat of the party. Like all political parties of any success, they are for or against more than just the flash-point issues. You may find that like, I did, you find them to be a breath of fresh air.

If given the opportunity I will vote LP in 2006 and 2008. I for one am ready for a change.

O Christmas Tree Lyrics?

You know I almost got fired for singing this.. fucking PC assholes are everywhere..
Sung to the tune of O-Christmas Tree..

O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
By DeRex.

O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
Not only green when summer's here,
But also when 'tis cold and drear.
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Thy leaves are so unchanging!

O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
How often has the Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me.

O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Thy candles shine so brightly!
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Thy candles shine so brightly!
From base to summit, gay and bright,
There's only splendor for the sight.
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
Thy candles shine so brightly!

O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
How richly Odin has decked thee!
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
How richly Odin has decked thee!
Thou bidst us true and faithful be,
And trust in Odin unchangingly.
O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush! O Pegan Nordic Fertility Bush!
How richly Odin has decked thee! !"

Don;t you love these scammer pieces of donkey dung?

I just got the following in an email.


Dear friend,

I Am Barrister Alex Okeke, a solicitor. I am The personal attorney to
P.M Charles,A national of your country, possibly Could be your brother,
used to Work with Oando Petroleum Development Company [West
Branch hereinafter shall be referred to as my client. In 2003, my
his wife and their two children were involved in a plane crash in a
called Adjarra near Porto Novou after take off from Cotonou here in
Republic.It was unfortunate that my client and his fanily all lost
lives in the crash.For more on the plane crash logon to

Since then I have made several enquiries at your embassy here in
Cotonou and
Porto Novou to locate any of my clients extended relatives, this has
proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, I
decided to
track his last name over the internet, to locate
any member of his family hence I contacted you. I have contacted you to
assist in repatriating the money and property left behind by my client
before they get confiscated, frozen or declared unserviceable by the
where these huge deposits were lodged.

had an account valued at about FIVE MILLION NINE HUNDRED UNITED STATE
DOLLARS[USD5.9] The Management has issued me a notice to provide the
next Of
kin or have the account frozen within the next twenty Official working
Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 2
now i seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of
since you have the same last name so that the proceeds of this account
valued at [USD5.9] can be paid to you and then you and me can share the
money. 60% to me and 40% to you.

I have all the necessary legal documents that can be used to back up
claim we may make.And this I must do to make sure that this fund is not
Wasted or end up in the wrong hands. All I require is your honest
co-operation to enable us see this deal through. I guarantee that this
be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from
breach of the law.

I am waiting your urgent reply.
Thanks and god bless you,
BARR.Alex Okeke ESQ.

Now I need to find somthing nasty to send back to him..
I once told a Nigerian scammer that I was a poor hampster rancher, with only 500 acres of ocean front ranch on the vast planes of Nevada.Later as our corospondences contionued, I told him that I wanted at least one 12 year old nigerian virgin along with my 3.2 million dollars.. (you don;t know unless you ask.. )
Funny enough he agreed!
Then I tried to get him to meet me in Malta.. (I was of course not going to go) but something in there tipped him off, adn he stopped writing after I tried to get him to meet me there. (Bastard)

If anyone is interested, I could post the email addresses of any and all scammers that email me.. but I don;t want to know what you do with them.. other than the funny shit that is.

Cory Maye (Getting my news from the blogosphere)

Here is a delicious little piece on Cory Maye.
See it here

It seems that our government has to remind us that it has hte power to do to us whatever the hell it wants.. and grin and say we're still a democracy ever 10 or so years.
(Ruby Ridge, Waco, now Prentiss MS.)

Reference :

Death Penalty: Should be reserved for Politicians and Traitors.

Dueling Reviews part Dux! Darkness Falls..

Alrighty! We have done ATJ, and I hated it as I knew I would, now Nixie will endure a movie that I like, and that makes him want to schedual oral surgery rather than watch.. it's only fair.. life is a big shit sandwich and now it is good old Nixeclips' turn to take a bite.

He says that he will actually buy a copy!
If you want to play along, you too can buy a copy at
by clicking on this link.. (hint hint hint)

Look at that best price.. come on people, don't be so fucking cheap!

Movie Review.. sorta' Peeping Tom (1960)

Yo Nix, can you remember seeing this movie?
“Peeping Tom”
a British “Psycho” type movie from 1960.

