Friday, June 09, 2006

okay, I am stuck on Chris Daughtry! When will we get the American Idol album

First things first.. this song

Damn he's goot..

Love: what is love?
(Alas I tread the dangerous ground.)
Love is, that feeling that one's heart may burst at the sight of one's lover.
Love is, knwoing no matter what, love will always be there.
Love is, waking up, and reaching for someone who is not there.
Love is, knowing, nothing is higher.
Love is, undying, unjealous, unselfish.
Love cries tears of joy.
Love is, what I feel.

help a brother with a stolen side kick! and in other news...

some wanker biotch stole this poor chaps sidekick.. and now all he want's is a little justice..
check it out.

of course he could just be fuckin wit us.. but that's a chance you just gotta take..
go give the man a shoutout.. or tell him to piss up a rope. whichever.. poor chappie needs your support.. and by the sounds of it.. he's gettin' some.

MAL has official lost it.. yes with the release of the latest Rocketbum video.. you can see he has clearly "gone of the reservation" GO NOW to and see..

I hear rumor that he has actually published ROCKETBUM 3!!'
here's the video..

If you ask me.. it just ain;t nice to fool mother nature.. or steal a man's sidekick..

Now a short story.. ther eonce was a boy, who was praticaly a prince, and he stole a sidekick.. named Tonto.
Fastforward 25 years.. and he is now living in a cave in Afganastan, fucking camels, and goats, and other men with stinky beards. His name Osama BInLaden.
See nothing but evil can come from stealing a sidekick.

Did you see the video of what happened to the man who stole Batman's Robin?
Here is is.

that's right Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi once tried to take robin off into the desert so that he may "know" him.. now BOOM.. dead.

Shit can happen..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Porn? Can you judge a man by the porn he surfs, or doesn’t?

Porn? Can you judge a man by the porn he surfs, or doesn’t?

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they were, the car that the drive, or the neighborhood in which they live.

I wonder if the same can be said about the porn he surfs?
Me.. yep, I surf porn.. not every day, hell not every week, but there are some days when something erotic and visual is in need.
What do I look for in my internet porn?
Mostly group sex.. MFF mostly.. but an occasional MFM is okay..
I never look at anything that resembles child porn.. it is revolting to me, even if the girl looks like she may be underage.. (and may not be)
I do not enjoy gay porn.. it just is not my bag, and even in an MMF environment, the dudes better not touch, or it’s over.. I am double clicking my way to somewhere else.

I have my trusted source for porn.. I think every adult should have one.. I would post it here, but there is a chance that posting a link to an adult site could get me banned here.. so I will just call it by name.. sublime directory.

Usually I go look at the little movie clips.. but I have also been known to browse the thumbnail galleries.. I guess the mini-movie videos have some appeal in that one there is movement, but perhaps more importantly there is sound..

This may seem morally corrupt at first, but I don’t trust a man who says he does not like porn. I find that most men who proclaim such a thing are just being dishonest with themselves, and as a result may find it easier to be dishonest with others.

On the other hand, if someone says to me, that I do not look at porn because I do not want to feel the temptation to sin, that to me although perhaps mildly ridiculous, is an honest reason, and does not say in and of itself “I don’t like porn”. It just says, I believe that porn will make me go to hell and I am afraid of hell..
At least it’s honest.

I prefer people who can take nearly anything in moderation. And have more respect for the person who can moderate their vice, than the person who abstains form all vice for fear of loosing control.

In my eyes, the abstinence junkie is just as bad as the over the top actual junkie, given that the abstinence, is born of a lack of self trust , or trust in one’s own will power.

Speaking of Abstinence.. from vice that is..
I am thinking of quitting smoking! FUCK ME.. my biggest reason for not quitting seems to have gone all cati-wampus on me.. that reason was, I enjoy it, and I don’t want to live forever.. now I am not saying even for an instant that I have any sort of death wish, but life had grown boring.. mundane..
Now, I have had my eyes opened, (again)_ to see that life truly is what you make of it.. each day can be an adventure, if you only try. And everybody is deserving of love, even us old fat, bald fellows.

So now I want to live another 10 or 15 years if I can help it.. kinda fucks up that whole, “Who cares” thing I had going now don’t it.

I have tried to quit before and did once for two years.. now I will work my self up into a frenzy of self control and go at it again.. wish me luck.. when it comes to cigarettes, I will be the first to admit I am a junkie.. a died in the wool addict … and I know it ain;t gonna be easy..

