Friday, November 04, 2005

I wonder if this will work? Looking for lost friends.
Okay I have this list of people I am looking to reconnect with, but have lost touch with over the years. I wonder if ther eis any chance that through the principal of seperation by degrees that I could post their names here and that someone would eventually run into them and pass this URL on or even my email address?

What the hell let's give it a try.. I will write the name and the last place I saw them, and an approximate year.. pass this on to everyone you can.. just be sure to include the URL here

Gregory Louis Fuller (aka Louis Gregory Fuller) last seen 1968 Grand Rapids Michigan
Karen Denee' Last seen Lake of the Ozarks MO. 1975
Joy George Last Seen Lake of the Ozarks 1975
Alejandro "Alex" Lastra Last seens 1983 Miami FL.
Javaier Lastra Last seen 1981 Miami , FL.
Maria Delgato last seen Miami, FL. 1985
Ann Clexton last seene Miami 1986 FOUND! 11-14-05!!!
John Eby Last seene Miami 1985
Rick Eby Last seen Miami 1985
Lidia (or Lydia) Hernandez last seen Miami 1987
Tracy Hernandez last seen Miami 1986
Elmer McDowell last seen Miami 1990
John "ki-ki" Clopton Last seen Miami 1986
Katherine Wyatt (or Fuller or Turnbull) -Talahassee FL 1999
Kyra Wyatt - Tallahassee Florida 1999
Martha "Marti" Findley (or Finley?) - Grand Rapids Michigan 2000
Deborah "Debbie" Viggiani- Naples Florida 1990
Cheryl Viggiani - Naples Florida 1990
Mike Lyttle- Miami 1990
Danny Wu - Miami 1990
Mike Alverez - Miami 1984
Virginia Harris - Miami 1989
Kevin Connway - Grand Rapids MI 1992
Sue Spicer - Howard City Michigan 1991
Monica Behan (also Fuller and Smith)- Grand Rapids Mi 1997

There are a ton of others that I have lost along the way.. I may come back here and add to this list.
I have looked through Classmates for these folks wher I had enough information to do a search, I have also googled the names, but either there was too much information to narrow it down to somthing relevent, or there was no information I could use to link thefound iten with the person I was looking for.

So here is where you come in.. and I don't know that this will even work.. but like i said what the hell..
Cut and paste this post into an email and send it out to everyone that is on your mailing list, that will not mind getting it.
Even if their name is not on the list.
Then I ask that they send it on, and so on and so on.
Using the theory of sepearion by degrees, this email should land in their lap in 15 or so generations of forwards.
If you are named on the list, please come to my URL
and leave me a comment or drop me an email. (see my profile)

Here is an incentive.. I promise that you luck will get no worse than it already was goin to be if you forward this to everyone on your emailng list (that will not object to recieving it)
So please forward this, adn if you are named in the list please come see me at
thank you.

Cool blog alert. A Scott womans Blog whilst in Florence Italy.

I love to travel, so I can apreciate this blog, well written with some great photos.
If you are interested in Italian Tavel, check her out.

The Quote of the Day from Albert Einstein (political)

"All of us who are concerned for peace and triumph of reason and justice must be keenly aware how small an influence reason and honest good will exert upon events in the political field. "
Albert Einstein

What has happened to American Poltics?

What is going on? It seems to me that we are perhaps the most corrupt government in western civilization. Money is the all powerful in Washington, and I don;t care what side of the isle you sit on.
I have heard that there is a cycle that taks place in American Politics, that like a swinging pendulum we get ritchous then corrupt.. back and forth it goes.

I have to believe that this is a swing towards corrupt.. and I cannot be sure that it has ever been better.. just look at the number of indightments handed down in the Clinton years.. here we are different captn at the wheel and yet.. more indightments.

How much of this can you blame on the executive branch? Not all, but some, now and then.. the scary thing is I do nto see anyone on the horizon saying that their goal if elected would be to clean up government corruption.. we should all hope and prey that a truly evil individual does not run on that theme.. we could very well elect a second Hitler..
Have you ever talked with people that were in Germany prior to WWII who saw Hitler as a saviour? (Only to have hopes of salvation dashed of course). I wonder if we are coming to a point where we would elect somone as evil as a Hitler? All we need really is to have a greater econmic downturn than expected, add to that a few natural disasters, an unpopular war, and the threat of invaders (be they people or virus) to scare the populous into thinking that they are in emminant danger, and we could very well elect Hitler.

Votaire said something to the effect "As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities. "
I wonder if we do this now.. in the name of freedom from terror or worse in the name of God.
What absurdities do you believe in? What absurdities does our Government believe in? Are there any? (I will leave that conclusion up to the reader)

Can you believe that we are in the 21st Century and still killing people in the name of God? It boggles the imagination.

Makes me think that Devolution is marching along at a steady course.. perhaps a good Bird Flu is what we need right now.

