Friday, September 09, 2005

News coverage of the Katrina Disaster. Part II The News Coverage

I wish I knew that this could be effective. But here goes any way.
After watching hours upon hours of tragedy surrounding the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and knowing that for every story of evil doing that there is a dozen stories of heroism and kindness, but never seeing the heroes of doers of good deeds lead the evening news.. I am fed up.

I want to start a email chain letter.
I want you to copy and post this into the body of an email and send to everyone on your mailing list.
Then Carbon Copy it to every one of the news agencies emails listed at the bottom of this posting. Also feel free to add to the list of email addresses of news organizations, as I am sure I have left off more than a few.

Perhaps together we can stop the spread of our moral decay, but stopping it’s advertisement in the news.

-start copy-

Dear National / International News Organization:
I have decided that I will no longer watch your news cast. I have also decided that I am going to ask everyone I know to stop watching your newscasts. The reason is simple, through today’s news and the speed of which news is communicated though radio television and the internet, modern news organizations have more than enough bad news, and news of the moral and social decay of the population to fill however many hours you need to fill. It has been a choice of the programmers, to lead with what bleeds for too long. I am sick and tired of always getting nothing but bad news. I feel it contributes to the social depression and decay that is evident all around us.
Until such time that you have decided that stories of victory and kindness are as important as those of death and destruction, I will not watch. I will ask everyone I know not to watch, until your ratings are so low that you must change your format or go the way of the do-do bird.
I will watch my local news station as long as they provide me with helpful information like the weather and stories of human interest, and will switch the channel whenever I see stories that glorify violence or decadence anywhere on the globe.

Former News Viewer/ Reader.

Please send this to everyone on your contact list, and to every one listed below (at the news agencies). Also if you know of an email address of an news agency that is not listed below please add them to the list before you send it out.
Together we can make a difference.

Carbon copy sent to:

- end copy-

There are a few places like CNN and CBS that you are best off going to there website and filling in the comment form that you get when clicking the “contact us link” at the bottom of their home page. Also feel free to add your local news outlets of you feel that they subscribe to the “If it bleeds it leads” theory of news programming.

If you like, send this to your favorite talk radio host too.. I can think of a few that only preach doom and gloom.. just spread the word, near and far ,and perhaps we can get this distasteful, out of control and at times despicable practice of 100% bad news 100% of the time stopped.

News coverage of the Katrina Disaster.

News coverage of the Katrina Disaster.

Why is the news focusing on all of the terrible things that are going on with the Katrina victims, especially those in New Orleans?

Is it that we are so evil in out hearts that only bad news is entertaining to us? Is it that the media has some political agenda that they are secretly pushing? Is it that the Media is racially biased and wants to portray the poor black (former) inhabitants of New Orleans as evil? Or could it be that the media hates this country so much that they want to encourage terrorist with the seemingly poor response to emergencies that is portrayed in the news paper, and all across the globe on cable news channels.

I really wish I know what drove the news. I have talked with friends and acquaintances that are in the worst of it, and they all tell stories of kind people, helping one another. With only a slight sprinkling of the bad stuff, and most of that is being told second hand , from what they gleaned from the news!

My family survived Andrew in 1992, the response was about on par with the response that the federal government has had with Katrina. I will agree that mistakes have been made, from local, to state, to federal governmental levels. But I got news for you , in a disaster of this scale there will always be mistakes.

It is a shame that so many seem to have been lost to this storm. It is a shame that there were not 10 million MREs (Meals ready to Eat) in a warehouse just waiting for this scale of disaster. But to say that the government did not care, if people dies because e they were poor or black or southerner is simply a disgusting way of trying to make a political comment in a time that politics should truly be set aside.

Will this disaster make FEMA stronger, I think so. Will they be stronger over night, I doubt it. Will everyone go back to life as it was, mostly yes, but for those who are most effected, I truly hope life is better when this is all said and done.

Go to and donate money. There are plenty of people who have been displaced by this storm , that to volunteer to hand out soup or clothes is to take a perfectly good job away from one of them. If you feel the need to volunteer, because you do not have money, but do have time, try the Salvation Army, the Catholic Social Services, your local church or synagogue. Or try organizing a fund drive for the Red Cross. There are a million things you can do, it is up to you to do them, today, tomorrow and on into the future. If every day, we act as if a disaster has just happened, the next time one does, we will all be better prepared to cope with it.

I am not a member of any church, or temple, or any other organized religion, but I will do my part for charity, now and in the future, can you take that oath with me?

Raise your right hand and read aloud.
“I promise that every day, I am here on this earth and capable of helping another human being, with an act of kindness or charity, that I will.
I promise that I will donate to the Red Cross or another similar organization, which helps people in need on a regular basis, and not just in time of emergency.
I promise to do all that I can today and tomorrow and forever, for someday I may need someone to do for me.”

Do something charitable today, do something kind today share a good news story with someone today.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Top Secret Sauce (Peanut Butter for Chicken)

Top Secret Sauce (Peanut Butter for Chicken)

Here is another favorite recipe, this one came about in an act of desperation. I was young and married and BROKE! And had a craving for Thai food… the result was amazing and has become a family favorite.

Take 1 C water put in small sauce pan
Crush & Chop 2 clove pieces of fresh Garlic put in sauce pan.
Bring to boil.
Stir in smooth peanut butter until nice and thick Usually takes about ¼ C. but I just stir in heaping TBS until it is the thickness of runny pudding.
Slowly add soy sauce tasting along to way until mildly salty.

(I used to also add cayenne pepper to taste.. I don’t any more because my G.I. tract is getting old, but feel free to add it if you like.. into the water before the peanut butter)

Spoon over chicken (from the previous recipe is best) that you have cut into manageable strips.

