Friday, March 02, 2007


Goodbye Anna Nicole. They're finally going to bury Anna, but get this, the latest debate, is weather or not embalmers can restore enough of her beauty to have an open casket . I've never seen anything like this have you? Poor Anna, it's been 3 weeks since her death, I read that Dr. Cyril Weyct, a famous Criminal Pathologist, said that Cosmeticians can work wonders with putty, coloring and makeup. Honest to God, he went on to say that even though they would only be concerned with the head and face that it may just be too late, even though the medical examiners office was careful not to open the refrigerator door to avoid letting more oxygen in. This is really sick stuff, and it's all over money. For three weeks, Anna's estranged mother and all her dry tears, Anna's leach boyfriend, who Anna supported, even buying his shoes, what a looser, the guy won't give up his DNA because he knows it will prove he's not the baby's daddy, and that would cost him dearly, than there is the baby's real Daddy, they've all been fighting for the bomb shells bod, unreal, wouldn't common since tell you that this woman would most definitely want to be buried next to her son who died just months ago, Anna bought a family plot in the Bahama's, I mean daa! I just want to know that this is over, can anyone give me that please. May God bless you Anna........Y

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