Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blog Honor Roll sex picture and a video too..

(I call this picture sex.. why , well if you are a pervert, it probobly got you here.. that's why..)

Blog Honor Roll
You who read here know that from time to time I like to take the time, to write a little blurb about blogs I stumble across, that I like.. well here are a few.
byName:JB Feucht
Location:Amanda, Ohio, United States

A mostly political opinion blog, worth a stop by
About wine..
Name:roland brĂ¼ckner
Location:berlin berlin, berlin

Cool, creepy art.

And that’s about it.. for today anyway.. go visit the three above if they sound like your bag..

And now for a music video.. (bet you didn’t see that coming huh?)

and one more.. just beause I said so...

and for my no havin braodband brothas.. sorry mate.. here's another.. just kidding..
But really bros and sistas.. don't you think it is time for at least DSL?
(This coming from the fuckin guy that still has a 500Mhz processor in his home Desktop PC.. )
But I think I see a laptop in my future.. Dell or HP I ain;t sure which one yet?

Okay.. I am really outta here.. it's getting late, and I ain;t gettin any younger..

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