Friday, September 23, 2005

Gasolene prices over $5.00 a gallon.

Yes, gas prices today hit the $5.00 a gallon mark for the first time in history. Due to the resent storms effecting the gulf coast and the lack of refining capability, "we had to move the pries up to try and slow demand" an oil company spokesman said today. "It is the only way to insure a consistent flow of product all across the nation", he concluded.

When asked for comment, the President said.. "I will look into this matter, I will leave no stone unturned, and if there is gouging something will be done about it."

"That something is more than likely him calling buddies in the oil business to congratulate them in their stellar profits for yet another year." Al Franken was head saying on Air America shortly after the president’s speech.

We say, we here ya’ Al.. of course we are two of the 16 that actually can hear you.

Later today, it is suspected that Natural Gas prices will be doubled again for the second time since hurricane Rita made landfall late in the evening of September 23, 2005.

And as predicted fuel oil prices have hit another all time high, despite the large quantities of free heating oil supposedly delivered to the states from Venezuela.

It would seem that George Bush not only would like to drown, and starve poor people, he also would like them to freeze to death.

"Thank you sir, where would we be without you." Was the response of Jabber Eatins a dislocated black Cajun we found freezing to death in a Detroit suburb, where he was left to fenced for himself after his $2000 FEMA ATM was taken from him at gun point earlier this week. (Of course we could have given him a ride back to the south which is warm enough to survive in. but it is more fun to report this way. And just let him freeze)

Of course the above is satire and a fictionalized account of the coming weeks.
It is not meant to e humorous, just insightful.. at least it pleased me when I wrote it.

I am praying to my pagan god that lives are spared, and that Rita does only damage to things and not people.
I hope and pray too, that we can learn from the mistakes that we have made that have led up to the difficulties we now face after one storm and waiting for another to arrive. I really truly wish that we as a nation can pull together and help the people that will be and have been effected by these two storms, and hope that we realize that it is only matter of time before we go through these same scenarios again.

I really feel it should be the responsibility of the State and Local government to take care of it’s population, in time of emergency. The Federal Government should help the state in extreme cases, but the feds cannot know all the details of every situation or in every location, nearly as well as the locals can, and do. Perhaps there needs to be a shift in where tax dollars are going? Perhaps there needs to be more local level accountability? Perhaps the feds should stay the hell out of the way, other than providing interstate infrastructure and facilitating communication between state governments. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do not think the system that is in place is at all efficient of even working.

I was surprised to find out that the states that are in disaster areas waiting to happen, do not have food and water reserves? It seems silly to ship ice from Maine to Texas? Why is there not ice in Texas already? How about MRE’s? (Meals Ready to Eat) where are the state stock piles of those? (Much less the local level reserves?) It all seems just to centralized? Why do we let the Federal Government be out parent? Why do we expect it from the Feds? (and then complain about our taxes?)
It would seem to me that the expense of living in a place in time of need, should be shouldered by those that live there. NOT FAIR YOU SAY! Well keep in mind that local economics is always relative, If you and to pay much higher taxes to live in Florida, wages would be higher, and property costs would be closer to something resembling reality all through the sunshine state.
This would also discourage what we saw in New Orleans, if taxes were so high that the poor could not afford to live in low lying areas, then the poor would not have been the ones living there, and the people who were would have been able to evacuate, using their own private transportation.

It bothers me to see the Feds pledging money to the recovery, even though I did donate money and even helped create a few successful fund raisers. It is just that I know how poorly the government track record is for money management. And I hate to see my tax dollars get wasted, because those in charge of them, do not care how wisely they are spent. And in some cases only want to see those that helped them gain their power benefit.. it is like robbing from the poor and giving to the rich all over again, only this time, I don’t see a National Robin Hood anywhere in the near future.

Again I do not have the answer to Governmental waste.. It has always been around, at least as long as there has been government. It is perhaps incurable, because waste to one person is a necessary favor to another. What I see as Pork, someone else sees as the necessary redistribution of the national monies. Hwo do you stop it?

People ask me if I am a Republican or a Democrat, a conservative or a liberal, my only answer is that when it comes to politics I am an agnostic. (I don’t believe any of it)

It is a shame that our government has such a bad reputation in the eyes of the people, I blame a great deal of that on the divisiveness of modern politics, and a lack of genuine care for the people by those who lead us.

