Saturday, November 29, 2008

AVM News X2

Back from polyclinic..
Oh, walked there cause my dad left his ez-link card + work pass at his workplace.. It was raining liao. So too bad.. Ok, reached there, take queue number. Register then met the doctor. Lol. She was asking damn lot of question and making comments like "It must been a shock for your father" Lol...and "AVM are rare, so cannot really say". Ok, then went to Treatment room. The nurse said that I don't need anymore dressing. Put plaster oni for the raw wound. Ok, left the polyclinic and went to buy dinner... Then took 293, got this really cute guy behind me.. Lol... Haiz.. Went home and now blogging. Anyway, was thinking I was lucky to get one the best neurosurgeon, Prof Ivan Ng. Lol.. Dr. Kumar damn funny. He went to my bed at the hospital, then the nurse said I had AVM, then he walked away... I rarely see Dr. John Thomaz... but I didn't get him as my doctor
I ♥ Ayumi Hamasaki!5:14 PM


Keep on praying for Amy, but she’s doing Better….
These two post are out of Amy’s Caringbridge journal…As you can see, she’s doing much better. Continue to pray for her! Thanks for all those who have been praying.

thank you all for your prayers! the bleeding has stopped and amy is doing alot better now! please continue to keep her in your prayers.
more to come in the morning.

-Overton Family-

This is Janet Sue, Amy’s mom. We have had an exhausting 35 hours. Amy’s surgery was not an easy one. There was so much bleeding. They were having a hard time with keeping enough blood in her because she would bleed out really fast.
Let me explain. Amy’s body formed veins called AVM’s that compensated for oxygenating the blood through her heart and body. The AVM’s look like small clusters of running veins. She has tons of them in her chest cavity, lungs and around her heart. This is where the bleeding is coming from. The surgeon closed her up and sent her to ICU, she is still bleeding, she is trying to give Amy’s body time to take over and see what it can do on it’s own. The bleeding could slow down, if not, she would have to reopen Amy’s chest and try again to stop the bleeding.
Around, I don’t even know what time it was, sometime late afternoon, the surgeons reopened Amy and attempted to stop the bleeding. This attempt was successful. Her dad and I saw her a few minutes ago and the bleeding has almost completely stopped. Her face is really puffy. She has warm skin with pink nail beds. No more smurf blue. She is pale but she is pink. We are on our way. We still have along hard road ahead of us.
Please keep praying. Amy loves each one of you. You know her friends and her family are very important to her. She will be very touched by all your kindness and prayers. I will update tomorrow as we know more about how she did through the night. I can’t stay with her tonight and it’s very hard. I trust in God and He is holding her hand.


May God help....

Don't worry....

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Mantra to a Long Life

The first thing that stirs an attraction in me for someone of the opposite sex is a smile – not the sexy, half curled lip kind, but the full teeth treatment that travels all the way up to his eyes and makes his whole face glow. And if there’s one thing better than a smile, it’s a full-bodied laugh that comes from the heart. Yes, humor is what turns me on, and I’d like to believe that people who laugh a lot are happy people.

New research has actually proved the old adage that laughter is definitely the best medicine – a study conducted by scientists at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam says that people who are happy tend to live longer than their depressed and morose fellow human beings, by as much as 10 years. While the researchers may have used scientific data and statistics to prove this conclusion, here’s my take on why happiness and laughter prolong life:

· You’re free of stress: High levels of stress are as bad for your heart as continuous smoking or eating foods with high fat content. If you’re constantly stressed, both at work and at home, you run the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and strokes. Happy people don’t let stress affect them because they take things as they come and are not disappointed or angry when things don’t go their way. This automatically reduces their chances of contracting diseases and increases their life expectancy.
· You have a positive attitude: A positive attitude works wonders for your confidence level and boosts your feeling of general wellness. If you’re upbeat and happy all the time, people around you tend to be happy too. And when you see that your family and friends are happy and satisfied with life, you tend to relax and keep your stress levels low.

Happiness is an elusive bird that evades us as long as we chase it, but there’s a surefire way of finding this emotion – all we need to do is look inside ourselves for the things we do have rather than worry about the ones that we don’t have, and be content with what we find. The key is to expect nothing – so when things don’t happen, you’re not disappointed, and when they do, you’re pleasantly surprised. Worry doesn’t solve problems or make them go away; in fact, you’re only increasing the number of your problems by worrying incessantly and putting yourself at risk for ulcers and other stress-related diseases. Probably the best advice you can give yourself and people close to you is - don’t worry, be happy, and live a long and healthy life.


This article is contributed by Sarah Scrafford, who regularly writes on the topic of Radiology Technician Training. She invites your questions, comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address:


This is really great! Thank you Sarah Scrafford!

Seems she knows what is running around my Brain.

Today am at work. I can't type for very long... Have a good day.


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No news todat.... I am still bummed about saying goodbye.

So about being bummed.... FU%K it...
how about some Arlo Guthrie...
First A Motorcycle Song?

and some

Arlo Guthrie - Coming Into Los Angeles - Woodstock 1969
and some...

Arlo Guthrie/City Of New Orleans/Boston Pops
A little bit older....
A little bit wiser.

I use to have very long hair... the AVM took that away from me.

