Friday, September 02, 2005

POLL: Should Looters be shot on sight?

Okay I can't figure out how exactly to make a poll here.. so just leave a comment.. And no I am not talking about those that are looting food.. I am talking about the TV carrying, trash can of jewelry floating down the street looters?

Can't we just shoot a few of them? Please??
SO comment..
to shoot 'em or not to shoot 'em..
that's the question!

Hurricane.. Katrine.. HELP THEM YOU IDIOTS!

Okay when you read this entrie's title.. who did you think of as the “idiots”?

FEMA? The Red Cross? The President? Congress? Or did you just think that I was another bitchy mal-content?

I really want to know.. please post who you thought of when you read it as a comment.. you can comment anonymously, so what’s the harm?

Actually I meant ALL OF US!
If you have done nothing.. please do something.. anything.. anything at all.. drop some spare change in an envelope and mail it to the Red Cross.. or if you are in a town like I am, you can drive, or walk to somewhere that they are taking contributions..
What have I done? Well I dropped a few bills in a collection at a radio remote.. that money goes to an organization that has high marks for it’s very , very low administrative costs. And I talked my employer into donating one of the products we manufacture to the Glenn Beck radio program to be auctioned off for Storm Aid.
I intend to keep dropping off things at our local salvation army, and I will make a donation through an affiliate program I have.. (not taking a commission check, but rather having it forwarded to the Red Cross)

There are a few other things I wish I could do, but do not know how to organize.. so with luck a reader here will know and will act.
After Hurricane Andrew, my family was left without reliable power for nearly 6 months, reliable phone service actually came first!, for a year everyone in south FL had sinus infections due to molds that were growing n all of the wet debris piles. I only lost a car, but members of my immediate family lost EVERYTHING! The federal government could not help due to a few strange circumstance surrounding the lease on the property my folks were living on, so we had to go without federal assistance. And guess what we made it, and in many cases came out of it ahead of people who waited on the government. (Insurance company also did not come through fully due to the lease problem)

Here is what these people will desperately need.. LP Gas Grills! And LP gas tanks, and canisters. With a grill you can cook, and you can boil water! Trust me, this is an absolute must! Everything is wet, and will be for a while, so campfires will not cut it, and in the cities will make things worse.. so please find a way to send a grill.. beg a grill company to send small gas grills to MS, LA, and AL.. now!!!!!

Boiling water is not as good as having fresh tap water, but it will be better than drinking the raw water that is everywhere. Right now.. if you get thirsty enough you will drink that raw water.. trust me, do not make anyone have to.

Food, they need food, and the best food would be MRE’s or meal ready to eat, I believe the government calls them. MREs can be air lifted in.
Canned / bagged foods, there is no refrigeration now for many people, they need to be able to open a can, and eat.

Camps. The government can stet up tent camps in ballparks, and other dry outdoor areas, and needs to. I remember a ball park in Homested FL, that was converted into a tent city, it was dirty and not the best place to be, but it was safe from gangs and looters.

It is nice of the people of Houston to give up the Astro Dome, but a camp is easier and I am sure that there is plenty of flat dry land between New Orleans and Houston that would do. If need be the government under the auspices of FEMA can seize land for temporary use, and needs to. This land needs to be given back with due payment to the owner once this emergency is over. Once you get the evacuees into camps feeding and protecting them gets much easier. Land owners should be encouraged to get back home and start rebuilding anyway that they can. FEMA can offer to subsidize emergency building supplies, like sheet rock and OSB for roofs.
We lived with an OSB and tarp roof, a small generator, that we shared with other families on the block, a gas grill, and even improvised a gas water heater to take warm showers with, for months. These people can to, but they will need to stop blaming people for not taking care of them, and start taking care of each other first.

That’s my 2 cents.. so are you going to be an idiot? I hope not.

Now If I can figure out how, I wil post a poll.. should looters be shot on sight? (not food looters, we all looted food and cigarettes for a few days after Andrew.) But the ones with TVs and other peoples money and jewelry? Should the National Guard shoot them?

Making money online update..

Well here is the scoop kids.. if you have already read my how to make money online articles.. you need to read this.. if you have not.. stop reading now.. adn go read something worth wasting your time on.
In my last how to page, I wrote about buying ads at adbrite, and maybe even expoactive.. using commission programs found at Well don't bother.. I have spent just about $50 on clicks adn have made $0. I am paying between 5 and 10 cents per click, so my conversion rate sucks. I know that there are people making money using this tactic, but it is not as easy as it looks.