I cannot say that our government is “Of the People , By the People and For the People “ anymore. And honestly cannot tell you if it ever was. That may have only been a nice pitch man’s saying when it was first written.

So what is a person to do? Move to Canada? Move to Venezuela? Nah, it ain;t that bad here, but it could be so much better , don’t you agree?

DeRex solves America's energy problems...

DeRex solves America's energy problems...

Here is my step by step solution to the fuel crisis. (long term)

Open drilling in UT, CO, AK NOW!
Build refineries , and lot’s of them
Allow further building of nuclear power plants. As well as new coal technologies power plants.
Make a single standard for Gasoline formulation, keeping environmental impact in mind.

I know that a number of the suggestions above do not sit well with the environmentalists, so let me continue.

Give tax breaks to Oil / Energy / Other companies when they invest in alternative fuel/energy source research.

If tax breaks are big enough there should be no need for the government to step in with taxation and direct funding of alternative energy technologies, other than perhaps in assisting with the final infrastructure and regulations, the government should keep it’s hand out of the pie. (Look at how badly they manage money everywhere else.. I don’t want them helping)

I have heard numbers that say we currently have more oil than Saudi Arabia under our soil. We need to break away from foreign oil dependence and using the guidelines above, we can, and can forever with the investment from the private sector in alternatives. In the mean time, this week I have heard that global warming is a. irreversible at this point, and b. caused primarily by the sun.. lets have a gasoline and desiel driven party to celebrate.. I will bring the hot dogs.

If the environmentalists cannot get their minds around the big picture above, I cannot help you.. you simply need to step aside and let the doers do.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Passed on to you.. viddy well me little droogie woogs

DeRex Wrote: Here it is kids, the first alarm bell.. the warning of what is to come in the next weeks and months. I hope he is wrong.
This was passed onto me by secret sources.. make of it what you will.

article to come soon getting into the details of what I am currently doing in the spa industry, let me tell you this. In the last 30 days I have seen a 25% increase in the cost of some materials used to make our spa shells. I am told that if the right part of Texas gets hit my Rita I mat not be able to get some raw materials I use in spa manufacturing. Due to shortage and diverting to rebuild.. government gets theirs first ya know.

As a result I see a 15% or greater price increase needed to keep everything flowing and to keep margins at a level that will be needed to keep a float over the next 18 months. (I am painting a worst case scenario, but there really may be a shortage of spas here and soon!)If you are a spa shopper , my suggestion is to BUY NOW!Like gasoline many of the products used to make your spa are petroleum and energy dependent. If you believe that gas prices are not going back down any time soon, you must then think the same about spas.Do not wait to buy, if you go past January I promise you will see an increase in any of the three brands I am closely associated with at this time, and I have to assume that this will likewise effect the entire industry.

The UN.. move it now.. punish the guilty, or close up shop and make the building condos.,2933,168591,00.html

Here we go some more.. UN scandal.. bribes.. Russians.. oil for food.. yada yada yada..

When will we finally admit that the UN is broken.. and perhaps broken beyond all repair.

It’s okay,, the League of Nations failed too.. it is not a first.. it is only a case of history repeating itself.

I just do not believe that he UN can succeed, human nature is too corrupt. When countries that are known to torture and kill it’s own people are put in charge of human rights, the system is broken.. when officials can get rich taking bribes, with very little consequence.. it’s broken.
I think a big part of the problem is the size of the UN.. I man have you seen the building? It’s HUGE! Time to downsize.. and look where it is.. If you converted it to condos the money that could be made in tax revenues rather than spent by NYC in protecting these arrogant dick-heads!

I think if ever there was a case for Eminent Domain taking “private” property because the revenues would go up to the city, this is the case that America could stand behind.

The UN just ticks me off.. I feel like what have they done for me lately.. I am sure may more people feel the same.

