Friday, December 30, 2005

a few random thoughts to end the year on?

Here are a few random thoughts to end the year on..

I wonder if Nix will ever get off his duff and watch Darkness Falls.. I made him wait for the All That Jazz Dueling Review, so I guess I will cut him some slack..

I wonder if I will be making a “living” off of my various web projects? I wonder if I will care if I do, come the end of next year.

I can’t believe that this is 2005! And now will be 2006! Where does the time go?
I was talking to an old friend, and back nearly 16 years ago, we had not seen each other in 4 years, and when we did it seemed like we had been apart a lifetime, even though it had only been 4 years. Now 4 years goes by so fast, I feel it takes me longer than 4 years to make up my mind on most things.
So it has been 16 or so years, I feel like a complete ass for loosing touch with that person.. and am happy we have “communication” again.

I have gotten back in touch with a lot of people from my past over the last few months. It somehow makes me feel more “whole”. To all of you.. many kisses, hugs, or just a good old fashioned chuck on the shoulder.. you pick.. it’s all good.

I saw “Minority Report” last night.. what a piece of crap! I had forgotten how much I disliked that movie.. Tom Cruise is a tool. The flying cop chase scene was stupid, and all in all the movie left you feeling like you had just been kissed.. by your sister.. the one with the mole.

Travel is coming soon, I love to travel. This will be the first time I have traveled for business and brought my wife… I hope she behaves.. I would hate to leave her 10,000 miles from home. (not really)

Everyone, that is “proud to be an American” should go to Europe, and watch the news.
It always amazes me how two people (countries) can look at the same event (thing) and see completely different things.

I do not believe that there is a conspiracy within out government, none of the government gets along with each other well enough to plan anything bigger than a picnic, and I doubt anyof them are bright enough to plan much further ahead than the ends of their noses. We are being screwed by stupidity and lack of forethought. Not Malice.

“Never ascribe to malice, what can be more easily explained by incompetence.” (I think Voltaire said that.. it fits our government and should be made a part of the new Federal Seal.)

New Years Eve. I hope to have a few friends by, and also hope that my family leave before they get drunk enough to want to fight. With luck it will be like Christmas, all the fighting took place after everyone left.

I have a few new bottles of Absinth, actually three new to me types and two bottles that I have already reviewed. I am truly hoping to have a few with a good friend while we talk politics, medicine, physics and the like.. I love the heady talks we have. My wife however gets pissed when I talk over her, and swears I am doing it only to make her feel “stupid”. I wish she would get a friend of her own when that happens.

I wonder if my marriage will make it through 2006. Not that I am afraid it will not, or even hope it will or will not, I am just wondering.

(I don’t think I care either way really)

The thought (quote) of the day sure seemed to end quickly.. I must have quit thinking? Does anyone really read a blog with a “quote of the day”?

I miss listening to Books on Tape when I drive. I spend nearly 1.5 hours a day going back and forth to work. You can get a lot of books in with 3 hours a day dedicated to listening or reading.

I tried reading in bed, but my wife will not stop talking .. as long as the lights are on, from morning until night, and for the first 30 minutes after the lights go out, she feels compelled to fill the air with chatter. (I hate that)

Politics: I can tell you now that the next year will be a true circus for American politics. With luck we will not kill or harm too many people over the course of the next 12 months, and in the end everyone will be able to look back and ask “What were we thinking?”

Domestic spying: I have a hard time believing that it is that uncommon. Perhaps this is why nobody in the general public is making a big deal about it? Everyone is just going // So? Lets face it, we are on camera all of the time, you can’t drive down the highway without a camera on you, you can’t enter a store.. or use an ATM etc etc.. it is a little like G. Orwell’s 1984 just a couple of decades later. (You could if you were into suck things, also believe that the mind control through drugs is being done with Anti-depressants, fluoridated water, whatever, the war of good vs. evil, the Iraq conflict.. the parallels with the use of a little imagination are creepy)

Okay, will Dick Clark will not be counting down the ball drop.. so I will not be watching. I will be instead perhaps sleeping at midnight? One never knows.

