Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Food for thought.. and some food too

Food for thought..

Why does fresh Tuna taste like something wonderful.. and canned tuna taste like bad (insert cat nick-name here)

Sushi, why is eating raw fish more expensive than eating cooked fish?
I can get 4 pieces of Yellow Fin tuna at my local sushi bar for $6.00 the weight of the fish is perhaps 2.5 oz. But I can go to nearly any restaurant that has blackened tuna and have an 6 ox. Sandwich for the same $6.00? I don’t get it.

The best sushi I have ever eaten was in Amsterdam! What’s up with that!?!?

Salmon: The average salmon fisherman makes about 18 cents per pound for a salmon.. yet I keep paying $5.00 per pound for it at the store.. can’t a fisherman mail me a frozen fish? I would pay a buck a pound..

Crab: Why is it that crab tastes so darn good! I understand why crab is expensive, people die fishing for it.. I am willing to pay for that.. but why can’t something like rat taste that good? In my neighborhood you could harvest them 6 times a year!

Okay enough silliness for one morning.. I gotta get to work..

Oh one more thing..

I think were screwed Toto..

(i wish i went to work)

here are stuff...

have fun!

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