So here is my proposed solution.. Cut the size of the UN in half.. put the UN on a 4 year rotation.. every 4 years the UN headquarters is moved into the most impoverished place on the planet, make the UN building complex out of mobile home trailers.. this way they can be broken down and moved with the UN every 4 years. If in the 4 years they are in the Hell that they are sent to, they do not make marked improvements to that area, they are all fired, and the next group comes in , the ones who are fired however, must now stay where they failed, on their own, no help form their mother country.. just them.. no jobs.. no food.. just the clothes on their back.. and a note that says “Thank you for your service.. you are on your own”.

Then we could take the kind hearted countries like The Congo.. and put them in charge of the UN prison.. if you are a member of the UN and you are convicted of a crime, especially stealing from the UN, you get to go to UN prison, where the kind humanitarians of the Congo will “take care” of you for your sentence.

Power corrupts.. the UN is a corrupt institution.. and either needs to clean it’s own house, or be burnt to the ground making way for a new and improved version.

(Even if the UN were to get itself in order, I feel it needs to be somewhere else.. and the 4 year rotation is a valid idea once you remove the sarcasm)

Dear FEMA... grab a hold of both ears and pull until you hear a pop and see light again...

$800 / day to babysit ice.. in MAINE!

Dear FEMA, I will gladly sit with this truckload of ice for only $500 a day. I will even allow you to run the refrigerated trailer off of electricity supplied from my own home, at only a slightly higher rate than the electric company bills me for it.

I have enough room for 5 refer trailers here at my home, and will give you a discountd rate of only $400/day (a full 50% discount from what you are currently paying) each if you can send me no fewer than 5 truck trailers to keep here in storage for you.

I am closer to the gulf coast than Maine is and feel that this measly $2000/day income is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the good of my fellow countrymen.

You may continue to store ice trailers here at my house for the remainder fo the season (about 60 days) at the above rates.. it is the least I can do.

Bail the Oil companies out and screw the poor now! $1 Trillion for Oil Company relief, they've earned it.

$200 BILLION! For Katrina relief, ??? Billion for Rita Recovery...

Wait, let's take a look at that.. if there were 1 million people affected by Katrina, that means that there would have to be $200,000 per person given to aid recovery.
I wonder ???
If you are a family of 4 does that mean you get $800,000 for surviving the storm?
(of course not)
So where is the money going to go?

I wonder how many billions will go to the oil companies?
I have not heard anyone say how much the Oil companies are getting, and they were effected by Katrina.. they did have losses.. shouldn't they reap the benefits of disaster relief?

Now it looks as if Rita, another one of the strongest hurricanes in history will be slamming into Houston.. more oil company losses are sure to occur.

Why not let the Oil companies mark up gas prices to lets say $15.00 a gallon and then give them a trillion dollars to recover from the loss of production that these two storms surely cost them?

It is only fair.. they do employ people and they do have a effect through our entire economy.. why not thank them for it?

I work in a business that is supplied by products that take oil to make (and natural gas) guess what.. my prices of raw materials are skyrocketing! You will see that price increase in upcoming months reflected in the price you pay for my products.
Because my prices will have to go up, to cover my increases, the public will buy less of my product. If the trend of fewer sales goes much past the first quarter of next year, I will lay off about 25% of my workforce.. I will have to .. they will not be making anything if orders go down... and I can;t afford to pay people to stand around.. so I say.. either I get a check to compensate for my lost revenues (projected losses that is) or we just give all the money to the oil companies now, and hope that they don't raise prices any further...
whatta ya say? Should America bail out the oil companies.. and let the poor just be poor? I say yes.. higher bonuses for CEOs all around!
Sighing off.. I have a tee time at 8:00.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Poll: Huricane Katrina Funds, should they be diverted to Texas?

Because this is my first poll in this blog, I am going to ask that you please vote.. I also am going to ask that you pass this blog's URL on to everyone you know (don't spam people you don't know.. it's rude unless they are politicians.. then it's okay)
But I want to know...
After America stepped up to the plate and donated so many billions to Hurricane Katrina relief, the American pocket for charity may be a little light, if Hurricane Rita does hit Texas as a category 5 or even a category 4 and devastates the coast there, as badly as is being predicted...
Would it be okay for organizations like the Salvation Army and Red Cross to divert funds earmarked for Katrina victims to Rita victims?
Leave a comment Yes or No.