Now here’s a Classic!
If you have not watched it, or remember watching it, go to Amazon (using this link) to read about it.

It did not strike me how groundbreaking a thriller/horror movie it was until I started in on the “making of” bonus section at the end of the DVD.

Damn sure was a groundbreaking movie, including that it was the first time that a nipple was seen on screen in British theater. (And they were nice, if too brief)

If you have not seen it you MUST, I think you will add it to your collection, for it’s historical value as well as its mind twising plot line.
8.2 outta 10. (and I ain;t seen a 10 yet)

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): Dueling Reviews of ALL THAT JAZZ! (Nixie, he ain't heavy)

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): Dueling Reviews of ALL THAT JAZZ! (Nixie, he ain't heavy)

Dueling Reviews of ALL THAT JAZZ! (Nixie, he ain't heavy)

Dear readers.. if you have been with us for very long, you will know that Good Old Nixeclips and I have been trying to put together a case of Dueling Reviews, an the Movie
All That Jazz..

You may also remember my not so favorable review as posted here . Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): All That Jazz (Reviews of Movies that Suck)

Now BEHOLD! Nix has come through with his review.. see it at.. Nix drops his cock and grabs a sock review of all that Jazz.

"The movie opens brilliantlyy with a blaring musical cue and the title in lights. And then cuts to our "hero" coughing and hacking and starting his day. We then cut to an extensive audition scene set to an excellentt rendition of "On Broadway". These show that Broadwayy and dance isn't all glamour. That was quite striking. They're cut and composed with a style that keep it interesting and never boring. And most importantly, it sets up the character of Joe Gideon, the stand in for Mr. Fosse himself".

My rebuttalle..
Nix you ignorant slut! (I have been waiting for weeks to write that!)
After reading your review I almost wanted to go out rent this movie and watch it again! FUCKME!
After my first viewing, I saw all the things you saw, I saw the symbolism and the deeper meanings, and still I felt like I had been gang banged it the dark and not even kissed.

Perhaps, the measure to which all "true movie people" are held against should be all that jazz?
I thought I appreciatedated "Art" films, and the less than mainstream "deep" movies, but now I am convinced that I am an open mouth breathing, window licking, Philistine, who should stick with movies with no deeper meaning that that of perhaps, Terminator.. I feel so popular right now, and need to take a shower.

Nix you did a good job, but let it ride conscience heavy, that you may have made some unwitting young turk actualy watch this abortion of a tribute to showtunes. (well at least to us, the Mongoloid Masses) ...
Well done friend,
I'm Sickskull and he's Eggbert, and we're brining you the movies.. sorta'

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): All That Jazz (Reviews of Movies that Suck)

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): All That Jazz (Reviews of Movies that Suck)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Movies.. Netflix is great!

Well I am into week two of netflix (or is this week three.. I can never tell).. but anyway, so far it is going along swimmingly!
I am a movie nut.. I like em dark and bloody, or silly and English.. or nearly anything in between.

You probobly already know this because of my links and banter with good old NixEclips.. (that wanker), but latrely Nixie has been down and has not wanted to play.. even after we made him more famous than Daphne Teo or Dawn Yang or Bruna Bianco for that matter.. so while Nixie gets his head in the right place, adn starts to slaughter the masses with the grinning vivality of days gone by.. let me introduce you to another movie person.
Click here..
he ain't nix but until Nix gets his meds in order, of goes for the Amsterdam Oralathon, he'll do.

Come on Nixie it's only $2500! don;t be a puss.

Only 5612 to go!! WHEEE HOOOOO!

Hey, I just looked, adn over at Technorati I am only 5612 links form uniqu sites away from being in their top ten!

What does this mean? Well so fr I have 11 unique sites thatlink here.. I have been blogging for about 3 months. this means that I average 3.66 new unique sites linkingto me each month.. in only 1533.3 months I will be in the top ten!!!
That's right only 127 .77 years away from fame and fortune!

(According to my last calculation this is 276 years sooner than I will be able to retire using my 401K and if Social Security goes public)

Damn I hope I can hold out that long..

I don;t know if I am pissed or not..

I just stumbled across a blog that had the same stat counter that I use. this blog had a few out of focus pornographic images, and a few not so well written errotic stories.. and the thing that gets me is that it was getting 10 to 20 times more traffic than any of mine..

