Friday, September 16, 2005

BBC as pshchic?

I forget the exact wording, but I know the three things and remember the article.

During the 2000 election cycle, the BBC printed and article that said the three things that would most hurt our president / economy, us are
1. A major Hurricane hitting New Orleans
2. A Terrorist attack on New York City
3. A major Earthquake in San Francisco.

If you are reading this and live anywhere in California, I say move to high ground now!

I will now be reading he BBC news feeds for lottery numbers, horoscopes, and stock tips.. cause damn man they got two outta three.. outta the blue!

All in all , I have to give high ratings to the US population. NY rebounded with fervor and tenacity from the 9?11 attacks. Now that the shock is wearing off, if looks like LA, MS, and AL will do the same from the damage inflicted by Katrina.

San Francisco?? I dunno…maybe we should just let them secede from the nation right now? Then when they do start to sink into the pacific we can call it foreign aid ,and we all know that liberals like foreign aid more than anything.. it is only fitting.

Well at any rate, my thoughts are with the hurricane victims, I have not forgotten eh victims of 9/11 and I think that the vast majority of my fellow Americans feel the same way.

I have a thought to share.

It seems in time of need that we all (well most everyone I know) jumps to, to raise money or donate their own money to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army and any number of charities, but how many of us do this in the spaces in between?

I mean treating every day like tomorrow the worst disaster will occur and we want to do something before it is too late? Not many of us, me included. I mean I give a little to the Children’s Miracle Network (Hospital) telethon, I have given money and even time. I give on the rare occasions that I am in a church. I give (donate) to goodwill a couple times a year most years. I have given money and cars and housing to relatives that are down on their luck. But rarely to I give preemptively.

I would like everyone that reads this, to donate something today, to a charity that will be there in the next time of need. Or set up a monthly payment to a charity that helps those in times of disaster or emergency, give today, give tomorrow, give forever. Perhaps the next disaster can strike, and we will hear “we don’t need money, only volunteers” wouldn’t that be nice?

I am going to to make a payment plan, just $20 a month, for the next disaster. Will you do the same?

John Roberts did Bush Blow It?

John Roberts did Bush Blow It?

Pres. Bush had an excellent opportunity to pull a quickie on the Senate, and may still do so with Justice Roberts nomination.
Let us not forget that there are two seats open right now, Sandra Dee’s and Rehnquist’s too.

Robert’s got the Sandra Day O’Connor seat through Bush making him an appointee during the break. But did he have to move him into the Big chair? Seems to me that it would have been more effective for Bush to leave Robert’s in the O’Connor spot, and put a real staunch conservative up for the Chief Justice seat. It would have definitely been quicker than having to sit through two confirmation hearings, and about the time that the Dems would have been getting back from break, all ready to rip into him (Bush) about Robert’s he could have hit them with a real hard line conservative / constructionist. It would at the very least have thrown the Liberals on the panel off balance.
And would only have left them with the option of saying that this was an “Extraordinary circumstance” when they went to filibuster. The threat of a filibuster was enough to turn the stomachs of most people I know that watch these political things, and made the Dems look like sore losers. SO why not push them a little? Perhaps, Bush will attempt to appoint a real hard core con for the next open seat, but to me that tactic looks backwards, and awkwardly used.

Who knows what is running through Bush’s mind at the moment?

I think that Pres. Bush needs to read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu . I like the James Clavell version best for an introduction to the work. It is an easier read than some more literal and accurate translations.

If anyone that reads this knows our President Bush please pass this little posting on to him.
Or buy him a copy of “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu translated by James Clavell and give it to him as a present from a political entertainment junkie.

Monday, September 12, 2005

ho humm... suitcase nukes... profiling and Political Correctness!

I have a statement to make.. and I want everyone to listen real good..

While congress and the president are out asking for more money to fund national security, keep this in mind.
Government has a tendency to spend like there is no tomorrow, whenever they get a chance to and why shouldn’t they.. after all its not their money.. it’s ours.

In the last few weeks, I have heard a number of “experts”, all with ties to National Security, through the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. etc., say that terrorist could have as many as a dozen suitcase nukes already inside the country, and they are just waiting to use them.