(Through organizing a fund raiser I have raised just over $12,000 for the Red Cross, and plan now to do it again with hopes of $18,000) and I don;t care where they use it as long as it is used for victims of disaster here at home.

Should organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army be able to divert funds earmarked for Huricane Katrina Victims to Huricane Rita victims, if the need to do so arrises?
Yes or No.
Pass it on

Should the Salvation Army and Red Cross be able to divert Katrina Reliefe funds to Rita victims if need be?
I don't know.
I don't care

Free polls from

God bless Google..

huh? you say..
Well, after an exile of nearly 90 days, my primary site one dedicated to consumer education may just be back on Google's first page for my primary keyword!

I was teased with this once, since my site started the google dance 90 days ago.. I am not sure why my pages started moving from 1 to 12th page and then to nowhere, to 10 to 7 to 8th to 5th back to #6 on the first page.. but I am sure glad to be back.

I made my first page in 1998 to try and get the attention of a friend who I had lost touch with... he had a band.. I made a band fan site for it.. and it worked.. we did get back in touch.
Then I tried to make money online, with this or that get rich quick idea.. none worked by the way.. but then I started a page about something I am specifically interested in, and it started to take off.. I made no money from the site at all for a long long time, .. in fact I gave the rights to reproduce it to someone in hopes to get my message out there to more people.. but then I decided to go from a free server to a paid server, and with that took on some banner ads to help of set the price of hosting.. a mere $4.95 a month for plenty of traffic and storage, not a bad deal..
I was clicking along at about 7000 hits a month when the google door shut.. and traffic went to 1000 per month.. I know I should not have been upset.. it was just a free information site.. and I was not loosing any real income.. but it did upset me.. and it made me reexamine the site, especially the front or index page.. along with my linking practices.. I had always assumed that if I had good content that the links would come naturally.. and for a while they did.. but pages get old ULRs go dead.. and after a while I had only 38 other pages linking back to me..
So my little time doing the Google Macarena did me some good, it made me a better webmaster (and I use that term very loosely)
At any rate, I hope to se traffic back up to previous levels, and have Google to thank for it.
Google thank you, for making me a better web page designer, promoter, and perhaps even person..

a random act of plagerisim!

I get this email newsletter, from I am sure I get it because I submitted a site to be indexed by them.
The following I plagerised from the latest news letter.. what can I say? I liked it enough to share.

Search Engine Wars
Quality Searches Vs Quantity
It is no secret that Google and Yahoo are on a continuous battle to win our hearts and get everyone to convert, but is converting someone really a matter of the quantity or the quality?Let's take a look at some top key searches and compare them with some search engines online.

I will outline a few things for each search result:
1) Search Engine2) Number of results found3) Quality & content of the top 10 sites4) What you find going beyond the first 10 pages