Perhpas I am going about this the wrong way?
Maybe the trick to a heavily trafficed blog, is to have a few nude pictures, some good old fasioned cocksucking and a few stories that could have been come out of the reject pile for throb magazine? (Of yea and I would have to say that I am a chick)

There were a few links to a few other "sexy" blogs, adn a few pay sites.. (I looked at the blogs out of pure scientific vertue.. umm humm) and some of them were well written with pretty naked people throughout..

(I would settle for the clicks from the poorly written ugly womans site)

Now the question is.. do I have hte ballz to do it? (perhaps) Am I of the moral fiber one has to be to be in porn? (You betcha).
So whats stopping me??? I dunno it just seems so "smarmy".

Perhaps I will change my mind, and be the next Rupert Murdock of the Good Old In-out-in-out of the blogosphere?........ reports to ollow.

thinking aloud in technicolor.. what if..

What if Nix and I in a few years were to get a nationaly syndicated Television SHow, in which we could do reviews.. like the one of All That Jazz (That the litle pissant son of a plumb bob promised)

I imagine it will look a little like this.

Tookie WIlliams is Dead.

I feel a bit like a click vulture, by writing anything at all about the late Tookie Williams.

Let me say for my critics, that I am against the taking of life in any form.

Tookie WIlliams was convicted of shooting 4 people to death. I am against that.
The state of California has now executed Tookie WIlliams. I am against that, to a much lesser degree, that that of the orriginal crime. (I have commone sense, unlike may of hte people that have come out on either side of the issue)

What was done to Tookie Williams, was as humane as any killing can be, I find that the ultimate crime is that our system is so slow that it took 25 years to get around to doing him in. I hear that many "Life Sentenses" are not 25 years in length when served with good behavior. That's just wrong.

What we have is a broken system, it would be nice to think that there is a way to keep the Tookie Williams' of the world from ever killing, but if history is to be out guage, there will always be ruthless killers amongst us.
So what is a society to do? Support the ruthless by housing them away from civilization until the end of their natural lives? Kill them quickly?

This is a question that only society on a whole can answer, and my opinion about the justice or injustice that was done to Tookie and to the four he killed, should not matter one bit.

I am just glad that I do not have to servce ona jury for a death penelty case... I do not know if I could allow through my actions a live to be taken away. ......

But let's be honest shall we? Let's say that a Tookie williams out ther ehad killed a few of my family members, and then joked about the gurgling sounds that they made as they died.. I would be calling for thier head.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie to Die. R.I.P. O-G, R.I. P

Another Random Man’s Blog.

Looks like Tookie Williams will meet his maker at the hands of the State Of California.

Read the full article here
Schwarzenegger Rejects Williams' Bid for Clemency
By Henry Weinstein and Michael Muskal, Times Staff Writers
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today rejected clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams, convicted murderer and one of the founders of the Crips.

The decision was announced moments after a federal appeals court in San Francisco turned down Williams's request for a stay of execution. Williams is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday

Well Tookie, it came down to the wire, you fought the good fight.

May the good you have done since conviction, be what you are remembered by.

There will be many who pour out a little liquor for you tonight.
I did not know you, I knew your works.
R.I.P. brother.

Tookie WIlliams. Mixed emotons.

Damn death penalty cases, I could never sit on a jury in a death penalty case.
I believe that there is a place for the death penalty.. for politicians and traitors.

Have tookie's good deeds been enough to over come the states wish to kill him?

If the death penalty was carried out in a timely manner woudl we be having this discussion>? No tookie would already be dead.

I have heard one notable talk radio host say, htat ever if tookie did good since his incarceration, that the gang he founded (co-founded) has killed enough innocent people to more than make up for it, and that tookie shoudl be executed with all expediance. (Perhaps)

Personaly , for Tookie WIlliams, I wish a stay of execution, not because i believe his statements that he is innocent, I don;t know enough about the details of hte case to have any opinion on his guilt, or innocens. But because for once, tax dollars are paying to maintain the life or a criminal, and we as a society are seeing dividends from his being alive. (Through his anti-gang works)

I hope that Gov. Arnold, sees it in his heart to issue a stay for Tookie Williams.

If not, Tookie, know that in your death a valuabel message can be shared with the youth that may be drawn towards a life of crime, and that in that message, your life will not have been in vein.