In any event.. everyone have a safe and happy new years eve. And remember if one of you is wearing a condom it’s not really cheating.. cause nothing is really touching!

Farris Hassan! What a nutcase? What a pair of nuts?

Okay I awoke to stories of Farris Hassan, and though this kid is fuckin' nuts!
Here is a littel blog entry from somone else that about sums it up
see blog

Then if I think back to my semi-miss-spent youth, I seem to remember myself as being a bit of a "crusader" with huge aspirations for self greatness, and a stupid sence of invulnerability. So put into perspective, I ahve to say that Farris is first off, "creative".

Perhpas if given the same situation, I would have tried it too.

Farris, you got one hellofa' pair a balls! It is good that you are safe. Any fame or fortune that comes your way as a resuly of this increadbly brave, and semi-stupid adventure is well earned.

Farris Hassan I salute you!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blogging for blogging's sake.

I can’t think of a thing to write..
So bugger off..& come back again soon.

I got a case of Nixeclipsosis.. and don't you wish I would spell check?

That's right, I have self diagnosed myself with Nixeclipsosis.. I have been two nights now where I was looking at the clock more than my eyelids! I am on about 3 or 4 hours of sleep right now.. and feel like poop!

Why is it at 3 I could not sleep, but I could fall right back into a coma if I lied back down now? WTF???

I think Nix somehow managed to give me this illness.. and I am calling out the Spanish Inquisition to look into it! (Along with a troupe of Llamas a pair of trout, and a flying pygmy marmoset I met in a bar in East Kinslington a few years back!)

Secondly.. I know I was fucking nutters a few days ago, but looking back at those posts from the withdrawal addled brain, I just have to ask myself.. "Don't you wish I used spell check?" Of course my answer to that is, first it would make the title of this blog seem rather silly, and secondly BUGGER OFF! If you can;t handle a little creative typing, go read a book!

Okay, that about sums up how I feel right now.. so off to work I go.. I hope I can get a little nap in while I drive in today.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

antidepressans have me depressed part II

Well after long contemplation and against dr's orders, I started takign the luvox again last night.. it may be partial psycological, but today I feel a lot better.. my skin is not as crawly and I dont; want to yell at people..
I still woudl like to get off all of this shit.. but fear the withdrawl.. perhpas at some time in the future, I wil be better suited to try getting off again.. like if I have no job, and am on a desert island alone with no sharp things..

There has to be an easier way to get off this crap.. but I do not think my Dr. knows what that is.. and I have too much at stake to risk an embarrasing explosion at a boss or co-worker.. especialy without good cause, and I tell you in the last week and a half that has been a very tempting proposal..

They say that this stuff is not addicting, I say that they are full of crap.. and have never tried to get off of one of their drugs after a few years of use.
I hate.. let me rephrase that .. FUCKING HATE! being addicted to anyting, and I blem the drug companes, and to a lesser degre the medical community for making it so easy to get hooked on this shit.

The way I see it, I should have never been put on any antidepressant in the first place, but if I was I should ahve been taken off of it as soon as things setteled down.. I feel like I was put on an addicting substance and then forgotten.. the medical community woudl never think of doing this with a opiate.. but feels no shame in doing it with an anti-depressant. That's just wrong.

Well today looks like it will be better than yesterday.. I ahve one and a half luvox on board, and am tired but not nutters.. I will now go to work and forget what I am doing.. fucking shit.

Should be too bust to breath today, so for now wish me well..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lions, and Tigers and Prozac oh my! Antidepressants have me depressed!

About 10 years ago , I was placed on an Anti-depressant med, because I was going through a messy divorce, and well quite frankly I was not sure I could live without her.. (I said this in front of the right person, and whammo.. on anti-depressants I go)

So fast forward a couple of years.. I started on some med, changed to another due to side effects.. I can’t remember which ones, but some unpleasant thing was happening.. I have taken Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, and Zyban (perhaps another, I don’t remember) and usually took the generic of each.. I can’t remember their names right now either, and I don’t feel like looking them up for you.. :-P

In the last year, I have been taking the generic for Luvox.. as a result I have started to loose my memory, and suffer from sever fatigue, and (blush) have lost a good portion of my sex drive. (I know it does not seem like it when you read this blog, but trust me.. it ain’t here like it once was)

There is a possibility that I have another undiagnosed medical issue, I am having thyroid and sugar ,and damn near every other thing being checked, results due soon.