Each section will get ranked out of 10 points for quality (information taken on August 26,2005).
=Starting with my all-time favorite search term: "INTERNET MARKETING"= 99,000,000 results- 10/10 on quality- 10/10 Past 10 pages still delivers top quality results 281,000,000 results- 7/10 on quality. There's no reason to list a "Hotel Marketing Firm" & "Building websites". The #1 spot was reserved for Yahoo marketing.- 9/10 Past 10 pages, it is very generic for business, not specific. 93,661,176 results- 10/10 on quality- 10/10 Past 10 pages still delivers high quality results. I am surprised and give MSN two thumbs up for their attention to detail.
=Moving onto the search term for "BUSINESS NEWS"= 627,000,000 results- 10/10 on quality- 10/10 Beyond 10 pages delivers high quality & local news centers. 1,260,000,000 results (wow)- 10/10 on quality- 9/10 Beyond 10 pages. There are still some sites that should never be there. 381,631,054 results- 8/10 on quality - Some aren't related at all and brand new sites as well.- 10/10 beyond 10 pages. Their results seem to tighten up and get better.
Let's now take some more "local" search results to see deeper and more targeted results...
=Moving on to the search term for "WASHINGTON UNIVERSITIES".I hope to find the "University of Washington" come up #1 or thereabouts.= 22,700,000- 10/10 on quality ( is #1)- 10/10 beyond 10 pages. The results still deliver "university" topics. 143,000,000 results- 9/10 on quality - The top spot is reserved for Yahoo on Washington University in St. Louis. There seems to be a strong battle going on here on which university to list.- 10/10 beyond 10 pages. Content is specific and relevant. 34,442,536 results- 9/10 on quality - Again another battle going on and is #10 tilting on the verge of page 2.- 10/10 beyond 10 pages. All related to Washington & University living
Let's now get even more specific than that... For this search term I will be using something very local that I can relate to and give a better analysis.
=Moving on to the search term for "HAMILTON ONTARIO CANADA".= 3,700,000 results- 10/10 on quality - Great job- 10/10 beyond 10 pages - Anything goes but is directly related to Hamilton. 14,900,000 results- 10/10 on quality - Almost the same as Google but a couple of different choices.- 9/10 on quality - Some results are found by keyword stuffing their pages.
MSN Local *New ( 1,280,405 results- 9/10 on quality - Getting some random placements & keyword stuffing- 10/10+ beyond 10 pages - Many local companies well listed in the results.
Let's now take a look at these results as a total. Out of a possible score of 80 points, here are the total scores for each:
Google - 80 pointsMSN - 76 pointsYahoo - 73 points
Total search results delivered:
Google - 752,400,000Yahoo - 1,698,900,000MSN - 511,015,171
And people wonder why Google is the king of searching?! But wait, without even noticing the results, as I totaled the final point standings, MSN came up in second place! In my study, I tried to be as neutral as possible.
How is it that Msn & Google have 50% the amount of results shown in Yahoo, but outrank Yahoo in quality?
In conclusion:
Even though Yahoo delivered a report stating that it has over 19 billion search items, what does it matter when you're still trying to figure out how to deliver all that content? MSN & Google seem to know exactly what to do with their results. They don't seem "off the wall" at all. If Yahoo is to step up and be crowned the search king, I really think that they need to refine the amount of search terms they have, to match the quality of search results as well.
Yahoo has major potential to outreach Google but they still have a lot of work ahead of them and by the time they figure things out, Google may even step up their game even further and wow us all on some other search plateau.
About the Author: Martin Lemieux - http://www.smartads.infoMartin Lemieux is the president of the Smartads Advertising Network. Smartads is here to help small to large companies grow online and offline. Visit the Smartads Network today! International:

Zoroastrianism it's not just a mexican guy in a mask anymore..

Well hello and let me start off by saying "CRAP!"
Last night in a drunken bliss, I typed up a wonderful diatribe about the teaching of evolution and "intelligent design" in schools.. and when I went to publish this work of pure literary art.. my system crashed! So you do not get to read about the teaching of belief systems in public schools.. you don’t get to read about throwing out all theory as fact teaching, and you donut get to read about, the opposing views being taught whenever there is an opposing view.
Too bad it really was priceless...
let me tease you further by saying, that there was a whole section dedicated to ancient creation mythos.. that if the state was not to sponsor any specific religion.. namingly the Big guy simply named "God" that they should be forced to teach all of the creation stories equally. After all, what’s wrong with Zoroastrianism?
I like the story where the earth, which is a big turtle, was shaken from the back of a giant whale, and now floats freely in space, looking for its lost ocean home.
Although that still is not quite as convincing as the Flying Spagetti Monster theory.. but to read about that you will just have to google it.
Well enough for one morning.. I have coffee to drink and showers to take..
Pass it on.
(PS this is still called "...random spellings" so I left a hidden morning donut, what can I say spell check picked that word, and who am I to argue with Microsoft?)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

just givin props to my peeps... I like this blog.. you will too
Yep it's Turbodoggy! I like him.. you will too.. give him a read, and leave a comment or two..

Be sure to read his whole blog.. and no I was not searching for "porn" when I found him.. go wash your mind out!

I like the sarcasm..
Go for the porn stay for the sarcasm.. that should be his motto..

a blog I like.. and no it ain;t this one...

I like it.. easy and non intrusive.. he gives you the feeling that if you never bother to read him ever again.. that he's okay with that. Much better than the "in your face" crap I have pulled here...
So read his blog, or don't ..
read my blog or bugger off.. I realy don't care which.

review of 'The Neck Tie"

I have often wondered about the invention of the Neck Tie.
I have heard that it was originally used as a bib and evolved from there to the $100 piece of ridiculously colored silk we so often see today. (Wipe your pork fat on that will ya!)