Veal.. I love it and hate myself for loving it..

I wish I coudl quit eating furry and cute animals.. I really do.. but oh my oh my.. there just is something about sinkingyour carniverous teeth into a nice piece of veal..

I have been invited to a friend's house tonight.. when he asked what I felt like eating.. all I could think of was veal..

In honor of tonight's food.. and wine and covnversation.. I offer you this from

8 veal cutlets (about 3 ounces each)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 to 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 to 4 tablespoons olive oil
1 large shallot, finely chopped
2 to 4 garlic cloves, smashed
2 ounces assorted mushrooms, sliced
1/2 cup sweet Marsala
3/4 cup low-salt chicken broth
Leaves from 1 fresh rosemary sprig
Sprinkle the veal with salt and pepper. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of oil in a heavy large skillet over medium-high heat. Add 4 veal cutlets and cook until golden brown, about 1 1/2 minutes per side. Transfer the veal to a plate. Add another tablespoon of butter and oil, if necessary. Repeat with the remaining 4 cutlets. Set the cutlets aside.
Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the skillet. Add the shallot and garlic. Sauté until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add a tablespoon of the olive oil, if necessary. Add the mushrooms and sauté until tender and the juices evaporate, about 3 minutes. Season with salt. Add the Marsala. Simmer until the Marsala reduces by half, about 2 minutes. Add the broth and the rosemary leaves. Simmer until reduced by half, about 4 minutes. Return the veal to the skillet. Pour in all of the pan juices. Cook just until heated through, turning to coat, about 1 minute. Stir the remaining 1 tablespoon of butter into the sauce. Season the sauce with salt and pepper, to taste.
Using tongs, transfer the veal to plates. Spoon the sauce over the veal and serve.

Added later.. my friend did not follow the above recipie, his veal was still good, but lacking somthing.. a somthing.. I can;t quite put my finger on.

Now here is an interesting memory that came flooding in, while we talked afterwars.
I had a friend thta made Veal Marsala with PORT! and it was YUMMY!
I think I will pick up a bottle of port wine tonight.. hmm.. now what to eat? I may have to make somthing up..

Calling poets and poetry lovers everywhere!

Calling poets everywhere! E.E. Cummings was (in my opinion) the greatest poet of modern time.

This is poetry to make love to.. if you have never experience E.E. Cummings works, or if you have, I offer to you the complete poetical works.. I like the fact that Amazon has it discounted now too. It is not cheap, but what in life that is truly worth buying is?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Book Review.. Magick Aleister Crowley

Well kids here we take turn from innocent gholes adn goblins into true darkness.

Magick by Aleister Crowley. The handbook to the ritual magician, and guidbook to those studying the occult in ways that get past the surface, which has been exposed to the public. Delve deeper into the subject of the occult and ritual magic and read Aleister Crowleys most popular work, Magick.

Spelling for keyword sake: Alister, Magic, Majik, Majick, Magik, Krowley, Crowlley, Crowlay, Alis, alison, crow.

As reviewed on Amazon ; (Four Stars)
The ultimate Thelemic resource : Crowley's Dream Come True, March 29, 2003
The Big Blue Brick is Crowley's dream come true. This is the ultimate Thelemic resource guide, which contains an in-depth Introduction to the book and the full story of the creation of 'Thelema.' This compilation contains many of Crowley's most-important works and rituals, including; "Book Four" (ISBN # 0877285136)*, "Magick in Theory and Practice" (ISBN # 0486232956)*, and "The Equinox of the Gods" (ISBN # 1561840289)--events leading up to and including the creation of 'The Book of The Law.' This book also contains numerous important 'Appendices' and a million or so footnotes that were meticulously scrutinized for accuracy.

note: be careful with 'Book Four' (in which Crowley depicts a ridiculous conception of The Scourge used in Witchcraft, legitimately) & 'Magick in Theory and Practice' (esp., due to the fact that in that time period, as now, 'morality' prevented people from talking/writing about sex, but it was/is perfectly ok to talk or write about more dangerous subjects). When reading Crowley, one must often read between the lines. Crowley had a weird sense of humor about revealing 'secrets' without revealing them--when in doubt, reread the section(s) and 'Magick Without Tears' (which shows Crowley's sense of humor and proves he was 'of sound mind' at the end of his life--a typical cranky ol' Grandpa kind guy).

'Magick' is NOT light reading! This is a scholarly work that took decades to compile, and a century to be brought-together in this format. Keep in mind, purchasing this book is the equivalent of purchasing many of Crowley's books in one volume (as he originally intended)--with the added benefit of preface material, illustrations, modern research, Footnotes (!), etc. It is well-worth the price, considering the fact that all of this material is compiled in a painstaking manner, including lost material and better renditions of previous editions.