But I did not bring you here to tell you that..

What I brought you here for is this.

As part of trying to overcome this fatigue, my physician decided that I should get off of Luvox, and start on Wellbutron (zyban).

For one week, I took one wellbutron, and one half of a luvox.
They say that these medications are not addicting.. I say FUCK YOU! For the last week + a couple of days, my skin has been crawling, I am super fucking irritable, and I can’t sleep.
After one week, stop taking luvox all together and take one wellbutron for one week, then up to two.

So two days ago, I stopped taking Luvox.. last night at 12:00 I woke up, with a craving.. a sever craving.. I thought it was for a cigarette, it was not. I smoked about 6 of them, trying to get this skin crawling, bugging out anxiety wanna fucking kill something bullshit to subside. (It did not)

All day today, I have been super edgy.. I mean my wife called.. (okay I don’t; get along with her all that well, but usually I can stay civil regardless of what is going on) She asked me a simple question, and I ex-fucking-ploded! I screamed at her.. then I started to fucking cry, then I wanted to go jump off the top of the building, because I felt so bad! (I didn’t do it.. so fuck off if you think I need to be committed or some such shit)

My pont is this, if I do nto do something about this withdrawal, I will loose my job. I cannot think, I cannot remember wha I am doing, my head is fucking spinning, I feel like I want to puke, and shit all at once, and I want to hurt something. (I ain’t gonna hurt nothing, so fuckoff again)

What a cock-sucker this shit is, Here I am 10 years out from my “emotional trauma” and I can’t get off this shit.
Because the medical community all agrees it is not addicting, I can’t get any help from my insurance carrier, should I decide I do need to go into rehab for it.. you can’t go into rehab for something that the pharmaceutical industry makes several billion dollars a year from apparently. (FUCKING COCK SUCKERS!)

(Bad news, even if I could go into treatment for it, I would loose my job.. they do not have much mercy on people who have genuine illness, much less “addiction”.. muthafuckers!)

So I guess, that I like so many people, is just plain screwed! Screwed by the medical community, the pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA.. Tonight I will start taking luvox again, because I cannot stand not to. I guess that makes it addicting, huh.. not according to Uncle Sam and the mutha-fuckers that are making huge bank from this.

I feel like I am being ass-raped, and the only lube being used is sand.

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUFK FUFOP:”IYTEW ilutregy43qbo8t43 1oi;3wnt32c t432 t432 p]\5:11 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005

Online dating, a few thoughts.

Online dating, a few thoughts.

Online dating, yep, you know all about it.. don’t try to say you don’t.
You meet someone online, you chat, swap pictures, chat a little more, maybe an email or two.. then you go meet that person. You fall deeply in love, and you have a herd of kids and live happily ever after.

Well maybe not.
We have all heard about the cases where sexual predators stalk the unaware online, and then abuse them upon meeting.
This has been going on since the dawn of time, but the internet makes it just that much easier.

This article is not about the perverts and child abusers out there, but is about the people who are “lonely of heart”.

There are TONS of hook up online dating sites.
An incomplete list looks something like this.

Yahoo personals
Adult Friend Finder
Wild Thing
Etc. etc..

Have I ever tried to meet someone online using one of these services?? Maybe??

I think that the best in the bunch are because it is FREE, and you can look for anything form a one night stand to a soul mate, and if you have been surfing for long you have seen the ads for Adult Friend Finder.

The thing I find most interesting about online dating is that you can stop taling with a person you do not like, adn never have to worry about the face to face rejection of a typical dating experience. You can just say, I don;t think this will work, and move on.

Surfing the profiles will give you some degree of feel for the person, you will still have to invest a littel time in getting to know thm. Sure ther eare people out there with completely inaccurate profiles, but I have seen a lot of people lie in face to face dating situations too, so you take your chances either way.