But why do we still wear them? I don’t get it.. They are expensive, unattractive and a choking hazard.
But every year, at my Company Christmas party, and for the Sales Rep Dinner, and whoever I have to speak to a crowd of our vendors.. I have to wear one?

I have heard a lot from different circles about things that OSHA has put to an end. (The big saw mill saw blade with no guards comes to mind) Why can’t OSHA step up and ban the Neck tie from the workplace?

I wonder if anyone has done a study, to determine how many people each year are killed or injured by their neck tie? I would venture a guess that it is more than are harmed by my air hose in the shop, and I have to have a safety tip on that.. I would go as far as to say that I bet it is more than are killed by falling debris inside at many of the parts manufacturers I visit, but OSHA makes me wear a hard hat at many of those jobsites!

OSHA where are you on this? A sleep at the wheel? Come on, let’s get those note legal pads out and start raising some income by fining employers that make their employees wear that deadly noose, known as a neck tie.

Now that I think about it.. underwear can be quite binding too.. but on second thought my boss has never said to me “ You will be at this meeting, and you will wear underwear”.. “make it the red silk job, I like that one best”.
And he has said that about my tie.

Peace pass it on..

Can you hear me now? Poetry, Katrina, Politics, Supreme court, Roberts, Washington, new Orleans, Madonna, WWE, marijuana, Halloween

Can you hear me now? Poetry, Katrina, Politics, Supreme court, Roberts, Washington, new Orleans, Madonna, WWE, marijuana, Halloween

Okay, I want to know how you find us.. PLEASE.. (please) leave an anonymous message telling us how you came to find us here. If you are unsure, make something up.. if it was on a search, please let us know what keyword brought you to our little place here on the web.

Seems I am a blog-junkie.. from one post to the next I think of all the great things I want to say.. unfortunately for you, due to my A.D.D. by the time I get here, I am thinking of something completely different, and you get a replay of the daily Llama races. (Or are those Alpacas?) I have such a hard time telling an Alpaca from a Guanaco from a Llama anyway.. see what I mean A.D.D.!)

So let us know how you got here.. and let us know what your interests are.. I would love to comment on the people who comment here and then ask them to comment about me.. it could be an endless circle-jerk of commentary.. but remember the golden rule..
I have the gold.. I rule! Editorial and OP-ed content may and will be edited by me, making me, a politician, or the original poster look like an idiot.

The world is full of idiots, and it would be a better place if they knew it.

Solomon Rushtie (did not say that)

Some Guanaco in the east end of Berkshire did, but it was overheard by a man in a woolen hat and repeated on the BBC ho quickly gave credit to Tony Blair.

See the rave reviews that this blog is getting...

See the rave reviews that this blog is getting…

DarthVandersmoot wrote:
“It’s like a vaudeville show for bloody retarded people”

Bernie “the Llama Bernstein” said..
It is about time someone gave the proper attention to all Llamas and Alpacas everywhere.. GOD BLESS HIM!

Stinky Armpit said:
“Smashing, simply smashing! (Well smashing is what I want to do whenever I read any of DRex’s crap!”)

Mortermer Snerd Wrote:
“huh whadafuck is that!”

DeRex’s mother said.
“He could have been a doctor you know?”

DeRex Himself said:
Well I can’t read it, I have to admire and pity anyone that can”.

And there you have it, the first honest review of a blog, posted at that blog. I may have set a trend here.. I can see it now.. Poets all across this great land f ours writing.. “JESUS MY STUFF STINKS”

I have always said if you are going to suck at something, be sure you suck better than anyone before you has sucked!

Sure you TV may suck.. but I SUCK MORE!

(actually being a str8 male I do not truly suck.. it is more a licking motion)

Okay perhaps that last statement was too outrageous for my more politically correct and conservative readers.. let me rephrase it for you.. hummm?

I have never sucked, nor do I truly intend to suck, and if I were forced to suck I would not inhale…) Thank you.

Monday, September 19, 2005


I’ll make you famous. The worlds #1 blog!