However, for those who are just beginning to study Thelema, or have just begun the process of wading through Crowley's works (or just want to research Thelema in-general), I strongly suggest beginning with: "The Magick of Thelema: A Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister Crowley," by Lon Milo Duquette (ISBN # 0877287783).

For further research about "Thelema" and "The Book of The Law," I suggest: "The Law is For All," by Aleister Crowley (ISBN # 1561840904).

Jack Kerouac where are you?

I miss Jack Kerouac.
Maybe it is the fact that I missed my "pill" last night, and my head is clearer for it.. damn anti-depressants! But today I have been super reflective, looking back on good times, with good friends..

I remember a time not that long ago perhaps 10 years, sitting with a couple fo good friends and their gals , I was wearing a thick sweater the smell of pld book leather predominated the air, that and the scent of tobacco, (and other smokables), I had brought a copy of The Dharma Bums, and as the wine flowed and the feeling of mutual admiration went round the room, I took out my old and dog-eared copy, reading the first two pages, stopping only to take an occasional sip from my port.

Then the book was passed, to the left like an illegal hand rolled, it went round and round each taking a turn reading from the pages. Some taking on several at a go, some only one or two, it was okay there were no rules, just good companionship, this went on into the wee hours of the morning, and there was more than a few bottles drained of their essence in the making of the night.
We were free, as we are meant to be on that night, in the fall.

Love sparked that eve, as the fires in the fireplace dimmed and dwindled to nothing. Love between man and woman and mankind to mankind. I look back on that autumnal evening now, and still feel love, for my fellow literary travelers. Life is good when there are no rules, only love, and wine, and a good book. Magic.

I do not care if you buy either of these books, butI do think that you should experience them as I did, with friends and good wine. When we the las ttiem you went to the library? You do not have to pay for magic, you only need know where to look. Random promotion of a cool blog

go check this out. A cat in India as an exchange Student.. makes for interesting reading in many instances.

e.e.cummings.. commonly called "Love Crumbs"

Alright Blogosphere now hear this! Enough BAD poetry! TIme to renew the flesh and spirit with some good poetry.. here is my choice for best poetical work (Modern Era)
By E.E. Cummings, and Commonly Called "Love Crumbs"
You have not lived until you have joined with a body, that has joined with your mind, after the reading of this poem.

So now I offer you..
"Love Crumbs" by E.E. Cummings.

i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite a new thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does,
i like its hows. i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, and the trembling
-firm-smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh . . . . And eyes big love-crumbs,

and possibly i like the thrill

of under me you quite so new

cool offer for my readers.

Free Gift 100x100 coupon
check out etronics.. they got some cool stuff.. don;t forget your cupon code.. whatever that means.

Guess what i have on my list of things to buy myself? (at etronics and other places)
#1 a new computer! I am thinking that my old handy HP with it's faster than light 333MHz processor may just be getting a little long in the tooth.. of course I have a 500 MHz Gateway sitting at home doing nothing but gathering dust..

the real kick in the shorts, is that i have all of this software that I like, that runs on WIN98 ! If I get a new machine it will be running XP and all those cool games.. I mean programs will be lost.. damn shame.. some of the programs cost as much as a new computer!

I wonder if anyone bundles the software I need? A good photoeditor with an easy interface.. so I can pastemy head onto Tommy Lee's body in the Pam Anderson vids.. and somthing to publish websites that will not Fubar all of my frontpage sites that I have and am happy with now?

Alright throw stones and arrows about frontpage go ahead, i know you want to.. in 1996 when I got my very first website I typed pure HTML and most of my own Javascript, but as I wanted to get more and mroe complex, I went hunting for a Wysiwyg (Wizzy-Wigg) program, and some asshole suggested Frontpage, I had a free lite cerson in my computer already, adn it was easy to get.. now I have published more bloated code than any 12 people shoudl be allowed to, thanks to Frontpage.. 2000.. yes I said Frontpage2000! Get over it, I have..


SO what is a man to do.. I love my WIN98 programs, adn games.. and I hate to have to build my programming library back up, but it looks like I may just have to.. for anyone that is curious I get the HP in January 99 it has performed flawlessly ever since.. I love my computer.. and I hate to say goodby.. maybe I will just get a lap top or notebook and keep the old war machine for home? WHo knows..

Thanksgiving just around the corner.. things I am thankful for

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.. so I would like to take this time to look back at the year, and reflect upon all of the blessing that life has bestowed upon me over the last 12 months.

Month by month…
December.. umm can’t really think of much.. I survived another family rumble at my place on Christmas Eve.. I guess that is good..
January Well I froze my ass of and had to blow something like 114” inches of snow off of my walk way.. I got frostbite on my lips.. (don’t ever blow snow)
February I am still freezing, and my heating bill went up
March lets see only 90 more days of freezing my ass of in this the seventh level of Dante’s hell
April my birthday! I was forgotten by all of my family
May well at least my birthday is not this month
June Amsterdam! (details left out with purpose)
July Well I can look back on Amsterdam with warm memories.
August Finally it is hot
September damn it is getting cold again
October fricking cold at nigh, but at least I get to worship Satan in the open this month. Too bad I am an atheist.

