Saturday, April 04, 2009

UCon... and a definiton... and me... mayby

UConn's Price knows the school of hard knocks

DETROIT — Doctors assured A.J. Price that his headaches, dizziness and nausea were merely symptomatic of the flu.

No big deal. Price had an 18-year-old's impervious immune system. He'd return to normal in a matter of days. But days soon turned to weeks that fall of 2004. Doctors were now perplexed, bordering on panicked. Price was hospitalized for weeks, breathing through a respirator...


Connecticut news conference transcript

by Staff reports

Here is a transcript of a news conference with the University of Connecticut basketball team on Friday at Ford Field.

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Connecticut student-athletes Jeff Adrien and A.J. Price. We'll open it up for questions.

Q. What's your feel for the mindset of the team? What has it been like waiting this long to get back on the court, the chaos of this entire experience this week?

... read more



Cerebral AVM

Also known as: Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation; High Flow AVM
What is it?
A Cerebral AVM (arteriovenous malformation) is an abnormal collection of tangled blood vessels. High-pressure blood in distorted abnormal arteries flows directly into large draining veins without the presence of an intervening network of capillaries. These are congenital lesions, which occur in less than 1% of the population. AVMs usually cause medical problems by bleeding or leaking blood. AVMs, may also cause seizures or progressive neurological dysfunction.
Who gets it?
Cerebral AVMs are congenital lesions which arise during fetal development. They occur in less than 1% of the population. AVMs can run in families and can be associated with other vascular lesions of the brain such as cerebral aneurysms.
What causes it?
Cerebral AVMs are the result of abnormal development of cerebral circulation. They result in a “tangle” of abnormal arteries connected to large draining veins, without the benefit of an intervening capillary network. These congenital lesions may then enlarge by recruiting more blood vessels throughout childhood and into adulthood.
What are the symptoms?
Many patients with cerebral AVMs have no symptoms. However, the most common reason brain AVMs come to medical attention is through bleeding (rupture). Common symptoms of a bleeding brain AVM include, severe headache, nausea/vomiting and a new neurological deficit, such as numbness, weakness or paralysis. Patients may also present with seizures or progressive neurological decline in the absence of AVM bleeding.
How is it diagnosed?
Cerebral AVMs can be seen on CT scans, MRI/MRA, and CTAs. Specific sequences on the MRI can further help evaluate these vascular malformations. Cerebral angiography remains the gold standard in the evaluation and grading of cerebral AVMs. Cerebral angiography aids in better understanding the AVM’s inflow and outflow. An angiogram is essential to planning any treatment for the AVM.
What is the treatment?
There are three major treatment options for cerebral AVMs. These include a combination of open microsurgery, endovascular surgery, and stereotactic radiosurgery. Microsurgery uses traditional open surgical techniques with the help of a microscope and sometimes with computerized image guidance to remove the AVM. Some lesions may be too large, too deep, or located in too important of an area of the brain for safe microsurgical excision. In such cases other treatments may be necessary. In endovascular surgery, treatment is performed from within the affected blood vessel. Specially designed microcatheters are navigated by means of an angiogram into the nidus of the AVM. The lesion is then occluded from the inside using a process of embolization with either particles or glue. Some forms of endovascular treatment may be investigational and therefore require a special consent. Although very effective in reducing the size of an AVM, endovascular embolization is rarely able to completely obliterate all but the smallest of AVMs. Endovascular therapy, therefore, is usually combined with either microsurgery or stereotactic radiosurgery to give the best chance. Stereotactic radiosurgery involves the delivery of a highly focused beam of radiation to the AVM. The two most common forms of radiosurgery are linear accelerator based radiosurgery (also known as LINAC or photon knife) and gamma ray based radiosurgery (gamma knife). Radiosurgery may be less risky when compared to microsurgery, for patients with AVMs that are deep or located in important brain areas. However, the ability of conventional radiosurgery to cure an AVM drops off sharply as the AVM diameter goes above 2.5 cm (1 inch). With radiosurgery cure is not immediate and may take up to two or three years. During this time, the patient may require follow-up tests and will still be at risk for problems from the AVM. For these reasons, radiosurgery is especially appropriate for small lesions that are located in or near critical brain areas or are very deep.



I am having a M-F of a day.... I have a headache a big one! G-damn it all... So I am gonna say good day... and go back to bed...

Friday, April 03, 2009

old stuff... funny! okay it is sad... oh so sad.

Short Book reviews part one... Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

If you want to read all of my book reviews.. well today at least they will all be right here. In the future, you might find them scattered like so much tumbleweed throughout this blog. But the plan for right now, is that each short and sweet book review will be added here as a comment.. so here goes nothing... (Okay upon further reflection.. and a couple of beers.. I decided to make each review it's own post rather than a comment, and I decided to expand into Movies and Music as well.. so let the games begin...)

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
Great book, when you’re a 20 something Conservative Republican.
SUCKS when you’re a 38 year old Libertarian!
It has been 4 years since I last read this book, I remember the first time through as an eye opening experience, I remember that last time through an a reason to roll my eyes.. and think about my poor uncle who is a Randian.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that has no appreciation for money… as long as they are still in there teens or twenties when there mind is nice and malleable. After that.. well lets just say that the long azz monologue in the middle of the book will put a speed freak to sleep.
You can see other Reviews at amazon .com by clicking the picture.. if that damn thing shows up.. below.


Hard to believe I read it... but I did... yuck.
The second one would be good for me now... but it is because I can't read real good anymore.
(okay it is 'cause I hate this book)

just a little somthin....