I feel that you have a little more control over things with online dating that in a bar or other typical pick up scene. You can take the time needed to see if the person you are thinking of going out with is a nut or not. (Well better than at a bar anyway)

So I say, YES! Online dating big plus to the internet.
(And you can always cyber a little if things get too boring.)

Below are links to all sorts of dating sites, go ahead give them all a try! Whatta ya got to loose?

Soulmatch’s 7-day FREE trial

Find A Date Now! -

Join Asia FriendFinder the Largest Asian Dating Site on the Web for FREE!

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Join the JewishFriendFinder online dating community for FREE!

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Join GayFriendFinder, the Hottest Gay Dating Destination on the Web for Free!

Join the largest Christian Dating site on the Web for FREE!

Joing the largest Spanish Dating site on the Web for FREE!

Friendships, dating, romance and more. Join more FriendFinder to find that special someone.

Meet Single Women for Friendship and More

Join FriendFinder for Free

My boss sucks monkey nuts!

My Boss Sucks Monkey Nuts.

No it is really true.. I walked into the office the other day, and found him sucking on a pair of monkey nuts! What made this worse is he was humming a merry fucking tune while he did it!

I hope that he does not go to see King Kong, and it may be too much for his Monkey Nut sucking azz to stand!

I heard him say one that he likes chocolate covered monkey nuts! And loves Monkey Nut Butter!

Me, I like monkey nuts, but you won't catch me sucking a pair here at work! Or humming while I do it!

I have a friend that swears she is allergic to Monkey Nuts says that she was almost sent to the hospital because her throat started to swell after eating something , I think it was Thai food, with Monkey Nuts in it.

people who are allergic to Monkey Nuts have been known to die, even if only swapping a little spit with someone who has just sucked some monkey nuts.
If you know that you are allergic to Monkey Nuts you should be aware that many restaurants, especial Thai and Chinese use Monkey Nuts regularly, and as such you should always ask if your food contains Monkey Nuts of oil derived from monkey nuts.

I make a really Killer Monkey Nut Sauce, it is salty and sweet, just like you would expect a hot nut sauce to be.

I have posted the recipe here.. Read it and weep..
(you perverts)

Stealing Swifty's review.. King Kong!

I am out and out stealing this review from Swifty.
I think he did a good job at the review.. and I have yet to get Nix to go see it..
(My evil plan.. make other people watch movies, so I don't have to.. like reading the Cliff Notes.. who needs the book?)
Actually I have read a bit of swifty's stuff, and he is alright in my book. (Just don;t tell him I said so. can;t go giving him a big head.. )

So Read the review and check out swifty's site..

King Kong Saw King Kong yesterday on Christmas. I agree with Roger Ebert's review (and most other US critics') . This is one of the best films of the year.
I had my doubts with the film when I first saw the trailer (the one that came with 'War of the Worlds').
It looked nothing more than some generic loud, special-effects heavy blockbuster. If it weren't directed by Peter Jackson, I wouldn't even have ANY EXPECTATIONS of the film AT ALL.

(After all, we all know the story, filmmaker and his crew found big ass gorilla, took him back to New York, big ass gorilla escaped, climbed onto Empire State Building with screaming woman.

Big ass gorilla got shot, and fell to his death.
The end.
Baboom. Yawn.)

I was wrong.I'll never, EVER, doubt Peter Jackson again.
My god, what a mindblowing job he had done with King Kong.

"What do you think?" My friend, Sebastian, asked after we finished the film.

"Spectacular." I said.
I couldn't think of any other words to describe it.
Yes, it was a bit too long.
And yes, like Sebastian said, there were too many longing looks between King Kong and Ann (a splendid Naomi Watts who made the forgettable Ring 2 entirely forgotten. She is forgiven), but still, it was dramatic.
The film's an epic masterpiece.
Everything in it works, the drama, the action, the thrills, the romance etc.