And there you have it, my look back at the year.
Now aren’t you glad you had the year you did?

Okay I am thankful for a few things.. like my Prozac prescription went to a $15 co-pay, and that the corner market stopped selling expired condoms, and that my mom, has lost my phone number in a move, and that my wife still has not taken on the shape of her mother, and that my boss has no clue how much time I am wasting talking to you, and that my girlfriend found out about my wife and doesn’t care, and that my other girlfriend found out about my other girlfriend and is only angry because I would not introduce them, so that they could have sex while I watched, and I am grateful that the Canary Islands have not collapsed and caused a Tsunami that wipes out the eastern seaboard, and I am grateful that the itching has stopped.. (damn girlfriends!) and I am grateful hat the age of consent in this state is 17, and I am glad that there is the internet, so I can write all of this rap, and I am glad that there are people who are actually willing to read this crap, I am glad for fiction, and politics (and the fact that they are the same thing), I am glad that Scooter Libby is names “Scooter”, I am glad that GW has not used nukes on enemies foreign and Domestic, I am glad, that Mars is where it is, and I an thankful that I am running out of things to type.. as I imagine you are too..

Peace, pass it on.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Robert Burnes Halloween

I know that this is a bit late.. but please go read Robert Burnes' Halloween..
A good place to see it online is here

to quote
The passion of prying into futurity makes a striking part of the history of human nature in its rude state, in all ages and nations; and it may be some entertainment to a philosophic mind, if any such honour the author with a perusal, to see the remains of it among the more unenlightened in our own.-R.B.1785 not getting hits.. funny I think.

I think it is funny how few clicks my blog at is getting..
It really is all about making money online and how I have done it and am doing it now.. but it gets so few clicks it is almost funny.. most of the things there are free.. I mean cost you NOTHING but some time, and you will need an internet connection..
I like making cash with my computer.. I put off a computer saying that as soon as I could make money with one, I woudl buy one.. well that was 10 years ago now.. and guess what, I am still making anough to pay for my broadband bill.. and a little extra too.

I am not saying that I know how to teach somone how to make enough money that they can quit working and let the checks start comming in, but I am saying that I have made money using the internet over the years, adn I htink I can show other people how i did it... the rest is up to them. I once thought that I would be a full tiem web guy.. well guess what, that didn;t happen.. I do nto think that by using my meathods anyone will get stinking rich, ut I do think that anyone following all of my syuggestions at will start seeing some income from the web, and who knows maybe it will be enough to pay for the rising cost of gas and a high speed internet connection?

All it takes is time, and if you are reading this, you are already wasting time on yor computer.. so now go do somthing about it.. go ahead, click my money making blog.. I dare you.

Favorite Movie.. one of.. A Clockwork Orange, review.. muhahahahaaa!

A personal favorite movie.. this one is a little on the twisted side.. A Clockwork Orange.

Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”

What can you say about this movie, to tell someone that has never seen it, just how it works it’s way into your psyche and sets up camp.
I know a few people that saw it, and “did not get it” but I know more, that if you start to whistle “Sinning in the Rain” when talking to a real jerk, will smile knowingly.. knowing that deep inside you really want to stomp that annoying person’s guts out.

I was 16 when I first saw it, and perhaps that overdose of testosterone aided the close to psychedelic effect that the movie had on my tender mental make up.. perhaps it is just the fact that nothing like it, before or since was so strong in the mental impact you like a hammer to the left frontal lobe department?

Now I can say, with great surety that this movie did not turn me into a violent gang member, or a rapist, or another of the societal ills that get blamed on media these days.. I think it is an interesting study in the BS of that sort of statement, when you consider that the original release date of A Clockwork Orange was February 2nd 1972 (US)

Filmed in the UK and released to DVD on June 12th , 2001.

If you have not seen it, or have not seen it again in a while, I HIGHLY recomen, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.
Go for a ride with Alex and the Droogs, for a little Ultra Violence, Beethoven, and some of the old in-out in-out tonight!

Real Horrorshow.. my little Droogiewoogs and Malchiks!

song stuck in my head...

Okay todays song "stuck in my head" is...

YELLOW SUBMARINE by the Beatles.

It's about time a decent tune was stuck in there.. good for me.

Go ahead, get it and get it stuck in your head for good and for true.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Musical taste.. and Napster.. for Free..

Stop paying 99 cents a song - Get Napster To Go.