The Doors - When The Music's Over

The Doors - The end

The Doors - Ghost Song


I wanted to here some Doors... I though I wold share it with you...

peace out....

nothin on AVM's... this is good news.

my life...

my life is turning a direction I never would have guessed.
Today I put in for a job that is part time and pays minimum wage.... and I am not sure that I got it... oh someone hit me in the head...

(don't hit me in the head... that's for all my friends)

AVM News... there ain't any. I will spare you the youtube today... and even spare you the amazon adds.

Lets see... the only thing I can do for you is post a picture... of me... okay... here goes.

Time to go... perhaps i will write a little more later... more than likely I won't... bye bye!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I just felt like it...

have some youtube... sorry.

Dust in the Wind - Kansas

Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son" 1976 Video

Wow I can't believe it has been so many years!

I use to worship the ground they walked.

There that should get you running...

Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin (Acoustic)

Robert Plant - Morning Dew

robert Plant - Tall Cool one

Robert Plant - Nine Lives

An interview. I liked him better in Led Zeppelin... but he's still relay good.

I have a headache now... sh&t... I am gona go...

AVM surgery and a little of me.

Cerebral AVM Surgery

From Nasseff Neuroscience Center at United Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota
ST. PAUL (March 17, 2009)—The video of a brain surgery that was expected to last only a few hours, but turned into a 25 hour marathon will debut April 14, 2009 at 1pm CDT on OR Live.

The edited video of the surgery, performed by Dr. Jerone Kennedy at Nasseff Neuroscience Center at United Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota, will take viewers on the medical odyssey that relieved a 27-year-old day care administrator of seizures that had taken over her life. The surgery features the use of a new intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI) operating room at United Hospital The iMRI allows surgeons to use real-time imaging as they operate...
read more here...


And now a bit of me...

I have lost a good number of friends. Funny I have gained a few... so in the end it is a wash... other than the fact that I like these more... I just can't see them bolting if I have a do over of my AVM.
So to my new Friends I say Good Day!

I don't now why but it has been a rock and roll spring... for those who have a land line I apologize.

I really don't have any knowledge of whats going on out in the real word... I watch the news... it just don't stick.
damn memories.

Don't feel sorry... I don't.

One of the things that come with having an AVM is seizures. One of the things I found out is that I am allergic to seizure meds. Thank god I haven't had one.

oh well... I am out of things to say... so I'll say Good day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A definition... and a bit of me.

just a definition...

~What is Arteriovenous Malformation?~
Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) is the abnormal collection and tangle of blood vessels in the brain. Though present at birth, it is not hereditary. AVM is not dependent on race or sex. Strokelike symptoms can be experienced with AVMs because the brain is not able to get teh oxygen from the blood that it normally would.

Symptoms leading to the diagnosis of AVM vary with each person. Seizures and headaches are common symptoms with AVMs. Symptoms usually do not appear until people are well into their 30s. Sometimes AVMs are not even diagnosed until a person is elderly or even after death. AVMs can be diagnosed via a CT or an MRI examination of the vessels in the brain.

Arteriovenous malformaitons can be treated with embolization, radiation, or surgery. Embolization, stopping up the vessel, is said to be the safest and most effective treatment for AVMs.


Go take a look at the last one... Trash Bags??? (I don't know)

I am fuming... I went to work, and got Fu%Ked by a road sales rep... I am supposedly get all of the ups... this douchebag took a phone up... wiche he sold... and then the rotten guy did the paperwork had the guy come in and signe it... did not even give me a chance.

I am mad as hell!!!

Anyway I feel the need to youtube!

Pink Floyd The Wall Flower Scene What Shall We Do Now

Led Zeppelin-kashmir...the real video

okay my having a headache ass is going to bed...

good by...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Got one... it is good!

A life spent managing seizures

By REBECCA PALMER - The Dominion Post

Think of an epileptic seizure and you may well picture someone unconscious on the floor, jerking and shaking.

But seizures don't come in one shape and size. For most of her life, Mandy Smale has regularly had complex partial seizures - as many as one a week.

You wouldn't necessarily know it by looking at her.

"To other people, it would often look like I was daydreaming," she says.

"I would fidget, sometimes with my fingers. I tend to say to whoever is next to me that I'm going to have a seizure, but when I go to say it, I lose the words."

In a complex partial seizure, a person's consciousness is altered or impaired and they can look like they are sleepwalking or drunk. They are unaware of what they are doing or what is going on around them.



As for me... I had one hell of a headache last night... so you got lucky ... you get nothing from me.... yahoo...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well she was here and then gone...

She was here and not stoned! Yooohooo!

She had to go to a birthday party... I was napping... so I did not go.

There is no avm news.... that's a good day.
so let me give you something...

Pink Floyd... Wise You Were Here...

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute


Pink Floyd - Pigs

I don't know why... but I feel like sobbing... They tell me it is good... I say bullocks!

okay I'm outta here.... peace

I have a problem...

Well I have several but my most pressing one has to do with my wife...
She is driving today... and she is stoned. She is high on liquid something that gets you stoned. (I can't think of it... damn it) She got it from a fried who just had surgery... because she went through her allocation of her pills in about a week...

And then she went to visit her son in jail... ( we have none of our own... she was married before) I just hope she doesn't hurt her self...
...I tried to talk about it... she only got mad... I lost my train of thought and she went anyway. What to do??? I don't know... I just don't know...


I suppose I won't do anything... but pray.


There are none that take driving under the influence of pills....

Have a bit of The Wall... I'll just sit here and mope...

Pink Floyd The Wall - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

In a positive note... I made $50 yesterday... of course I was given the up... but hay it was an up!!! I'll see what shows up in my paycheck... at least I'll have on.... whooohooo!

Okay I am going to go...