I say “Poppy-cock!!!” if they had them, they would already have used them, and the passing of another 9-11 anniversary just proves it. So when the elected officials, say we need more money because of this,, you need to say “poppy-cock” right along with me.

If anything we need less porous boarders, not increased spying on those inside the US already. But this is a bitter political pill for the ones who “represent us” to swallow… why you ask? Well the Dems, want Illegals to vote, or at least hold sway over voters in the same circles of influence. (poor non-English speaking, Latin primarily) and the Reps, want cheap labor for their corporate sponsors.. (don’t get me wrong there are plenty of Dems with HUGE corporate sponsorship, but I am trying to make this as simple as possible).

We need to be careful, when we start giving the thumbs up to anything that will impair our civil liberties, including privacy. It makes me sick when I hear Dems and Cons say “There is no right to privacy, in the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution”. And they are right when they say that, but common sense dictates that privacy is a god given right, and falls under the pursuit of happiness. It is a tenuous path we start down when we say, spying on citizens is alright, because we are not in the group that will be targeted. Because like the old dictum indicates, we may not be in the group today, but once a power is given to the government, it is only a matter of time before that power applies to all of our lives.

I am a law abiding citizen, as such there will be no reason for the government to listen to my telephone conversations, read my email, or search my mail.. but some of the new anti terrorist laws gray that area, to the point that anyone with an ax to grind, can “peek”.
There was another group of government types that was well known for “peeking” into the average citizenry’s lives not that long ago, it was called the KGB. Is this what we want? Will it make us safer than we are today? Is it worth it, even if it does?

I feel that we will get a lot more bang for our buck, using FBI and CIA and NSA assets in their typical and usual manners. If any more money is going to be spent on “Homeland Security” it should first be spent on the boarders, and the Elected Officials will just have to take the bite in the campaign account from the small groups that support them and also support illegal immigration.

So steps, that need to be taken all at once.
ENFORCE current laws.
Export those who are here illegally, or give them aid in becoming legal citizens / visiting workers.
Increase fines to employers who use illegal labor.
Increase Security at the borders and ports.

AND Start PROFILING! I am sick of watching little old ladies and such being searched in airports while Brown men in their 20s walk through check points un-harassed. I have a friend who is Palestinian, he is single and he is 27.. he says that the people in some US airports won’t look him in the eye, and act afraid to search him or his bags.. this is nuts! Forget political correctness when it contradicts common sense, and leave me and my phone calls, and emails alone!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another September 11.. as I see it.

As we live another 9-11, and look back on September 11th 2001, we all reflect on where we were and what we were doing when we first saw of heard of the events in NY and DC.

I wonder if now that the shock has warn off, if we care? Do we understand why the hijackers attacked us? Do we care about the thousands that died? Or are we so far separated from those events that they are just another memory of some tragedy that happened to someone else.

I would hope that together as a nation we are closer now than we were on 9-10-2001 , but I don’t see that anywhere outside of perhaps the fire fighting community. Are we stronger as a country? I don’t see that either. All I see is the politicos making hay for upcoming elections, by trying to undermine each other. I see people who will not go into stores that are run my Arabic looking people. I see long lines at airport security checkpoints, I see the patriot act, and the slow erosion of personal freedom.

I wish I could say, I think we are safer, and that the world is a safer place, but I don’t see it that way.
I wish I could say that we as a nation feel a stronger tie to our neighbors, regardless of their color, ethnicity, or beliefs, but I don’t see that either.

I think we may just be screwed. I don’t see a way to easily fix the situation we are in, and had hoped that those we elect to serve us, being smarter, and having more resources than I, would see a way to make things better… but I don’t see it.

We are a divisive society, and as such are doomed, to go the way of so many other forgotten kingdoms. I guess all we can hope , is that whatever comes after us, is more enlightened than we appear to be.

I feel sorry for the victims and families of the victims of all terrorist acts, and I feel that we as a society have betrayed the memories of those fallen innocents, with our seeming insensitivity and our use of their deaths to prop up our own political and financial gains.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves.
The irony, in that statement is that the people who should most feel ashamed, will feel little… at least as I see it.