Music, I love music, but not so much the new music I hear on the radio. I do not know if I am getting “old” or if my taste is just too different to fall into “main stream” I think that latter. I like for instance, Bag-pipe music, and I adore the Bloodhound Gang.. I also like Gangsta Rap, and will run through spells of easy listening, classical (including Opera) and then will go back to my metal roots and listen to Mega Death for a week or two.. I think that “radio” is just to “pop” for me.
That’s why I like Napster… I think you will too, so go try napster for free.. download to yoru computer or yoru new iPod Nano if you are that much ahead of me on the techno-curve.. I envy you.. I am hoping to get a Nano for Christmas..

Napster Free Trial
go ahead click the little Napster..and Rock On..

Scooter Libby need not worry..

Scooter is just fine, as is every other insider over at the whitehouse that is facing indightment.
Why.. well I want you to think back to the last days of the Clinton Presidency.. I know it was a long time ago but try hard.. .. there got a picture of it now?

Two words: Presidential Pardon.

Clinton signed a bunch just before leaving office,a dn G.W. will too.. Daschel adn Scooter are going to be just fine.. and may even get a type of Mayrter status with the base.. ain't it grand?

Wouldn;'t it be nice to have a friend who was also president? Imagine.. you coudl do anything short of murder.. and yes perhaps even that, adn know that when your budy was just about to hand over the rieghns, you would be pardoned.

You though contributions to your 401K were going to pay big someday.. try making political contributions.. it just may keep you out of jail someday..
or you can do liek me, and try to play by the rules... in washinton , where they make the rules, they also break them.. makes me want to puke.. and move to Fiji.

Perhpas we coudl make any felony by a federal elected official treason.. and shoot them? I imagine a few election cycles of that , and we woudl have honest politicians... nah no honest man ever makes it long in politics.. who am I trying to kid?

you know what I have not talked about lately?? Politics..

because so many of you are new here, let me re-cap something for you.. I am a political agnostic.. I don’t believe any of them.. I am tempted to join the libertarians as a form of protest.

Harriet Meyers: She has been a good "friend" of W for quite some time. Could W have been cunning enough to put her up just to get his base riled up and ready to rally behind his next contender? Your damn right he is! At this point, W could select Gehering and the base would breath a sigh of relief.

I wish I remembered the blog URL that I read something to the effect of "H. Meyers will withdrawal as a candidate, before getting confirmed. This is a play by G.W. to get the attention of the truly Conservative branch of the Republican party, and to tell them that they will have to fight with him, if they have hopes of succeeding". I read this within days of Meyers selection! Because of some of the more conspiratorial writings on that blog I wrote the guy off as a nut, and did not bookmark the URL.. damn , damn, damn!

How many people reading this will not know that a Justice is appointed for "life"? Yes, for the rest of the natural lives of GW/'s candidates, they will have power over what is or is not seen as constitutional. Amazing that G.W. will be felt for decades to come.. and if you do not like G.W. I imagine that this is more that a little scary.

Well now that the conservative base is awake maybe they can get GW to start controlling spending. I like when a government official says that government should be smaller, and should spend less.. a lot of middle America hear this as ther rallying cry as they rush to the polls to pull the Republican lever. Too bad it is a lie.

So what's the choice? If you listen to the talking heads on talk radio, the democrats are socialist, or communist, and if they get into power ever again, we will fall into ruins.. perhaps we would.. but the reason would be uncontrolled spending.. and this is nothing that the republicans are free of guilt in.

Here is the funny bit.. I would not mind paying taxes for effective social programs, I give money every year to charities that work with the less fortunate. Perhaps if my taxes were higher I would not give as much, but if the government could be effective, that would not bother me.. the problem is, you cannot tell me that our government can be effective.

If you do not believe me, look at immigration.. some people spend 10 years trying to get into the states legally.. can you blame them for coming in illegally? Could you wait 10 years for a descent job? I couldn't. Would you break a law (that everyone you know is also breaking) if it meant a better life for your family.. I probably would too.

Immigration is nothing that either the Dems of Reps want to fix.. this is a scary thing.. it makes me feel like neither side cares about security, and only cares about their power base. The Dems thinkt hat poor illegal immigrants will be their voter base in the future,a dn the Reps like cheap union free labor.. and those of us that are here legaly are just plain screwed. We are not secure, and we may be in danger of loosing our jobs.. how does this benifit "We the People"?

Isn't the government supposed to work for us? Do you feel like it is? I feel like it works to take our power away as individuals, and tries to take our treasure away, but whether taking it to give to the poor, or taking it to give to the rich in some form of trickle down theory.. how about they just leave out pockets alone, and protect us for enemies foreign and domestic like they are supposed to do!?

Religion and Politics: If we have separation of church and state, why is it that I heard that the new W appointee to the Supreme Court was a Catholic, before I heard he was married, or had children, or has dark hair, or is referred to as Sculito? I don’t care if he is Catholic? What he is or is not is a matter for the senate at this point, and no knowledge that i have will change the outcome in the senate’s decision.