Recommended vegetable is asparagus, also with sauce spooned over. And Rice as your starch.
There are now bagged instant rice dishes, and the Thai garlic is about the best for complimenting the chicken.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Best Chicken, beef or pork Soak (Marinade)

Best Chicken Soak (Marinade)

Okay read closely this goes pretty fast. Chicken , Beef and Even Pork can be soaked in this prior to frying of Grilling. I like grilling better, but I am a man it a grill has fire.. it’s a caveman thing.

For 4-6 pieces. Meat.. poultry, pork.. who cares it goes on a grill people!

Chop a good TBS of fresh garlic, or put a good batch of garlic powder in a plastic zip-lock style bag. (big enough for your chicken , meat, etc.)

Add black pepper to taste.. I like a little not too much..

Soy Sauce enough to cover the meat.

Soak for 1 – 2 hours. Then cook..
Eat.. yum.. questions?

(interesting twist) add 1 tsp wasabi, and 12 tsp pickled ginger (sushi style) to Beef or Pork, soak grill eat.. oh HELL YEA!

Katrina victims. Hurricane help auction aid.

okay that title makes no sense. But it does have a few key words that may help this get noticed. I hope..

Okay go to and donate something!

go to and follow the links to the auction that they are having and bid on something!

heck they even have a hot tub!

Go to your local salvation army and donate something, buy something, or just give them some money!

What these organizations need is money! Lots and lots of money! Give generously and do it right now!

We will talk in detail about what should be done for future disasters in future posts, but for now dig deeply into your pockets and give until it hurts!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Morgan Freeman.. I knew I liked him...

Morgan Freeman joins forces with for an auction to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina.
I have already had my company donate an item worth approximately $6500, you can too but you have to act fast!

We chose to donate through the Glenn Beck show, you can too by writing or if you are not in the position to donate goods or services, let me recommend that you go to between now and September 19th and bid on a few things. I will and I hope you do too.

I have always liked Morgan Freeman as an actor, not I think I like him even more as a human being. Way to go Mr. Freeman!

Conspiracy theory Alert! GW Jacks with Oil Prices!

Conspiracy theory Alert!

I loved this one, actually I took portions of a couple of different conspiracy theories and mashed them together to come up with this.

Hurricane Katrina was steered using chemical pollutants, sprayed from tanker planes (see contrails) it was steered up the gulf coast of Florida to insight a panic in the oil markets.

The fact that it nearly destroyed New Orleans is only an unhappy circumstance of a mush greater plan.

Not since the 70s has it been profitable for US oil wells in may parts of the land to pump oil. At $70 a barrel it is very profitable.

GW was elected with Oil money, as was his Father. A quick study of oil prices during Gulf War one and two tells the rest of that story.

Now that it looks like Iraq will not fall into utter civil war despite every attempt of “insurgents” something had to be done. That something was Hurricane Katrina!

Proofs: Russia offered to clean the air in Malaysia with a typhoon, this was recently done, and resulted in deaths in China. It was done by spraying a barium / silver compound into the high atmosphere using special nozzles in tanker planes. The US government has been experimenting for the last 25 years with weather control using the same methods, stolen from the Russians.

The high oil [prices are acts of fiction, proof? The president of Kuwait (Also president of OPEC) said in public, that he does not understand the high oil prices. There is plenty of supply, it is the refining capability of the US that is undersized. Oil should be $28.00 a barrel and gas $3.00 a gallon using any economics model that is accepted by main stream economists.

My fear is that another Oil Barron will be let into office, and I see no way around it with the current fixing of elections.
(Wow, heavy stuff huh? Well most of the above is fiction (in my opinion) but I will let you the reader do the research needed to come to your own conclusions)

Even I have a hard time not thinking “follow the money” when it comes to our modern oil crisis.

Monday, September 05, 2005

grilled stuffed pork roast.

take a large pork tenderloin, split to just past center.
Stuff loin with
6 clove pieces of garlic (I like more, so I use 8 to 10)
Rub pepper (1 tsp), basil (1 tbs fresh, or use pesto, I prefer pesto) salt 1/8th tsp, and sprinkling of sage.

1/4 finely chopped sweet onion (Vadlalia.. is the best)

1/8th C. bell pepper, I have some sweet ones they are red, use your favorite.
( I have thought of using hot peppers here too.. hooo wheee!)
Wrap tight in aluminum foil and grill low heat for a long, long time (2 to 3 hours)

**Note my first time we went 4 hours.. and it was bone dry.. don't make this mistake. It was still good.. but you needed a case of Corona to wash it down.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Hell is other people’s Spam".

Hello .. hello.. hello.. is there anybody in there???
Okay today.. is Sunday, I keel feeling like it is still Saturday, and I hate when that happens.
Today, I had a migraine headache.. I know it was a migraine because the stupid pills they give me for them worked.. and I felt like I was a character in "The House of Usher" for about 4 hours until I fond sleep and peace.
I got up just long enough to eat, read the spam comments posted here, and write this.
I really wonder if anyone is reading anyone’s blog, or if they are just using other people’s blogs to write spam promotions about their own site?
If you have happened to come here and plan only to leave a little spam, I put a curse on your house.. I hope your testes or ovaries shrivel and turn to useless dust. (so there.. sticking my tongue out towards you and waiving my private parts in your general direction)
I hate spam.. spam should be punishable by death..
Okay maybe not death.. maybe a life of reading spam.. that should be the punishment for it.. and I think it is one that we are all now suffering together.
I forget who said it.. I think it was Voltare.. "Hell is other people"… Let me be the first to say..
"Hell is other people’s Spam".