I heard of this new method of smoking cessation.. whenever you want to have a cigarette, you have sex instead.. then when you want to have that after sex smoke, well you go back at it.. do this until you pass out from exhaustion for as long as it takes to curb your nicotine hunger..
(I am still looking for a volunteer to have sex with me 20 times a day)
My hand said, that it would go on strike, and then my typing would suck even more, if I tried to do it the self serve method..

Maybe I will just chew gum.

So did everyone survive yesterday? I did.. although it was a rather strange day.. at noon, I was taking my lunch in my car and reading a bit of Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. When across the lawn of my office building walked a rather good sized deer, a doe. I half suspected to see a faun behind her, but she walked alone, in the mid day sun. She stopped at the edge of the blacktop and looked at me for a long minute.. then as casually as she had walked up she walked on.. to a little depression with a stream that runs though it on the opposite side of the parking lot. It was a sort of treat to have her pay me this visit.
Later in the day 4 or 5 Canadian Geese were picking there way around that same lawn, with perhaps 7 or 8 small goslings in tow. So it was n interesting day for wildlife, here in the city. (I am actually near the airport, in a warehouse/business district.)

In the fall and through some of the winter, you can go down to the very far end of the parking lot and watch deer, so it was not a first time for a deer encounter, just the first for when it was so light, and close…

This Friday.. my wife will be off at a batchlorette party, I will be home alone from 6 to whenever.. she tried to tell met at there would be no strippers.. (like I care) I found out that there would in fact be a strip club and male dancers.
She blushed and said she had no idea.. I don’t think I believe her…. And I am not sure I care .. even that she may have been deceptive about it..

I have to wonder, why , some people in relationships feel that inequity is alright? More than once, I have been made fully aware of my spouses unhappiness at the prospect of me going to a Batchelor party, when I said that there would be no strippers, and as far as I knew there really were none.. I have also been accused of cheating, looking, wanting to cheat, thinking of cheating, wishing I could cheat, with nearly every woman I know. In all actuality, it would take a person of exquisite beauty, and great kindness to even tempt me.

Youtube Parody of Rocketboom.. mal turns tranzie..

Okay you all Know Mal by now.. he's that Aussie that got lost while in Europe and now lives in Paris, because he can't read a street map in French to find his way back to the airport. (If it's CDG.. just follow the smell???)
well he's proven once again, that he is completly NUTTERS!

Yes, he has gone from "Of questionable mental stability" to "Completly fuggin bonkers".. as one predominant psychologist was mis-quoted as saying.


become even more famous (pronounced nutters) than Mal

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Part 8 The Day after.. uh make that night?

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: St's Blood. part8 The Day after.. uh make that night?

I woke up.. it was dark in the room.. I felt to my left, the open side of the bed, expecting to feel the warmth of my lovers body.. but all that was there were bunched up blankets, a comforter, and some rubber device, that I did not remember using, but was sure had been on one of us?

I was nude.. I stumbled out of the bed, it was high.. I damn near fell to the floor.. fucking rich people.. why do you have to sleep four fucking feet off of the ground.. then I remembered a time, when she was on her back.. I was standing at bedside, and things just lined up perfectly... never mind.. I get it now.

How long had I slept? Musta been a while the fire was out, without so much as a glowing ember.. and damn if I could find a light switch.. the doors at least were glass, and there was a light on in that colossal entry room.. so I opened the door.. it was too bright.. I stumbled to where I thought I remembered the bathroom to be.

Have you ever walked into a room and not seen someone standing in plain view?
Have you ever been naked as the day you were born when you did it?
"Good evening sir." it was the butler. I damn near jumped out of my skin.. cause I wasn't wearing anything else to jump out of!
"HOLY SHIT!" I cried as I jumped up about 9 feet!

"So sorry sir, may I help you find a robe?" the smug little (fully dressed) bastard said.

"Uh, yea, yea.. and where's the john?" I said, a little relaxed now.. hell I even gave my right ass cheek a scratch, to prove to him how composed I was. (Needless to say in my mind I was still freaking out)

"It's this way sir" he said walking down the short hall at the other side of the room.
Hell, there were two more rooms down here.. a library kinda thing, with a friggin piano, and another bedroom..

The bath room was about the size of my apartment, I stood and pissed.. there was that burning again.. except now I remembered how I had gotten it.

Any Chance for a shower ? I asked Jeeves. Yes sir. He bent down and turned the water on for me, "shall I warm a towel for you?"
"Sure , do whatever it is you do" I jumped in to the shower.. it felt damn good.. when I turned the water off, I found Jeeves standing with a towel waiting.
Then he brought shaving gear, and asked if I wanted him to shave me. I don’t trust anyone with a blade that close to my throat.. so I passed, and had a shave.. my mind wandered to the events of last night, the erotic visions of...