I would be interested if they appointed a Gay Female Minority Pagan... at least there is someone I could identify with on levels that Thomas and Sculia will I never will.
I would like to see some more diversity on the court.. I want a Hispanic, an Asian, a black, a Jew a atheist, a homosexual, a hermaphrodite and a staunch right winger, as well as an out and out communist. While the decisions would be rather strange, it would make for an interesting real life show.. they could all live together in an apartment in L.A. and cameras could follow them around all of the time. I bet the American public would actually take some interest in the Court then.. it would be a good lesson to the public.

a good day all total.

A good day today. I heard from a friend in south florida, they have power and phone now, some parts still may be without power until December, but if I had to give you a guess, I woudl say that those parts will be few. Florida Power and Light FPL is doinga great job of restoring service, and that is all that anyone can ask.

I have family that now will not have ot drive 100 miles for fuel for the generator, that is good, they are in the area that may not have power for quite some time. They were thrilled to hear that 30 miles south of them power is back on.

Today, I found a problem that would have cost my company a few thousand dollars adn fixed it quickly, that's always nice. It buggs me that a simple error would have caused the problem and htat all of the steps of checking and rechecking let it get through, but now that it is found before any harm was done, training (re-training) can begin in ernest.

The bigest thing that bugged e about the whole thing, is that nobody in the chain said, "oops, i did it". a simple admission of posible guilt would hav ekept me from being pissed.. Now I feel the need to can somone.. oh well a nights sleep and I will feel better, and life can go on.

So the moral of the story is.. ifyou work for me adn you make a mistake, just admit to it, together we wil correct it and move on.. easy you would think. a blog worth reading.. is a blog that is really worth reading. (unlike this one) Ths guy finds the news that will make you smile nad offers opinions that should only offend those who truly deserve to be offended.

I am proud to shamlessly plug and you should too.. but only after you plug this site.. well go get plugging.. go on.. you know you wanna..

Cars, I love them.. and a Blog you should go check out..

I love my cars.. I have a few one really is a 1988 Lotue Esprit Turbo with less than 28,000 miles on it.. it is a bit of a mechanical challange, adn this last year I left it in storage because I had other things to spend my money on, but it only needs a little work .. I will get back to you o it because i gotta get some work done sheesh! ...
Alrighty then, I am back.. miss me? What was I saying?? Oh yea.. cars.. I love the fucking things.. I mean if I could but a new car every week I would.. I love the feel of them. the way that they purr as your stroke them... oops I mean place pressure over the accelarator.. I wish that I could change wives ever couple of years to,, so I guess it is a pattern?

Anyway, current cars.. Lotus Esprit (1988), Chevy Tahoe (2001) that is my daily driver.. I am thinking of buying a Pontiac Solstice for my wife, but I can;'t remember if she is worth it? So I may just buy her a Mini or some japaneese crap box when her Pontiac dies. (which should be any minute now it is a 1996 Grand Am with `186,000 on it, a new motor put in at about 150,000 and that motor was a junk yeard salvage.. the thing bangs like hell when you drive it on the highway, I thought the wheels would fall of at 70, but was amused to find out from my mechanic that it is just a little "loose" in the front end, adn after a few hundred dollas worth of bushings adn the like it still is a piece of crap. Funny thing is if I do buy her a piece of crap from the orient, it will more than likely be more reliable than her pontiac has been.. damn american cars anyway.. no wonder GM is loosing money.. with the rediculious wages that they pay and the crap that they produce.. I say good .. let 'em all go under.. and watch the "patriots" whine that nobody makes cars in the states anymore.. well other than Honda, Toyota, Hyunda and a few other Asian companies..

What I would like to see is the SMART in the states, but the DOT will throw fits if they do..and we will have to weight them down with protective gear to the point that they will get shit mileage.. all while the EPA whines that CAFE standards aren;t high enough.. (this makes me thing that our government os just too big for it's own good, adn it needs to get out of the way and give freedom of choice back to the people.. but that is a whole other tirade..

So click the link below to get financing for yor next automotive lover,, and be glad you are not married to me.. an asshole that makes you drive a Pontiac that sucks more than any other thing has ever sucked.. ever...

okay before I forget.. go visit this blog this poor guy is more screwed up int he head than i am.. and funnier too..

I love my car.. Is that a sin?

Dear DeRex, I love my car.
It takes me where I want to go, it never says I don;t want to go there tonight.
It never lets me down and always makes me feel exhilarated.
I can take it places without being embarrassed.
I have driven other cars and it does not care or mind or ever complain.

I just love my car is that a sin?
Signed Confused motorholic.

Derex replies:
Wanna swap cars some night?
I don't think mine would mind, but I ask you clean up the seats if you make a mess.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Does anyone know or is anyone that reads this a prostitute?

Does anyone know or is anyone that reads this a prostitute?

