Thursday, July 06, 2006

Waterproof kama-sutra book assists couples with aqua sex. (From the news)

Waterproof kama-sutra book assists couples with aqua sex
By Joey Marburger
Summer Editor (The Exponent: Purdeu's Independant Student Newspaper)

It was a typical Friday in the newsroom until I went to check my mail. I noticed a yellow plastic duck sitting in my mailbox. At first, I thought somebody had captured my rubber ducky and was sending mysterious threats because, well, it was blindfolded. Then I investigated.

The people from Cosmopolitan magazine sent me something: a sex book, for the water. "Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra" is a delightful romp through multiple positions that can be administered in water-involved sex scenarios, such as a hot tub, "The Hot-Tub Hug," the shower, "The Slippery When Wet" or maybe the beach, "The Torrid Tidal Wave."

Each position comes with detailed instructions and why it is enjoyable. There are 25 sex positions in all for the bath tub, shower, pool, lake, hot tub, sprinkler and ocean. A handy guide at the beginning of the book provides icons that correspond to the aqua environment.

Also, the "Aqua Extra" provides quick tips for each position to make them extra steamy, such as this one from "The Bubbly Back Float." Aqua Extra: Situate yourself in front of a jet so the bubles circulate below you, creating a tickly carnal current that will amp up the pleasure.

Now who didn't want to know that? So, if you are looking to sauce up your love life and you and your partner enjoy the water, then give this book a try.

And best of all, yes, the book is waterproof. You can have the book on hand in case a position is forgotten, mid-coitas.

The book also provides "Water-Sex Wisdom," which provides information on practicing safe sex in the water. So remember, be safe and, if you can't swim, stick to shallow water and maybe even use a life preserver. Who knows, you could always do some captain, first mate or man overboard role playing.

"Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra" was released Saturday by Hearst Books and can be purchased through major book stores for $9.95.

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