Tuesday, June 20, 2006

she being Brand (E.E. Cummings)

You know I could not let a month go by without a little e.e. Cummings.

she being Brand

-new;and you
know consequently a
little stiff i was
careful of her and(having

thoroughly oiled the universal
joint tested my gas felt of
her radiator made sure her springs were O.

K.)i went right to it flooded-the-carburetor cranked her

up,slipped the
clutch(and then somehow got into reverse she
kicked what
the hell)next
minute i was back in neutral tried and

again slo-wly;bare,ly nudg. ing(my

lev-er Right-
oh and her gears being in
A 1 shape passed
from low through
second-in-to-high like
greasedlightning)just as we turned the corner of Divinity

avenue i touched the accelerator and give

her the juice,good


was the first ride and believe i we was
happy to see how nice she acted right up to
the last minute coming back down by the Public
Gardens i slammed on

brakes Bothatonce and

brought allofher tremB
to a:dead.


August First, my 1988 Lotus Esprit will be put up for auction on eBay.
(Unless it sells sooner)
It has 28,150 miles (accurate)
It is in good running condition with the following faults.
Speedometer is not working.
(Odometer works fine, so miles are accurate)
Passenger side window motor is slow, functioning but slow...
Idle is slightly rough, but this may be due to “storage” gas still being in it, once a fresh tank is in and perhaps some injector cleaner, I will know if it needs any adjustments.

Work I have had done:
All belts, including timing changed within 2000 miles.
New plugs, wires, rotor, and cap.
New fuel filter, air filter.
(All done at the same time as the belts, about 2000 miles ago)

New slave cylinder for clutch installed about 1500 miles ago.
New break pads all the way around also about 2000 miles ago.
New up-pipe just installed.

Upgrade stereo: Kenwood, w/ 5 disc changer in back. Big amp also in trunk

In-dash radar detector, with front exterior mount receiver.

I have a copy of the "Lotus Notes" Service book. (Cost approx. $500)
I also have copies of the 1988 Lotus Debut Road and Track and (another , that I cannot remember the title of right now) Magazines, featuring the 1988 lotus Esprit Turbo, and its "New" body style.
1988 was the year that they went from the boxy "James Bond" type Esprit to the more rounded body style you see here.

Faults cosmetic: Leather shrinkage, as is common on these, I have seen worse, but it is not like new inside, also as is typical of this vintage Lotus, there is some wear to the drivers seat, not too bad on the passengers.

Small stone chip in the pain on the front passengers side, about the size of a "little finger nail" Touchup pain is best bet.
In most all other ways it is a typical 1988 lotus, it may be in better shape than the average, but it has all the features and flaws anyone familiar with the brand would expect.

I am it's 4th owner, I have the carfax report that I pulled on it as well as a professional appraisal that I had done when I bought it, nearly 5 years ago.

Yes it is as fast as it looks.. yes it will draw attention..
This is a gentleman’s car. It needs someone that will care for its small needs, on an ongoing basis. It is not your average hot rod, and should not be treated like one, or expected to act like it.

It needs a home with someone that loves the Lotus brand as much as I do.. I know it sounds silly, but I really do want it to go to a “good home” where it will be driven as it was intended to be ,and cared for properly.

Asking Price, is a slight $15,000.. as is drive it away.
(For Sale sign has $17,000 because people want to negotiate)

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