Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MySpace? My Space kicks MySpace's ass.. in front of everybody in the lunch room.

I don;t get the myspace craze.. sure some myspace accountes are creative, and much better writtent han my little blog here, but comon folks.. it's mostly middleaged men trying to talk with underaged girls.. and boys..
Here is one more reason that this place, kicks myspace's ass.. in front of everybody in the lunch room.. lot's of 80's videos.. thanks to youtube.
Flock of Seagulls.. yikes that waz some hair!

And one of my favorite.. 2 bowls of hash songs..
Wall of Voodoo... Mexican Radio!

Finally to really get you dial up wankers pissed at the slow load tiems here, I offer this little ditty..
from the Thompson Twins.. Doctor Doctor..

The Thompson Twins piss me off every time.
WOW what hair we had in the 80's!
It's a wonder Godzilla didn't ceom over from Tokyo and use us all as Q-tips!

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