Thursday, August 04, 2005

just some random stuff, that is running through my head.

Why can't I type the word "and", it always seems to come out "adn"? How do people that are by nature assholes get into positions of power? Seems to me that the Meek aren't inheriting much of anything. Why if, people believe that the last two US presidential elections were stolen, there is not any uprising? Could it be that we KNOW we're screwed either way? Using the law of supply and demand.. If demand for Gas and Oil is out pacing our ability to refine oil, why is it that oil prices are so high? Using a standard model, Oil should be $22 - $25 a barrel and gas should be $2.36 a gallon? People should be selling oil cheap as they can to get their stocks into the refineries. Somebody is screwing us... Why is it that if there is an emergency or disaster in the oil business, the price at the pumps goes up within hours. But if oil prices drop, we're told that it will be weeks or months before the effect is seen at the pumps (as it should be, as it does take time to get crude oil through the refinery process)? If we have our panties in such a bunge about gas prices, and the environment, why does the government mandate safety in cars, when those mandates increase weight, and thus lower fuel economy? I know that some people will look at Ralph Naders work in public safety, and say that the manufacturers need to make safe cars, but to you I say.. Can I not buy a motorcycle? And in many places Can I not ride my motorcycle with no helmet? I think that we should be able to have cheap light cars, and wonder why we are seemingly not allowed to have light, efficient cars.. it makes me wonder about the fabled 100 MPG carburetor.. could out government while saying that they are demanding higher and higher cafe standards, actually be insuring that our oil consumption goes up and up? I like the SMART car actually.. but you can’t buy them here as they are sold in Europe.. why? Safety? I don’t think so..

if it ain't SMART, it's ugly You should see the little two seater.. sweet...
If money equals power and power corrupts, then Bill Gates is Satan?

I am a political agnostic.. I don't believe any of them.

I think Bill Clinton had it right.. who doesn't like a stoggie and a BJ after a hard day at work?

I think it was Voltaire that said "Hell is people" if it wasn't I want to be the one given the credit.

Well, 'nuff random brain spew for now.. I got work to do.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Online dating sites review!
Nuff said.

All others rip off or suck or both.
Any questions?
Any comments?
Any place to score?
Have you scored on an online dating service?
Which one?
tell your story now!
Go ahead nobody is looking...

A review.. of my lunch.. From Wendy's.. home of the Hot and Juicy..

I had such a good time writing the last review I will write another.. only this time the subject is food..
I like food, I like fast food.. I like Wendy’s fast food…

Okay for lunch today I had the Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal at Wendy’s a #6 to be exact, with fries and a FROSTY.. yum yum..
It is after all about 90 freaking degrees here, and I have fucked my diet all up anyway, so why not.

I used the dire-thru window as I normally do,. I like to listen to talk radio while I eat, I don’t know why, more than likely it is because I do not have a book on tape, and that I don’t like to read a book while I eat.. I can barely chew gum and walk so if I eat and read, I usually turn the bun like a page, and take a bite out of my paperback. But I digress…

Spicy Chicken Sandwich.. Bun, Tomato, Mayo, Chicken Breast.. breaded, covered in some sort of hot sauce prior to dipping in the breading.. and deep-fried to perfection.. It is not nearly as hot as the current TV commercials would have you believe, but it does have a nice spicy undertone. I especially like them since they have changed the breading, something that happened about a year ago now.. don’t get me wrong, they were okay before, but now they seem spicier, and crispier, and more drip-down-your-arm greasy good!

I have had them that were actually HOT in the spicy meaning of the term , but for the most pert my sandwich today was a low medium.. I like ‘em hot, but hell it was still perty good.
The fries, taste like cardboard, and never have enough salt, but they are a source of cholesterol and fat, so I can’t complain too much.
The frosty was cold and frosty and chocolate.. why don’t they get other flavors? I like frosties (How the hell do you spell plural frosty?, when Frosty is a noun???) Ahh well you get my meaning. Not ahtt I am all that worried about spelling anyway.. as badly as I type I can’t be too picky.

Problem today.. no spoon! I did get a straw, but I got no spoon.. Have you ever tried to suck a frosty through a straw? OI nearly sucked my whole head into the glass before I realized I was doing somthign truly stupid!
So I used the straw like a singular shop-stick.. it worked, and it was not as messy as using my fingers. Or worse trying to shake a little bit down by tipping the glass up and shaking while holding to your mouth. Have you ever tried that with something thick like a Frosty? Only to have ht whole damn thing slide down and smack you in the face? I have.. it’s funny.. when it happens to someone else..

SO that’s my lunch in a bucket.
If you are curious about my review of talk radio.. well today it went something like this.. BLA BLA BLA.. Conservatives.. Evil.. blab la bla. Democrats Evil.. blab la bla.. BAD WAR.. bla bal bla.. Dead.. bla blab la.. This is Paul Harvey.. Good day.

Why do we bother listening to talk radio.. it is not entertaining is it? I listen to both Conservative and Liberal hosts, and I think that they are all full of shit.. is it just me? And why do I keep listening.. I need a Book on Tape!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reviews of Movies that SUCK part one.

Review of Movies that suck! Part one…
Okay I love movies, I really do. I think that I would rather watch a good movie more than pee.. or eat.. or have sex.. well at least with my wife.. ya know how it is)
But more and more I see people reviewing movies that they liked.. why doesn’t anyone review movies that suck?
So here is my first official review of a movie that sucks!
Dungeons and Dragons.. Starring Jeremy Irons
Some 16 year old tart played by some no name bimbo (Thora Birch) inherits a kingdom, and thinks she has the wit to rule it, better than the clan of wizards that currently are running the joint.. some evil dude with other intentions and a side kick with bad eye makeup try to stop her… A couple of goofy street urchins, thieves with good hearts, (yuck) help her out in the end, and everyone lives happily ever after..
Okay, bad eye makeup on dudes should have been left to A Clockwork Orange and The Rocky Horror Picture Show IMHO.

The plot is predictable all the way through, from start to finish there is not one twist or little ditty to excite the mind. It was rated PG-13 and should have been G.. I can see a 5 year old getting excited about this .. but a six year old.. probably not..

I will admit, I played D&D I had a good time doing it.. we went on all sorts of adventures which broadened out imagination and to some small degree intellect. I think back now and any one of our home made, hand written campaigns would have made a better story. I can’t believe that Gary Gygax had anything at all to do with this. The wit and intelligence that really is that game, as Gary I believe had intended it, when played well is absent from this piece of dung entirely.

G.G. if you ever read this, I am sorry man.. The minds that are left at TSR should have their heads examined for ever loaning the D&D Name to a lump of tripe like this.
I mean Bugbear dung does not stink as much as this movie!
If you really want to waste some of your hard earned gold pieces just so you can own a copy and really fill that collection out, go ahead buy this waste or a DVD at amazon.. I dare ya! (click the icon below to read more reviews or to actually buy this CRAPPY movie)