I have been thinking, that perhaps, the things I write here in my little blog, are not “cutting edge” enough to get noticed.
Perhaps I am too main stream to get lots of hits.. hell, I may like my peanut butter sauce recipe but how many people out there really want to put peanut butter over chicken?

SO what is a boy to do? Do I go political.. 100% politics 100% of the time? If I do, do I pick Conservative issues and POV or Liberal?

Do I go outrageous, with topics like “Boobies” , “Big Boobies”, “Huge Boobies” and of course “Nekkid Boobies” .
Seems that the internet is full of perverts (like me) and they are the easiest to draw in, after all there are only so many keywords that can be associated with sex and the human sex organs.

Again, what is a boy to do?
It is not that I have some grand moral compass, that makes me immune from wanting to talk about “mommy pillows” in all their reigning beauty.. . or that I am not aware of current events to talk about politics, right or left hand spin. (Heck all you would have to do is listen to an hour of Rush each day, and echo what he has said here.. why not a lot of conservative talk radio and TV hosts do?)

What is really comes down to, is interests.. I am interested in politics, religion, sex, sexual expression, sexuality (oh oh better stop here, before my wife chimes in) . But I have a wide range in things that interest me.. in other words I read most sections of the news paper.. not just one or two.

I have to believe that , even as simple as we try to make our lives, that there are other’s out there somewhere that also have a wide range in tastes and humor? (Am I deluding myself, when I say.. I am a part of a silent majority?)

Perhaps my biggest problem is picking what I want to talk about in any given day.. with a case of ADD like I have, it is hard to focus on just one topic long enough to get an article out.
One of the reasons I hate deadlines.

So let’s just say that today’s topic is Petroleum prices.. (that is a good set of keywords to get noticed by searchers huh?) I think Gas Prices are nuts.. I know you do too. I know that there is nothing at all I can say or do that will make them more reasonable.. and if I have to hear one more person say.. “Yea, but do you know what they pay in the UK for petrol?” I am gonna slap someone!

Let’s examine that shall we.. In the UK you will pay $6 for gasoline. (roughly 3.4 pounds sterling) BUT if you are a entry level worker in the UK you will make upwards of 9 pounds per hour! That’s $16.2380 an hour!

Also, you will live closer to work, than we do, you will have better and cheaper public transportation, and you will have cars available to you that get better fuel economy! It’s all relative dumbass!

Same about taxes.. Listen, my wife makes $7.50 an hour working for a convenience store.
She pays roughly 7% in social security tax, 3.5 % state tax, 1.3% local tax and then about 8% federal tax.. let’s do the math shall we..
7+3.5+1.3+8= 19.8
7.50 x 19.8% = 1.49
7.50 – 1.49 =6.01/hr take home

she uses about 5 gallons of gas per week going back and forth to work. 5 x 2.75 (price per gallon paid this weekend) = $13.75
she works 40 hours 40x6.01= 240.40
13.75 is what percent of 240.40 ? 5.7%

Same job in UK. 9 pounds less 45% tax = 5.85 (5.85 pounds sterling = 10.54 / hr take home!)
Now if she worked, in London, for 40 hours.. (no accounting for vacation or healthcare , neither of which she gets now, and she cannot use public transportation cause quite frankly it bites here.. )

10.54 x 40 = 421.60
5 gallons at $6 / gallon = $30
$30 is what % of 421.60? = 7.1% yep it is slightly higher than our figure of 5.7% for her here in the states.. but at the end of the week in the UK she would still be using the equivalent of $391.6 / week after taxes and gas vs. her current $226.25 after taxes and gas here.

I am not here to debate economics, there are many people who are more wise than I that can do that, but I intended with this post only to point out, that some of what you have heard about taxes and gas prices abroad is mere propaganda.

I do not hate our system, not at all, I like it, and capitalize from it every chance I get, as I encourage all of you to do. With that said however, you have to admit, things are not as bleak in Europe as some would have you think.