"Shit, that was real?!?!" the realization came to me that my client was more than she appeared on the surface and it made me shiver.. the butler stood holding a robe out as soon as I had dried.

He was so damn cool about the whole thing. I had to wonder for a moment what it would be like to really have a servant like this? Then I wondered if he ever held a robe out for my client? (Was that jealousy I was feeling???)

"Come on Duke pull yourself together. She’s just another bang... "I tried to tell myself, but there was nothing "just" about this girl. Hell if I let myself think about it, I was falling in love.. with a client.. that still owed me money?? This was going to be a bad, bad thing...

"Hey, Jeeves?" I said as I put the robe on. "How much do you know about.. this.. uh.."

"Countess?" he said.

I was getting real tired of people reading my mind.. "Yea, you known her long?"

"No sir, I come with the room." he said almost smirking at me.. (I outta punch this penguin.. )

"Yea, I mean how long has she been here.. what does she do while you are here? What can you tell me? I asked.

Coolly he said, 'Really sir, I am in a position that requires confidence, If I did know anything about the Countess, I would surely keep it to myself." He gave me a little bow when he said it.

I been told to fuck off a few times in my life, but that was damn near pleasant.. so I thought I would cut him a break, and rather than try and beat it outta him, I asked" She say where she was going?"

"No sir, but she did say that she would meet you at a place called "Shaky's" once you were ready. She also gave me instructions to dress you." he said.

"Well that'll be all right." I could not help but laugh, "I am 40 years old, and I sure know how to dress myself".

"As you wish, you will find a selection of suits, in the dressing room, I believe you will find at least a few in your size. The countess requests that you wear one of them, sir." he turned and left the john. I found him standing at the entry to the other "bedroom".

That's alright Jeeves, I will wear what I came in."

“I sent it out to be cleaned, and it is not back yet sir." he said and looked almost disgusted..

Fucker don’t know the value of a cheap suit.. Ah well, in I went .. It wasn’t a bedroom, but a fucking "dressing room" full of clothes, suits, dressed, coats, overcoats, pants, dame clothes shoes, men's and woman's.. there were a couple of chairs, and a few pieces of furniture that I didn’t recognize, they looked like a chair but with a back made for hanging clothes on.. "Well alright, Jeeves old boy, alright!" I said, walking into the room. (Why in the hell would someone need a whole room for changing their clothes? And why were there men’s clothes in here?

I asked "Hey Jeeves these clothes come with the room too?"

"No sir, there are all the Countess's effects." "Ahh, the broad's married." I thought ," and she wants me to wear her husband's clothes.. kinky thing ain't she?"

"So her husband in town with her?" I asked Jeeves. "Sir, I have not seen any Husband, as far as I know the Countess is unwed." He said an eyebrow raising.. he was seemingly picking out a pair of boxers from a small chest of drawers. along with a pair of black socks.

"Well Duke, looks like your getting dressed" I thought and gave jeeves a pat on the shoulder. Hell he wasn’t such a bad guy.
He laid them over one of the chair like things, and turned, pulling a Tuxedo down from the hook, he said 'May I suggest this one, sir?"

"Yea, jeeves, you may suggest that one" I said.. hell I was probably going to my own funeral, I might as well look good for it.

Being dressed by someone is actually a very pleasurable experience. It makes you feel royal or something, and Jeeves, was a real pro, adjusting here, assisting there, hell I didn’t even feel all “broke back” about it after a minute or two.

I stood in front of a mirror and Jeeves finished straightening my bow tie.. this Tux was a real piece of art, nothing too fancy, but from the buttons of dark gems to the feel of the collar soft and warm, it reeked of opulence. Hell I felt royal standing there in this penguin get up. "There you are sir, a true gentleman. Shall I call for a car?”

“No I got my own, but thank you ….” I paused.

“It’s James sir.” he said reading my mind again?? Damn that creeps me out. But he said it with a warm smile.

“…James.” I had to grin at myself and at him, and how cool and calm he was..

Like I said earlier, the Capri was only a short distance from Shakey’s and I decided to walk. It was night, not late into it, but dark outside except for a few street lights, and of course the string of sparkling lights, of autos on the surface streets.. There was a fog settling in, and it’s cool caress actually helped me get my head together. Hell I must'a been some sight walking in this Monkey suit half giddy with what I can only now call love, and half terrified at what I was seeing to be the “truth” about my client.. The Countess.

To be continued.

for real erotic fiction titles check thse out..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Paris Hilton SEX video..! Shot in Paris? I think Mal had something to do with it..

I think Mal over at had somthing to do with this..

No that's no BUNNY suit!
That's a friggin abominable snow man (aka Yeti!)
That's one freaky bitch!
Now if I could only get my hands on a yeti suit.. a gallon of KY and 10 minutes alone with Asia Carrera??