The characters here are people you care for, even if they aren't, you'll still feel that they are real people, something you seldom feel in most big-budget Hollywood films.
I'm not going to analyze each and every single actor and tell you how I feel about their acting, after what I said in the previous sentence, you should know already.

The major action scenes were just insane.
The ones in Skull island. King Kong vs the three T.Rexes, the stampeding Brontosauruses, those icky slimy thingies that appeared after the stampede.
I was already 'whoa'ing at them (something I've ceased doing these days).
And the ones in the beautiful 1930s New York.
To see King Kong running around, jumping from one skyscraper to another, him breaking things up, wrecking cars, tearing buildings apart, I was STUNNED! BLOWN AWAY!

But like I said, it's not just about the action. It's dramatic and poetic too.

It's totally Oscar material. (Although I wonder whether it'll have any chance based on its Golden Globe snub.
It should, since it's winning quite a number of awards from those US critics associations)
Argh, enough with it.
Go see this film now.
Oh, and the trailer doesn't do the film justice.
Many of the less than impressive looking parts in the trailer aren't actually in the film itself.


DeRex Says: "At's a big fuckin monkey!
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The Great Swifty Speaketh!: Swifty Reviews 'Zathura', Zhang Yimou's 'Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles' and 'King Kong'#links

Well little Timmy..(aka Nix) Swifty beat us both to Kong!
You know how I feel about movie theators.. so I leave it up to you to watch King Kong, tell me how wonderful it is and how much or a sorry turd I am for not seeing it on the big-screen.

To which I will shake my big member at you and fart on your aunties.. but that's another movie for another day.

So Nixie old pal.. I blow my nose at you.. you silly English animal food trough wiper!

10 reasons why I am no longer proud to be an American.

I stumbled across, what I think is an important and powerful look at the US.

(From an expatriot living in Belgium)
Weather you agree or disagree, you have to open your eyes to the preception we have abroad.
Click here to see the 10 reasons.

a cyber christmas / holiday gift from me to you.

Yes here it is, your cyber fruit cake!
Feel free to regift it, by passing this link on to a friend or foe.

All I know is I want it back next year!
My father and I once snet the same fruit cake back and forth for three years running.

(I think in the fourth year, he got the munchies, and ate it.. but he will never admit to it.)

Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): a cyber christmas / holiday gift from me to you.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas.. to all, and to all a good night..

Okay no secret.. I don;t have much "Christmas Spirit"
But last night with the boys their wives and girlfriends, and all of the kids (grandchildren.. yikes) was not bad..

I am still feeling "off" dur to a change in medication. but that did not seem to slow me much, I took a lovely little nap between 3 and 5 and upon waking had a pounding headache.. so it was good pratice for when all the Vikings were over. (I have decided that the boys are the Viking raiders, featured in the Capitol One comercials, it's easier to deal with them if you just see them as lost Warring Noris Scumbags.. actually leads to some interesting mind-visuals)

SO anyway, they started shwoing up at 5 and trickled in until 7 or so.. 4 boys, two wives, two gilrfriends, an Uncle, and 7 children ranging in age from 12 down to 1. Yep housefull!

It has become tradition that I play Santa.. funny.. pegan santa?
I have a santa suit.. with a bad beard adn even worse wig.. all of the presents for the kinds were in the basement, as was the santa suit.. I went down doned the suit, snuk out the side door, and made an entrance.. it is actually very nice to see all of the kids eyes light up upon the entrance of the great Santa.. I handed out presents 4 to each.. and exited.. lots of ho ho hos along the way.

The 9 and 12 year old boys, still believe in Santa, or claim to.. I told the 12 year old last year, to keep believeing as it meant extra presents.. hell I thought that was his "angle" .. wouldn;t suprise me if it was.

I stopped believing at age 6.. when I cought my parents wrapping things, that were from santa the following day.. I spoke up.. soulda kept my mouth shut.. santa brough all the cool stuff.. parents bought me clothing.. afer the :great revelation" I got mostly clothes from then on out.

Anyway back to the night's festivites..
What do you get 4 viking warriors, and there wives?

Well I don;t know either.. so I play a little game..