I have a fascination with prostitution.. no I do not frequent prostitutes, but I am fascinated with how someone becomes a prostitute?

I think I understand how a crack or heroin addict becomes a prostitute, the choices are rather limited as far as income goes to support either of those addictions once they grab hold.. so fro those that turn to prostitution to support a drug habbit I feel sorry and understanding towards.
I hope that anyone that has fallen to prostitution for these reasons can and will seek help.. if they want out.

I can also to some degree see how someone in a gang could be forced into prostitution.. for those I too wish a quick escape.

But the ones I am most curious about is those that make a decision that it is a career for them, that are only driven by money to enter and participate in prostitution.

As a man, I can not grasp getting paid for sex, mush less not getting paid for it if I could.
Do prostitutes feel this way to.. I mean are there hookers that like sex so much that they say. Hell if I can get paid for this why not?

The one that comes to mind was a stunningly beautiful woman I saw in Amsterdam , she was (I mean this sincerely) a 10! She seemed clean and she spoke a few languages, and was smiling and seemly happy turning tricks for 50 euro for 15 minutes. I really wanted to pay her just to find out what she was thinking, and why she picked this lifestyle? I will admit I was more than a little tempted to pay my 50 euros for a romp.. but alas I am a married sort of man, and I have not to date paid for a piece of tail.. so I didn’t.. kinda wish I had sometimes.. (blushing)

I am truly curious how a lovely young , seemly happy woman like her could be a ho?
I think I would like prostitutes as people, is that a strange thing to say.? I mean who can you think of that would be less assuming, and more accepting of your little quirks than a hooker/

So in all reality, if there are any hookers out there, and you want to tell your story drop me an email.
You can email me at
I promise not to pass judgment of any kind..

sneaky bastard! Okay just a thought or two..

Error: printer low on toner.

hey, it is nearly the half way point through my monday.. and so fall things are going pretty well.. I am still tired as hell.. and feel like I could sleep a month..

I have a small admission here.. I have brain damage.. yep.. I do.. I had a vascular defect called adn AVM in my left pre-frontal cortex, I am better now, as I had successful gamma knife surgery.. but it did leave me with a rather unique typing style.. it also left me with chronic fatigue..

I have a hard time telling fatigue from depression.. they feel a lot alike. Difference is, with depression I don;t get a 8.6 richer scale headach if I don;t sleep.. with the fatigue from the brain injury I do.
Dr's say that I am having migrains.. that is what I though I was having when the vessel broke.. so headaches with any severity freak me out.. it made my mom feel bad telling me.. headche.. it aint; gonna kill you.. not get to school..
of course that was YEARS before the actual AVM but nobody says to me "It's all in your head" anymore.. :)

I have often though about making an AVM survivors website, but I feel a little guilty about surviving, many people with AVMs don;t.. my neurologist said the 80% of AVMs are diagnosed in autopsy.. so how do you start a website that says.. "Hey look at me I survived" when there is a good change the people that coem to your site, will have lost somone with the same defect?

I guess I will just blog about it as i see the need to..

AVM (excuse spellign here) is an Atrio-veonal-malformation wher an artery adn vein come together there are supposed to be capilaries, these capilaries besides acting as the exchange points for nutriants. oxygen also step pressure down. Arteries are very muscular in their make up and handle pressure well, veins are not as muscular and do not handle high pressure well.. so the capilaries are important.. in an AVM the capilaries aren;t there.. so you get an artery dumping directly into a vein.. this causes the vein to expand.. and can lead to a buldging or bubble in the weaker material.. this bubble can rupture and leak.. fast or slow.. mine leaked slowly I believe..
I had a hell of a headche, adn wanted to go slpeep it off thinking it was a migraine.. I went to my Dr. asking for a shot.. and to be sent to bed.. he instead sent me to the hospital for a headache workup.. I was given a CAT scan, and about 30 minutes later a nurse or dr came in and said " you have a bleed in yor head" .. having some medical education / experience, I knew that this was BAD>.

I stabilized within 12 hours.. I wanted to see what my options were, as the one that was being presented with the most viggor was cutting my skull open and taking a look-see.. I wanted to know if there were any alternatives.. I was lucky and there were..

One was occlusion, where they run a catheter up into the brain, and inject some "gunk" that plugs the artery.. thus taking pressure off of the vein and the bubble.. (rememebr I had stopped bleeding)

The other was Radio surgery.. or gamma knife for this I went to Miami.. my insurance company threw fits.. and I waked away with a golf ball sized chunk of bain that now looks like a sponge, and a $22,000 bill.. but other than the headaches and a little bit of a droop in my left uper eyelid (that only I notice for the most part) I am healthy and well.