There wasn't a nurse who gave a crap about me, when I stayed in Naples.
I was out of it, I had no idea about my Hair.
Thay let me lay on it for days.
Until it was a mess... my Stepmother took scissors from her purse and cut the offensive mat away.
It really sucked!

So I came back to my house and had my Wife cut it all... #3 blade on the clippers.
I look awful.
Now I look like a 42 year old.
I am a 42 year old... but I don't wanna look like it.
I am going bald.
It sucks!

But I could not put it in a pony-tail. It was just going to hang... at that wasn't very nice anyways.
Well I have to go.... be well.

Avm News! and a Bit of Me...

Stroke doesn't keep CV teen from pursuing her goal

By Jerry J. Herrmann, Special to the Review

A little help from my friends

Thirteen months after suffering a stroke, Monique Guillet, a senior at Chino Valley High School (CVHS), has made great strides toward getting on with her life.

Earlier this month the permanently disabled teenager was named the school's Student of the Week, and earlier this fall was one of the nominees for the 2008-2009 homecoming court.

Monique's mother, Sharyl Guillet of Paulden, said Monique suffered a stroke Oct. 16, 2007, in St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, while being treated for Arterio-Venous Malformation or AVM. AVM is a rare medical condition involving abnormal connections among blood vessels and arteries that can lead to undiscovered bleeding.
(pics here)
While she was born with the problem, doctor didn't discover it until she was 7 years old. Sharyl said Monique was suffering from tremors, so they took her to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., where they found the AVM in her brain.

Because of its location, Sharyl said doctors can't remove it surgically. Instead, they use radiation treatments to shrink it.

Monique's stroke occurred after doctors at St. Joseph's Hospital tried to repair some of her blood vessels in the AVM.

After suffering the stroke, she was in a coma for 36 hours and the Intensive Care Unit for one week before spending the next three weeks in St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Services learning to walk and talk.

In addition to not being able to walk or talk very well, Monique permanently lost her short-term memory. "I thought we lived in Dewey and was going to school in Bradshaw Mountain High School," she said, instead of living in Paulden and going to CVHS. She also only has limited use of her right arm that has palsy. As a result, she had to learn to write with her left hand.

If that wasn't challenge enough, the stroke caused problems with her left eye that doctors hope more surgery can fix.

"She has made an incredible recovery. She has improved by leaps and bounds," Sharyl said. "Her surgical doctors are amazed by the recovery and progress she has made."

She added, "She gets up every day and does the best she can."

Monique said when she got home after the stroke and rehab she didn't know what to do because she had forgotten her routine.

She also faced another challenge, what to do about her schooling because her doctor said she couldn't go back to school for a year.

Working with the CVHS, its Special Education staff developed an Independent Education Plan for Monique.

Sherri Ryan, a speech therapist, one of her homebound schooling teachers, still helps works with her part of each day at school. "My goal is to be able to speak and know what I'm talking about," she said.

Another of her homebound schooling teachers was Diane Judge-Cox, who helped her with her chemistry and aquaculture classes. Even though she is no longer one of Monique's teachers, she still helps her with school projects.

One of her big problems is with the loss of her short-term memory; Monique lost all her math skills beyond third grade.

To remember what her teachers said, she uses a tape recorder. She also uses a planner to help her remember what she needs to do when. "I can also put reminders in my phone," Monique said.

If all goes well, Monique will be able to walk with her class in its graduation ceremony so her grandfather, Mike Guillet of Crystal, Minn. and other members of her family can watch. However, she doesn't expect to graduate until January 2009.

After graduation, Monique, who currently has a 3.75 grade point average, wants to attend Yavapai Community College and the University of Arizona in Tucson to major in languages. Ultimately, she wants to be a translator at the United Nations.


Holiday Stuff...
I got a question... If I don't go to a Christmas party... because no body (that is anybody) has invited me?
I have been invited by staff, but not the big guy....
ah well.... give me some idea.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mal & stuff!

Look at
Holy-Moly! This is dynamite. Hot off the press. These guys have come up with a legit way of gaming MSN Search for top results. The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole - bit of a misnomer really as it won't work with Google - their algorithms are too sophisticated. But it brains it with Microsoft's MSN. Check this out...
He's got video and other stuff... you owe it to yourself...

...Search Engine Loophole - can get it here for a lousy $67 - The Ultimate (MSN) Search Engine Loophole I'd love to show you the keywords I have top ranking on MSN with this program but I don't want you to compete. Sorry about that Chief.

Thanks Mal.
Some days you just have to say "What the Fu#k."

I spent 6 hours today, in a hot tub showroom, and all I asked for was a couple to talk to... what didn't I have? A COUPLE! Shit I would have settled for a one-legger, I didn't have anybody to talk to....
I don't work until Friday.... ah well Life goes on....

Just because I like Tim Curry!

I could not stop myself!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

How bout some Cash.... Johnny, that is...

Boy name Sue.

Johnny Cash @ the Muppets

Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - Ring of Fire (live)

now get prices on Records.

It is funny, you don't know how much you'll miss someone until they are gone.
Rest well Johnny Cash.

Well my friends.... bad news.

This may be my last month for blogging.
I just heard my check book balance is.
and it ain't great!

I will try to make this months payment... but I can't promise you.
This makes me sad.

Next month is going to be a bitch.
good buy,