Also, a brief and sad report.

I was a google adsense publisher.. do a search on google for adsense and they will tell you what that means, but basically I have a site and I had google adsense ads running on it. I was banned, as so many other publishers seem to be. I still am not sure why I was dropped, but I was and such is life. But with Google Adsense ads you CAN make money with a website that has traffic. I still advise that if you have a site that gets a thousand or more page views per-day that you sign up for goodle adsense. It really is a great program.
One word of advise, DO NOT, IN ANY SMALL WAY, VIOLATE the TOS!!! I cannot say this strongly enough. Google must do everything it can to protect it's advertisers and banning you for a small infraction will not hurt their bottom line at all.. so DON'T DO IT! If you are tempted to click your own ad (even once) it may be your last paid click.. I am not kidding!!!!

So if you have a sight, go to google type in adsense and follow the clicks to money..

(Google.. if you read this.. I am sorry.. I didn’t mean it.. can I pleassssseeee have my account back? I miss you!)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Absinth Review :François Guy

François Guy is a traditionally distilled Pontarlier absinthe, but with only 45% alcohol. Amazingly, this does not detract from its full taste, which has gained a very strong following. It is a light olive green turning milky white on addition of water. The nose is complex and herbal with green anis and fresh wormwood to the fore. It has a clean refreshing taste and makes an ideal aperitif diluted with 2 to 3 parts of water.
(image courtesy also of )

Alright, now this little Absinth is my favorite! Although I have heard that the absinthes coming from Jade Liquors are superior to this one, I have not had the opportunity to taste any of them just yet.

François Guy is a heavy thujon absinth, so care has to be taken not to consume too much, a headache will be your payment for over indulgence. But I have sat and over an evening of talk consumed some 6 to 8 glasses with no ill effects, as with any alcoholic drink the trick is to know your limits. This absinth does not have as much of the warm alcohol feel as the Un Emil reviewed earlier, but the flavor is out of this word .. good!

I would recommend this absinth for anyone that wants to truly enjoy everything that an absinth can be. Perfect for talk or contemplation of things greater than the self with friends, close friends.

Expensive (not outrageous, but expensive). In my opinion, well worth the investment.

Again with the stars **** 4 out of 5!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

News of the day.. my way.

Simply awful..
Today’s news as usual is simply awful.. so gloom and doom.. and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am a died in the wool heathen, I might start to think the world was coming to and end.. so I thought I would make up some news for you.. something to make you smile.

Aliens Land at Washington DC Anti War Rally.

Today at 13:00 hrs EST, Aliens beings from the constellation of Diverticuli landed in the middle of a field near Washington DC, in the middle of a group of anti war protestors.

Tensions were high at first, but after, the protestors, with the support of described to the alien beings how the government had started a war for a fossil fuel that is underground, pumped out, refined, burned and then causes acid rain, and after they described how the government caused a hurricane named Katrine to slam into pumping and refining facilities for this black sludge to drive prices higher, thus insuring that the majority of the population will see the need to go to war to keep petroleum flowing, and to rive prices higher so that all of the President’s Oil Buddies could get richer.

After careful consideration the aliens decided not to kill us, but rather to simply make our planet a no fly zone.
Scientist theorize that the Alien Beings were fearful that our stupidity was caused by a virus and may be contagious.

After examining our fanatical status and system, the aliens also came to the conclusion, that we could not finance a trip around the block without causing economic collapse, much less travel into the outer reaches of the galaxy, thus making us harmless to all intelligent life everywhere.

Thus as Douglas Adams had predicted, we are now just an entry in the galactic hand book that reads. Earth: Mostly Harmless.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricanes and loonitics...

Today I am really stuck on what to write about.. I really feel for the people who are getting hit by hurricane Katrine as I am in a small part a survivor of Andrew.
I also have to feel for today’s other big topic, the poor woman who lost her son in the war that is camped out at GW’s ranch. Not that I have lost a son, but I have lost my mind at times, during the grieving process. She has surely lost it.. I am so sorry for her. I understand that she is vulnerable now with all this grief, and feel true contempt for the people like Rev. (HA!) AL Sharpton and that are using her for a mouth piece. I mean that stuff that she is spewing now, has no real basis in reality.. and is exactly what these loonies that are there with her have been saying.. so it is easy to see where she is getting her info from. I do not like this war.. but I really feel bad for this poor woman who is now nothing but a pawn in a big political chess game…
My suggestion to you, is to donate to the red cross.. and perhaps a mental health facility in your area.. together they can make today’s news .. good news.