I went to the store (a large store like a super wallmart but different) I grabbed random things, some good some bad, some outright silly.. then I take them back home, wrap them in three groups.. male, female and anyone.. the male stuff, was decks of cards,, motor oil.. tools..etc. Th eGirls, picture frames, bath salts, yada yada.. the miscelanous, (my favotire group) Hot sauce, flashlights, lottory tickets, and of course a cocoanut. (Every year somone gets a coacoanut from me.. I don;t know why.. it's a python thing I think.. look up migratory cocoanuts, european swallows,a dn air speed velocity if you don;t believe me)
Then each present gets a playing card attached.. the three groups are split up.. girls, boys, everyone.. then the gilrs draw cards form one of the decks.. and go get their present.. you have to guess what the present is.. of draw a deed from the envelope of bad deeds.. if you don;t guess you have to preform the stunt on the paper you drew.. these ranged from sing the star spangled banner, to take me out to dinner...
It keeps everyone laughing and busy, so ther eis little time to argue and fight.

Then when all the presents were dispenced, and guessed or not and all bad deeds done.. the boys left taking or leaving wives behind, to play hold 'em at the youngest sons house, ther ethey drank too much and got into fistfights with eachother, and in one case, a husband and wife wet at eachother, but it was not in my house.. score this a win!

I had fun, but I noticed somthing alarming.. I get anxiety (kinda severe) when I know they are all coming.. I think that this anxiety may be turning into general social anxiety.. as I somtimes ahve a hard time talking with people I don;t know, in a face to face situation, I start to fidgit, notice I can;t look them in the eye.. perhpas this will be somthing to work on.. (blogs are great for self analysis arent they?)

Okay now the admissions part of this post.. most people have stopped reading and gone on by now, so I dont; feel bad sharing with you the die hard reader..

My step sons, all have extreamly hot wives.. I did think inpure thoughts more than once... about them each individualy, and once about all of them collectivly.. heheheh..

I was wonding if next year, after the children have all left, if naked oil coverd twister could not be the game to get your presents with.. of course I will ahve to send my wife to europe for christmas, and stay behind to take care of business to do this.. (okay it is a rediculous thought, but let me revel in my imagination won;t you)
yes in deedy.. the naughty little girls each nekkid .. twister.. oil.. (okay I feel better now)

(for those of you that do not know, the "girls" range in age from 22 to 30.. )

Well. I am off to my christian grandmothers, house now.. I love this lady, she took a great part in my "raising" she is 84 now.. and is starting to show some miles.. I may not have another christmas with her.. but I may have several, so I ain;t dweeling on it.. THis will be a tuly peaceful afternoon.. I like that.


Now all I have to do is get through New Year's Eve without a brawl in the house, and another holiday season will be behind me..

Sorry no time to speel check, so you will have to live with the typos..

For those of you, who know me, I love you all.
For those of you who don;t know me but I will grow to know.. I love you long time.
For those of you who I will never know.. bugger off.

Look Swifty is back..

The Great Swifty Speaketh!: Swifty's Video Blog Entry: China Vacation Day 1#links

Yes he survived his trip to China.. (fucker)
No he is not complaining of a stomach ailment.. (yet.. some parisites take up to 4 years to fully mature)
Only problem with traveling to forighn lands.. they got ways to give you the shits, that there are not words for yet.

So swifty, what did you get me?
(I bet you will here that a few times.. but I wanted to be first)

Just tell them you got them the same thing you got DeRex.

Party on, you film making freak..
oh Yea? So where is the porn?
(That's film to you know?)

A funny little "pass it on" Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka, Kwanza, Yuel, Saturnalia, Ramadan, etc. etc..


1. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

2. You have a list of 10 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.

3. You e-mail the person who lives in the house next door.

4. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.

5. You've sat at the same desk for four years and worked for three different companies.

6. You learn about your redundancy on the 10 o'clock news.

7. Your boss doesn't have the ability to do your job.

8. You pull up in your own driveway and use your mobile phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.

10. Leaving the house without your mobile phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.

11. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee.

12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message.

14. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on this list.