Now if you are stinking rich none of this applies to you, so you may now go on to your yacht clubs and tee times with no cause for alarm. (on more this side of the pond than the right)

Today's moment in the History of Bad Poetry

This moment in Bad Poetical History brought to you by and the makers of Prozac..
“cause ain’t no zac like Prozac”

The Dug-Out
Why do you lie with your legs ungainly huddled,
And one arm bent across your sullen, cold, Exhausted face?
It hurts my heart to watch you,
Deep-shadowed from the candle's guttering gold;
And you wonder why I shake you by the shoulder;
Drowsy, you mumble and sigh and turn your head . . . .
You are too young to fall asleep for ever;
And when you sleep you remind me of the dead.

Okay call me thick headed and insensitive.. but what in the hell is that?
JEEEEZUS! What a grim bunch of tripe! I mean for crissake… talk about making a simple observation into crappy poetry..
not to mention a good reason to
a. slit one's wrists or
b. enter group therapy..

what’s next..
"See the happy Llamas
See them jump and play
See them happy Llamas
I blow them up this day."

This is what would happen to Jewish Llamas if they ever entered Palestine.
Damn Llama hating Palestinians..
Of course who could like Llamas if they were also Jewish..
I mean can you see it?
Just there names.. You could never bring on to a party and not make everyone look funny at you when you introduced them..
I dare you.. to bring a Jewish Llama to your next dinner party..
Oh sure.. you say.. but no I dare you.. I double dare, you.
Walk right in with him.. boldly go up to the Hostess and say.
“I would like you to meet my friend, Bernie The Llama Berkowitz." and see what kind of stares you get.

I hate poets that hate Llamas, and clearly this is one of "those people"

See how I spin

See how I spin
See how I spin on my little chin
I like to spin on my little chin

I like to spin on my little knee
I spin like a bee on my little knee

See how I fly through my little eye
See how I fly and crash and die.

This moment of bad poetry brought to you by the letter G and the number 9.

Does anyone ever read poetry blogs?
I do not think a word of good poetry has been written in lets say 30 years.
Or perhpas not since E.E.Cummings wrote about "your electric hair".
Myabe not since, Robert Burns wrote about Halloween?
Maybe not since Shakespear wrote?
Maybe not since Homer?
On second though I read Homer in the Greek.. and it was rubbish ("Rosy read fingers of dawn".. shit.. pure shit).
Perhpas there has never been good peotry... I am pretty sure of it.

I liked the movie "The Dead Poets Society" but other than for that movie, I have no use for poetry.

(but it does give me another topic.. Bad Peotry.. and ther eis a lot of it out there to pick from.. so if you like Bad peotry.. you better RSS this blog right now!)

pulling hair out.. growing balder.. cable modem...

Okay I did this to myself.. so I have nobody to blame but me.. but that still doesn’t make it easier to take.. I have a cable modem at home.. I have loved my service, for years now.. would never go back to dial up!
So I have been noticing that things are getting slower, especially when some ads pop up in Yahoo and other places.. so in my rush to perfection, I formatted and reinstalled (recovered) my system.
Okay all is well.. but then I go to connect my cable modem back up.. and i cannot get online.. ARRRRGGGHHHH!
It should go easily and quickly, it did when it was first installed.. now what happened? It looks to the system like I do not have the cable attached.. according to the system.. but I do.. so I went looking for lost drivers and only seem to have made things worse.. shit!
I had no idea how addicted to my morning fix of coffee and the net, I was.. but today I am going through withdrawals and can think of little else, other than my poor wounded PC sitting there helpless.. waiting for me to come fix it..
Has anyone got a 16 year old I can borrow for a couple hours this afternoon??? if not I may have to take a vacation day to get this fixed!

Looking at my reaction (or better said over-reaction) to this problem, I think I need help.. is there a 12 step program for internet junkies?
“Hello, my name is Delorum rex and I am a net-junkie.”
“Hi, Delorum.”

I can almost smell the cigarettes and bad coffee now.

You know there was a time, when I could do anything technological.. no problem.. now this simple little recovery has me two days into frustration.. I now know how my grandmother must have felt whenever her first VCR blinked 12:00 at her.. or was that her first horseless carriage when she tried to find out where you put the oats?

I will never tell.. can’t give away granny’s age, she’s too vein.

Well enough for now.. I am off “like a wild ass into the desert.”
Wish me well in cyber hell.. actually cyberhell is a pay-site, but I ain’t that kinky.