God bless you and Keep you.

new game for the Xbox 360.. find Daffy Teo

YEs, the latests and perhaps greatest of the xbox 360 games is roumored to be just on the horizon.
"Find Daphne Teo"

In this game you will surf from blog to blog trying to put together a collection of bizare adn somtimes vague clues all in an attempt to find Daphne Teo.

Once you spot DT then the fun really begins..
In a flashback to Mario Bros, days, the action switches from 3-d to right to left scroll, your misson then becomes one of smacking DT upside the head with your spam log, until she is unconcious. if you fail to slap her with your meat wand enough to knock her out, she wil drop out of play for a few months adn you have to play with your meatstick all by yourself.

If however you can knock her more sensless than a stripper at a rohipnal convention, you then can drag her off into "Make nice land" wher eshe will be repeatly assaulted by pressed meat product, until she admits she is just another twit on the road to being an ex-twit of any fame.

Cheats: If you enter Xaixue in as your player name int he beginning of the game, you go instantly to where DT is and whip her ass.

If you type your player name in as Dawn Yang, you instantly get a huge contract with M-TV and DT's head explodes in envy.

“First do no harm.”

“First do no harm.”

Since before my introduction to medicine and now after being out of the field for nearly 12 years, I have tried to live my life by the Hippocratic Oath.

I wish everyone would sign on to this mantra..




I have been eaten up this morning with thoughts for this post.
I know that words (well any that I can put together) will not express the complexity of the thoughts that are in my head and behind my motivation to write this.

Let me start with this.
Memories, and past events.
In Quantum physics we are taught, that to observe a thing changes a thing. Also we are taught that no two people (observers) can observe a same thing.
Think of it like this.
An event happens.
Standing around the event are 27 observers, all in a circle. No two of the 27 will have an exactly same memory of that event. The perspectives are different.
No add to that , this.
History, is not constant.
What is history? History is a perception of past events. Not only can no two persons observe the same event, exactly alike, you then have to add (because we are talking about human perceptions) the fact that over time the perception of the event will change, through influences internal and external.

So looking back on an event that occurred 20 years ago, is anything but remembering actual events.
The perspectives are going to be different and there is nothing you or I can do to change that.
So what really happened? Because there is no conclusive way to prove what actually transpired, there is no event. It therefore needs to be kept out of the equation hat is life.

WTF??!?!? You may be saying.. to you I say bollocks.

Living in the past, is equivalent to living in a fantasy. Living in the future is equivalent to living in a fantasy. Perhaps this is why the Buddhists live more in the now than any other group, when tested.

What happened in the past is a non-event. How your perception of the past effects your now is it’s only power.

We all have pasts, filled with beauty and with ugliness, I hope that this message touches the ones I have loved in the past and as a result still love today (love is eternal ya know), what you and I were in the past means no more than someone’s speculation about what we will be in the future. It is what we are now, that matters. If the road that got us to where we are was rough, and unpleasant, it was what was needed to shape us , and only our perception of the path can change.
Look deeply into your now, remember that you are loved, and think only about the positive outcome of past events, as nothing else exists.

Continuing.. on this strange brain candy of a post..

Hurt: I was once told, by a very wise person that “Nothing conceived in love can come to an evil purpose”.

I hope that is true.

Sidebar: See even after however many words above, the feeling behind this post is still in my heart and head and not on this blog.
Some people tell me I am a great communicator, I say “NO!”. If I were so great, the people that I care about would know that I care about them. The people who I have harmed by accident would know that my intention was not that of hurt.. the people that I have only ever wanted happiness for would know that , is all I wanted.. but still human perception and my inability to communicate on a level above these simplistic words and paragraphs keeps this brass ring of true understanding just outside of reach, and grasp.

I cannot be sure how long this post will stay up.. it is my attempt to sort out the thoughts and emotions of resent events, as is most of this blog.

I do not expect that it will be fully understood by it’s target audience, so I am sure it will be a complete mystery to those it was not written for.

One of the wonders of blogging, you can always ask for a do-over.
I wish life were the same.

On Richard Prior.

On Richard Prior.
Richard, I will miss you. You were my first exposure to adult humor. I will never forget my first listen through one of your records. (Bicentennial Nigger)My friends and I memorized every word, and would say lines to each other over and over again, it brought years of smiles.

Thank you.