I guess my whole point here is that life is not that bad.. for me, or if you can read this, for you.
Remember life can be going along swimminly, then one day you wake up with a funny headache adn some visual disturbances.. and it is never the same again. Mae the mst of today, go tell somone that you love them, go do somthing kind for a stranger, smile at the next person you see.. even if they are dirty and homeless, hold a door open for somone at a sore, give a dollar or a smoke to a begger, remember today life is good, adn so is every day, that you are not dead.
This is whay Nitzche meant.. when he said "That which does not kill us only serves to make us stronger".
Peace pass it on.. (spelling left in shambles for effect :)

Two new blogs.. From DeRex..

Okay I have been making a little money on the internet for the last several years, I still have not found my way to RICH RICH RICH, but I do make a little. On this blog I will share all the things I have tried and am trying to add additional income, so I can lead that lifestyle that I have grown oh so accustom to.. Be sure to check it out if making heaps and piles of green cash is your thing..
(actually, I think it is a lot of fun to try and figure out how to make money online, to me it is like a game.. I am not all that good at it really but I am not loosing money and who knows I might just stumble into a winner.. Go check it out.)

Number two.. a pure case of self promotion.. here I will post deals that I find out there in the land of net..
I like the title.. has a nice ring for the search engines..
What will I do with it.. well when I find a good deal I will post it.. if I happen to be in an affilate program with the asvertizer well even better.. get my drift?
Peace, Pass it on.

Absente available and redy for consumption (Absinth substitute?)

Here is as close as most Americans are going to ge tto having the "Absinth experience" Absente.. is now availabel in the US. It is a whole lot like this manufacturer's Absinth but it does not contain teh banned Grand Wormwood, that real absinth gets it's Thujon from.

Thujon, is billed as a halucinagenic.. saddly it is not. I have taken halucinagenics in my younger years, and absinth drunk while being slightly different from just being just plain old beer drunk, it is a far cry form visual, audio or olfactory halucinations.

But if you , like me are an admirer of the Bihemian lifestyle, adn care to have a bit of the absinth ritual, this is a decent substitute for the real thing.

Collector bottles / packaging is availble with a surag spoon attached, for about $35.00 The liquor is 110 proof, as is its actual counterpart in Europe. The flavor is strong in the anise department, but ther eis enough herbal undertones to make it a rather nice drink.
Louch (getting all green and pearlecent) is super strong, manking for a nice effect when drinking it with novices being 110 proof, it wil help you flambe' your sugar if that is your style. I am not much of one for fire around hte stuff, I like to poor and drink, and repete.

The fact that this product, even with southern (petite) wormwood, is being distributed throught he states, bedes well for us, that love the real thing. It is at least a step in the right direction.

Perhpas we will be graced with a lifting of hte ban as has happend in the E.U. ? We cal only hope.

Untilt eh ban is lifted, I say drink up and enjoy, this is a decent reproduction of an actual absinth adn worth the $35.00 investment, if you plan to partake with friends.

Best use for Absinth.. Drink with friends,a dn talk about the arts.. I like to pass a dog-eared copy of Dharma Bums around each person reading a paragraph or two.. if you can make it through 3 chapters, you aren;t drinking fast enough.

shamless promotion of a fellow blogger..

this aussie has his stuff together.. well he has his stuff.. and it is all in one giant pile, and that has to count for somthing.. plus he kinda looks like me.

Halloween ideas from DeRex

1. I am dressing up this year as a MILF hunter.. I love it when them young mommas bring the kiddies around..

2. Cut hole in bottom of goodie bowl and make milfs get candy for kiddies..

3. hand out fish.. adn then swear that they said "Trick or Trout"

4. Wait until 8:00 when all the kiddies have gone in and go from house to house shouting "Trick or Drink"

5. turn out the lights and pretentd I don;t have 30 pounds of candy to give away.. then bitch for the next 12 months that nobody stopped by the house. (This one fits my wife)

6. Dress up as the scarecrow that has been on the front porch for the last 2 weeks, and now that the neighborhood kids are used to it, when they come up onto the porch, jump at them and scare the shit outta them.. (I did this last year.. best halloween ever- one kid pee'd)

I think christmas would be a lot more fun if you could scare people.. perhpas that woudl make for a good costme.. I normaly do Santa Clause for the kids, maybe this year, I will put on a zombie mask and my santa suit.. that ought to fuck them up for life..

or maybe put on my zombie mask and sit ont he front porch with my sant suit on, adn a sign around my neck proclaiming that Santa is Dead.. take some candy..

I once saw a punk Band named The Dead Santas they sucked but the name was great. Too bad they chewed goo so bad, I woudl have liked to say I was a fan of the Dead Santas but life goes on and I digress..

Happy Halloween everyone..

very funny, very true.. for all you do This Bud's for you!

the above link will take you to a real bud radio comercial.. after ATA thretened to pull all Bud products off of flights, Bud pulled the spot.. too bad really, it has some merit in just that fact that it is so close to true.

I think we need more truthfulness in advertizing.. I tip my can to Budweiser on thie one!