Shall I give you a "special kiss" I asked.. this was her reply


Classic Sci-Fi Book Review.. recomendation: Perelandra

Perelandra by C.S. Lewis.

It has been a little over a year and a half since i read the first book in the series. "Out of the Silent Planet".. I am into chapter 3 of Paralandra, and I find it fascinating..

It is Science Fiction, and each book in the trilogy can be read as a stand alone text.

The interesting thing to me is when it was written in the 1940’s.

And while science has proven that the settings and aliens are fanciful, it is amazing how good the story line is.

When you are a science nut, and a sci-fi reader, if you are like me, you get a bit of a snobbish attitude towards scientific inaccuracy in fiction, but this book is not trying to be “science” it is trying to and succeeding in being great FICTION.

Many people of my generation skipped the classics, like C.S. Lewis and went right in for writers like Anne McAffrey, R.A. Slavatore, of if you are a little older like me, Frank Herbert , Arthur C. Clark and the like.

Perhaps it is tiem for more of us to go back to that tiem in between, between 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Jurrasic Park, and take a look at how we got to where we are today.

Here, take a look at the reviews and other things about C.S. Lewis at and have a grat day… I will.


The tree books in the "Space Trillogy" are
Out of the silent planet.


That Hideous Strength.

True classics each and all.

See C.S. Lewis did write somthing other than The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe.. .. imagine that.. and in my opnion thse books are every bit as great, if not perhpas more so.

Happy 666.. and remember...

remeber to always...

Always look on the bright side of life...


Youtube Video.. Sweet 666.. HIM.. wtf?

Well why not celabrate what could be the first of many halloweens this year..
with a little video..
HIM.. Your Sweet 666

oh and did I mention that there are FREE movies at Tomb of Anubis?
YEs, FREE>. the F word.. you cheap bastards.. go look already! (That is if they aren't to fucking hung over to have done the update already.. shoulda done it last night at midnight.. but you know them hippies.. friggin bunch o' freaks!)

FREE MOVIES! 666 Update at Tomb!

Hey fuckers! (me included)
Free movies at ToA! YEs, I used the "F" word..
also I''ll be the son of a good christain lady, if Nix didn't update his blog finnaly!
(I read that that is a sign of end times.. so all bets are off, as to heater we will survive the day)
Go check out
for Free (F Word) Movies


Testing, Happy 666, Duke Lacrosse and PotatoeBabies

Another test.. I am testing a new piece of software.. (actually an old piece new to my computer)

So if this works, you may actually get fewer typos and misspelled words.. I know you are all heart broken.

Happy 666 as long as we’re chatting..

I actually work with a few people that were not going to come in today.. Can you fucking believe it!?!

I live in a far flung notch of the bible belt.. lots of ultra-Christians here.. Many throw their Christianity in your face at ever possible occasion, only to stab you in the back, steal from you or just generally screw you over at every opportunity.. Fucking hypocrites!

So for them.. Today I say.. HAPPY 666!

Duke Lacrosse: I am working on the next chapter of the Duke Lacrosse saga.. But I have to admit.. When I read that last one I have to stop and have a wank, and then all I want to do is have a ciggy and cuddle.

So I am a little behind.. Let’s just say that the bit I have just seems anti climatic, after the lovemaking (animal sex) of the last chapter.

But fear not.. I am working on it.. It’s just a bit slow.

In local news.

My friends “The PotatoeBabies” played at the festival of the arts last weekend, I had to go do some shit, so I missed their performance, but I hear it was more outrageous than ever.. (yes, even they topped themselves.. Yikes) and as a result, they were asked to NEVER come back again.. Well CPS you had a good 16 year run at festival, and now you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a reformer church douche bag.

Go check them out at try to follow the links to their blog for he story and links to the photos.. Located somewhere on photo bucket?

And that wraps up this small section of my random thinking.. See not many typos at all..

(now if I can just get this crap to load.. Ohm huuu)



Monday, June 05, 2006

A music video worth watching..

Check out my friend Mal's music video

here I would make fun of him for at least having the cars drive on the right side of the road.. but the song deserves more credit than a cheap shot at ol Maly Mal.ic.ious
so take a look, and vote for it.. already! JUST DO IT!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chris Daughtry Update..

Hey I found a couple of videos that were not yet pulled down off of youtube.. see 'em while you can


both thanks to the Chris Daughty Fan Site

Him I am actually looking forward to seeing next month..
the rest.. well we all know how I feel about them..
Chris you rock!
(And you kinda look like a younger Mal.. sorry about that chris..)